This page contains a number of links to resources on how to manage different aspects of your event. Each of these has recommendations from others, and updates from organizers that have recent experience.

The sections are listed below. If you feel the need for another one, please submit a PR to update this page, and include your new section under the /resources folder.

Keep in mind that the goals of SQL Saturday are to reach and teach other data professionals. This is the primary goal, so remember this as you seek to plan your event.

Event Resource Categories

These are the main items you need to consider when running an event.

Not every event needs to worry about all of these areas, but they are available for you to learn from others.

For Organizers: If you have knowledge or updates on resources, prices, problems, etc., please submit a note as a PR to one of these pages (or send to the webmaster). Include a date of the update and what you would like to inform other events about.