A broadcast platform is becoming necessary after the COVID pandemic, as many events will be at least partially hybrid.

Updates from Other Events

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There are a number of platforms for running your event. Some of these cost money, and some are free.

If you have experience with any platform, please add an update or link to an update above.

For a platform, consider the challenges of adding speakers in and out, as well as ensuring attendees have the links to virtual broadcasts.

The Scale of Your Event

Many large paid conferences have avoided broadcasting, or even recording, all sessions. The cost is prohibitive, and there is a high resource cost in managing this.

For a virtual or hybrid event, we recommend shrinking the number of sessions you broadcast. You can choose to do 1 or 2 tracks/rooms only to reduce your overhead and cost. You can also consider having some speakers pre-record their sessions and making those available to attendees.

If you have pre-recorded sessions, consider adding them to the schedule and have speakers online to answer questions using a platform such as Discord.