The primary goal of a SQL Saturday event is to reach people and teach them something. Speakers are an important part of doing this. We have some ideas and recommedations below. Updates from recent events are at the top.

Updates from Other Events

Please add updates from your event in reverse chronological order (newest first).


There are a number of platforms for running your event. Some of these include integration with their own call for speakers system. We have a list of various other platforms below:

  • Sessionize - This is the most popular option, and many events are using this. You can customize this, and there is no cost if you are running a free event. This service allows you to build a schedule and produce a script that can be used on this website to display your schedule.
  • SpeakerMatch - Have not used this, but it is a free service.
  • Invite Only - A few events have invited specific speakers and managed the session list themselves.
  • Email - You can have speakers submit sessions through email, but this might not be a good solution if you get more than 20-30 submissions.


A diverse group of speakers is important for long term sustainability and growth in our community. We seek to ensure that all speakers are welcome, and that we consider and work to ensure women, minorities, and other under-represented groups are considered when choosing speakers.

We encourage organizers to work with local user groups to help encourage and support different speakers.

Marketing to Speakers

A few resources where you might also announce your event: