SQL Saturday #1026 - Baton Rouge 2022

Event Date: 06 August 2022

This event is: Live and in-person

The capacity limit for this event is 800

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There is a code of conduct for this event that all attendees are expected to follow. Please report violations to the organizers If you need to report a Code of Conduct violation, please contact the organizers and send a copy to coc@sqlsaturday.com



Event Details

For the 12th year, SQLSaturday Baton Rouge is coming to LSU!

SQLSaturday is a global event to bring Information Technology speakers and professionals together for a community-driven, community-attended free day of technical training.

The Baton Rouge SQLSaturday event is sponsored by the Baton Rouge User Groups (SQL Server, .NET, Analytics, and Power BI), and will be our 12th annual event on campus at LSU. We expect 600+ regional IT professionals and national speakers to join us.

This free conference is open to the public and is perfect for students, CIO's, database administrators, developers, IT managers, server admins and job-seekers.

The official website is: http://www.sqlsatbr.com

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The event is taking place at:
LSU Business Education Complex
501 South Quad Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70803



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There are sponsorship plans available.


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The rooms are not available for this event.


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The schedule has not been announced yet.

If you want to submit your own session you can still do so.


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The call for speakers is open.

You can submit a session by clicking the link below. The call for speakers ends on 2022-06-15

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Volunteers are very important to a successful event. Please contact the organizer to volunteer.



Contact the Organizers

The organizers of this event are:


Sponsorship Plans

We appreciate your time to consider sponsoring SQLSaturday Baton Rouge 2022!

We’ve put together some information that will tell you about our plans for the event. There are multiple sponsorship opportunities for your company to maximize your 2022 SQLSaturday presence to hundreds of local IT professionals.
This year our event is August 06, 2022 on the campus of Louisiana State University at the Business Education Complex on South Quad Drive.

Our sponsorship levels have not increased since 2014

  1. Book Sponsor FREE - Want your books included in our Book Library and Day-end Raffle? Send them to us, your target audience will find them here!
  2. Individual or Blogger Package $25 - Your linked image and contact info on the SQLSaturday Baton Rouge 2022 website. Thanks!
  3. Bronze Package $100
    • Your corporate image/logo on the conference brochure
    • Any of materials (pens, fliers, gadgets, swag) inserted into all 600 conference bags.
    • Your linked image, and contact info on the SQLSaturday Baton Rouge 2022 website.
  4. Silver Package $500
    • All Bronze benefits
    • Small booth space (approvimately 5'x5' square) Limited to 6
    • Participation in the raffle at the end of the conference.
      • Briefly address all the conference attendees and draw to give away a prize - all attention to you!
  5. Gold Package $1,500
    • All Silver benefits
    • A larger booth space (approximately 5'x8', limited to 7)
    • A contact list of the pre-registrations for the conference, with attendee contact information, for registrants who opted in to being contacted by sponsors. Not available to Silver.
    • Up to four tickets to the pre-conference banquet on Friday August 5th.
    • The option to present at our Networking Night in July (See below for more details)
  6. Platinium Package $2250+
    • All Gold benefits
    • Each Platinum sponsorship is a different, exclusive sponsorship customized for each company.
    • We are open to any creative one-of-a-kind sponsorship ideas exclusive to Platinum.
    • Platinum sponsors can have up to two email blasts sent out to opted-in attendees. This is an excellent way to get your message out to even those folks that don’t make it on Saturday to see your booth in person! You simply provide us with your message, and we’ll send it out!

Platinum Sponsorship Ideas

  • Platinum Pre-Conference Banquet Sponsorship - (Only 1 Available)
    • A vendor booth at the Gold level, plus:
    • Sponsor the annual pre-conference banquet. Use our traditional location near LSU campus in Baton Rouge, or pick your own venue. We usually attract 70-80 folks to the event, most of which are the conference’s out of town expert speakers and community volunteers.
    • The banquet is open to all speakers and Gold+ sponsors to attend, many of which fly in from around the country to speak at our event.
      • Unlimited tickets for your corporate personnel to attend.
      • Microphone time to address the banquet. We can discuss presentation aids if necessary.
      • A night of face time with the top-end tech speakers from around the country!
  • Platinum “Big Booth” Prime Vendor Floor Space - (Only 1 Available)
    • The largest booth size plus prime position vendor booth in the atrium.
      • Roughly 12’x12’ square of floorspace, much larger than other spaces.
      • Make the biggest impression in the booth area – giant-sized tailgate tent optional!
      • In years past, this vendor has brought a ceiling-height booth foldout display. Power and ample floor space will be available to all booths.
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Snack Sponsor - (Only 1 Available)
    • A vendor booth at the Gold level, plus:
    • Sponsor the conference dining area - exclusive signage and materials at the breakfast, coffee, lunch and snacks area.
    • Help us serve lunch while wearing your corporate gear!
    • Guaranteed face time with all 600+ attendees on the day of the conference!
  • Platinum Creative (You tell us!)
    • Gold+
    • Lets discuss!

Additional Information

SQL Saturday Baton Rouge 2022 is produced by and for the community of SQL developers, administrators, and affiliated disciplines. Event Sponsorship does not entail oversight or selection of topics or content.

All fees must be paid in advance. Payment can be made via PayPal (which can process a credit card) to sqlpassbr@gmail.com or check. Corporate checks are preferred and should be made out to “Baton Rouge User Groups”, the name of a not-for-profit corporation that helps operate many local Baton Rouge technical user groups (including .NET, SQL, SharePoint and more) in addition to the annual SQLSaturday and SharePoint Saturday events. We can, upon request, provide an official invoice for expense purposes.


Registration for attendees opens at 7:30am, and the building should be open by 7:00am for booth setup. Vendors and sponsors should arrive no later than 7:30am. All sponsors with booths will be provided with table and two chairs, and access to a power strip. Tables will be in the same area as registration and breakfast to make it easy for attendees to stop by your table.

Please emphasize to your corporate representatives on site at the event that they should remain on site through the end of the day, so they can personally greet the entire conference attendance in the Auditorium, be photographed and present any prize(s) to raffle winners. The final raffle usually is over by 430pm.

Lunch will be provided to all attendees including sponsor attendees. All attendees from your corporation should register at SQLSaturday.com, including everyone from your booth team. This is so that we can have enough food available at lunch.

Information about the SQLSaturday Pre-Conference Banquet will be made available soon.

Important Deadlines and Shipping Information

Payment, materials for 600 bags, and sponsor booth materials can all be mailed to:

Baton Rouge User Groups
9618 Jefferson Hwy
Suite D Box 113
Baton Rouge, LA 70809
(225) 755-9325

Sponsor registration and payment deadline is July 29, 2022. In the past we have sold out of booth space a month before the event. Materials for bags MUST be delivered by July 27, 2022. Email below for local delivery if desired.

The Raffle – Your Key to Success!

The biggest challenge with community events is capturing contact information for follow ups. Few attendees will have business cards and having them hand write their info often leads to a 30% or higher loss due to inability to read what they wrote! We provide attendees with a set of pre-printed raffle tickets (see below) that will contain their name and email address; they are then able to put these tickets into the raffle box at each sponsor table to try to win a prize. This gives you 100% readability and 0% loss! It is also more effective than any other technique we’ve seen for trying to capture contact information and that includes scanning their name badge.

Because we want you to be successful all our sponsorship levels include the requirement that you provide a prize of at least $100 in value, and that you provide a full color 8-1/2 x 11 flyers that highlights the prize(s) you are providing for the raffle.

We provide the raffle box. We will have one table for all absentee vendors placed in the same areas with our onsite vendors. Raffle ticket collection will proceed through the end of the day. If someone from your team is present, we’ll ask them to draw the winning ticket, otherwise we’ll draw the ticket. Attendees must be present to win. If there is a physical prize we’ll give it to them, otherwise we’ll forward you their contact information for you to follow up with (for license keys, etc.)

After the event we will mail you all the raffle tickets from your box. There may be duplicates; depending on how exciting your prize is attendees may contribute more than one ticket to your box – but that’s a good thing, they are willing to provide you their contact information in return for the chance to win.

Contact Us

We hope you’ll support this event! Please contact us at sqlpassbr@gmail.com if you have any questions.


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