SQL Saturday Los Angeles 2023 (#1049)

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Event Date: 10 June 2023

This event is: in-person

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Code of Conduct

There is a code of conduct for this event that all attendees are expected to follow. Please report violations to the organizers If you need to report a Code of Conduct violation, please contact the organizers and send a copy to coc@sqlsaturday.com

Data Privacy

This event adheres to the generic data privacy policy.

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Event Details

data.SQL.Saturday.la is a free training event for professionals who use the Microsoft data platform. This community event offers content across data management, cloud and hybrid architecture, analytics, business intelligence, AI, and more.

LMU has a longstanding relationship with a number of local hotels. Rates are subject to hotel blackout dates and availability. You can see a list of hotels here.

For parking information, please see the parking section

Registration coming soon


The event is taking place at:
St. Robert's Building ("STR")
1 LMU Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90045


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Please park in the nearby Drollinger Parking Plaza. Parking is FREE on Saturday.

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Platinum Sponsor

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The schedule has not been announced yet.


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The Call for Speakers is open until 1 Apr 2023.

The call for speakers is now closed.


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Volunteers are very important to a successful event. Please use the link below to volunteer.

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Contact the Organizers

The organizers of this event are:


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Previous Events

You can see a list of previous events for this location here


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