SQLSaturday #414 - Oslo 2015

Event Date: 08/29/2015 00:00:00

Event Location:

  • Westerdals
  • Schweigaardsgate 14
  • Oslo, Oslo, Norway

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Title: Revenge: The SQL! - Director’s Cut

Abstract: Pop quiz DBA: Your developers are running rampant in production. Logic, reason, and threats have all failed. You’re on the edge. What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO?

Hint: You attend Revenge: The SQL!

This session will show you how to “correct” all those bad practices. Everyone logging in as sa? Running huge cursors? Using SELECT * and ad-hoc SQL? Stop them dead, without actually killing them. Ever dropped a table, or database, or WHERE clause? You can prevent that! And if you’re tired of folks ignoring your naming conventions, make them behave with Unicode…and take your revenge!

Revenge: The SQL! is fun and educational and may even have some practical use, but you’ll want to attend simply to indulge your Dark Side. Revenge: The SQL! assumes no liability and is not available in all 50 states. Do not taunt Revenge: The SQL! or Happy Fun Ball.


  • Rob Volk

Track and Room: Database Administration - Room 5

Title: A deep dive into SQL Server Plan Cache Management

Abstract: As an experienced DBA you have probably asked yourself questions like how the memory is consumed, is my system well-tuned, and is my memory configuration well defined. In order to understanding such processes as local and global Memory pressure, caches concurrency, adding and removing plans from cache we will go through the internal organization of the plan cache, the metadata available, how SQL Server finds a plan in cache, plan cache sizing, and the plan eviction policy. We will point out the important cache consumers that affect your workload and how to get metadata about them, what are the thresholds in Cache Size Management. At the end you will understand how to monitor the memory consumers in your SQL Server, what are wait types that we need to look for, how to understand if your system is well-tuned and the memory configuration is well defined. You will have a clear understanding of cache plan problems and how to avoid them.


  • Margarita Naumova

Track and Room: Database Administration - Room 4

Title: End to end risk assessment – affordable solution using Power BI

Abstract: Risk assessment is becoming an integral part of many organizations. In order to do it successfully you need to do it regularly and consistently. You need to register the risk factors, the risks them self, evaluate them and then plan the actions required to mitigate them. Besides the registration you need to have compelling and easy reading reports that help managers quickly find how the assessment is going. The familiar Excel interface helps assessors register the risk factors and risks and then plan the actions. The solutions then uses Power Query to load data into PowerPivot without overwriting and the Power View to report the results. The results can then be monitored in Power BI.

This method can easily transfer to any other data collection solution such as budgeting or incident registration


  • Asgeir Gunnarsson

Track and Room: BI Analytics Visualization - Room 3

Title: The Data Loading Performance Presentation

Abstract: Loading huge amounts of data into SQL Server can be a challenging task. When doing it, there are quite a few factors that can help or hurt you.

For that, Microsoft has published a famous whitepaper called “The Data Loading Performance Guide”. The problem is that it’s long and full of small details, and we’re too lazy to read it.

On this session, we will turn the whitepaper into a presentation and talk about the ways you can optimize your massive data loading processes by applying the techniques mentioned in the whitepaper, as well as other advanced techniques that have emerged since the whitepaper was published.

Among other topics, we will talk about the #1 enemy of high performance data loading, Minimal Logging and Bulk Load, indexing techniques, properly leveraging parallelism and partitioning, SQL Server 2014 Delayed Durability, and more.


  • Matan Yungman

Track and Room: Database Development - Room 5

Title: SSRS Inception: Reporting on Reporting services.

Abstract: Still using Reporting Services? Yeah me too! Does this scenario sound familiar? You already have a large SSRS environment but the users still want more reports. You create a new, all singing, all dancing dashboard that removes the need for a bunch of reports, awesome. You launch it and explain to the business that you are deprecating the old reports. “WAIT! We still need that for Jill in HR to do her end-of-month”, or “We might still need that” - these types of comments are what leads to having a load of reports that are not being used.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could see who is viewing a report, in what format and how often, all inside your current SSRS environment? With this data wouldn’t it then be even better if we could automate a process to email the owner of that report to say “HA! I told you no one looked at this report!”. In this session we will look at how we can do all of this and more by mining the SSRS DB.


  • Terry McCann

Track and Room: BI Analytics Visualization - Room 2

Title: SQL Server Magic Buttons: What are Trace Flags, and why should I care?

Abstract: You have probably heard about SQL Server Trace Flags, but there are so many of them! Do you really need them? Is it safe to use them? What are they for? Is it worth spending time researching them and documenting them online? That’s what I did anyway.

In this session you will get a good overview of what Trace Flags can do for you, the risks and benefits, and how you should approach bringing them in to your production environment. Then of course there will be a deep dive in to some of the most useful and interesting ones. Since there is a lot more information to this subject than can be covered in one hour, there will be an extensive list of online resources included.


  • Steinar Andersen

Track and Room: Database Administration - Room 3

Title: Data modeling for data analysis and cubes

Abstract: Analysis Services OLAP cubes provide an incredibly powerful platform for the analysis and reporting of complex data. Unfortunately we often find that our source data is not in the right structure to make the best use of the cube’s power. This limits the cube’s functionality, compromises performance and complicates the reports. In this session we’ll look at a number of different data scenarios that we encounter and explore ways of remodelling the data within the data warehouse to optimize it for cubes and MDX. We’ll see how adding functionality into the ETL layer and data warehouse can have a dramatic effect on the functionality and simplicity of the cube.


  • Alex Whittles

Track and Room: BI Architecture Development - Room 1

Title: Optimising Cube Processing

Abstract: Ever wondered what actually happens when a cube is “processed”, why it takes so long, how you can configure and optimise cube processing, or what strategies people commonly use for improving processing?

This session provides a deep dive into cube processing for MOLAP, to help understand how it works and what you can do to work with it.

Come to this session for a better understanding of how to configure, optimise and tune cube processing.

Included in the session is case studies from our performance lab and some sample tools to analyse processing logs.


  • Bob Duffy

Track and Room: BI Architecture Development - Room 1

Title: NextBridge: Rapid Fire Slowly Changing Dimensions by Are Skaar

Abstract: Denne sesjonen tar for seg utfordringer rundt historikk-h#229;ndtering av data. SSIS blir ofte slaktet i evalueringskriterier for ytelse, kompatibilitet og konfigurasjonsmuligheter n#229;r det gjelder denne viktige funksjonaliteten i et ETL verkt#248;y. I denne sesjonen vil vi vise at dette i h#248;yeste grad er basert p#229; foreldet og uriktig informasjon.

  • Kort om historiseringsmetodikker o Slowly changing dimensions o Relational (hybrid Kimball/Inmon models)
  • Teknikker for historikkh#229;ndtering i Microsoft orienterte datavarehus
  • Praktiske eksempler med fordeler og ulemper


  • SQLSaturday Oslo Sponsor

Track and Room: Lunch with Sponsors - Room 2

Title: Azure Machine Learning, notes from the field

Abstract: Machine learning makes it possible to analyse large amounts of data, and it opens the doors to new insight, operational efficiency, direct marketing and the ability to make qualified decisions about the future. The machine learning technology has been known for years, and now it’s finally available, and easy to use, for everyone.

Come to my session to get an overview of the possibilities Azure Machine Learning enables, and to learn from some of the experience I’ve obtained working with different machine learning projects. As this is an intermediate session, we will be looking closer at some of the machine learning algorithms.


  • Harald Svandal Presthus

Track and Room: BI Analytics Visualization - Room 2

Title: Business Data Lakes - New architecture, and mindset, saves time and money

Abstract: Business Data Lakes - New architecture (and mindset) saves time and money How to support the business in their need for better analysis and create a modern architecture that accommodate for faster time to market, give true support to the business needs at the same time as it reduce cost. Imaging that you can give the business what they want in days rather than months!


  • Martin Kraugerud

Track and Room: BI Architecture Development - Room 2

Title: Securing your SQL Azure Database. How?

Abstract: Do you think that your data is not secured in the cloud? Is that one of the reasons for you to not migrate at least some workloads there? Things changed in the last few months in terms of Azure database security. In this session we will take a closer look at what the features Row Level Security(RLS) and Dynamic Data Masking can do for your business and how they can help you secure your data.


  • Boris Hristov

Track and Room: Database Administration - Room 4

Title: Taming the Beast – How a SQL DBA can keep Kerberos under control

Abstract: The word Kerberos can strike fear into a SQL DBA as well as many Windows Server Administrators. What should be a straight forward and simple process can lead to all sorts of issues and trying to resolve them can turn into a nightmare. This talk looks at the principle of Kerberos, how it applies to SQL Server and what we need to do ensure it works


  • David Postlethwaite

Track and Room: Database Administration - Room 4

Title: Performance tuning a PowerPivot and Tabular model, notes from the field

Abstract: In-memory means blazingly fast, at least most of the time. But modeling for the xVelocity/Vertipaq engine is a completely different beast than modeling for your trusty multi-dimensional SSAS cubes.

Join me on a session of improving a malfunctioning PowerBI Excel sheet and pick up handy tips and tricks you will need to tune your xVelocity models.


  • Johan Ludvig Brattås

Track and Room: BI Architecture Development - Room 1

Title: Responding to extended events in near real time

Abstract: Extended events are really useful for gathering information not available otherwise. However, compared to other technologies such as trace and event notifications, it seems to be lacking a way to react to the events as soon as they happen. In this session we will see how this is possible using the APIs and which new possibilities this approach enables.


  • Gianluca Sartori

Track and Room: Database Administration - Room 3

Title: Violin Memory: In-Memory or Violin Memory by Jens Melhede

Abstract: In-Memory or Violin Memory by Jens Melhede


  • SQLSaturday Oslo Sponsor

Track and Room: Lunch with Sponsors - Room 3

Title: Capgemini: Azure Machine Learning by Kjetil #197;mdal

Abstract: Azure Machine Learning


  • SQLSaturday Oslo Sponsor

Track and Room: Lunch with Sponsors - Room 1

Title: From rakfisk to lutefisk - Beginners guide to SQL Server

Abstract: Never used SQL Server? Do you know a little SQL (from MariaDB/MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.)? Do you have newbie questions about SQL Server that you’re too ashamed to ask? Here’s your chance to learn all you need to know about SQL Server. Session suited for developers and students (beginner level).


  • André Melancia

Track and Room: Database Development - Room 5

Title: INSERT / UPDATE / DELETE - deep dive

Abstract: DML is used in most cases without thinking about the multiple operations for the db engine. This session will give a deep dive into the internal storage engine down to record level.After finishing the theory (and inside the theory) the differen DML commands and their tremendous operational tasks for the db engine will be investigated.SEE, what a workload will be caused by a “forwarded record”. What tremendous workload will occur in a page split. What happens if an existing record will be updated in fixed length attributes


  • Uwe Ricken

Track and Room: Database Development - Room 3

Title: What’s new in DAX 2015

Abstract: Power BI Designer is the first tool that introduced new features in DAX, which will be available in future versions of Analysis Services and Power Pivot for Excel. In this session, you will see the new DAX functions introduced in 2015. You will learn new aggregation and statistical functions, new ways to filter and manipulate tables, and new optimized techniques to query data with a table expression. These new functions, plus updates in DAX syntax, makes DAX easier to read and improve its performance, too.


  • Marco Russo

Track and Room: BI Architecture Development - Room 1

Title: Automating the testing of your BI solutions with NBi

Abstract: If you want to accelerate the testing of your BI solutions, the best strategy is the automation of your tests with the help of a dedicated framework. During this session, we’ll take a look to the features of the open-source framework named “NBi” (nbi.codeplex.com). This framework is providing support for automated tests on the fields of databases, cubes, reports and ETLs, without the need of .Net skills. The demos will show us the best approaches to quickly and effectively assert the quality of BI developments. We’ll go a step further, generating the tests by an interesting system of templates and test-cases sources.


  • Cédric Charlier

Track and Room: BI Architecture Development - Room 2

Title: An introduction to Datazen

Abstract: With Microsofts recent aquisition of mobile analytics problems Datazen and subsequent free release for all enterprise customers, this mobile analytics tool is destined to soon become a must-know for any SQL Server BI professional. This session will, through a lot of demos, cover the basics; what the product is, when to use it, it’s strengths and limitations, and how you can start creating your own impressive dashboards for mobile devices right away.


  • Erik Flateby

Track and Room: BI Analytics Visualization - Room 2

Title: Stories from the Trenches: Upgrading SQL with Minimal Downtime

Abstract: SQL Server has come a long way in the last few years, with Microsoft investing heavily in High Availability features. This session will show you how to use these features to enable you to safely upgrade a SQL Server, while ensuring you have a return path if things should go wrong. You will leave the session knowing what features you can use to upgrade either the OS, Hardware or SQL Server version while keeping your maintenance window to a minimum. The session will apply to Standard Edition as well as Enterprise Edition, so doesn’t only apply to “High Rollers”!


  • William Durkin

Track and Room: Database Administration - Room 3

Title: Build your own Monitoring Environment with Powershell

Abstract: Let’s build a Powershell script together that will use Remoting to run whatever script you like in parallel on any number of servers. We’ll talk about remoting, remoting across domains or even without, how to run scripts in the background and in parallel. I’ll show you how to store the results and report on it across all your servers in one go.


  • André Kamman

Track and Room: Database Administration - Room 4

Title: Transaction Log Internals and Troubleshooting

Abstract: In this session we’ll go through the internals of SQL Server transaction log, its logical and physical architecture and the internal processes of transaction logging. You’ll see how poorly managed transaction log can negatively impact the overall performance of database server. We examine the common issues such as full transaction log, how to get rid of multiple log files and shrink the log file, and solve the log fragmentation problem. Also we take a glance at new features of SQL Server 2014 for transaction log management.


  • Andrey Zavadskiy

Track and Room: Database Administration - Room 5

Title: Availability Group Maintenance Operations

Abstract: AlwaysOn Availability Groups provide an excellent way to build a High Availability platform with SQL Server at its core, however with these new capabilities come new and interesting maintenance requirements. In this session we will look at a number of the things you must do when making use of Availability Groups, and some of the things that you can do in order to ensure that you have a stable, reliable platform.


  • John Martin

Track and Room: Database Administration - Room 4

Title: Efficient Indexing Strategies

Abstract: Indexes are incredibly powerful objects to optimize your database performance. However, when not implemented optimally, indexes can also have a negative impact on your queries! In this session we will take a close look at the different index types, how they work and how we can use that knowledge to design an efficient indexing strategy for your databases. We will also spend time analyzing existing indexes. Are those indexes being used? Can we combine indexes? Those are some of the questions you will learn to answer in this session.


  • Enrico van de Laar

Track and Room: Database Development - Room 5


This is a list of speakers from the XML Guidebook records. The details and URLs were valid at the time of the event.

Cédric Charlier

Twitter: - @Seddryck

LinkedIn: Cédric Charlier

Contact: http://seddryck.wordpress.com

Cédric is a talented architect and Data Platform MVP active in the domain of Business Intelligence and Data warehousing. He has more than 10 years of successful experiences with SQL Server in European industrial groups and services companies. Driven by quality and reliability, he is the main developer of an open-source solution for testing BI solutions (cubes, etl, reports) named NBi (www.nbi.io). Cedric also advocates for the introduction and general usage of agile practices in BI’s world.

Gianluca Sartori

Twitter: - http://twitter.com/#!/spaghettidba

LinkedIn: Gianluca Sartori

Contact: http://spaghettidba.com

Gianluca Sartori is a Data Platform MVP, independent consultant and performance tuning specialist. He has been working in the software industry since 1999 and has been working with SQL Server ever since. He also works as a SQL Server trainer and in his spare time he writes technical articles and participates the SQL Server forums. Gianluca enjoys presenting SQL Server topics at conferences in Europe and in Italy in particular. He is currently working as lead DBA at a famous Formula 1 team.

Marco Russo

Twitter: - marcorus

LinkedIn: Marco Russo

Contact: https://www.sqlbi.com/blog/marco

Marco is a Business Intelligence consultant and mentor. He wrote several books about Power BI, Analysis Service, and Power Pivot. He also regularly writes articles and white papers that are available on sqlbi.com. Marco is a Microsoft MVP and an SSAS Maestro, the highest level of certification on Microsoft Analysis Services. Today, Marco focuses his time with SQLBI customers, traveling extensively to train and consult on DAX and data modeling for Power BI and Analysis Services. Marco also teaches public classes worldwide. Marco is a regular speaker at international conferences like Microsoft Ignite, PASS Summit, and SQLBits. He also enjoys delivering evening sessions at local user groups during his trips.

Rob Volk

Twitter: - sql_r

LinkedIn: Rob Volk

Contact: http://weblogs.sqlteam.com/robv/

Rob Volk is a SQL Server DBA in the Metro Atlanta area since 2001. He also moderates and answers the forums on SQLTeam.com. While an old-time cranky DBA, he no longer considers quot;business intelligencequot; an oxymoron or quot;the cloudquot; as merely atmospheric moisture, and is delightedly dipping his toes into both of these new oceans, and loves to do things in new and and unusual ways.

Erik Flateby

LinkedIn: Erik Flateby

Erik Flateby is Data Platform Solution Architect with Microsoft Norway. Before that he was an independent BI consultant and founder of Acuit A/S. Holding an MCSE:BI certification and having used SQL Server since version 2000 his area of expertise is ETL, data warehousing and reporting. He is also a Microsoft Certified Trainer. Outside of work he enjoys sci-fi and the great outdoors surrounding Oslo.

Andrey Zavadskiy

Twitter: - @AndreyZavadskiy

LinkedIn: Andrey Zavadskiy

Contact: https://andreyzavadskiy.com

Andrey has been leading the development of corporate information system for realty estate business based on MS SQL Server, ASP.NET and Sharepoint. He works with SQL Server since version 7.0. Currently holds MCSE certification for SQL Server, MCSD for Web development and active Microsoft trainer status. He loves to design enterprise-scale application architecture, take part in database development and optimization.

William Durkin

Twitter: - @sql_williamd

LinkedIn: William Durkin

Contact: http://williamdurkin.com

William Durkin is a DBA, Data Platform MVP, and Data Platform Architect for Data Masterminds (http://datamasterminds.io). He uses his decade of experience with SQL Server to help multinational corporations achieve their data management goals. Born in the UK and now based in Germany, William has worked as a Database Developer and DBA on projects ranging from single server installations, up to environments spanning 5 continents, using a range of high availability solutions. William is a regular speaker at conferences around the globe, organizes the popular event SQLGrillen (http://sqlgrillen.com).

Asgeir Gunnarsson

Twitter: - bidgeir

LinkedIn: Asgeir Gunnarsson

Ásgeir Gunnarsson is a Data Platform MVP and Chief Consultant at Datheos in Denmark. He works on Business Intelligence solutions using the whole of the Microsoft BI stack. Ásgeir has been working in BI since 2007 both as a consultant and internal employee. Before turning to BI, Ásgeir worked as a technical trainer and currently teaches BI courses at the Continuing Education Department of the University of Iceland.

Ásgeir speaks regularly at events both domestically and internationally, and is the group leader of the Icelandic PASS Group, as well as the Icelandic Power BI User Group.

Ásgeir is passionate about data and loves solving problems with BI.

Alex Whittles

Twitter: - @PurpleFrogSys

LinkedIn: Alex Whittles

Contact: http://www.PurpleFrogSystems.com/blog

Alex is a Data Platform MVP, and is the owner and lead consultant at Purple Frog, a SQL Server Business Intelligence consultancy in the UK. He specializes in Data Warehouse modelling, ETL, Cubes, MDX amp; DAX. He#39;s a chartered engineer amp; has an MSc in Business Intelligence.

He runs the Birmingham (UK) SQL Pass chapter amp; Azure user groups, and is on the SQLBits and SQL Relay committees in the UK.

Alex is a regular speaker at global events including SQLBits, PASS Summit, SQL Relay, SQLSaturdays as well as numerous SQL Pass chapters around Europe

Enrico van de Laar

Twitter: - twitter.com/evdlaar

LinkedIn: Enrico van de Laar

Contact: https://www.enricovandelaar.com

Enrico has been working with data in all kinds of formats and sizes for over 15 years. He is a Data Advanced Analytics Consultant for Dataheroes where he helps organisations take their first steps in the world of Advanced Analytics. Enrico is a Data Platform MVP since 2014 and a frequent speaker on various data related events all over the world. He authored the book “Pro SQL Server Wait Statistics” and blogs about technologies like Microsoft SQL Server and Azure Machine Learning on his blog at www.enricovandelaar.com

Uwe Ricken

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/dbBerater

LinkedIn: Uwe Ricken

Contact: http://www.sqlmaster.de

Uwe Ricken is working with IT systems since the 90’s. The primary passion for developments with Microsoft SQL Server expanded in 2007 with his engagement as a DBA for Deutsche Bank AG in Frankfurt am Main. After 6 years of operational experiences as a DBA and over 14 years as a developer of complex database models he achieved the “Microsoft Certified Master – SQL Server 2008” certification which “was” the highest technical certification. In the same year he earned his first award as a Data Platform MVP for his support to the Microsoft SQL Server community in Germany and Europe. Uwe Ricken is a speaker on many international conferences and events and preferred topics are “Database Internals”, “Indexing” and “Development”.

SQLSaturday Oslo Sponsor

Twitter: - @SQLSatOslo

Proudly sponsoring SQLSaturday Oslo. Please see session details for more information about the speaker.

Johan Ludvig Brattås

Twitter: - intoleranse

LinkedIn: Johan Ludvig Brattås

Contact: http://brattas.org/sqlmusings

Johan Ludvig Brattås is a managing consultant at Capgemini, and a dedicated community guy. He has worked with MS SQL server since late 1999, mostly with BI in one form or another. The last 6 years, most of his work has been in Azure working on data platforms, Power BI and the last three years expanding to Azure IoT and Stream Analytics.

Combining his passion for Microsoft SQL Server with his passion for sharing knowledge, he has spoken at various events in the SQL Community. This is also a way to give back to the community for all the things he has learned over the years. When not working, Johan Ludvig either spends his time with his kids, playing with new technology, or teaching coeliacs how to bake glutenfree food.

Margarita Naumova

LinkedIn: Margarita Naumova

Contact: www.maginaumova.com; http://blogs.technet.com/b/magi/

Magi Naumova is SQL Server Architect and Consultant, speaker and trainer, Microsoft Certified Master, MVP Data Platform, MCT, Founder of SQL Master Academy, founder and leader of the Bulgarian SQL User group. She has more than 15 years SQL Server training and consulting experience. Magi is a former member of Microsoft Services Worldwide Technical Leadership Team, а Microsoft Women worth watching http://zd.net/1lwNYKH Currently she speaks, writes, trains and consults people on SQL Server technology. She runs a Data Platform consulting company part of which is SQL Master Academy training program. It helps hundreds of specialists to feel knowledgeable in their daily work or to find an inspirational career path in the world of SQL Server.

SQLSaturday Oslo Sponsor

Twitter: - @SQLSatOslo

Proudly sponsoring SQLSaturday Oslo. Please see session details for more information about the speaker.

Boris Hristov

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/BorisHristov

LinkedIn: Boris Hristov

Contact: http://borishristov.com/blog/

Boris is a SQL Server Consultant, but also an Author for Pluralsight and a SQL Server MVP. He is frequently speaking at conferences all accross Europe and is heavily involved in training students and organizations in what he calls quot;The Art of SQL Serverquot;. Boris is frequently blogging and is the host of SQLHangouts.

David Postlethwaite

Twitter: - @postledm

LinkedIn: David Postlethwaite

Contact: http://www.gethynellis.com/

David Postlethwaite has been a DBA for Liverpool Victoria in Bournemouth, England since 2008 He supports both Oracle and SQL Server from 2000 to 2017, DBMS, SSIS, SSAS and Reporting Services. In 2015 David built and deployed the company’s first cloud solution using Microsoft Azure SQL Database and web services

Before becoming a DBA David was a .NET developer and way back in history a Windows and Netware administrator.

He is an occasional blogger on www.gethynellis.com

David is a regular speaker for SQLSaturday. Most of his presentations can be found on his YouTube channel www.youtube.com/c/DavidPostlethwaiteSQL

SQLSaturday Oslo Sponsor

Twitter: - @SQLSatOslo

Proudly sponsoring SQLSaturday Oslo. Please see session details for more information about the speaker.

Terry McCann

Twitter: - @SQLShark

LinkedIn: Terry McCann

Contact: https://www.advancinganalytics.co.uk/blog

Microsoft MVP. Principal Consultant and Owner of Advancing Analytics Limited, an Advanced Analytics consultancy in the UK. Advancing Analytics helps businesses advance their analytical capabilities. Our focus is on Data Science, Data Engineering, DataOps and applied AI. Terry holds a Master’s degree in Data Science - with a focus on DataOps for Machine Learning. Speaker at conferences across the world and the host of the Data Science in Production Podcast.

John Martin

Twitter: - SQLDiplomat

LinkedIn: John Martin

Contact: https://www.mssqltips.com/sqlserverauthor/291/john-martin/

John Martin is a Data Platform Engineer working in the financial sector, as well as Vice President Marketing for the PASS organization and currently a Microsoft Data Platform MVP. Previously John has worked as a product manager for SentryOne and a Premier Field Engineer with Microsoft UK.

John has over a decade of experience working with SQL Server and the Microsoft Data Platform. Working as a DBA, developer and consultant for Microsoft, he has been lucky enough to see how best, and how not, to use SQL Server and the Data Platform effectively.

André Kamman

Twitter: - @andrekamman

Contact: http://andrekamman.com

André Kamman is a DBA and SQL Server Solutions Architect for CloudDBA. He has done a lot of DBA work on 1000’s of servers where he discovered his love for Powershell, architecting SQL Server solutions, building and tuning ETL processes (with BIML). He also likes to work with MPP platforms APS and AzureDW. André is a Data Platform MVP, Dutch PASS Chapter Leader and organiser of SQLSaturday Holland.

Steinar Andersen

Twitter: - @SQLSteinar

LinkedIn: Steinar Andersen

Contact: http://www.sqlservice.se/blogg/

SQL Server nerd since 1995 and SQL 4.21. Hardcore DBA with good knowledge about the environment SQL Server lives in such as Hypervisors, Networks, SAN#39;s, OS and HW. Loves HA/DR, and digging deep in Trace Flags, the Optimizer as well as SQL Azure, but also helping customers get the maximum business value out of their investment in SQL Server. Founder of SQL Service, an SQL Server only consulting firm. Previously member of the board of SQLUG.se, the Swedish arm of SQLPASS.

Harald Svandal Presthus

LinkedIn: Harald Svandal Presthus

Harald graduated with a Joint Master Degree in Applied Mathematics in 2014, and has worked as a consultant at Capgemini since. During to his short career in Capgemini, Harald has worked with a broad range of Microsoft’;s Business Intelligence stack, including SQL Server, Power BI and Azure Machine Learning.

Harald has a passion for Data Science, and is spellbound by all the possibilities Data Science enables.

Martin Kraugerud

LinkedIn: Martin Kraugerud

My main focus areas are

  • Development of consultants
  • Development of leaders
  • Development of clients
  • Strategic Business Intelligence
  • Data Warehouse architecture
  • Project Management I also
  • Write material for training courses
  • Teach training courses
  • Develop project methods
  • Give lectures at seminars

Matan Yungman

Twitter: - MatanYungman

LinkedIn: Matan Yungman

Matan Yungman is a Data Engineering Team Lead at Taboola

André Melancia

Twitter: - AndyPT

LinkedIn: André Melancia

Contact: http://Andy.PT

Owner / Principal Consultant at LunarCat.PT Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) focusing on SQL Server, Azure, IoT and Security.

19+ years’ fun developing information and multimedia systems, DBA, project and IT management.

Data Community Portugal, IT Pro Portugal and PowerShell Portugal communities organiser. IPv6 Portugal, DNSSec Portugal and Windows Development Portugal online communities moderator. Actively volunteering, organising, speaking or just participating at community meetings and events around the world.

Proud uncle and food devouring expert, with dangerous рuϧϧy cat as companion.

Go to http://Andy.PT and you’ll know the same as the NSA…

Bob Duffy

Twitter: - @bob_duffy

LinkedIn: Bob Duffy

Contact: http://blogs.prodata.ie/author/bob.aspx

Bob Duffy is a SQL Server MVP from Dublin, Ireland who is MCA, MCM. and Analysis Services Maestro certified.

Bob works as a Database Architect at the Prodata SQL Centre of Excellence where he specializes in business intelligence and performance tuning.


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