What Just Happened? Why You Need to Constantly Monitor Your Environment

Mark Wilkinson
60 minutes
Wildcard 2
You get back from lunch on a Friday and your inbox is exploding with emails from the users claiming the system is hanging. What do you do now? How are you going to figure out what is currently causing the issue and what started the problem in the first place? In this session you'll learn why it’s important to monitor what your server is doing and track any changes that have been made. You’ll learn about the components you can use to create your own solution as well as some real world examples of how correct monitoring can help you troubleshoot day-to-day issues. You’ll also see how it can help the new DBA get a grip on what’s going on in their environment. Full-time monitoring can provide you with quick answers to many common issues; such as “random” system slow-downs, deadlocks, and that pesky SQL error the users see once every two months. Having a great infrastructure in place can leave you with more time for the fun stuff, like online training and post-lunch power naps.

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