SQL Saturday Costa Rica 2023 (#1044)

Event Date: 01 April 2023

This event is: in-person

The capacity limit for this event is 150

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Code of Conduct

There is a code of conduct for this event that all attendees are expected to follow. Please report violations to the organizers If you need to report a Code of Conduct violation, please contact the organizers and send a copy to coc@sqlsaturday.com

Data Privacy

This event adheres to the generic data privacy policy.


Event Details

SQLSaturday is a global event to bring Information Technology speakers and professionals together for a community-driven, community-attended free day of technical training.

We're back with in-person events!

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The event is taking place at:
San José - in person, Costa Rica

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The schedule has not been announced yet.

If you want to submit your own session you can still do so.


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The call for speakers is open.

You can submit a session by clicking the link below. The call for speakers ends on 2023-02-28

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Volunteers are very important to a successful event. Please contact the organizer to volunteer.


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The organizers of this event are:


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Previous Events

You can see a list of previous events for this location here


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Sponsorship Plans

Sponsorship Opportunities

All sponsors will be listed on our SQLSaturday event page and announced to attendees during the event. All sponsorship fees must be paid in advance of the event. Attendees receive a raffle ticket for each sponsor at the Brand Builder or higher level, we encourage sponsors to bring one or more prizes valued at at least $100.

Exhibitor ($1000). The ideal sponsor level for those who want to be on the site to interact with our attendees. They will be able to put their banner, participation in the live event with a session. Sign up to be an Exhibitor!

Brand Builder ($500). For sponsors who are not able to attend in person but want to support our event and build brand awareness. We will set up a raffle box for you if you provide a prize (gift cards are easy, but it’s up to you!) and will forward you the scans of the tickets via email after the event. Sign up to be a Brand Builder!

Corporate Supporter ($250). For local companies who want to support our event or engage in local brand building we include your logo on our event pages and let all our attendees know how much we appreciate your support!. Sign up to be a Corporate Supporter!


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