SQLSaturday #1013 – Malaysia – Virtual 2020

Event Date: 10/17/2020 00:00:00

Event Location:

  • Microsoft (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
  • Level 17 18, Menara Shell, No. 211, Jalan Tun Sambanthan
  • Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Title: Handle Data with Care

Abstract: Security, privacy, data leaks, industrial espionage are terms we hear on a daily basis. Are we aware of the potential dangers and potential consequences for our companies, customers and businesses? Before answering this question for yourself, check out the link entitled “World’s Biggest Data Breaches Hacks”: https://informationisbeautiful.net/visualizations/worlds-biggest-data-breaches-hacks/ Data Breaches figures are generally measured in the tens and hundreds of millions of records. However, the other side of the medal from the Hall of Fame is that it is unprotected data from databases that have reached the “deep web”. What happens next, hypothetically, can have very serious consequences. Is everything just so black? Learn about it on this session.


  • Jasmin Azemović

Track and Room: Application Database Development - Enterprise

Title: Build a Complete Azure Data Platform in 1 Hour

Abstract: Migrating Data and Analytic workloads to Azure gives organizations the ability to innovate faster with the Azure Data Platform. To unlock the potential, it typically takes months to architect, engineer, and deploy a Modern Data and Analytics Platform in Azure. Even with a prescriptive approach for cloud adoption, many organizations are not equipped to take on the full scope of responsibility required to leverage the all-up capabilities they have acquired as a result of the project. Patrick Gallucci will share a service delivery approach that helps organizations move large and small data platforms to Azure. He will show you how to leverage proven cloud adoption methodologies, tools, resources, and best practices to enable your organization to simplify and accelerate their move to the cloud.


  • Patrick Gallucci

Track and Room: Cloud Application Development Deployment - Cloud

Title: Real-World Query Tuning Examples

Abstract: Query Tuning is easier said than done. Here is an opportunity to learn some real-world query tuning examples. In this 100% demo, deep-dive session you will learn to identify query performance issues using execution plans, re-write queries to improve execution time, use new T-SQL constructs for better performance, re-define indexes deal with statistics to improve query performance. You will also learn many advanced concepts and true to the session title, you are going to see bad query vs good query, all real-world. This session will be an eye-opener for you and you will learn things that Google cannot find for you. Assured. (The content demonstrated will only be relevant to SQL Server 2012 and onward including 2019)


  • Amit R S Bansal

Track and Room: Enterprise Database Administration Deployment - Enterprise

Title: Machine Learning is full of stars: An Azure Story

Abstract: Want to get started with Machine Learning and have no idea what technologies to use? Don’t hybernate your career. Learn about some of technologies available, focusing on Microsoft’s offering, such as Azure Machine Learning (Service) workspace, Spark using Azure Databricks and HDInsight, Azure Synapse Analytics, and many more. Disclaimer: All these worlds are yours except Cognitive Service, that’s for a different session.


  • André Melancia

Track and Room: Advanced Analysis Techniques - Analytics

Title: Power BI Tips, Tricks Hacks from the Trenches

Abstract: Power BI is an amazing BI platform out of the box, but there’ is a lot of things that you can do with Power BI that probably you dont even imagine!

This session is a collection of my top tips, tricks hacks gathered over the years from simple tips to advanced hacks to boost your productivity.


  • Rui Romano

Track and Room: BI Platform Architecture, Development Administration - Analytics

Title: Optimum Environment for SQL Server

Abstract: Databases are essential in the business world, we all have databases that are critical to the organization. When it comes to storing and querying on data, SQL Server is the top choice for many businesses and data professionals. It’s used for a range of projects–from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to mini Human Resources (HR) solution systems. In this session, you will learn step by step how to prepare an optimum environment for SQL Server. We will review best practices for SQL Server configuration, PowerShell basics, advanced hardware resource planning, performance tuning techniques, high availability and disaster recovery designs, and the importance of documentation.


  • Hamid J. Fard

Track and Room: Enterprise Database Administration Deployment - Enterprise

Title: Azure SQL - What to Use When

Abstract: With the advent of cloud we now have multiple deployment options for SQL Server. Be it a Full instance on premise or in the cloud, to a managed instance or a Platform as a service in the form of Azure SQL Database - each deployment options have their own use case. In this session, we will explore SQL Server’s deployment options to help you decide which path is applicable to which scenarios.


  • Pio Balistoy

Track and Room: Enterprise Database Administration Deployment - Cloud

Title: Big Data Clusters for the Absolute Beginner

Abstract: Are you a DBA or data professional working with out-dated technology or feel your skills are quickly becoming irrelevant? Stay ahead in today’s ever changing tech space and take your career to the next level.

Join Mohammad Darab this session to explore the cutting-edge technology that SQL Server 2019 has to offer: Big Data Clusters.

Topics include: -Big Data Cluster architecture and its components such as: Containers, Kubernetes and the newly enhanced Polybase -Unique advantage of SQL Server Big Data Clusters -Data Virtualization, Scale-out Data Marts, and Data Hub concepts


  • Mohammad Darab

Track and Room: Enterprise Database Administration Deployment - Analytics

Title: Azure SQL Database Hyperscale: Bigger, Bigger and Bigger!

Abstract: Microsoft is building the biggest cloud database. Hyperscale is a new cloud-native solution purpose-built to address common cloud scalability limits with either compute, storage, memory or combinations of all three. Come to this session and learn about how we do it with Azure SQL Database Hyperscale.


  • Tiago Balabuch

Track and Room: Cloud Application Development Deployment - Cloud


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Chiu Kiang Phua

Chiu Kiang is the principal of PCK Consulting, a provider for SQL Server and Microsoft .NET development and consulting services. He works with customers and partners on technologies covering data management, business intelligence, performance tuning and enterprise integration. He is currently in his 11th year in his role as a Microsoft MVP for SQL Server.

Amit R S Bansal

Twitter: - A_Bansal

LinkedIn: Amit R S Bansal

Amit R. S. Bansal is a SQL Server Specialist at SQLMaestros. He leads the SQL Server practice with a focused team providing consulting, training, and content development services to more than 160+ SQL customers globally. He frequently speaks at international conferences on SQL Server performance tuning, which is his core expertise. Amit is also honored with Microsoft Regional Director status, MVP award, and Microsoft Certified Master of SQL Server credential. Amit has been working with SQL Server since 1999 and has been part of countless mission-critical SQL deployments. Performance Tuning in SQL Server is his core area of expertise. To learn more about Amit, visit http://sqlmaestros.com/amit-bansal.

André Melancia

Twitter: - AndyPT

LinkedIn: André Melancia

Contact: http://Andy.PT

Owner / Principal Consultant at LunarCat.PT Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) focusing on SQL Server, Azure, IoT and Security.

19+ years’ fun developing information and multimedia systems, DBA, project and IT management.

Data Community Portugal, IT Pro Portugal and PowerShell Portugal communities organiser. IPv6 Portugal, DNSSec Portugal and Windows Development Portugal online communities moderator. Actively volunteering, organising, speaking or just participating at community meetings and events around the world.

Proud uncle and food devouring expert, with dangerous рuϧϧy cat as companion.

Go to http://Andy.PT and you’ll know the same as the NSA…

Tiago Balabuch

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/balabuch

LinkedIn: Tiago Balabuch

Contact: http://tiagobalabuch.com

Tiago Balabuch is a Microsoft Customer Engineer on Data AI, also enthusiast, fascinated, passionate, fanatic by Azure SQL and in the off-hours a Data Engineer who loves what he does. Traveling in the cloud and surfing on the wave of the moment called Azure is his new challenge! Originally from Brazil and with encouragement from family and friends, Tiago moved to Europe in 2017 where lives in Lisbon

Jasmin Azemović

LinkedIn: Jasmin Azemović

Contact: http://www.youtube/mvpdba

CISO and university professor active in the fields of database systems, information security, data privacy, forensic analysis, and fraud detection. Ph.D. degree in the field of modeling design and developing an environment for the preservation of privacy inside database systems, also the author of many scientific research papers and three books: Writing T-SQL Queries for Beginners Using Microsoft SQL Server 2012, Securing SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server on Linux. Microsoft MVP (Data Platform) for the last 10 years and an information security consultant. Active speaker at many IT professional and community conferences.

Hamid J. Fard

LinkedIn: Hamid J. Fard

I am SQL Server Data BI Platform Expert with more than 9 years’ of professional experience, I am currently Microsoft Certified Master: SQL Server 2008, Microsoft Certified Solutions Master: Charter-Data Platform, Microsoft Data Platform MVP and CIW Database Design Specialist. After a few years of being a production database administrator I jumped into the role of Data Platform Expert. Being a consultant allows me to work directly with customers to help solve questions regarding database issues for SQL Server.

Pio Balistoy

Twitter: - Pioisms

LinkedIn: Pio Balistoy

Contact: https://lazysqlwriter.wordpress.com/; https://blog.pythian.com/author/balistoy/

Pio Balistoy is a Microsoft MVP Certified Trainer for Data Platform. A SQL Server professional with more than 17 years of experience with SQL Server operations, architecture and administration. He brings his passion for SQL Server as the community leader for Singapore SQL PASS and Philippine SQL Server User Group. He is currently one of the Lead Microsoft Data Platform Consultant for The Pythian Services - a global IT product and services company with headquarters in Ottawa, New York, Sydney, UK and India. He also co-founded Excent One Inc, a technology solutions company based in the Philippines and Singapore that helps SMEs integrate and develop Microsoft based business Applications.

Rui Romano

Twitter: - RuiRomano

LinkedIn: Rui Romano

Contact: http://ruiromanoblog.wordpress.com/

Rui Romano lives in Portugal and he leads the Business Intelligence team at DevScope.

He has been Developing amp; Architecting software solutions since 2003 always focused in the Business Intelligence area.

Patrick Gallucci

LinkedIn: Patrick Gallucci

Contact: https://www.quisitive.com/conversations/blog/

Patrick Gallucci is a Microsoft Certified Educator, Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft Certified Azure Solution Architect Expert and Azure DevOps Engineer Expert at Quisitive in Dallas/Fort Worth. He has 25+ years’ experience working with data platforms including, Azure Data Services, Microsoft SQL Server, Azure Synapse, Hadoop, Spark, CosmosDB Azure Data Lake Services. As the Managing Principal, he is responsible for the technical architecture, governance, and service delivery quality for the Data and Analytics Practice at Quisitive.

Mohammad Darab

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/mwdarab

LinkedIn: Mohammad Darab

Contact: https://mohammaddarab.com

Mohammad Darab is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Certified Kubernetes Administrator, Certified Kubernetes Application Developer, speaker and blogger with over 19 years of IT professional experience, 10+ years of that working with SQL Server. He is passionate about SQL Server Big Data Clusters, Kubernetes and overall professional development.


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