SQLSaturday #1016 – São Paulo – Virtual 2020

Event Date: 09/26/2020 00:00:00

Event Location:

  • UNIP Tatuapé
  • Rua Antônio Macedo, 505
  • São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

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Title: New features in Management Studio – Performance Troubleshooting made easier!

Abstract: SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) is now updated each month with the latest version of the SQL Client Tools. Which enabled rapid enhancement to Execution Plan.

Do you know that you can now see how many pages are spilled to disk for a sort, as well as the memory statistics for the operator? Are you aware that you can see the top 10 waits for an execution and what trace flags were active during compilation and which ones influenced compilation? Have you ever analyzed a big plan and wish you could search for table name, index name or column name without opening XML plan? When you see a clustered index was used do you know for sure which statistics were used by the Query Optimizer to estimate the number of rows?

In this demo intensive session, I will show you how to find and use new features introduced into SSMS and Showplan. You will walk out of this session equipped to make Query Performance Troubleshooting easier and ready to tackle those nasty, hard to solve query plans.


  • Taiob Ali

Track and Room: Enterprise Database Administration Deployment - Sala 2 (Room 2)

Title: Estratégias de Migração de Bancos de Dados para Azure

Abstract: Planos para sair da vida de Datacenter, CPD, Colocation ou outras clouds? Então essa palestra é para você. Nesta sessão veremos quais as vantagens, técnicas e estratégias para migrar seu workload de banco de dados para Azure na prática!


  • William Lino Oliveira

Track and Room: Strategy and Architecture - Sala 3 (Room 3)

Title: Databricks as a Unified Data Analytics Platform

Abstract: Databricks is a unified data platform with the capabilities to offer resources in the data access, manipulation, extraction, presentation and sharing of business insights layers. In addition to offering the entire structure for creating machine learning and artificial intelligence experiments. This is what we call the “unified data analytics platform”.


  • Nilton Kazuyuki Ueda

Track and Room: BI Platform Architecture, Development Administration - Sala 3 (Room 3)

Title: Carreira de banco de dados - Como e por onde começar

Abstract: Já pensou em trabalhar com banco de dados e não sabe como começar e nem por onde começar? Embarque comigo nessa sessão. Eu vou te contar como eu comecei, quais estratégias eu utilizei para me tornar um DBA. Será um bate papo muito descontraído e enriquecedor para todos nós.


  • Marcel Inowe

Track and Room: Professional Development - Sala 3 (Room 3)

Title: Getting started database development with WSL2

Abstract: In this session, we will apply (WSL) Windows Subsystem on Linux to manage SQL Server on Docker containers interfacing in your local environment. We will take advantage of this new out-brake to maximize the use of resources and apply this scenario into the SQL Server world with the use of containers. We will manage a containerized SQL Server database and inspect through scripting capabilities between Linux and windows environments working together.

Overview SQL Server containers demos inside the image prepared as well as the configuration for it.


  • Carlos Lopez

Track and Room: Application Database Development - Sala 3 (Room 3)

Title: Azure SQL DB - Automatizando/Provisionando o seu banco de dados

Abstract: Nessa sessão, eu irei mostrar como tirar o melhor proveito do banco de dados da Microsoft na Nuvem, sim, o Azure SQL DB. Irei mostrar alguns conceitos e o mais importante da nuvem, COMO FAZER passo-a-passo para você deixar de ser o DBA que “SABE” o que é a nuvem para o DBA que “TRABALHA” com a nuvem. Essa sessão é pra qualquer audiência, seja ela o DBA Jr ou aquele DBA SR que está migrando para a nuvem e ainda possui diversas dúvidas do dia a dia do Azure SQL DB.


  • Thiago Carlos de Alencar

Track and Room: Cloud Application Development Deployment - Sala 1 (Room 1)

Title: Powershell para DBAs SQL Server

Abstract: Todo o poder do script em diversos ambientes para administrar e automatizar melhor o SQL Server! Venha conhecer e aprender como utilizar esta linguagem em prol do seu tempo.


  • Rodrigo Crespi

Track and Room: Enterprise Database Administration Deployment - Sala 2 (Room 2)

Title: Data Science, Analytics, and Storytelling Tools

Abstract: In this talk we will discover the secrets to create an impact on a presentation using the resources provided by analytics and storytelling. Additionally, we will see the most common mistakes made when presenting data and how to solve them using the best analytical and storytelling practices. Alan Ferrandiz Langley, MCT



Track and Room: Analytics and Visualization - Sala 3 (Room 3)

Title: How to prepare for passing certifications

Abstract: In this session, we will share experience on how to optimize time, knowledge and good practices to prepare for technology certifications (Azure, and others). To do this, Néstor Campos (certified in 6 different Cloud technologies, with 11 current Azure certifications, among others) will share his way of achieving it, especially in these times of pandemic. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nescampos/


  • Nestor Campos

Track and Room: Professional Development - Sala 2

Title: Start thinking like the SQL Engine

Abstract: Many DBA’s and Developers work with SQL Server but don’t fully understand how it really works behind the scenes. Join Deepthi on her dive into the internals of SQL Server to explain why knowing what goes on under the covers will help you make better decisions quickly when solving performance problems in SQL Server. This session will cover ACID properties, key components of the Relational Engine, Storage engine, Cache and the Transaction manager. We will also cover what happens under the covers during read and write operations within SQL Server. Deepthi will show you how the SQL engine thinks – enabling you to think like it!


  • Deepthi Goguri

Track and Room: Enterprise Database Administration Deployment - Sala 1 (Room 1)

Title: Getting started with Azure Data Studio

Abstract: Azure Data Studio’s (ADS) popularity has been growing, this is because it is a cross-platform tool focused on working with data related tools. It provides a great T-SQL editing environment to work with data on-premises and Azure, and Git integration. This tool is open-source, lightweight and fully customizable. On this session we will show you how to start using and customize it, we will learn how to:

  • Get the source code!
  • Basic navigation and customization options
  • Creating data insights
  • Creating custom code snippets
  • Installing and using extensions
  • Creating and using Notebooks
  • Creating your own extensions


  • Eduardo Pivaral

Track and Room: Application Database Development - Sala 2 (Room 2)

Title: Data virtualization with SQL Server 2019 PolyBase and integration with Power BI

Abstract: In this session we will learn about the improvements to PolyBase in SQL Server 2019, which allows you to extend the querying capability to data sources like SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB, Redis, Hadoop CDH, and other data sources. You also get insights on the design, capabilities, and performance advantages of PolyBase, save ETL Processes as follows: • Installing and Configuring PolyBase Windows Linux • Connecting to Hadoop • Using Predicate Pushdown to Enhance Query Performance • Packet Capture With\Without Predicate Pushdown • When to use Predicate Pushdown • Limitations on Pushdown with Complex Filters • Built-In Integrations: Oracle, MongoDB , Radis and More Integrating via ODBC : Apache Spark , Apache Hive, Microsoft Excel Monitor PolyBase with Dynamic Management Views . • PolyBase Query Tuning , Execution Plans and Statistics PolyBase Scenarios : ETL VS ELT jobs This is a demo session only with minimum theory lessons from the fields !


  • Itshak David

Track and Room: Application Database Development - Sala 2 (Room 2)

Title: Técnicas de Tuning que Todo Desenvolvedor Deve Saber

Abstract: Consultar bancos de dados é fácil quando você está desenvolvendo. Contudo, você sabe o impacto de suas consultas no futuro? Nesta sessão, aprenda algumas técnicas que todo o desenvolvedor deve conhecer para criar melhores objetos no SQL Server com desempenho, segurança e elegância.


  • Rodrigo Crespi

Track and Room: Application Database Development - Sala 2 (Room 2)

Title: The Evolution of SQL Server as a Service - Azure SQL Database Managed Instance

Abstract: In this session we will cover SQL Server running as a managed service (Paas) and will get to know it so that we can consider it as a possibility for our developments


  • Javier Villegas

Track and Room: Cloud Application Development Deployment - Sala 3 (Room 3)

Title: LGPD - Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados

Abstract: Essa palestra irá abordar como adequar sua empresa à LGPD, quais são os principais riscos e de que forma os dados devem ser protegidos.


  • Sulamita Dantas

Track and Room: Information Delivery - Sala 1 (Room 1)

Title: Azure SQL Managed Instance - lições aprendidas

Abstract: Nessa sessão você aprenderá as melhores práticas e dicas de como fazer troubleshooting e monitoração do Azure SQL Managed Instance em ambientes de produção. Essas lições foram aprendidas e aplicadas durante engajamentos entre clientes da Microsoft e as equipes de suporte técnico (CSS) e engenharia de campo (PFE). Veja quando e como usar Query Store, Extended Events, DMVs, Kusto queries em Log Analytics e outras ferramentas para ter sucesso no uso do SQL MI. Essa sessão é praticamente baseada em demonstrações.


  • Roberto Cavalcanti

Track and Room: Cloud Application Development Deployment - Sala 1 (Room 1)

Title: Handle Data with Care

Abstract: Security, privacy, data leaks, industrial espionage are terms we hear on a daily basis. Are we aware of the potential dangers and potential consequences for our companies, customers and businesses? Before answering this question for yourself, check out the link entitled “World’s Biggest Data Breaches Hacks”: https://informationisbeautiful.net/visualizations/worlds-biggest-data-breaches-hacks/ Data Breaches figures are generally measured in the tens and hundreds of millions of records. However, the other side of the medal from the Hall of Fame is that it is unprotected data from databases that have reached the “deep web”. What happens next, hypothetically, can have very serious consequences. Is everything just so black? Learn about it on this session.


  • Jasmin Azemović

Track and Room: Application Database Development - Sala 3 (Room 3)

Title: Cosmos – Cenários comuns no suporte e boas práticas

Abstract: Nesta sessão vamos revisar alguns cenários comuns no dia-a-dia de um engenherio de suporte para o Cosmos, discutindo abordagens para troubleshooting e boas práticas no uso do serviço.


  • Luciano Moreira

Track and Room: Cloud Application Development Deployment - Sala 1 (Room 1)

Title: Ative o olho de Thundera no SQL Server e saiba tudo o que todo mundo fez e está fazendo

Abstract: Nessa apresentação iremos demonstrar as ferramentas e recursos do SQL Server e Azure SQL Database que podem ser utilizados para auditoria e logs de ações. Iremos abordar sobre Database Audit, Server Audit, Triggers de DDL, DML e Login, Extended Events, Trace, CDC, CT, Temporal Tables e muito mais!


  • Dirceu Resende

Track and Room: Enterprise Database Administration Deployment - Sala 2 (Room 2)

Title: Virei DBA, e agora?

Abstract: Se você é analista de sistemas+DBA, desenvolvedor+DBA, gerente de infra-estrutura+DBA, suporte técnico+DBA, estagiário+DBA ou mesmo um mero DBA, esse palestra pode ser útil pra você. Depois de trabalhar por vários anos com desenvolvimento e consultoria, o MVP em SQL Server Fabiano Amorim tenho gastado vários dias com tarefas do dia a dia de um DBA. Nessa sessão ele irá falar um pouco dessa atividade e mostrar algumas dicas que podem fazer seu dia a dia mais tranquilo. Espere assuntos do tipo, checklist, powershell, dicas e mais dicas…


  • Fabiano Amorim

Track and Room: Enterprise Database Administration Deployment - Sala 1 (Room 1)

Title: Conceitos de Alta disponibilidade no SQL SERVER

Abstract: Nesta sessão vamos explorar as atuais opções de Alta Disponibilidade e recuperação de desastres no SQL SERVER. Dentre as tecnologias apresentadas, vamos falar sobre: Log Shipping, Always On Failover Cluster Instances e Availability Groups.


  • Marcelo Adade

Track and Room: Enterprise Database Administration Deployment - Sala 1 (Room 1)

Title: Power BI - Dicas e Truques para turbinar seu Dashboard

Abstract: Nessa sessão vamos explorar dicas e truques para turbinar sei Dashboard, imagens, ícones, layout, templates, marcadores e DAX para sair do Dashboard tradicional para um Dashboard profissional.


  • Rodrigo Dornel

Track and Room: BI Platform Architecture, Development Administration - Sala 2 (Room 2)

Title: Serverless + Integrações com Bancos de Dados: utilizando Azure Functions e Logic Apps

Abstract: Acompanhe nesta apresentação como tirar proveito de alternativas serverless como Azure Functions e Logic Apps no desenvolvimento de soluções voltadas a bancos de dados relacionais e NoSQL. Desde o monitoramento de alternações em tabelas do SQL Server ou coleções do Azure Cosmos DB, a cenários envolvendo os mais variados tipos de integrações.


  • Renato Groffe

Track and Room: Application Database Development - Sala 2 (Room 2)


This is a list of speakers from the XML Guidebook records. The details and URLs were valid at the time of the event.

Taiob Ali

Twitter: - SqlWorldWide

LinkedIn: Taiob Ali

Contact: http://www.sqlworldwide.com

Taiob Ali, MVP Data Platform, is an accomplished technical leader with a proven record of success. For 14 years, he has worked with the Microsoft Data Platform and MongoDB both on-premise and cloud. His experience includes all three major business sectors: finance, e-commerce, and healthcare. Taiob has hands-on experience in managing large database projects, massive data migration, intricate process design, testing and deployment, performance tuning, long term capacity planning. Taiob is currently working at “GMO LLC” as a Database Solution Manager, focusing on cloud migration, automation, improving, and streamlining operational workflow. He is a regular speaker at local and virtual PASS chapters, SQLSaturdays, and Azure conferences.

Itshak David

Contact: Global Hebrew Virtual PASS Chapter : Data virtualization with SQL Server 2019 PolyBase https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixfwdZUj_A8feature=youtu.be https://globalhebrew.pass.org/MeetingDetails.aspx?EventID=15457   SQL Server 2019 Big Data Cluster BDC and Spark from Zero to an hero by David Yitzhak https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKgMqyPOVS0   David Izhak: Performance Improvements in SQL 2014 – lessons from the field https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4hGjYGBfkc   David Itzhak: Practical SQL 2014 Data Mining

David Yitzhak has over 24 years of experience with SQL Server, Oracle, and Sybase. He is an applicative infrastructure DBA for relational and Nosql solutions (MongoDB, Redis), Hadoop CDH and Spark. David is a specialist in HA and DRP solutions, tuning, Machine learning , security, High Performance Computing, replication (Oracle SQL Server), BI infrastructure and system engineering. David Yitzhak holds 3 Degrees from Technicon (Israel Institute of Technology): BSC Information System , MBA and ME (System engineering) and research associate in one of the enterprise Organizations. He presents in Oracle open world 2010, Organize Oracle ILOUG for 3 years , SQL Server forums, Microsoft BI forums, Sqlsaturday Israel 2016/17/18/19 , 3rd Israeli

Thiago Carlos de Alencar

LinkedIn: Thiago Carlos de Alencar

Contact: http://www.tcalencar.wordpress.com

Sr DBA working at GBE

Rodrigo Crespi

Twitter: - sqlcrespi

LinkedIn: Rodrigo Crespi

Contact: http://sqlcrespi.com

Rodrigo Crespi is Microsoft Data Platform MVP, MCT, MCSE, MCSA, MCIT, MCDBA and MCP in SQL Server. Also, he has certifications in .NET Framework, Dynamics CRM, among others. He started working with SQL Server on version 6.5 as a developer and then opted for working especially with database administration. Nowadays he is a partner in CrespiDB – Soluções em Plataformas de Dados and university professor at Uniftec – Caxias do Sul. Author of many published articles on websites and magazines about SQL Server and software engineering, he runs a YouTube channel named SQLCrespi and a personal blog called SQLCrespi, too. Rodrigo is the founder of SQL Server RS PASS Chapter in Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil and a Chapter Leader

Deepthi Goguri

Twitter: - dbanuggets

Contact: https://dbanuggets.com/

Deepthi is a SQL Server Database Administrator with 7+ years of experience in administering SQL Servers. She is a Microsoft certified Trainer and professional with an Associate and Expert level certification in Data Management and Analytics. Deepthi completed her Masters in Computer Technology at Eastern Illinois University. She blog for DBANuggets.com.

Eduardo Pivaral

Twitter: - EduardoDBA

LinkedIn: Eduardo Pivaral

Contact: http://www.sqlguatemala.com/

I am an MCSE, MCSA SQL Server Database Administrator/Developer with experience in large environments.
I have worked in IT for nearly 15 years in different areas.

Currently dedicated to Administer Production, QA, Development SQL Server Databases, and components for all Microsoft supported versions.

Regular technical writer for different sources and developer/reviewer of Open Source tools for SQL Server database administration, development, and productivity.

Board member of PASS Guatemala SQL Server users group. MSSQLTips.com Rookie of the year 2018

Dirceu Resende

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/dirceuresende

LinkedIn: Dirceu Resende

Contact: https://www.dirceuresende.com

Bacharel em Sistemas de Informação pela Faculdade Metodista Granbery como aluno destaque, reconhecido pela Sociedade Brasileira da Computação, Pós-Graduando em Engenharia de Software na PUC Minas e Microsoft MVP.

Atualmente trabalha como Consultor SQL Server e BI, e passa seu tempo livre com Deus e sua família, assistindo séries, jogando videogame e é claro, estudando e postando no seu blog sobre Desenvolvimento, BI e Banco de Dados

Marcel Inowe

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/inowe_br

LinkedIn: Marcel Inowe

Contact: http://4sqlserver.wordpress.com

Trabalhando com TI desde 2002, no início da carreira dediquei bons anos ao desenvolvimento de software. Em 2006 conheci o SQL Server ainda como desenvolvedor e desde 2010 tenho dedicação exclusiva a ferramenta.

Carlos Lopez

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/CarlosLopezSQL

LinkedIn: Carlos Lopez

Contact: http://thedbamuppity.blogspot.com/

MVP - MCP Data Platform, Guatemala PASS Local Group Leader, blogger and speaker. Experienced in containers (Docker), Oracle, Linux, Bash and PowerShell. I’ve worked for different sectors of industry for more than a decade now such as guarding, security and finance ERP development and has given an insight opportunity to have understanding on manage large volumes of data.

Fabiano Amorim

Twitter: - mcflyamorim

LinkedIn: Fabiano Amorim

Contact: http:\blogfabiano.com

Fabiano Amorim is a Data Platform MVP that loves to conquer complex, challenging problems—especially ones that others aren’t able to solve. He first became interested in technology when his older brother would bring him to his work meetings at the age of 14. With over a decade of experience, Fabiano is well known in the database community for his performance tuning abilities. When he isn’t working, he loves to read and spend time with his family.

William Lino Oliveira

Twitter: - @WilloniL

LinkedIn: William Lino Oliveira

DBA SQL Server à 5 anos. Trabalha atualmente em uma grande instituição financeira. Possui as certificações MCSE: Data Management and Analytics.

Nilton Kazuyuki Ueda

LinkedIn: Nilton Kazuyuki Ueda

Nilton Ueda trabalha como Analista de BI Sênior ajudando as empresas a melhorar o processo de decisão através de melhores práticas de visualização de dados, construindo painéis de analise de dados e dashboards eficientes. Tem experiência em empresas multi nacionais conhecidas. É conhecido nacionalmente por disseminar e evangelizar a pratica de BI com a plataforma Tableau e é Alteryx Designer Core Certified.

Marcelo Adade

Twitter: - @marceloadade

LinkedIn: Marcelo Adade

Contact: http://www.dbbits.com.br

Marcelo is a Database Consultant at The Pythian Group. He has more than 10 years of experience in several Companies from different branches and sizes. Like financial companies, consultant shops, datacenters and e-commerce sites. Currently holds the MCSE, MCT and MCSA Microsoft Certifications and also the Oracle OCP. Loves technology and enjoys sharing his Database knowledge delivering presentations and official Microsoft Training Courses. Currently he is also the co-leader of the SQLMANIACS PASS User Group, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Rodrigo Crespi

Twitter: - sqlcrespi

LinkedIn: Rodrigo Crespi

Contact: http://sqlcrespi.com

Rodrigo Crespi is Microsoft Data Platform MVP, MCT, MCSE, MCSA, MCIT, MCDBA and MCP in SQL Server. Also, he has certifications in .NET Framework, Dynamics CRM, among others. He started working with SQL Server on version 6.5 as a developer and then opted for working especially with database administration. Nowadays he is a partner in CrespiDB – Soluções em Plataformas de Dados and university professor at Uniftec – Caxias do Sul. Author of many published articles on websites and magazines about SQL Server and software engineering, he runs a YouTube channel named SQLCrespi and a personal blog called SQLCrespi, too. Rodrigo is the founder of SQL Server RS PASS Chapter in Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil and a Chapter Leader

Javier Villegas

Twitter: - https://www.twitter.com/javier_vill

LinkedIn: Javier Villegas

Contact: http://sql-javier-villegas.blogspot.com.ar/

Javier Villegas is a Database Administrator Manager for Mediterranean Shipping Company. Javier has more than 20 years working with SQL Server on every version from 6.5 to SQL Server 2019, Including SQL Azure Database and SQL Azure Managed Instance. His specialization is Administration, Performance Tuning and High Availability. He is a Microsoft MVP in Data Platform. Javier is a frequent speaker in conferences and events such as SQLSaturday , PASS Virtual Groups, 24 Hours SQL PASS , vOpen(NetConf), GroupBy and DataPlatformGeeks. @sqlargentina

Luciano Moreira

Twitter: - @luticm

LinkedIn: Luciano Moreira

Contact: http://luticm.blogspot.com

Luciano Moreira is owner of Sr. Nimbus, a consulting and training company. MVP and SQL Server specialist, in the past years he#39;s trying to explore other database engines, relational or not, besides studying subjects related to data science and solution#39;s architecture. Divides his professional time between consulting, training and technical community, helping companies to develop data solutions, utilizing efficiently their products and, of course, troubleshooting hard SQL Server issues.

Sulamita Dantas

Twitter: - @suladantas

LinkedIn: Sulamita Dantas

Contact: http://www.sulamitadantas.com.br

Sulamita Dantas é formada em Ciência da Computação pelo Centro Universitário Unibh. Possui experiência como DBA SQL Server, Analista Protheus e Analista BI. Atualmente é MVP Data Plataform (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional), Lider do Local Group SQL BH, Co-Organizadora do Grupo Random Hacks
Conselheira Fiscal da ONG MTAC. Apaixonada por Ciclismo!

Roberto Cavalcanti

Twitter: - rocavalc

LinkedIn: Roberto Cavalcanti

Roberto Cavalcanti is an Azure Cloud Solution Architect with the Customer Architecture and Engineering team at Microsoft. He is a database specialist with 20+ years of experience. He focuses on helping customers to be successful in Microsoft’s Azure cloud and on improving Microsoft Azure products. Roberto has written many articles about SQL Server/Azure SQL DB for MSDN/TechNet, SQL Magazine, and has been a speaker in events such as TechReady, Microsoft Insights/TechEd, SQLSaturday. He has delivered Azure training in multiple countries in the Americas, and in Europe. Roberto is based on the Microsoft Las Colinas, Texas, USA office.

Jasmin Azemović

LinkedIn: Jasmin Azemović

Contact: http://www.youtube/mvpdba

CISO and university professor active in the fields of database systems, information security, data privacy, forensic analysis, and fraud detection. Ph.D. degree in the field of modeling design and developing an environment for the preservation of privacy inside database systems, also the author of many scientific research papers and three books: Writing T-SQL Queries for Beginners Using Microsoft SQL Server 2012, Securing SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server on Linux. Microsoft MVP (Data Platform) for the last 10 years and an information security consultant. Active speaker at many IT professional and community conferences.

Renato Groffe

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/renatogroff

LinkedIn: Renato Groffe

Contact: https://medium.com/@renato.groffe/

Consultor em atividades voltadas ao desenvolvimento de sistemas há mais de 15 anos. Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) e participante do programa MTAC (Multi-Plataform Technical Audience Contributor). Bacharel em Sistemas de Informação, com Especialização em Engenharia de Software e MBA em Business Intelligence. Também é palestrante e autor técnico em portais e revistas especializadas, com foco em tecnologias Microsoft e boas práticas na área de software.



Contact: http://www.ferrandiz.pe

Ingeniero Empresarial, especialista en analítica, estrategia digital e innovación. Posee las certificaciones de Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) y Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE): Data Management y Analitics.

Nestor Campos

LinkedIn: Nestor Campos

Software Architect with experience in Cloud Computing with Azure and Big Data with Hadoop, Spark and MongoDB.

Rodrigo Dornel

Rodrigo Dornel é MVP de Data Platform, MCT, MCSA, consultor na RDdornel Data Platform Experts e professor Universitário.


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