SQLSaturday #902 - Nepal 2019

Event Date: 11/30/2019 00:00:00

Event Location:

  • Hotel Royal Singi
  • Lal Durbar, Kamaladi
  • Kathmandu, Central Development Region, Nepal

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Title: Battle Tested Monitoring for Always On Availability Groups

Abstract: You are the go-to guy for your company. You are not only coding but also administering SQL Server in your organization. You’ve also implemented one of the coolest High Availability feature – Always On Availability Group. However, you are not sure if you are monitoring everything that you should and you don’t have a commercial tool to help. Lately, there were some issues reported where you have seen AG is lagging behind, and it has eaten up your time and effort analyzing what went wrong I can help you here!! I can share some of the monitoring scripts that I have written, and I can show you some monitoring tips that can help you. I would also like to help you with some of the metrics/counters that you would like to capture for analysis to make sure your Always On Availability Group is healthy. These are the things that you would love to try and implement in your environment. By the way, have you ever think of getting this monitoring via a Power BI tool? If not, ready to see the repo


  • Hemantgiri Goswami

Track and Room: Enterprise Database Administration Deployment - Conference Hall

Title: Time to Solve your VLDB problems - Managed Instance Hyperscale Edition

Abstract: Azure Managed Instances are one of the newest SQL Server related PAAS offering from Microsoft (Azure SQL Managed Instance went GA in September 2018). It can be considered a hybrid of Azure SQL Database and an on-premises SQL Server with all the great benefits of Platform as a Service.

Included in the Managed Instance Service Tiers is the new Hyperscale Storage layer. Built from the ground up to take advantage of Cloud scalability this option offers an entirely new architecture than can resolve the issue with Very Large Databases (VLDB)

In this session we will explore

What exactly are Azure Managed Instances What the new Hyperscale storage layer is. How it resolves VLDB issues and allows SQL Server to scale to 100TB+

Attendees will come away with an understanding of what Azure Managed Instance HyperScale offers and where it makes sense to consider it.


  • Patrick Flynn

Track and Room: Enterprise Database Administration Deployment - Conference Hall

Title: Bigdata: Into the multi-cloud-verse

Abstract: Data analytics returns more value and uncover profound business insights but as the data grows how do you find a scalable, flexible, cost-effective, and even secure platform for this exponentially growing data?

Cloud Computing offers access to data storage, processing, and analytics to handle the data volume but how do you decide which platform one to choose? Following up on the last year’s The Battle of DBAAS – RDS vs Cloud SQL vs SQL Azure, this time around, we will explore the big data solutions provided by the leading cloud platforms, AWS, GCP and Microsoft Azure, and compare key features such as the types of the services on the offer, Data Storage Options, Data Processing Options, Infrastructure Design Challenges, Performance Indicators, Pricing and Data Security on the cloud.


  • Sandeep Arora

Track and Room: Advanced Analysis Techniques - Conference Hall

Title: Microsoft Power BI, Python to visualize and predict connected car.

Abstract: This session is mainly use to learn more about Power BI, Python and Azure ML and different visualization chart. How we can use Power BI and Python to visualize and predict the connected car from the IOT sensors related data of connected cars. From this session one can learn how can we make some simple and quick visualization using Power BI desktop taking IOT Sensors data and publish into PowerBI Service and find out the different possible scenarios in a smarter city with connected cars. Also, this session mainly helps to tell the story of connected car. Overall, by using Power BI and Python and Azure ML how one can use analytics and prediction. So, this session will surely help one to learn regarding Power BI, Python and Azure ML and its capabilities.


  • Anil Maharjan

Track and Room: Analytics and Visualization - Conference Hall

Title: What’s New: Modernizing on SQL Server 2019

Abstract: SQL Server has been one of the leading industry database products for many years. SQL Server 2019 includes capabilities that maximize the engine to its full potential providing you a modern data platform. In this session, learn about new enhancements in SQL Server 2019 to maximize performance, security, and availability.


  • Shree Khanal

Track and Room: Enterprise Database Administration Deployment - Conference Hall

Title: Ways of securing your data - SQL Server Security Features (On-Prem and Azure)

Abstract: Regardless of the platform, securing data is a must and it cannot be easily ignored. There are many techniques for securing data and databases and, SQL Server and Azure SQL database offer a good collection of features that can be used for protecting the database. Let’s have a look on these with demos, for understanding them and picking the best for the situation.


  • Dinesh Priyankara

Track and Room: Application Database Development - Conference Hall


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Dinesh Priyankara

Twitter: - http://twitter.com/dinesh_priya

LinkedIn: Dinesh Priyankara

Contact: http://dinesql.blogspot.com/

Dinesh is an experienced professional and database enthusiast with skills in database management systems and business intelligence. Possessing over 18 years of experience on data related technologies, he does training, consulting, and is a top contributor to the local SQL Server community. In recognition of his contributions and expertise he has demonstrated, he was awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for SQL Server for 13 consecutive years since 2006. He is a Subject Matter Expert on SQL Server exams and has contributed for SQL Server 2012, 2016, 2017 and Azure Data Engineering exam development and Job Task Analysis (JTA). Dinesh is the Founder/Principal Architect of dinesQL (Pvt) Ltd (http://dinesql.com). In his

Shree Khanal

Twitter: - shreekhanal

LinkedIn: Shree Khanal

Contact: http://www.sqlhelps.com

Shree Khanal is a Database Architect, Speaker and Trainer having 15+  years of professional experience on database solution development  and optimization. Mr. Khanal is a Data Platform MVP  Microsoft  Certified Database Professional since 2000 to till date. Starting with  SQL Server 7, he has been working with all the version of SQL Server  up to 2016 in production environment. In context of OLAP cube  development, he started working on it from SQL Server 2000 to latest  SSAS 2016. He has worked number of years providing SQL BI solutions  to various enterprise clients most of them from BI sector. He founded  and has been leading the Himalayan SQL Server User Group (www.sqlpassnepal.org) based in  Kathmandu, Nepal since 2010.

Patrick Flynn

Twitter: - sqllensman

Contact: http://sqllensman.com/blog/

Patrick Flynn is a Senior Database Administrator with 10 years experience in large 24 x 7 enterprise environments. He is a certified master for SQL Server and a regular attendee of the PASS Summit.

Has presented at SQLSaturday events in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Auckland, Edmonton and Calgary, Oslo and Cambridge

Sandeep Arora

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/geek_arora

LinkedIn: Sandeep Arora

Contact: https://blog.pythian.com/author/sarora/

This Guy has done stuff. Sandeep stands at the forefront of the fastest moving technology trend: Cloud Services DevOps. He’s spent the past seven years evangelizing from a role in database administration to trying to automate everything using PowerShell to doing some stuff in DevOps to becoming a Solution Architect in AWS, Azure, and GCP. If he is not watching any video tutorials or helping a customer putting off fires then you can find him at the gym trying to lean out.

Hemantgiri Goswami

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/hemantgirig

LinkedIn: Hemantgiri Goswami

Contact: http://sqlservercitation.com/

Hemantgiri is a seasoned SQL Server Consultant with a demonstrated history of close to 20 years. He is a published author specializing in High Availability and Disaster Recovery area. His mission statement is to help organizations make their SQL Server more reliable, and efficient. He was awarded the Most Valuable Professional award by Microsoft 4 times. He is a regular speaker at events in Surat under the banner of SQLPASS and CSI Chapter for Surat.

Anil Maharjan

Twitter: - Anil_Maharjan

LinkedIn: Anil Maharjan

Contact: https://anilmaharjanonbi.wordpress.com

Anil Maharjan is Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Has more than 9 years of development implementation experience in HealthCare Data Analytics, Telecommunication Industry. • Published article, frequent Blogger and speaker at Microsoft Ignite Singapore - 2019, Data and BI Summit 2018 -Dublin, Power Platform Australia Summit 2019, SQLSaturday , SQLServer2016 Discovery Day, SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit , SQL Server User group , Nepal Power BI User Group Meetup and other SQL Events. • Organizing member at Himalayan SQL Server User Group • User Group Leader Nepal Power BI User Group • Program Committee member for PASS Summit 2014 • Program Committee member for DATA and BI Summit 2018 and Power Platform Australia Summit 2019 .


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