SQLSaturday #711 - Plovdiv 2018

Event Date: 06/02/2018 00:00:00

Event Location:

  • Culture Centre “Boris Hristov”
  • 15 Gladston Str., 4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • Plovdiv, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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Title: The Maths behind Machine Learning

Abstract: The new world of Machine Learning can sound quite overwhelming! Do I need a PhD in Machine Learning to get involved? The answer, thankfully, is no. But what you do need, which is often neglected, is a solid understanding of the theory behind the models.

This session will look to do just that, looking at some of the most popular algorithms used today, we will explore the maths involved, to help us understand our problems and get the best results possible. We will be also diving into practical examples, using Databricks to consume a dataset and to visualise results, with R scripts to execute the Machine Learning models.

If you would like an introduction to the world of Machine Learning and to acquire a solid grounding that will help you develop the skill, then this is the session for you.


  • Matt Willis

Track and Room: Analytics and Visualization - Room3

Title: Bringing DevOps to your database

Abstract: Application code deployment is an easy thing as long as it is stateless. But what about the databases which are intrinsically stateful? Have you ever deployed a new release of your database schema manually? How sure were you that you followed 100% of the steps from you deployment list. Do you feel nervous when the time for a new release comes by? I will show you how to introduce the DevOps principles to your databases in order to be much effective in your business and significantly reduce the lead time. The technologies we are going to have in our tool belts are SQL Server Database Tools, Azure Resource Manager and Release Management in VSTS(Visual Studio Team Services). For the advanced scenarios, we will take a look at Build Deployment Contributors.


  • Radoslav Gatev

Track and Room: Cloud Application Development Deployment - Room 1

Title: RC, SI, and RCSI -It’s So Confusing. Which Should You Use?

Abstract: I’m just going to say it straight out. I’m pessimistically optimistic that most really understand transaction concurrency in SQL Server. There is often significant confusion about transaction concurrency and contention options available to Developers -is it ‘pessimistic’, or ‘optimistic’, or in between? Everyone ‘sort of’ understands READ COMMITTED (RC). But do you sometimes feel ‘dirty’ as you attempt to ‘repeatedly’ read that phantasma? In order to reduce locking and blocking conflicts, some folks adopt SNAPSHOT ISOLATION (SI). And a few hardy stalwarts have ventured into the new world of READ COMMITTED SNAPSHOT ISOLATION (RCSI). In this session, we will explore the differences between the three, including a discussion about the positives and negatives of each option. We will discuss the effects of ‘Dirty’, ‘Repeatable’ and ‘Phantom’ reads, and why you may want to know which may be buried in your code. There will be code examples demonstrating the benefits and traps of each option.


  • Arnie Rowland

Track and Room: Application Database Development - Room 2

Title: Get data insights faster with Data Wrangling

Abstract: Self-Service Data Preparation aka Data Wrangling is becoming more and more popular in BigData and Enterprise world. Data Lake stores tons of different data and it is not easy to get value from it. Traditional approach doesn’t work here, data analysts and data scientists have to wait until IT guys gather requirements and prepare a right dataset for them. Time from raw data to insights is too long. In this session, I invite you together look closer at Self-Service Data Prep and show how it would help to get insights and make decisions faster, onboard new data sources without IT, and increase efficiency for data analysts and data scientists.


  • Sergiy Lunyakin

Track and Room: BI Information Delivery - Room 2

Title: How do SQL DB projects support DB scheme and help you make weekly or daily releases?

Abstract: I will present a perspective how you can easily support and update DB scheme by SQL Server Db Project, how it helps to make fast and quick releases. What is the right branch strategy, automatization and continuous integration. You can see how SQL server DB Project helps you prepare update script, easy comparison between PRO and Dev Db scheme without direct access to PRO. How each Developer will own Dev Db for 2 – 3 seconds. How you can make fast and safety refactoring of the name of column, table, view, sp and so on. What is the right way to structure DB Project? How we can make an easy code review of DB change by Developers?

Language: Bulgarian


  • Todor Matev

Track and Room: Application Database Development - Room3

Title: The hidden power of Power BI or what we can do using Power BI REST API

Abstract: Power BI is a very powerful tool. But behind the shiny UI, Power BI REST API gives you even more features to create better solutions! In this session we will make one simple report from scratch and then we will explore what you can do using Power BI REST API and what you can’t (at least not yet!). I will demonstrate how your program can authenticate itself (both in interactive and non-interactive way), how it can add new rows to a dataset or refresh it programmatically, and how to share one dataset between multiple reports. By the end of this session we will get a complete reporting solution, with a monthly cost as a decent pizza! :)


  • Andrey Nikolov

Track and Room: Application Database Development - Room 1

Title: Chatbots for Dummies

Abstract: The software development landscape is changing. More and more, there is an increased demand for AI and cloud solutions. As a user buying cinema tickets online, I would like to simply ask “I want to buy two cinema tickets for the movie Dunkirk, tomorrow’s viewing at 1pm” instead of manually following a pre-defined process.

In this session, we will learn how to build, debug and deploy a chatbot using the Azure Bot Service. We will enrich it using the Microsoft Cognitive suite to achieve human like interactions.

Will it pass the Turing test, no, but we can extend the bot service using Machine Learning (LUIS), APIs (Web Apps) and Worflows (Logic Apps).


  • Jose Mendes

Track and Room: Cloud Application Development Deployment - Room 2

Title: Back to the future - Migrating our SQL Server OnPremise Database to Azure

Abstract: We will cover the main aspects to migrate to one of the three architectures available in SQL Server in Azure from SQL Server On Premise.

This session consists of: -> What is the best platform for my environment? IaaS, PaaS, or SQL Datawarehouse. -> Best Practices and best tools for our migration process depending on the platform chosen. -> After the migration, we have several outstanding questions: Can I keep both environments synchronized? How is the performance of my database?


  • Jose Manuel Jurado Diaz

Track and Room: Cloud Application Development Deployment - Room 2

Title: Deep Learning with Keras, Microsoft R Open, and VS – A Practical Introduction

Abstract: A practical introduction - Deep Learning with Keras, Microsoft R Open, and VS


  • Ivan Pavlov

Track and Room: Other - Room 2

Title: Query tuning when indexes cannot help

Abstract: Creating an index seems to be a silver bullet for optimizing a performance of a query. If this is true, then most of performance problems seems to go away, but they exist. And there are lots of cases when creating yet another index doesn’t help. When do indexes help and when do you need to just take a different approach - rewriting the query for removing bad patterns. In this session I will show you how to decide to create an index or not, and which query patterns don’t benefit from indexes. You will see some reason of the plan warnings, cardinality errors, and how to avoid them.


  • Margarita Naumova

Track and Room: Application Database Development - Room 1

Title: Tabular Automation With TMSL and PowerShell

Abstract: This session will explore the Tabular Model Scripting Language (TMSL); how TMSL can be used with PowerShell to automate the creation and deployment of an Analysis Services Tabular Model.


  • Ust Oldfield

Track and Room: BI Platform Architecture, Development Administration - Room 2

Title: SQL Server on Linux –  from 0 to 100 in 1 hour!

Abstract: As you might know, SQL Server runs directly on Linux! Therefore, it was time for me to cross the bridge and install my first SQL Server on Linux so that I could play with on it. In the session we will start with simple things like installation but will quickly get yet deeper with DBA tasks.


  • Rozalina Zaharieva

Track and Room: Enterprise Database Administration Deployment - Room3

Title: Real solution using PowerBI

Abstract: The session present 3 real project that using Power BI. First one is for Pharmaceutics industry, the second one is for HR department and the last is for information and technology services company.


  • Boriana Petrova

Track and Room: BI Platform Architecture, Development Administration - Room3

Title: “SQL-like” or query languages in Azure IoT

Abstract: If you are reading Azure IoT documentation you will stumble a lot on the “SQL-like query language” or “SQL-like language” syntagms. In this presentation we will explore Azure IoT places where queries are used and see how to use them. And in the process to find out more about this “SQL-like” languages and how being a DB developer cam make you a IoT hero. We will concentrate on the scenarios with the greatest impact, where a little SQL can solve you a lot of hassle. So, we will leave no SQL query unturned in Azure IoT Hub, Stream Analytics, Power Bi to name a few.


  • Catalin Gheorghiu

Track and Room: Cloud Application Development Deployment - Room 2

Title: Building a data connector for Power BI

Abstract: Do you want to access data from a REST API with Power BI? Willing to know more about data connectors and the Power Query M language? Welcome on board! This session will show you, with a real use-case, what’s a data connector and how to build it. Starting with the definition of a function, going through authorization and finally packaging the whole is a nice journey that we’ll follow during the next 60 minutes.


  • Cédric Charlier

Track and Room: Analytics and Visualization - Room 1

Title: SQL Server statistics - quick and dirty deep dive

Abstract: No, this is not going to be a Data Science talk. We will talk on a topic as old as the world itself - SQL Server statistics. Why the engine needs them, how the engine uses them, why should we care and most importantly, how to make our queries run faster by creating the right statistics.


  • Ivan Donev

Track and Room: Application Database Development - Room 1

Title: Service Fabric Reliable Collection - Lessons Learned

Abstract: In this session we will take a practical look at a real-world solution where we apply microservices architecture. We will talk about the challenges we faced during the development and maintenance of an example solutions and will discuss how to solve them.


  • Ventsy Popov

Track and Room: Application Database Development - Room3

Title: If a machine can learn, why can’t YOU learn Azure Machine Learning?

Abstract: Are you a DBA or Developer and would like to get started with AzureML the EASY WAY? AzureML isn’t just for “data scientists”… Anyone can use it! And after this session you’ll be using it too… Disclaimer: Sadly, AzureML still can’t predict what’s on your girlfriend’s mind. Nothing ever will.


  • André Melancia

Track and Room: Analytics and Visualization - Room 1

Title: Choosing the Right Database for Microservices Solutions

Abstract: The past years have seen the explosive growth of large-scale distributed systems. This trend has changed the database world that is arguably without precedent in the history of the software industry. The result is a ompetitive database marketplace with a huge variety of platforms for us to choose from. But how do we go about making the right choices?

In this talk we will discuss how we can go about choosing the right database models for your application. We will also look at how the choice of data models can help determine which technologies to include in your data tier.


  • Mihail Mateev

Track and Room: Strategy and Architecture - Room 2

Title: Score a (row) goal and beat a query optimizer

Abstract: Query optimizer is a magical piece of architecture inside SQL Server which instructs the engine how your query is going to be executed. It performs a great job …unless it doesn’t.

In this session we will have a deep look on cases where the query optimizer fails and explain why is it happening. Expect to see a real code written by real developers which will be tuned just in front of you to perform several times faster. If you want to (or possibly need to) take control of execution plan, this session is right for you!


  • Pavel Malek

Track and Room: Application Database Development - Room3

Title: Taming the Beast – How a SQL DBA can keep Kerberos under control

Abstract: The word Kerberos can strike fear into a SQL DBA as well as many Windows Server Administrators. What should be a straight forward and simple process can lead to all sorts of issues and trying to resolve them can turn into a nightmare. This talk looks at the principle of Kerberos, how it applies to SQL Server and what we need to do ensure it works


  • David Postlethwaite

Track and Room: Application Database Development - Room 1

Title: The Road to Autonomous Databases

Abstract: The latest version of Sql Server takes advantage of data science more than ever and that trend is going to continue. Three pillars of change are Adaptive Query Processing, Database Automatic Tuning and Intelligent Query Diagnostics. This session will give high level overview of these features and then will focus on performance monitoring intelligence available in Azure Sql DB/DW and standalone version of Sql Server. That covers Query Store and smart tools built on top of it like Automatic Tuning, Automatic Index Management and more.


  • Janusz Rokicki

Track and Room: Cloud Application Development Deployment - Room3

Title: Moving eLearning system to the cloud

Abstract: In this session I will talk about practical experience of moving a legacy eLearning system to the cloud with significant internal refactoring to get benefits of usage cloud technologies. Also I will trace differences between system design, implementation and major issues/changes in a 3 years of maintenance. Some technical details:

  • Migration from on-premise to AWS
  • ASP.NET WebForms to ASP.NET Web API + Angular
  • MS SQL to MongoDb, cluster of MongoDb servers
  • 500 Tb of videos to migrate on S3
  • nearly 0-downtime migration


  • Sergey Prokofiev

Track and Room: Cloud Application Development Deployment - Room3


This is a list of speakers from the XML Guidebook records. The details and URLs were valid at the time of the event.

Ventsy Popov

LinkedIn: Ventsy Popov

Ventsy Popov is Head of software development in Zingasoft – a company specializing in building Microsoft Cloud-based solutions. He has more than 12 years of experience in development and he used technologies like Azure, ASP.NET/MVC, MS SQL Server, Xamarin, Oracle DB, Apache Cordova and Ionic Framework. He spent 4 years in Microsoft as a Technical Evangelist. Ventsy is Microsoft Certified Trainer and puts enormous enthusiasm when taking part in technical discussions and exchanging valuable tips and tricks with other geeks. This is one of the reasons why many years ago he started to take part as a speaker in different university courses and numerous technical conferences and continue to do so.

Pavel Malek

Twitter: - malekpav

Pavel has worked with SQL server for the past 10 years as a programmer, lead infrastructure DBA and team-leader in the largest Czech bank. During that time, he got an experience in planning, implementing and maintaining large-scale environment with hundreds of multi terabytes databases. His main points of interests include HA/DR solutions, T-SQL performance tuning and CI/CD.

Pavel also runs a local SQL Server group in Czech Republic and helps to organize a SQLSaturday in Prague.

Pavel runs a local SQL Server group in Czech Republic and helps to organize a SQLSaturday in Prague.

Todor Matev

LinkedIn: Todor Matev

I have more than 10 years experience in Microsoft .NET and MSSQL technologies. I work as regular and senior developer, team leader and project manager of big projects and several small projects in small and big dev team. The projects are related to trading workflow in FinTech industry, clinical researches and IoT. I have got several certificates: MCITP, MCPD, MCTS. I graduated bachelor and master degree from University of Plovdiv “Paisii Hilendarski” with major Software Technologies. My hobbies are: fishing, skiing, walking in the mountain and developing.

Sergiy Lunyakin

Twitter: - slunyakin

LinkedIn: Sergiy Lunyakin

Contact: https://slunyakin.wordpress.com

Sergiy Lunyakin (MCSA, MCSE, MCTS) is a Big Data Architect at SoftServe, Inc. He has extensive experience in designing and developing Big Data Analytics, Data Warehouse, and BI solutions, using both on-premises and cloud products. In 2016, Sergiy became Microsoft Data Platform MVP and has since maintained his MVP status. Sharing knowledge is another one of his passions. He regularly speaks at international conferences such as SQLSaturday, SQLDay, SQLNexus, and SQLBits. He also runs the Lviv SQL Server User Group in Ukraine and organizes SQLSaturday Lviv.

Sergey Prokofiev

Still alive.

Janusz Rokicki

Twitter: - DataSic

LinkedIn: Janusz Rokicki

Contact: https://www.datasic.com/

Microsoft Data Platform Expert and certified Azure Solutions Architect with over 12 years’ experience working in the City of London in the Financial Services Industry (retail and investment banking, multi-asset class trading systems). He has passion for secure, high-performance, maintainable data-driven applications that can be deployed with confidence on-premises and in-cloud. With educational background in intelligent sensor networks and machine learning he is always in search of automation and optimisation opportunities.

Has presented at SqlBits, PASS Summit, SqlDay and multiple SQLSaturday events (Tel-Aviv, Kiev, Paris, Tallinn, Bonn, Bratislava, Goteborg, Kharkiv, Bucharest, Sofia, Ljubljana) and user groups.

David Postlethwaite

Twitter: - @postledm

LinkedIn: David Postlethwaite

Contact: http://www.gethynellis.com/

David Postlethwaite has been a DBA for Liverpool Victoria in Bournemouth, England since 2008 He supports both Oracle and SQL Server from 2000 to 2017, DBMS, SSIS, SSAS and Reporting Services. In 2015 David built and deployed the company’s first cloud solution using Microsoft Azure SQL Database and web services

Before becoming a DBA David was a .NET developer and way back in history a Windows and Netware administrator.

He is an occasional blogger on www.gethynellis.com

David is a regular speaker for SQLSaturday. Most of his presentations can be found on his YouTube channel www.youtube.com/c/DavidPostlethwaiteSQL

André Melancia

Twitter: - AndyPT

LinkedIn: André Melancia

Contact: http://Andy.PT

Owner / Principal Consultant at LunarCat.PT Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) focusing on SQL Server, Azure, IoT and Security.

19+ years’ fun developing information and multimedia systems, DBA, project and IT management.

Data Community Portugal, IT Pro Portugal and PowerShell Portugal communities organiser. IPv6 Portugal, DNSSec Portugal and Windows Development Portugal online communities moderator. Actively volunteering, organising, speaking or just participating at community meetings and events around the world.

Proud uncle and food devouring expert, with dangerous рuϧϧy cat as companion.

Go to http://Andy.PT and you’ll know the same as the NSA…

Arnie Rowland

Twitter: - @ArnieRowland

LinkedIn: Arnie Rowland

Contact: http://sqlblog.com/blogs/arnie_rowland/

Arnie long ago realized that most issues between Developer and DBA comes from incomplete communication and a misunderstanding of each other’s objectives. He is a frequent Trainer and Mentor for Developers and DBAs, bringing both sets of skills to better communicate with teams to create a working solution. For over a decade, Arnie has been a SQL Server MVP, Certified Trainer, technical editor for several publishers, including MOC, and has served as University and Community College adjunct faculty. Clients include Fortune 500 and Multi-Nationals, Federal and State agencies, Foreign governments, and local enterprises –both public and private.

Mihail Mateev

Twitter: - mihailmateev

LinkedIn: Mihail Mateev

Contact: https://mmateev.wordpress.com/

Mihail Mateev is a technical consultant, community enthusiast, PASS Regional Mentor for CEE, chapter lead, Microsoft Azure MVP, Microsoft Regional Director. He works as a Senior Solutions Architect at EPAM Systems, focused on Data Platform, IoT and cloud related solutions. He also worked many years like a Technical evangelist in the Infragistics. Last years Mihail was focused on various areas related to technology Microsoft: Data Platform, Visual Studio, ASP.Net, Windows client apps, Data Platform, and Microsoft Azure. Michael also has a PhD in cloud computing area. He is a university lecturer on Smart Homes and Smart Energy IoT Solutions.

Boriana Petrova

Twitter: - borianapetrova

LinkedIn: Boriana Petrova

Contact: http://itraining.bg/category/itraining-blog/

Microsoft Certified Trainer with over 10 years experience as an IT instructor and Consultant. She has many qualifications and professional certifications, including: Excel MVP, MCT, MCITP, MCTS, MOS Master. In 2008 she is among the TOP 25 of the best instructors in Microsoft World Company business evaluation and measurement - Knowledge Advisors.

Rozalina Zaharieva

Twitter: - RozenceZ

LinkedIn: Rozalina Zaharieva

SQL expert in Microsoft’s Data Platform Solution. Enthusiast with more than 10 years of experience in support, implementation, design and architecture of small and large projects for SQL Core – Consolidations and Migrations. Passionate speaker in SQL Master Academy and events like SQLSaturday and community events. Experience in Financial Sector Data platform Operations.

Jose Manuel Jurado Diaz

Twitter: - jmjuradodiaz

LinkedIn: Jose Manuel Jurado Diaz

José Manuel Jurado currently works as SQL Escalation Engineer and Subject Matter Expert in Azure SQL Database at Microsoft Spain. With over 20+ years of experience in SQL Server environments (administration and database development), he is a speaker for internal events at Microsoft and for public events such as SQLSaturday, SQL Nexus, SQLBits, Pass Summit, SQL Server Konferenze, TechReady, DotNetConference, and Azure BootCamp. In the past, he worked as Project Manager for large global retail company for more than 10 years developing projects using different Microsoft Technologies.

Margarita Naumova

LinkedIn: Margarita Naumova

Contact: www.maginaumova.com; http://blogs.technet.com/b/magi/

Magi Naumova is SQL Server Architect and Consultant, speaker and trainer, Microsoft Certified Master, MVP Data Platform, MCT, Founder of SQL Master Academy, founder and leader of the Bulgarian SQL User group. She has more than 15 years SQL Server training and consulting experience. Magi is a former member of Microsoft Services Worldwide Technical Leadership Team, а Microsoft Women worth watching http://zd.net/1lwNYKH Currently she speaks, writes, trains and consults people on SQL Server technology. She runs a Data Platform consulting company part of which is SQL Master Academy training program. It helps hundreds of specialists to feel knowledgeable in their daily work or to find an inspirational career path in the world of SQL Server.

Jose Mendes

Twitter: - ZeMiguelMendes

LinkedIn: Jose Mendes

Contact: http://blogs.adatis.co.uk/josemendes/

A Principal Data Analytics Consultant working for Adatis Consulting with experience in delivering Microsoft Azure/ SQL Data Analytics solutions. Presented for the first time in 2017 and since then has been blogging and speaking about the Bot Framework, Power BI, Data Lakes, Databricks and other cool Azure services. Co-organizer of the Surrey Data Platform Group.

Catalin Gheorghiu

Twitter: - MrSmersh

LinkedIn: Catalin Gheorghiu

Contact: http://ronua.ro/author/catalin/

Catalin Gheorghiu is a solution architect from Romania. He has more than 15 years of experience in developing solutions, especially on Microsoft technologies in very demanding environments. Is contributing articles and blogs to several user groups (MrSmersh), lecturing all over Romania and abroad, is also RONUA Timisoara (PASS Chapter) user group leader. Since 2011, every year he was awarded the Microsoft MVP Award.

Matt Willis

LinkedIn: Matt Willis

Matt Willis is the Head of People at Adatis as well as a Senior Data Analytics Consultant. Matt has 9 years of experience in data analytics and Machine Learning and 6 years delivering data analytics solutions using the Microsoft BI stack in both on-prem and cloud based solutions.

Matt is a prolific speaker, presenting all over Europe including SQLBits. Matt is also lecturing at universities and has provided insight and industry experience in addition to helping to run a module.

Matt is passionate about machine learning and data, and has a love of communicating ideas. In his spare time he enjoys listening to music, attempting to keep fit and exploring the world.

Ust Oldfield

Twitter: - @uoldfield

LinkedIn: Ust Oldfield

Contact: http://blogs.adatis.co.uk/ustoldfield/

Ust is a BI Consultant with Adatis. He has many years of experience in the world of BI, Analytics and general data wrangling. He’s a keen diver of data lakes; an architect of data; governor of information; and explorer of new technology and practices.

Ivan Donev

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/ikdonev

LinkedIn: Ivan Donev

I am a Data platform MVP with more than 10 years of real-life experience with SQL Server and its stack of services. Besides the support and project work, I am also a trainer, conference speaker and user group organizer (and volunteer).

Andrey Nikolov

Andrey is MCSA for SQL Server 2012/2014 with almost 20 years of experience in designing and implementing applications for Windows. He is working with various database platforms, but SQL Server is his favorite. He is also a leader of Plovdiv Power BI User Group and active member of local .NET, Power BI and SQL Server communities.

Radoslav Gatev

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/RadoslavGatev

LinkedIn: Radoslav Gatev

Contact: https://www.gatevnotes.com/

Radoslav Gatev is a software architect and consultant who spends most of his time in the cloud, to be more precise, in Microsoft Azure. He is a conference speaker, blogger, open source contributor and advisor at Azure Research Panel.

Ivan Pavlov

Dedicated Practice Lead for data science, machine learning, big data, and IoT with over 15 years of experience working on large banking, insurance, automotive and telecom projects.

Experienced in providing detailed technical data integration architecture as well as in defining development processes based on agile methodologies and delivery of large, scalable, and resilient information management solutions. Actively employing IT innovation to drive business results.

Cédric Charlier

Twitter: - @Seddryck

LinkedIn: Cédric Charlier

Contact: http://seddryck.wordpress.com

Cédric is a talented architect and Data Platform MVP active in the domain of Business Intelligence and Data warehousing. He has more than 10 years of successful experiences with SQL Server in European industrial groups and services companies. Driven by quality and reliability, he is the main developer of an open-source solution for testing BI solutions (cubes, etl, reports) named NBi (www.nbi.io). Cedric also advocates for the introduction and general usage of agile practices in BI’s world.


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