SQLSaturday #617 - Pensacola 2017

Event Date: 06/03/2017 00:00:00

Event Location:

  • Pensacola State College, Main Campus
  • 1000 College Blvd
  • Pensacola, Florida

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Title: Code Like a Pirate … Intro to R and Data Science Tools in MS

Abstract: R is the most popular statistics language used today. It is one of the most useful tools in the data scientist’s tool belt. It is also integrated into the MS stack in tools like Azure ML, SQL Server and Power BI and can be used to take your data analytics to the next level.

Come to this session to get an introduction to the R language including:

  • installing and Configuring R and RStudio
  • RStudio Overview and Debugging
  • how to Access and Manipulate Data
  • install and Manage Packages
  • create and Use Variables
  • control Flows
  • functions
  • basic Graphing and Statistical Analysis.

We will finish with a brief introductions of how R integrates in Azure ML, Power BI, and SQL Server 2016 using real demos.

The focus of the session will be primarily on the introduction to the R language and getting attendees comfortable with using R to start the journey into Data Science!


  • Jamey Johnston

Track and Room: Analytics and Visualization - 2169

Title: Seeking the Perfect Hybrid: On-Prem Data with Reports and Dashboards in Power BI

Abstract: For many new Power BI implementations, initial self-service and team objectives are soon met, and the natural evolution of Power BI turns to an organizational focus. In other scenarios, the enterprise seeks to preserve its investments in “classic BI” by integrating Power BI with Analysis Services and the underlying data warehouse.

In this session, Data Platform (SQL Server / BI) MVP and SSAS Maestro Bill Pearson explores the construction of organizational BI solutions, wedding the “traditional” solutions with the reporting and analysis power of Power BI. We’ll focus upon the components of a “traditional” solution, up to the semantic model (with SQL Server Analysis Services as an example), and then explore paths to the implementation of an end-to-end enterprise solution that uses Power BI as the presentation layer. This session applies, in most respects, to Analysis Services 2012 and above.


  • William E Pearson III

Track and Room: BI Platform Architecture, Development Administration - 2142

Title: Let Her Finish: Supporting Women’s Voices from meetings to the board room

Abstract: Next time you attend a meeting, watch what happens when women at the table offer ideas. If your office is like most in America, you’ll notice women are interrupted almost three times as often as men. Some interruptions are to assert dominance but sometimes people do it to be helpful offer affirmation. Regardless of the intent, the results are the same. Women are being left out of the conversation. The consequences are real. Male executives that speak more frequently in meetings are rewarded with 10% higher competence ratings from peers better performance reviews from bosses. This translates into $ when raises and bonuses are handed out. This discussion will cover positive solutions that help women’s voices be heard. Women need to be more assertive. We need to learn to say “Stop interrupting me.” and “I just said that.” However, men can be, no HAVE to be, part of the solution. They can help women become part of the conversation.


  • Rie Irish

Track and Room: Professional Development - 1776

Title: A Rocket Scientist View on Indexes

Abstract: Indexes can be a boon or decrement for query performance. This presentation will present what they are (in layman’s terms) and how they may affect query performance – both from a read (SELECT) viewpoint as well as a data modification aspect (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE). This session will concentrate with a deep dive into clustered indexes and nonclustered indexes, their syntax and utilization, and their effect on performance in transaction and data warehouse databases. Covering nonclustered indexes will also be examined in detail and the scenarios they should be applied. There will be many query demos illustrating index utilization using statistics and query plans. Attendee should have some TSQL and Management Studio experience.


  • Mike Byrd

Track and Room: Application Database Development - 1774

Title: Monster Text Manipulation: Regular Expressions for the DBA

Abstract: Regular expressions can help you perform incredible tasks with very little effort. Need to create 1700 logins from an email request? Developers give you a single script with 300 stored procedures filled with table variables instead of temp tables? Need to move 500 databases to a different drive? Any of these tasks can take a long time to code, but regular expressions cuts that work from hours to seconds. I use regular expressions all the time and I have taken many tasks down from several days to just a few minutes. Stop writing code manually and let regular expressions do it for you.

Here you’ll learn: • the most useful regular expression commands • the appropriate times to use regular expressions • how to use regular expressions to write code for you • how to incorporate regular expressions into large tasks and combine them with other methods.


  • Sean McCown

Track and Room: Enterprise Database Administration Deployment - 2142

Title: Execution Plans for Mere Mortals

Abstract: For beginning database professionals, execution plans can be intimidating. This 1-hour session takes you through the basics of reading graphical execution plans and drills into key operators, warnings, and properties. Learn how, why, and when an execution plan is created and saved to plan cache.

Reading execution plans becomes much less intimidating as we walk through the flow and process of a graphical execution plan. After looking at the key operators, you will be able to analyze the operators of your execution plans, view the operator properties, and identify common performance-tuning opportunities. Finally, you will be able to capture the execution plan and save it for analysis and comparison after modifications.


  • Mike Lawell

Track and Room: Enterprise Database Administration Deployment - 1775

Title: Designing High Availability Database Systems using AlwaysOn Availability Groups

Abstract: Are you looking for a high availability solution for your business critical application? You’re heard about AlwaysOn Availability Groups and they seem like a good solution, but you don’t know where to start. It all starts with a solid design. In this session we introduce the core concepts needed to design a Availability Group based system. Covering topics such as recovery objectives, replica placement, failover requirements, synchronization models, quorum, backup and recovery and monitoring. This session is modeled after real world client engagements conducted by Centino Systems that have lead to many successful Availability Groups based systems supporting tier 1 business critical applications.


  • Anthony Nocentino

Track and Room: Enterprise Database Administration Deployment - 2142

Title: T-SQL’s Hidden Support Feature

Abstract: The most effective T-SQL support feature comes installed with every edition of SQL Server, is enabled by default, and costs no overhead. Yet, the vast majority of database administrator underutilize or completely neglect it. That feature’s name is “comments”. #160; In this session, Microsoft Certified Master Jennifer McCown will demonstrate the various commenting methods that make code supportable. Attendees will#160;learn what’s important in a header comment, use code blocking to edit code, build a comprehensive help system, and explore alternative comment methods in stored procedures, SSIS packages, SSRS reports, and beyond.#160; These methods help prevent errors and reduce troubleshooting.


  • Jennifer McCown

Track and Room: Application Database Development - 2169

Abstract: In this talk, we will explore two powerful technologies from the Microsoft Azure Stack: DocumentDB and Azure Search. DocumentDB is Microsoft’s NoSQL service for building globally scalable schema-free applications. Azure Search allows you to integrate the power of Microsoft’s search and natural language processing abilities to explore your complex data stores. During this talk we will cover the benefits of implementing a schema-free database, we will learn how to replicate your data at a global scale with the ease of a simple configuration and we will cover various techniques of querying that data using SQL and the DocumentDB API. Once we have a large datastore in place (we will use 200k+ Jeopardy questions), we will apply the powerful natural language querying capabilities and faceted search features of Azure Search to quickly create an searchable data repository. All of this will be built and exposed using a cross-platform application built in Angular on the Electron framework.


  • Christopher Sims

Track and Room: Application Database Development - 2171

Title: Testing SSIS Packages

Abstract: Senior developer: “How do you test your code?” Junior developer: “I compile it.” It’s an old joke, but too often this reflects the reality of testing. If the code compiles, it has passed its test. Sadly, this principle is sometimes applied to Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) processes as well: “When the SSIS package runs without error, testing is complete.”

As in software development, testing of SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages should not end at when the package executes successfully. You must also confirm that the package does what it was intended to do without placing an undue performance burden on the system.

This session walks through design patterns for testing SSIS packages during and after the development process. The session covers topics such as these:

  • Performance testing
  • Patterns for validating execution results at runtime
  • Validating package metadata before execution
  • Design time versus runtime testing
  • Making a graceful exit: testing for error handling


  • Tim Mitchell

Track and Room: BI Platform Architecture, Development Administration - 2142

Title: SSIS - Lightning fast processing using Parallel processing Optimization

Abstract: SSIS package can be run in Parallel and Optimized .In this session we will learn how to improve SSIS Package performance using parallel processing and Optimization. This knowledge will encourage development of better performing packages and optimize package performance.When creating an efficient and robust solution for Extract, Transform and Load Process, Lot of things do matter especially when you are working with huge size of databases. Challenge is not only to meet functional requirements Also to look at the performance requirements. This session will also cover best practices to enhance and boost performance of a SSIS package.


  • Vishal Pawar

Track and Room: Application Database Development - 2169

Title: Increase Your Coding Speed in SQL Server Management Studio

Abstract: Every developer wants to be productive and get more things accomplished during their day to day work. Given a choice between working harder and working smarter, you will most likely choose the latter. But the big question is – How do you boost your productivity? How do you reduce your development time? How do you increase your coding speed?

Be it a T-SQL developer or DBA, we spend most of our time working in SQL Server Management Studio. In this session, we will learn a number of tips and tricks to increase productivity and efficiency in SSMS IDE. We will also look at the new and improved features of SSMS 2016. We will learn how adding few free third party tools to the SSMS IDE will enhance your coding speed. This will be a content rich session with plenty of live demonstrations.

By the end of this session, you will learn some useful techniques to take back with you and apply in your day to day work.


  • Samir Behara

Track and Room: Application Database Development - 2169

Title: Lighten Up: Soft Skills for Hardcore Techies

Abstract: Your ideas are only as good as your ability to describe them to others.

As technology professionals, our tech skills need to be at their peak. However, we often lack the communication skills to describe technical concepts to others, including business users, executives, or even other technology professionals. In this session, veteran IT professional Mike Hillwig, will show you a handful of skills that are essential in communicating with people outside of the database world.

You will learn Mike’s keys to good storytelling, making analogies, listening, writing, and putting technology concepts into things that give you a common language with business users. You’ll leave this session with the ability to influence technology decisions based on your skills explaining why the DBA is usually right.


  • Mike Hillwig

Track and Room: Professional Development - 2169

Title: Azure SQL Database for the Production DBA

Abstract: Have you been wondering what Azure SQL Database is and what it means for you as a production DBA? Azure SQL Database has become an Enterprise-worthy database platform that provides relational database-as-a-service. In this session you’ll get a grounding in the fundamentals of Azure SQL Database from a DBA perspective. First we’ll cover how to create an Azure SQL Database using the Azure Portal and an approach for sizing a new Azure SQL Database. Then we’ll cover some of the similarities and differences between on premises SQL Server and Azure SQL Database. Finally we will cover how monitoring and performance tuning Azure SQL Database differs from on premises SQL Server. If you’ve been considering Azure SQL Database for your organization, this session is for you!


  • Tim Radney

Track and Room: Enterprise Database Administration Deployment - 1774

Title: SQL and VMWare - More than just virtualization demos

Abstract: The demos in this session have been developed to illustrate a few key capabilities of VMware vSphere and VMware NSX that can be used to enhance the overall SQL Server implementation. As a true platform of virtualized hardware, vSphere should be considered the premier platform on which to implement SQL Server. Features such as vSphere vMotion, vSphere HA, Distributed Resource Scheduler and Fault Tolerance are complimentary to all the features and capabilities of SQL Server and create an unparalleled combination of the world’s top RDBMS and the world’s most complete and effective virtualization proposition. With network virtualization NSX can provide security enhancements unachievable with any other technology and can streamline SQL server deployment automation processes. Please join us for this demonstration of advanced vSphere and NSX feature functionality and an explanation as to how this enhances your SQL Server environment.


  • Rodney Landrum

Track and Room: Cloud Application Development Deployment - 2169

Title: SQL Server R Services in SQL 2016

Abstract: One of the most exciting new features of SQL Server 2016 is the integration of the R statistical programming language into the platform with the brand-new SQL Server R Services. In this introductory session we’ll briefly introduce the R language and then look at how to install and administer SQL Server R Services. We’ll start to demonstrate the power of R by showing you how to create and run simple R scripts from within T-SQL. We’ll then discuss some of the powerful open source packages that are available to aid your data analyses. Finally, we’ll go through some examples of how to use R to integrate data analytical methods in real-world situations, and wow your customers with the power of statistics!


  • Chris Hyde

Track and Room: Analytics and Visualization - 1775

Title: Fundamentals of Disaster Planning Recovery

Abstract: In this session, we’ll cover the basics of Disaster Planning and key operational items to consider when establishing software systems. We’ll cover terms and their importance as well as commonly used software and hardware techniques for disaster planning purposes.


  • Michael Viron

Track and Room: Strategy and Architecture - 1775

Title: Intelligent Indexing

Abstract: Using indexing to improve performance


  • Arvin Meyer

Track and Room: Application Database Development - 1774

Title: I’m It – Survival Techniques for the Lone DBA

Abstract: Are you the only database person at your company? Are you both the DBA and the Developer? Being the only data professional in an environment can seem overwhelming, daunting, and darn near impossible sometimes. However, it can also be extremely rewarding and empowering. This session will cover how you can keep your sanity, get stuff done, and still love your job. We’ll cover how I have survived and thrived being a Lone DBA for 15 years and how you can too. When you finish this session, you’ll know what you can do to make your job easier, where to find help, and how to still be able to advance and enrich your career.


  • Monica Rathbun

Track and Room: Professional Development - 1775

Title: Autonomous Transaction Logging in SQL Server

Abstract: Autonomous/nested transactions are available in other database products, but are not natively supported in SQL Server. Fortunately there are several methods available to provide this functionality.

We’ll cover the standard table variable techniques to preserve data outside of transaction scope, and how the new in-memory table type can improve their performance. Other techniques like user-defined events, CLR procedures, linked servers will also be demonstrated, and how they can enhance functionality.

We’ll review minimal techniques like RAISERROR and the new SESSION_CONTEXT() feature in SQL Server 2016, to provide different levels of logging and transaction management.


  • Rob Volk

Track and Room: Application Database Development - 1775

Title: SQL Server Permissions and Security Principals

Abstract: A ground-floor introduction to SQL Server permissions starting with the basics and moving into the security implications behinds stored procedures, views, database ownership, application connections, consolidated databases, application roles and more. This class is perfect for DBA’s, developers and system admins, and has been recently updated for Azure SQL!


  • William Assaf

Track and Room: Application Database Development - 2171

Title: Root cause analysis with SentryOne

Abstract: SentryOne helps DBAs elevate performance across the Microsoft Data Platform. In this session, SentryOne’s Director of Product Management, Jason Hall, will lead the audience through the SentryOne platform, including our popular FREE query tuning solution Plan Explorer, on a mission to monitor, diagnose, and optimize performance on a live SQL Server instance. The session is composed of mostly demonstrations, and heavy audience participation should be expected.


  • Jason Hall

Track and Room: Enterprise Database Administration Deployment - 2142

Title: Keys to Successful SharePoint Administration for the DBA

Abstract: Inherited SharePoint or being tasked to implement it? In this session we will start with the fundamentals of SharePoint and work our way to understanding what it looks like to be a successful SharePoint administrator. We will cover common SharePoint misconceptions use live demos to show frequently performed tasks - all to set you up for success day one. Lastly we will cover the training options and other resources available to make your job easier and more automated.


  • Daniel Glenn

Track and Room: Other - 1775

Title: Embedding Power BI In your Web Application

Abstract: Embedding Power BI In your Web Application

Power BI is growing by leaps and volumes and there is need to host the portal in your web application.

This session goes through different ways you can embed Power BI (Portal Reports) and Embedded Power BI Service Reports in your Web Application.


  • Pritesh Ostwal

Track and Room: BI Information Delivery - 2171

Title: DPA – A Product Overview from SolarWinds

Abstract: Are you struggling with database performance issues and your current tools are not providing answers? This presentation outlines a method for determining the best approach for quickly finding and fixing inefficient queries by utilizing wait-time analytics. Janis Griffin, database performance evangelist, SolarWinds, will use real-life case studies to show how quickly you can identify and fix the problems that are affecting your end user applications while saving countless of hours of investigation.


  • Janis Griffin

Track and Room: Enterprise Database Administration Deployment - 2171

Title: TempDB Parasites!

Abstract: Unless you happen to be Chuck Norris, your SQL Server instances only have one tempdb. That makes tempdb a single point of contention for an instance. What’s worse is that there are a lot of things going on in tempdb that you may not be aware of. Let’s look at some things that can use tempdb while we’re not looking.

Learn about operations that happen in tempdb View demonstrations of performance hampering implicit activities in tempdb Learn about little known performance optimization techniques for tempdb


  • Jason Hall

Track and Room: Application Database Development - 2142

Title: What is Power BI?

Abstract: Do you want to know what all the fuss (or excitement) is about concerning PowerBI? Then, this session is for you. We will walk through the process and marketing of what now is Power BI. Reports will be developed and displayed as well as the history of development of Power BI and what to look out for in this ever changing application. You will also learn that this tool is not replacing the Data Warehouse and Architect positions. Actually, it will produce more work for us (DBAs, Architects, etc.) It is another reporting option Microsoft that is positioning itself in the changing world of Business Intelligence.


  • Thomas LeBlanc

Track and Room: BI Information Delivery - 2169

Title: Managing Your Schema with Database Projects in Visual Studio

Abstract: Integrating databases schema changes into a Software Development Lifecycle Management (SDLC) process can be a daunting and often tedious proposition. Adding the complexity of version control to the mix complicates this scenario. Fortunately, beginning with Visual Studio 2012, Database Projects add an “easy” button to this process. In this session, you will learn about the features and capabilities of VS Database Projects and how to use them to improve the lifecycle of your database structures, even if your organization does no code management.


  • Kerry Tyler

Track and Room: Application Database Development - 1774

Title: Master Data Management with SQL Server 2016 MDS

Abstract: Want to know the position Master Data Management and MDS play in an organization’s overall data strategy? We’ll review the key concepts and the different roles and responsibilities to help you get your organization moving forward with MDM. We’ll then take a look at the features of SQL Server 2016 MDS that make it an excellent tool for MDM. This demo-packed presentation will cover architecture and installation, different ways of processing data, hierarchies, security and many other features that will get you up and running with MDS.


  • Neal Waterstreet

Track and Room: BI Platform Architecture, Development Administration - 2171

Title: You want me to Isolate what? An introduction into data integrity and Isolation Levels of SQL Server

Abstract: Isolation Levels in SQL Server can benefit your application and help control data integrity by managing concurrency effects but can also hurt your application if you are unaware of what they are and how they are used. A review of SQL Concurrency issues and how SQL Isolation Levels can help eliminate them and keep the integrity of your data. This presentation will demonstrate with queries what causes concurrency issues and what isolation levels will prevent them.


  • Robert Bishop

Track and Room: Application Database Development - 2169

Title: Working Effectively With Legacy SQL

Abstract: A legacy code base can be a frightening thing. Between strict deadlines, ever-evolving requirements, differing skill levels of contributors over time, and historical circumstances, keeping database code clean and concise is difficult at best. This example- and demo-driven talk will help you build out a mental framework to prune those gnarled code bases. Much of this talk will be familiar to software developers who know of the “clean code” philosophy, but no knowledge of the topic is necessary. If you shudder whenever you look at your SQL code base, this talk may be for you.


  • Kevin Feasel

Track and Room: Application Database Development - 1774

Title: Introduction to Execution Plans

Abstract: In this session we will take a look at the basics of execution plans. We will discuss what they are, how they are made, and how they are used. We will explore some of the common operators seen in execution plans and their functions. Next we will look at the differences between estimated and actual execution plans. Throughout, you will be getting insight on how to read execution plans to help tune your queries.


  • Lance Tidwell

Track and Room: Application Database Development - 2171

Title: Crash Course on Better SQL Development

Abstract: SQL Development is a broad subject with many roads to choose from. Often times SQL Developers feel overwhelmed and unsure which areas they need to focus on. The purpose of this session is to give a high-level overview and present paths for further study and growth. Subjects reviewed in this session will include coding patterns, error handling, and execution plans. Demonstrations of free tools will also help developers find ways of simplifying their daily tasks. Attendees will leave this session empowered with knowledge and directions for further growth.


  • Vladimir Oselsky

Track and Room: Application Database Development - 1776

Title: SQL Server Databaseology: A Deep Dive Into Database Internals

Abstract: Have you ever taken apart a toaster or an alarm clock just to see how it worked? Ever wondered how that database actually functions at the record level, behind the scenes? SQL Server Databaseology is the study of SQL Server databases and their structures down to the very core of the records themselves. In this session, we will explore some of the deep inner workings of a SQL Server database at the record and page level. You will walk away with a better understanding of how SQL Server stores data and that knowledge will allow you to build better, faster databases.


  • John Morehouse

Track and Room: Application Database Development - 2171

Title: T-SQL Tips Tricks to Make Your Life Easier!

Abstract: Do you spend your days slinging T-SQL code? Want to improve your T-SQL game? If you answered yes, then this session is for you.

This demo-intensive session will showcase a collection of my favorite beginner and intermediate level tips and tricks. We will explore how to identify and fix some common T-SQL anti-patterns, my favorite SSMS productivity tricks, and clever solutions to some common but not easily-coded challenges.

This session targets both developers and DBAs; the only prerequisites are the desire to write better T-SQL code and aim of living an easier life!


  • Andy Yun

Track and Room: Application Database Development - 2142

Title: Mastering your Resume Interview: Tips to Get Hired

Abstract: Looking for a job? Learn trade secrets from a Recruiter! Resume blunders and interview tips, this session will focus on ten most important things you can do to get hired.


  • Christine Assaf

Track and Room: Professional Development - 1776

Title: Deadlock, Block Two Smoking Barrels: Breaking Down Blocking and Deadlocks

Abstract: While blocking and deadlocks are part of the territory for a DBA, dealing with them can be another story. In this session we will break down locking types, capturing and identifying deadlocks and the code behind them, and things you can do to resolve and prevent blocking and deadlocks. If you are frequently dealing with deadlocks in your databases this session is for you.


  • Amy Herold

Track and Room: Enterprise Database Administration Deployment - 1774

Title: Does your performance tuning need a 12-step program?

Abstract: Performance tuning can be complex.It’s often hard to know which knob to turn or button to press to get the biggest performance boost. In this presentation, Janis Griffin, Database Performance Evangelist, SolarWinds, will detail 12 steps to quickly identify performance issues and resolve them. Attendees at this session will learn how to:

  1. Quickly fine tune a SQL statement
  2. Identify performance inhibitors to help avoid future performance issues
  3. Recognize and understand how new SQL Server features can help improve query


  • Janis Griffin

Track and Room: Enterprise Database Administration Deployment - 2171


This is a list of speakers from the XML Guidebook records. The details and URLs were valid at the time of the event.

Tim Radney

Twitter: - @tradney

LinkedIn: Tim Radney

Contact: http://www.timradney.com

Tim is a Data Platform MVP and has a whole collection of Microsoft and other industry certifications. His experience includes HA/DR, virtualization, SSIS, SSRS, and performance tuning, among everything else SQL Server-related. Tim is very active and passionate in the SQL Community. He runs the Columbus GA SQL Users Group, has been a PASS Regional Mentor for a number of years, was named a PASS Outstanding Volunteer in 2012, and is a frequent speaker at user groups, SQLSaturdays and PASS Summits. Tim is one of the top ranked in karma on ask.sqlservercentral.com, answers questions as @tradney on Twitter, and blogs at http://timradney.com and SQLskills blog at http://www.SQLskills.com/blogs/tim.

Rie Irish

Twitter: - IrishSQL

LinkedIn: Rie Irish

Rie lives with her family just north of Atlanta, Georgia. She worked as a SQL Server DBA, manager director for over 20 years. She’s worked in many industries including the non-profit sector, education, big pharma, and e-commerce. She was awarded the MVP in the Data Platform 3 times beginning in 2017 and gave that up to accept her role as a Senior Program Manager with Microsoft in 2019. She is very involved with the Atlanta MDF User Group, SQLSaturday Atlanta and is co-leader of the PASS Women in Tech virtual group.

Janis Griffin

Twitter: - DoBoutAnything

LinkedIn: Janis Griffin

Janis Griffin has over 30 years of DBA/database experience including design, development and implementation of many critical database applications. Before coming to Quest Software, Janis primarily worked in the Telecom/Network Industry, working with both real-time network routing databases and OLTP business to business applications. Janis also held positions as a Principal Architect and Senior Manager, mentoring other DBAs on best practices in database performance tuning.

Jason Hall

Twitter: - @SQLSaurus

LinkedIn: Jason Hall

Contact: http://blogs.sqlsentry.com/jasonhall

Jason Hall (@SQLSaurus) leads SentryOne’s Product Management team, which is responsible for managing product design, development and delivery.

Jason has worked in varied technology roles for over 20 years and holds industry certifications including MCSE (legacy), MCSD, MCTS, MCPD, and PMC-III.

Vladimir Oselsky

Twitter: - @VladyOselsky

LinkedIn: Vladimir Oselsky

Vladimir Oselsky (Vlady) is an IT Professional with over 15 years of experience in various IT Jobs. Born and raised in Siberia, moved to United States in late 90s. Passion for computer and programming started with DOS games and learning Borland Paschal in 8th grade as a hobby. IT career consisted of everything from hardware and software support to server administration. Current focus on SQL Server Database Development and .NET programming

Rob Volk

Twitter: - sql_r

LinkedIn: Rob Volk

Contact: http://weblogs.sqlteam.com/robv/

Rob Volk is a SQL Server DBA in the Metro Atlanta area since 2001. He also moderates and answers the forums on SQLTeam.com. While an old-time cranky DBA, he no longer considers quot;business intelligencequot; an oxymoron or quot;the cloudquot; as merely atmospheric moisture, and is delightedly dipping his toes into both of these new oceans, and loves to do things in new and and unusual ways.

Arvin Meyer

LinkedIn: Arvin Meyer

Having 16 consecutive MVP awards, Arvin maintains the Access Web http://www.mvps.org/access, an Access download site on his domain (http://www.datastrat.com), owns and is webmaster of http://www.accessmvp.com, and several client websites. A Microsoft Certified Professional and Microsoft MVP, Arvin writes freelance technology articles, is an author of a book on Access, leads the Access, Office, and Security Special Interest Groups at the Central Florida Computer Society.

Jamey Johnston

Twitter: - STATCowboy

LinkedIn: Jamey Johnston

Contact: http://STATCowboy.com

Jamey Johnston is a Senior Data Scientist/Engineer for a large independent OG company. For over 25 years, he has worked for Fortune 500 companies architecting successful platforms in the cloud, on the edge, and on-premises for BI reporting, statistical analysis, ML, and AI. Lately, he spends his time in Azure, Python, R, Power BI, MS SQL, and SAS JMP. He holds a BS in Spatial Analysis from LSU and a Masters of Science in Analytics from Texas AM. He is a professor at the Mays Business School at Texas AM in the MS Analytics program. He is active in his PASS Local Group in Houston, co-leader of the local Power BI users group and data analytics group. He regularly speaks and volunteers at PASS events. He is also a Microsoft Data Platform MVP.

Andy Yun

Twitter: - SQLBek

LinkedIn: Andy Yun

Contact: http://sqlbek.wordpress.com

Andy Yun is a SentryOne Principal Solutions Engineer and a former Microsoft MVP. He has been working with SQL Server for nearly 20 years as both a Database Developer and Administrator. Leveraging knowledge of SQL Server Internals and extensive experience in highly transactional environments, he strives to make T-SQL leaner and meaner. Andy is extremely passionate about passing knowledge onto others, regularly speaking at User Groups, SQLSaturdays, and PASS Summit. Andy is a co-founder of the Chicago SQL Association, co-Chapter Leader of the Chicago Suburban User Group, and part of the Chicago SQLSaturday Organizing Committee.

Michael Viron

Twitter: - mviron

LinkedIn: Michael Viron

Michael Viron has a wide range of experience as a senior IT manager amp; business owner. As Director of IT amp; Software Engineering at KAMedData, Inc, he has been heavily involved in coordinating numerous product launches amp; both company amp; division startups. A key team member, his main responsibilities include technical operations, project management, security, short and long range technical planning, and development. As owner of General Education Online, he handles both IT and business operations.

Lance Tidwell

Twitter: - @Lance_LT

Contact: http://lancetidwell.com

Lance Tidwell, from the Austin, TX, area, has worked as a SQL Server DBA for the last 11 years. During his time as a DBA he has found his passion for all things SQL, but specifically for performance tuning. He has a life-long quest to always be learning new things; currently this quest has lead him to explore more about the Data Analytics/ Data Science areas.

Mike Byrd

Twitter: - ByrdNest_TX

LinkedIn: Mike Byrd

Contact: http://logicalread.solarwinds.com/?s=byrd, www.TSQLMentoring.com and SQLServerCentral.com

Former rocket scientist and USAF Fighter Pilot – now a SQL Server geek (24 years)! Past opportunities include free-lance technical writer for PC Magazine, Senior Software Manager for government sponsored munitions effectiveness committee, and insurance company CTO. Currently senior database engineer consultant for several Austin companies.

Presenter at many SQLSaturdays over last 6 years in United States, Europe, and Australia.

Specialize in SQL Server performance tuning; database (OLTP OLAP) architecture; trouble-shooting; teaching TSQL (Basic through Advanced).

Video presentations (for local SQL Server user groups or SQLSaturdays) can be found at http://usergroup.tv/videos/category/speaker/mike-byrd

Thomas LeBlanc

Twitter: - TheSmilingDBA

LinkedIn: Thomas LeBlanc

Contact: http://Thomas-LeBlanc.com

Thomas LeBlanc (Microsoft Data Platform MVP) is a Data Warehouse Architect in Baton Rouge, and uses his 30+ years in IT to develop OLTP systems with normalized databases for high-performing T-SQL and dimensional data marts. Development is done in SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, Power BI, and Excel. As a PASS volunteer, he is past chair of Excel BI and Data Arch VCs and is active in the Baton Rouge Analytics and SQL Server User groups, as well as SQLSaturday in Baton Rouge. You can find his blog at TheSmilingDBA.BlogSpot.com and website at Thomas-LeBlanc.com

Christine Assaf

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/HRTact

LinkedIn: Christine Assaf

Contact: https://www.hrtact.com

Christine Assaf is an experienced HR pro who is passionate about the mental health of employees, leadership, and organizations. She is a leadership development professional with over 15 years experience in human resources and 20 years in business management. She holds a BS in Business Management, received her HRM certification at LSU, and is finishing up her master’s degree at Colorado State University in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. She is a certified DDI Trainer, experienced public speaker, and is dedicated to teaching others about ways to support a culture of “expressiveness” in the workplace that creates connectivity.

John Morehouse

Twitter: - SQLrUs

LinkedIn: John Morehouse

Contact: http://www.sqlrus.com

John Morehouse is currently a Consultant with Denny Cherry Associates living in Louisville, Kentucky. With over 2 decades of technical experience in various industries, John now focuses on the Microsoft Data platform and specializes in Microsoft SQL Server. He is honored to be a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, VMWare vExpert, Friend of Red Gate, Sentry One PAC member Community Ambassador, and 2016 Idera Ace. John has a passion around speaking, teaching technical topics, and giving back to the technical community as much as possible. He is a user group leader, SQLSaturday organizer, and former PASS regional mentor. He is also a blogger, avid tweeter, and a frequent speaker at SQLSaturday’s as well as other conferences.

William Assaf

Twitter: - william_a_dba

LinkedIn: William Assaf

Contact: http://www.sqltact.com

William Assaf, Data Platform MVP, is a principal consultant in Baton Rouge, LA. Initially a .NET developer, and later into database administration and architecture, William currently works with clients on SQL Server and Azure SQL platform optimization, management, disaster recovery and high availability, and leads a crack multi-city team of consulting SQL DBA’s. William has written for Microsoft SQL certification exams since 2011 and was the lead author of the 2017 and 2019 editions of “SQL Server Administration Inside Out” by Microsoft Press. William is a member of the Baton Rouge User Groups board, a regional mentor for PASS, and past lead of the annual SQLSaturday Baton Rouge Planning Committee, having run one of the largest SQLSaturdays.

Monica Rathbun

Twitter: - SQLEspresso

LinkedIn: Monica Rathbun

Contact: http://www.sqlespresso.com

Monica Rathbun lives in Virginia, is a Microsoft MVP for Data Platform and Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert. She has nearly two decades of experience working with a wide variety of database platforms with a focus on SQL Server and the Microsoft Data Platform. She is a frequent speaker at IT industry conferences on topics including performance tuning and configuration management. She is the Leader of the Hampton Roads SQL Server User Group and a Mid‐Atlantic PASS Regional Mentor. She is passionate about SQL Server and the SQL Server community, doing anything she can to give back. Monica can always be found on Twitter (@sqlespresso) handing out helpful tips. You can find Monica blogging at sqlespresso.com

Mike Lawell

Twitter: - @sqldiver

LinkedIn: Mike Lawell

Contact: http://sqlserverassociates.com/Blog

Mike Lawell is an 19 year veteran of SQL Server, working with all versions since 6.5. He specializes in performance tuning and high availability as an independent consultant.

He is a Linchpin People Teammate, he also consults with SolidQ, Intellinet and Microsoft Consulting Services.

He is also a certified Scuba instructor with a long bucket list of dive sites.

He resides in Atlanta, GA and you can catch him at many of the SQLSaturdays in the SE region of the United States.

Kerry Tyler

Twitter: - AirborneGeek

LinkedIn: Kerry Tyler

Contact: http://airbornegeek.com

Kerry Tyler is a SQL Server, Business Intelligence, and Azure consultant. His initial IT experience was in network engineering and Windows system administration before moving into the data realm. This infrastructure background builds a firm foundation for performance tuning and cloud infrastructure design and implementation. Kerry has full-time DBA experience in SQL Server since version 2000 and business intelligence architecture since SQL Server 2005. In addition to consulting work, he delivers presentations and training on SQL Server administration, business intelligence, and Azure data and infrastructure components.

Pritesh Ostwal

 Sr. Software Consultant with broader experience on Business Intelligence solutions, Solution Architecture, Architecture Governance, Application Database optimization, Processes Optimization, Technology Selection, Agile Adoption and Niche Technologies Evaluation, Data Modeling, Framework Development, Product Development, Technology Migration and Software Services  Program Management, Project Team leadership, Client Services Maintenance, Pre-Sales Business Engagement, Technical Migration Planning, Process Improvement Governance, Global Software development, Critical thinking, Future solutions / Innovation, Comprehensive problem solver, Stakeholder management, Asset Management, Executing Agile Ceremonies

Christopher Sims

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/sigaostudios

LinkedIn: Christopher Sims

Contact: http://www.sigaostudios.com/blog

Chris is a software engineer and program manager with over 18 years of programming and 14 years of project management experience. Chris continually pushes his personal and professional boundaries by actively seeking out complex projects and applying innovative, sophisticated and elegant solutions to real-world problems. Chris is the technical principal of agile consulting firm, Sigao Studios. Sigao Studios specializes in offering modern responsive web solutions based on technologies that include Azure, CosmosDB and Azure Search. In addition to his technical pursuits, Chris enjoys stage acting and wood working in his free time.

Tim Mitchell

Twitter: - @Tim_Mitchell

LinkedIn: Tim Mitchell

Contact: http://www.TimMitchell.net

Tim Mitchell is a business intelligence architect, author, and trainer. He has worked with SQL Server for over a decade, specializing in data warehousing, ETL/SSIS, and reporting. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Texas AM at Commerce, and is recognized as a Microsoft Data Platform MVP. Tim is a business intelligence consultant and principal at Tyleris Data Solutions.

Tim is an active community speaker and volunteer, having spoken at over 100 events including the PASS Summit, SQLBits, Dev Connections, SQL Intersection, and scores of SQLSaturdays. He blogs at TimMitchell.net, and tweets at @Tim_Mitchell.

Janis Griffin

Twitter: - DoBoutAnything

LinkedIn: Janis Griffin

Janis Griffin has over 30 years of DBA/database experience including design, development and implementation of many critical database applications. Before coming to Quest Software, Janis primarily worked in the Telecom/Network Industry, working with both real-time network routing databases and OLTP business to business applications. Janis also held positions as a Principal Architect and Senior Manager, mentoring other DBAs on best practices in database performance tuning.

Amy Herold

Twitter: - @texasamy

LinkedIn: Amy Herold

Contact: http://www.sqlkitten.com/

Amy Herold is currently a Premier Field Engineer with Microsoft, specializing in APS. Prior to this, she was a Sr. Database Administrator, focusing on PowerShell and automation. She is also currently the Director of Programs for the North Texas SQL Server User Group (NTSSUG). She frequently speaks at SQLSaturday and user group events across the United States and has also participated in numerous Women in Technology sessions as a panelist. Amy currently blogs at sqlkitten.com.

Chris Hyde

Twitter: - ChrisHyde325

LinkedIn: Chris Hyde

Chris Hyde is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and Microsoft Certified Trainer based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He works as an independent SQL Server BI and DBA consultant, and is the leader of the Albuquerque PASS local user group. He is also part of the Friends of Redgate program and was a member of the Idera ACE class of 2018. He loves loud music and cricket, but usually not at the same time.

Neal Waterstreet

Twitter: - @nealwaterstreet

LinkedIn: Neal Waterstreet

Contact: http://www.nealwaterstreet.com

Neal is a BI Architect/Consultant with more than 20 years of industry experience. Neal is skilled in the entire BI spectrum, including dimensional modeling, ETL design and development using Integration Services (SSIS), designing and developing multidimensional cubes and Tabular models using Analysis Services (SSAS) and Master Data Management using Microsoft Data Services (MDS). He’s also involved with the database community and is the co-founder and co-leader of the PASS Healthcare Virtual Chapter and the Atlanta Modern Excel User Group.

Mike Hillwig

Twitter: - @mikehillwig

LinkedIn: Mike Hillwig

Contact: http://www.mikehillwig.com

Veteran DBA Mike Hillwig is a native Pittsburgher and resident of the Boston Suburbs. He’s a DBA Manager for a financial software company that’s owned by one of the world’s largest bank. Mike has been working with SQL Server since version 7 and has a background in infrastructure and network. Today, he manages a team of DBAs around the globe.

Sean McCown

Twitter: - @KenpoDBA

Contact: http://www.midnightdba.com/dbarant

Sean McCown is a Certified Master with 23 years of experience in databases. He is also founder and co-owner of the MidnightDBA.com website, where he records free SQL Server training videos. He also writes the popular Minion Maintenance suite, the most configurable maintenance solution on the planet.

Kevin Feasel

Twitter: - feaselkl

LinkedIn: Kevin Feasel

Contact: http://www.catallaxyservices.com

Kevin Feasel is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and CTO at Envizage, where he specializes in data analytics with T-SQL and R, forcing Spark clusters to do his bidding, fighting with Kafka, and pulling rabbits out of hats on demand. He is the lead contributor to Curated SQL (https://curatedsql.com), president of the Triangle Area SQL Server Users Group (https://www.meetup.com/tripass), and author of PolyBase Revealed (https://www.apress.com/us/book/9781484254608). A resident of Durham, North Carolina, he can be found cycling the trails along the triangle whenever the weather’s nice enough.

Jason Hall

Twitter: - @SQLSaurus

LinkedIn: Jason Hall

Contact: http://blogs.sqlsentry.com/jasonhall

Jason Hall (@SQLSaurus) leads SentryOne’s Product Management team, which is responsible for managing product design, development and delivery.

Jason has worked in varied technology roles for over 20 years and holds industry certifications including MCSE (legacy), MCSD, MCTS, MCPD, and PMC-III.

Robert Bishop

Twitter: - http://twitter.com/sql_padre

Contact: http://sqlpadre.wordpress.com

Robert has been working with databases since SQL Server 2005. After 4 years as a .NET developer using SQL Server, Robert became a DBA out of necessity, a true “Accidental” DBA! Robert has presented at his local SQL Server User group, SQLSaturdays and PASS Virtual Chapters. As a Microsoft MSCA and an Idera ACE, Robert enjoys administrative tasks, configuring SQL Server for optimal performance, troubleshooting problematic SQL queries and making those query run faster than the speed of light. In the event of “free time”, Robert enjoys camping, playing his guitars and spending time with his family.

William E Pearson III

Twitter: - @Bill_Pearson

LinkedIn: William E Pearson III

Contact: https://mvp.support.microsoft.com/profile=02C5CD07-7511-4151-A678-3A4A3451F85E

Bill Pearson created Island Technologies Inc. in 1997, and has developed a large and diverse customer base since. Bill#39;s background as a CPA, Internal Auditor, Management Accountant, and SQL Server MVP (BI) enables him to provide value to clients as a liaison between Accounting / Finance and Information Services. Bill has implemented enterprise business intelligence systems over the years for many Fortune 500 companies and focuses his practice upon the integrated Microsoft Business Intelligence

Samir Behara

Twitter: - samirbehara

LinkedIn: Samir Behara

Contact: https://dotnetvibes.com/

Samir Behara is a Solution Architect with EBSCO Industries and builds software solutions using cutting edge technologies. He is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP with over 13 years of IT experience working on large-scale enterprise applications involving complex business functions, web integration, and data management in various domains like Insurance, Manufacturing and Publishing.

Samir is a frequent speaker at conferences such as PASS Summit, IT/Dec Connections, CodeStock, SQLSaturdays and CodeCamps. He is the Co-Chapter Lead of the Steel City SQL Server UserGroup, Birmingham, AL. He is the author of www.dotnetvibes.com

Rodney Landrum

Twitter: - @SQLBeat

Contact: https://www.simple-talk.com/blogs/author/2133-rodney-landrum/

Rodney Landrum has been architecting solutions for SQL Server for over 12 years. He has worked with and written about many SQL Server technologies, including DTS, Integration Services, Analysis Services, and Reporting Services. He has co-authored 4 books on Reporting Services. He is been a regular contributor to SQL Server magazine, sqlservercentral.com and Simple-talk.com. Rodney is also SQL Server MVP

Anthony Nocentino

Twitter: - nocentino

LinkedIn: Anthony Nocentino

Contact: http://www.centinosystems.com/blog/

Anthony Nocentino is the founder and President of Centino Systems as well as a Pluralsight author, Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Linux expert, and corporate problem solver. Anthony designs solutions, deploys the technology, and provides expertise on business system performance, architecture, and security. Anthony has a Bachelors and Masters in Computer Science with research publications in high performance/low latency data access algorithms and spatial database systems.

Jennifer McCown

Twitter: - http://www.Twitter.com/MidnightDBA

LinkedIn: Jennifer McCown

Contact: http://www.MidnightDBA.com/Jen

Jen McCown is CEO of MinionWare, LLC; a Microsoft Certified Master for SQL Server; and an independent consultant. She is Senior Editor at MidnightDBA.com, where she creates training videos, the DBAs at Midnight webshow, blogs, reviews, and podcasts. Jen is a member, volunteer, and speaker in PASS, and the PASS Women in Technology Virtual Group.

Vishal Pawar

Twitter: - Vishal_BI

LinkedIn: Vishal Pawar

Contact: http://bimentalist.com/

Vishal Pawar is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), founder of the Global Power BI User Group and co-leader of the PASS Business Analytics Virtual Group. He is a Principal BI Architect in Green House Data, with decades of experience in BI solution architecture and best practices. He has published more than 1000 articles since 2011 in SQL and BI. Vishal teaches a free Power BI course through Udemy, which has more than 65K students from the glob. Vishal is an exceptional technology community of leaders worldwide who actively share their high quality, real-world expertise with the technical communities.

Daniel Glenn

Twitter: - DanielGlenn

LinkedIn: Daniel Glenn

Contact: https://DanielGlenn.com

Daniel is a Microsoft MVP with 15 years’ experience building technology solutions, intranets and extranets. As Practice Leader for the Nashville-based InfoWorks Inc., Daniel helps organizations of all sizes solve complex data challenges by implementing Office 365 and SharePoint without the need of customization and costly investments.

Daniel is passionate about giving back and building the Microsoft technical community. Daniel holds leadership roles in various local user groups, serves as an organizer for Microsoft 365 Nashville, and is a co-host for the popular podcast 365 Message Center Show on https://MessageCenter.Show. You can follow Daniel online at https://DanielGlenn.com and @DanielGlenn on Twitter.


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