SQLSaturday #569 - Prague 2016

Event Date: 12/03/2016 00:00:00

Event Location:

  • Microsoft
  • Vyskocilova 1561/4a, Praha 4
  • Praha, Hlavní Mesto Praha, Czechia

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Title: The (Consumer) Internet of Things on your arm - MS Band PowerBI connected

Abstract: The Internet of Things (IOT) gets more and more attraction - not only on the business but also on the customer side. Connected fridges, cars and smart watches - always and everywhere connected! In this session Wolfgang will show you some possibilities of the Microsoft Band 2 SDK: how-to connect and read sensor data out of this device. But what should be done with that data? Power BI seems to be an ideal candidate for analyzing and presenting those kind of data. The different types of real-time analytics (Stream Analytics, Power BI API, ..) will be presented and their pros and cons will be envisioned. The challenge: Let’s prepare a real-time dashboard of Band2 data in Power BI in 60 minutes!


  • Wolfgang Strasser

Track and Room: Development - Profisee - Room3

Title: Advanced BIML - for the advanced ETL developer

Abstract: This is not your regular Agile BIML session. By now you already know that BIML is a great productivity enhancement to SSIS. You also know that you can build metadata driven solution and include C# code in your BIML scripts or snippets. If you don’t know what I’m talking about this session is not for you. If you - on the other hand - want to know how to build a modular BIML framework, do real C# development and include it in your BIML code so that you can pass custom objects around for optimized performance and code reuse then this session is for you. We will see how to build a reusable C# framework that can be obfuscated and deployed to customers without worrying about Intellectual property. I promise you no more than a few slides but a lot of demos and real life experience acquired from major BIML projects. We will also have a look at how to harness integration and unit tests in the setup with a twist of Continuous Integration with Team Foundation Server.


  • Regis Baccaro

Track and Room: Development - Joyful - Morava

Title: Zombie Attack Against Clustered Indexes - Who really need them! [EN]

Abstract: Clustered Index zombies come out of their graves to make the peace loving Heaps to one of them in your databases. Try to attack them or find a fair way to make them living together in peaceful harmony.

If you ask experts about using a clustered index you will in most cases hear the following statements: Yes, you need a narrow and contiguous clustered index for your table for good performance. Last but not least Microsoft Azure Databases requires clustered indexes but there might be situations when workloads and queries will suffer from wrong implemented clustered indexes.

Watch the demos which show in an impressive way that clustered indexes are not always the best choice. Build your clustered indexes wise or - as the demos will show - forgo for it for a better scaling. Become aware of the pros and cons of Clustered Indexes and make a wise decision when to use clustered indexes and the correct key attributes for it.


  • Uwe Ricken

Track and Room: Development - Microsoft - Praha

Title: Azure Data Lake Store / Analytics 101 [EN]

Abstract: In this session we take a look and a deep dive into Aure Data Lake, a new feature on Azure that will enable amost anyone to work with BIG DATA. It combines C# and SQL to a language that is way more intuitive than what we are used to.

Azure Data Lake Store, our new repository for data of various origins – we can collect, store and share data from this lake as we see fit. Azure Data Lake Analytics, a new way to scale and use your analytics on AZURE and BIG Data, it introduces U-SQL a new language combined of C# and T-SQL to make the task of analyzing BIG Data easier and more comprehendible. Azure Data Lake Tools for Visual Studio, provide an integrated development environment that spans the Azure Data Lake, dramatically simplifying authoring, debugging and optimization for processing and analytics at any scale. After this session, you will have an understanding of the new feature, and will hopefully be inspired to use it either in a Proof Of Concept or in a Production scenario.


  • Kenneth Nielsen

Track and Room: Business Intelligence Analytics - Joyful - Morava

Title: Query Store: Taking control of your query performance [EN]

Abstract: Many of us came across a situation when a query suddenly becomes slow. To understand the reason for the slowdown, it would be nice to see what was the query plan before that. Was it the same or another, if it was another, then what had changed? It was a hard to figure it out unless you had implemented your own monitoring system. Fortunately, in SQL Server 2016 we have the solution out of the box, it’s called – Query Store. Query Store is a kind of “flight recorder” for your database, it provides functionality to capture queries, plans and execution statistics in the database, more to the point it allows you to force a particular plan for a query. The session will describe Query Store functionality and capabilities, provide some Query Store internal implementation details and give several usage scenarios.


  • Dmitry Pilugin

Track and Room: Database - Joyful - Morava

Title: SQL Server 2016 and Polybase: Bringing Relational and Non-relational Data Together

Abstract: This demo-heavy session will take a look at PolyBase in SQL Server 2016. This technology provides the means to access and combine both relational and non-relational data all from within SQL Server. Using the wonderful T-SQL language you are already familiar with, you can run queries using T-SQL against data that resides in Hadoop, HDInsight, or Azure blob storage. This session will show how to use T-SQL to import and export data back and forth between relational tables and non-relational data stores. We’ll also show how to join and aggregate data from both SQL Server and a non-relational store using T-SQL and how these queries are optimized to push computation down. We’ll also look at how to configure and scale out SQL Server PolyBase for those high-volume workloads.


  • Scott Klein

Track and Room: Development - Microsoft - Praha

Title: Kerberos for BI [EN]

Abstract: Have you ever seen this message quot;Login failed for user ‘NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGONquot; ? Have you ever witnessed Kerberos mentioned in a conversation - or in a forum - and seen developers shiver, sysadmins crawl back under their rock and project managers fear for the consumed hours ? Have you ever wondered why it seems so complicated ? If you answered yes to any of these question then this demo-packed session is for you. Because Kerberos is something that anyone who must deploy SQL Server wishes they didn’t have to worry about. It truly affects all aspects of SQL Server including the engine, Reporting Services, Analysis Services, SharePoint and PowerPivot. Furthermore we will have a close look at how to diagnose problems and troubleshoot the three-headed beast when it breaks loose. This session is based on many hours spent sweating in setting up Kerberos in BI and SharePoint environments and explaining support people how to troubleshoot and fix Kerberos issues when they a


  • Regis Baccaro

Track and Room: Business Intelligence Analytics - Joyful - Morava

Title: Creating Custom BI Solutions with Power BI Embedded [EN]

Abstract: Microsoft Power BI Embedded is a Microsoft Azure that enables developers to integrate Power BI reports into their web or mobile applications so they don’t need to build custom solutions to visualize data for the users. Microsoft Power BI Embedded helps Independent Software Vendors to use Power BI data experiences within their applications. Customers, who use applications with Power BI Embedded don’t need to have a Power BI account or to know anything about this Azure service. This talk is a practical session on Microsoft Power BI Embedded concept with many examples how to create custom BI solutions using this technology.


  • Mihail Mateev

Track and Room: Business Intelligence Analytics - Profisee - Room3

Title: FILETABLEs: What They Are and How to Use Them [EN]

Abstract: Have you ever had the need to access documents in your database as if they were files in the file system? SQL Server 2012 introduces a brand new method for managing large data objects (BLOBs) in a database. FILETABLEs provide access to data using Transact-SQL - just like any other table inside the database, while at the same time also provide access to the data using the operating system File I/O API - i.e. just like any other folder in the file system. In this session you will learn how to upgrade your document management solutions by migrating your large data to FILETABLEs. The session covers two most typical migration scenarios: migrating from a distributed data store, and from a homogeneous data store.


  • Matija Lah

Track and Room: Database - Joyful - Morava

Title: Explore Dark Data with SQL Server 2016 and R [EN]

Abstract: With the addition of R into SQL Server 2016, Microsoft have provided a few extra degrees of freedom for the standard SQL developer. You can now use the R language to wrangle, clean and collect external data, using libraries and functionality that simply wasn’t available to you before with regular T-SQL. Performing data enrichment at scale with SQL Server or even Microsoft R Server can provide extremely valuable new insights for your clients and start reaping the benefits of big data.

In this session, Consolidata’s Oliver Frost shows you how to develop your own application for tapping into ‘dark data’. Ollie will demonstrate how to stream live tweets, perform aggregations in R and pipe the output to a Power BI dashboard, giving you a full end-to-end experience of the importance of learning some basic R code in 2016.

This session is for anyone who is new to R and is interesting expanding their skill set beyond their comfort zone in SQL Server.


  • Oliver Frost

Track and Room: Business Intelligence Analytics - Profisee - Room3

Title: Continuous Integration and the Data Warehouse [EN]

Abstract: Continuous Integration is not normally associate with data warehouse projects due to the perceived complexity of implementation. John will be showing how modern tools make it simple to apply continuous integration techniques to data warehouse projects. In particular, the session will cover:

  • Setting up SQL Server Data Tools for automated deployments: DAC Publish profiles SQLPackage.exe

  • Automating your build and deployments with PowerShell and psake

  • Guide to configuring TeamCity as your build server

  • Automated Integration and Regression testing of your Data Warehouse using NBi test framework

  • Automating cube and tabular model deployment


  • John Tunnicliffe

Track and Room: Development - Profisee - Room3

Title: CLR T-SQL (in real “online gaming” life) [EN]

Abstract: T-SQL has some limitations, which can be partially overcome by using CLR. That extends power of your database in directions you might not be even aware of. Like a bonus you get solid performance, testable and reusable code, similarly maintainable like a regular application code. But everything reliably secured inside of your database. The potential of CLR capabilites is huge. I will show top patterns and tip tricks we encountered during the last couple of years when we we were developing on-line game backend.


  • Jakub Müller

Track and Room: Database - Joyful - Morava

Title: Pro Techniques for the SSASMD Developer [EN]

Abstract: Getting the techniques in your tool belt right, makes a world of a difference. Did you ever wonder, how to deploy a cube, with minimum impact to query performance? Or how to optimize processing performance? Are you really ready to deploy when its required? Or do you get nervous every time? Attend this session to build and improve your SSAS Developer skills, by exploring: Custom Assemblies - To improve Query Performance Partitioning - To improve Processing Performance Unit Testing - To improve Cube Release Quality Synchronization - To improve End User Experience and finally PowerShell to tie all the ends together.


  • Jens Vestergaard

Track and Room: Development - Profisee - Room3

Title: Performance Tuning for the Transaction Log [EN]

Abstract: SQL Server transaction log is one of the most critical components of the database and in the same time one of the most misunderstood. While being neglected it can easily become a bottleneck for our system. Are you interested in learning how to avoid issues with the transaction log and streamline its work? In these sessions we will explore how to optimize it, configure it and keep it under control.


  • Miroslav Dimitrov

Track and Room: Database - Microsoft - Praha

Title: Real life of the biggest Czech e-shop SQL Server backend [CZ]

Abstract: Green alien from Alza.cz is well known to many peaople in 26 countries in Europe. Most people can see only the website but there is lot more in the background. Lead role belongs to SQL Server and his components. We invite you to the presentation of the architecture of database systems in large-scale eshop where you can find a variety of attractions from backstage. How many IT specialists to develop and maintain the system? How many servers? What hardware? What problems do we face? Bonus chapter… We found a bug in the nonclustered index whose fix will be complicated according to the statement of Microsoft’s SQL developers…


  • David Hlavacek

Track and Room: Database - Microsoft - Praha

Title: If a machine can learn, why can’t YOU learn Azure Machine Learning? [EN]

Abstract: Are you a DBA or Developer and would like to get started with AzureML the EASY WAY? AzureML isn’t just for “data scientists”… Anyone can use it! And after this session you’ll be using it too… Disclaimer: Sadly, AzureML still can’t predict what’s on your girlfriend’s mind. Nothing ever will.


  • André Melancia

Track and Room: Business Intelligence Analytics - Microsoft - Praha

Title: Know What Your Code is Doing to SQL Server! [EN]

Abstract: ORMs - oh how I LOVE them! As a consultant when I see them in play at a client I go KACHIIINNNNGGGG!! :-D Seriously though, they can provide some substantial benefits for coding throughput. But if you don’t Read The Fine Manual and do some things right and avoid some major gotchas you will fall prey to one of my favorite Guruisms: “Anything that allows developers to slap code together more quickly is inversely proportional to the performance and scalability you will get from that code”! Although this talk is based on Entity Framework, most ORMs suffer from a lot of the same flaws.


  • Kevin Boles

Track and Room: Development - Microsoft - Praha

Title: Power BI after more than 1 year in production [EN]

Abstract: Power BI celebrated 1st birthday in August. Product grew in functionality as well as number of users. What were the main challenges of using Power BI in production environment, what are the lessons learned. What I find the best tips for Power BI reports development, data refresh (live vs import) options, content sharing, report life cycle management and everything else you need in corporate environment


  • Jiří Neoral

Track and Room: Business Intelligence Analytics - Joyful - Morava

Title: Inside SQL Server Security [EN]

Abstract: In this session we’ll see how a security mis-configuration can lead to getting sysadmin privileges. What are your options for getting SA rights, and finding many useful security related information. This session will be based on presentations with practical demos displaying how to attack SQL server surface.


  • Marek Chmel

Track and Room: Database - Microsoft - Praha

Title: Anomaly Detection [EN]

Abstract: Anomaly detection is one of the most advanced data mining and machine learning tasks. There are many statistical procedures and data mining algorithms that can be used for it, including Expectation-Maximization Clustering, and Principal Component Analysis. In this session, you will learn through presentation and demos how to detect the low quality data areas with some basic statistics and with advanced algorithms. You will see how you can use T-SQL queries, R code in SQL Server, SSAS Data Mining, and Azure ML for this complex task.


  • Dejan Sarka

Track and Room: Business Intelligence Analytics - Profisee - Room3

Title: Think work like a Data Scientist with SQL 2016 R [EN]

Abstract: What are these DATA Scientists up to? How can we see their statistical model in our day to day familiar tool like Microsoft SQL Server?

You now have answers to these questions and thanks to Microsoft for integrating R Revolution within new SQL Server 2016. We all now have the opportunity to use R packages and see the results within SQL 2016.

In this session, you will definitely take away a breakthrough concept of Advanced R Analytics within SQL 2016 and get ready to kick your creative horse, and go beyond your imagination on how you can build advanced analytics and impress your employers/customers.


  • Dr. Subramani Paramasivam

Track and Room: Business Intelligence Analytics - Profisee - Room3

Title: Building a Performance Monitoring System Using XEvents

Abstract: You are using Extended Events and dynamic management views (DMVs) to analyze performance problems in your databases. How do you go from there to building a performance-monitoring system that is easy to use and that works at scale? In this session, learn techniques for loading and parsing Extended Events into a central monitoring database in close to real time, correlating the events with query plans, indexing the data for performance, and making the information easily available.


  • Ola Hallengren

Track and Room: Database - Microsoft - Praha

Title: Common TSQL Mistakes

Abstract: We are going to examine a variety of oopsies MANY developers fall prey too - some obvious, some pretty subtle and some down right sneaky! Lots of code examples with the bad AND good code presented. I GUARANTEE that you will find things here that will either prevent you from getting bad data, throwing unwanted errors or vastly improving your database application’s performance. I have given this talk over SEVENTY times now and it is always very highly rated!


  • Kevin Boles

Track and Room: Development - Microsoft - Praha

Title: SQL Server plan cache: The Phantom Menace [EN]

Abstract: Every query you execute in SQL Server must have a plan…a plan, that defines how it is going to be executed. SQL Server Query Optimizer indeed does magic in preparing and reusing those plans, but sometimes we, as developers, need to help it (or at least do not interfere) so the database world is kept in peace. Join me in this advanced session where I will share the simple tricks that can save the day and help you write reusable code, even if you do not use stored procedures in your application.


  • Ivan Donev

Track and Room: Database - Microsoft - Praha


This is a list of speakers from the XML Guidebook records. The details and URLs were valid at the time of the event.

Marek Chmel

LinkedIn: Marek Chmel

Contact: http://www.prosql.cz

I have started working in IT as a consultant and trainer for Microsoft server systems and from the beginning I did focus mainly on SQL Server. Few years back I have joined atamp;t, where I workin a team responsible for 24/7 operations for large SQL server environments. Our primary focus is architecture, delpoyment, performance tuning and disaster recovery for SQL Server ranging various sizes, versions and editions. If there#39;s any free time left, you can catch me speaking at a conference or teaching a Microsoft or security class in a training center.

Dmitry Pilugin

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/SomewereSomehow

LinkedIn: Dmitry Pilugin

Contact: http://www.queryprocessor.com/

Dmitry Pilugin, is a SQL Server DB developer from Russia, Moscow. He works with SQL Server for more than ten years. Currently he works as a database developer lead, responsible for the development of production databases in the media research company.

Dmitry holds a blog about SQL Server query processing: QueryProcessor.com, where he writes about a query optimization and execution, and also likes to share his knowledge about it speaking at various community events and tech conferences. Data Platform Microsoft MVP since 2014.

Kenneth Nielsen

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/DoktorKermit

LinkedIn: Kenneth Nielsen

Contact: http://funkylab.com

Kenneth M. Nielsen currently work at Microsoft as Data Platform Solution Architect, focusing on data services on Azure. Previously worked as managing consultant and teamlead for the company Rehfeld Partners in Denmark. He has worked at various consulting firms and worked on many small/large/very large bi installations in Denmark over the last 12 years. He really likes to advice the customers to take the right decisions, but also maintains a high technical knowledge, so he can act at both architect and developer.

Dr. Subramani Paramasivam

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/dageop

LinkedIn: Dr. Subramani Paramasivam

Contact: http://www.yoursqlman.com/index.php/blogs

Dr.SubraMANI Paramasivam is a Microsoft MVP, PhD, Microsoft Certified Trainer and Head of Data AI at DAGEOP Ltd having 21 years of DB, BI, Analytics and AI experience. Mani has also spoken in various events like MS IGNITE, PASS Summit, MS Inspire, SQLBITS, Power Platform Summit, Global AI Bootcamp, Data BI Summit, SQLRelay, Power BI World Tour, Data Platform Summit, INSIDESQL UK, Global AI Nights, SQLServerGeeks Summit, MCT Global Summits, Data Day Events and various user group events. Mani also believes in Empowering Every Person in the planet and spreads the awareness on Global challenges via www.EmpoweringEveryPerson.com. He is also a co-owner of 1 Global AI Meetup and 3 Power BI PUG PASS local / user groups.

Jens Vestergaard

Twitter: - @vestergaardj

LinkedIn: Jens Vestergaard

Contact: http://www.t-sql.dk

Jens performs the traditional BI disciplines from imports in Integration Services through data consolidation in Analysis Services, to report in Power BI or Reporting Services. Jens has worked with The Stack since SQL 2000 and has a core competence in Integration Services and Analysis Services. Along with the certified skills in Microsoft SQL Server, Jens has also worked with Microsoft .Net platform for more than 15 years and currently manages a BI Platform in Azure for the CatMan Solution application(s).

Oliver Frost

Twitter: - @OFrost

LinkedIn: Oliver Frost

I currently work predominantly as a Data Engineer for Consolidata Ltd with side roles in Engagement, Marketing and Sales. My background is in Neuroscience and so I would like to cover cross-over topics in the future (machine learning, deep learning and developing algorithms).

My tool set includes: SQL Server, R, Microsoft R Server and Azure. I have a good knowledge of other NoSQL technologies including Hadoop, Spark and Neo4j.

I also have an unconventiona background - I am also a current world record holder for solving the 4x4x4 blindfolded Rubik’sCube blindfolded!

Miroslav Dimitrov

Twitter: - @miro_dd

LinkedIn: Miroslav Dimitrov

Contact: http://www.sqlshack.com/author/miroslav-dimitrov/

Miroslav Dimitrov is a Senior Big Data and Analytics Engineer at DXC Technology, regular speaker at various events and Microsoft Certified Trainer. He is MCSE: Data Platform for SQL Server and MCITP on SQL 2008. In the last years he had worked on great variety of customers’ environments and involved in complex transitions and transformation projects as well as developing private and public cloud solutions. Miroslav is also leading database courses at Sofia University.

John Tunnicliffe

Twitter: - Dr_John_T

LinkedIn: John Tunnicliffe

Contact: https://devops-your-dwh.com/

Dr John Tunnicliffe is a well-respected designer and architect of business intelligence solutions who likes nothing more than getting his hands dirty with real life coding problems. John is a recognised expert in applying continuous integration techniques to data warehouse projects, thereby ensuring code is automatically built, deployed and tested as changes are made by the development team. As a regular speaker at the SQLBits conference and PASS SQLSaturday events, John has covered topics such as building an infrastructure to support real-time OLAP and continuous integration and the data warehouse.

Jakub Müller

Twitter: - @tckscz

Jiří Neoral

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/JiriNeoral

LinkedIn: Jiří Neoral

Contact: http://www.neoral.cz

Jiri is BI Data Architect in Dixons Carphone and Microsoft MVP Data Platform. Before joining Dixons worked as Freelance Bi consultant and MCT (since 2008). Jiri has strong passion for Business Intelligence and loves to share his knowledge. Is active blogger about BI although decided to write in Czech and focus mainly on Czech and Slovak audience. He is also active speaker on conferences and community events (mainly based in Czech Republic). Jiri is Czech PUG leader and SQL PASS Member.

David Hlavacek

LinkedIn: David Hlavacek

Contact: http://www.hlavacek.pro

Po celou svou profesní kariéru se intenzivně věnuje především studiu a práci s databázovým systémem Microsoft SQL Server a měl to štěstí, že se mohl podílet na návrhu, vývoji, implementaci, správě a optimalizaci mnoha enterprise řešení. Protože u svých zákazníků již zničil dostatek databázových serverů, cítí se povolán šířit osvětu, mírnit utrpení jiných a působí jako lektor a produktový manažer kurzů MS SQL Server v počítačové škole Gopas. Mezi jeho oblíbené rčení patří : “Dej hladovému rybu a nasytíš ho na jeden den, nauč ho rybařit a nasytíš ho na celý život”.

André Melancia

Twitter: - AndyPT

LinkedIn: André Melancia

Contact: http://Andy.PT

Owner / Principal Consultant at LunarCat.PT Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) focusing on SQL Server, Azure, IoT and Security.

19+ years’ fun developing information and multimedia systems, DBA, project and IT management.

Data Community Portugal, IT Pro Portugal and PowerShell Portugal communities organiser. IPv6 Portugal, DNSSec Portugal and Windows Development Portugal online communities moderator. Actively volunteering, organising, speaking or just participating at community meetings and events around the world.

Proud uncle and food devouring expert, with dangerous рuϧϧy cat as companion.

Go to http://Andy.PT and you’ll know the same as the NSA…

Kevin Boles

Twitter: - @TheSQLGuru

LinkedIn: Kevin Boles

Kevin Boles is a SQL Server expert, working exclusively with the product since v6.5. With over 25 years of database experience and over 45,000 man hours of SQL Server engine experience, he holds many related certifications, is an MCT and was a SQL Server MVP from 2007 to 2012. Kevin has been a very successful independent consultant for over 20 years. His passion is the relational engine, especially designing, building, analyzing and tuning high-performance database applications.

Regis Baccaro

Twitter: - @regbac

LinkedIn: Regis Baccaro

Contact: http://theblobfarm.wordpress.com

Regis has more than 15 years of experience with SQL Server, SharePoint and .Net as an architect and developer. R#233;gis is a SQL Server MVP since 2014 and a frequent speaker at SQL conferences, a PASS Regional Mentor and the founder of SQLSaturday Denmark community event. He is also a certified industry trainer on the APS/PDW platform. In his freetime he is an avid runner, cook and farmer.

Ivan Donev

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/ikdonev

LinkedIn: Ivan Donev

I am a Data platform MVP with more than 10 years of real-life experience with SQL Server and its stack of services. Besides the support and project work, I am also a trainer, conference speaker and user group organizer (and volunteer).

Kevin Boles

Twitter: - @TheSQLGuru

LinkedIn: Kevin Boles

Kevin Boles is a SQL Server expert, working exclusively with the product since v6.5. With over 25 years of database experience and over 45,000 man hours of SQL Server engine experience, he holds many related certifications, is an MCT and was a SQL Server MVP from 2007 to 2012. Kevin has been a very successful independent consultant for over 20 years. His passion is the relational engine, especially designing, building, analyzing and tuning high-performance database applications.

Ola Hallengren

LinkedIn: Ola Hallengren

Contact: https://ola.hallengren.com

Ola Hallengren is a database architect from Sweden. Currently he’s working in an investment bank in Copenhagen.

Ola is the author of the popular maintenance solution at https://ola.hallengren.com and a Microsoft MVP.

Dejan Sarka

Twitter: - DejanSarka

Contact: http://blogs.solidq.com/dsarka/Home.aspx

Dejan Sarka, MCT and Data Platform MVP, is an independent trainer and consultant that focuses on development of database and business intelligence applications. Besides projects, he spends about half of his time on training and mentoring. He is the founder of the Slovenian SQL Server and .NET Users Group. Dejan Sarka is the main author or co-author of eighteen books about databases and SQL Server. Dejan Sarka has also developed many courses and seminars for Microsoft, Radacad, SolidQ, and Pluralsight.

Scott Klein

Twitter: - SQLScott

Contact: http://aka.ms/sqlscott

Scott Klein is a senior consultant with SQL Solutions Group with over two decades of experience working with Microsoft SQL Server. Prior to SSG, Scott spent almost 10 years at Microsoft, traveling the globe as a technical evangelist training and speaking about SQL Server and Microsoft’s Azure data services. Scott’s recent focus has been on advanced analytics, including big data and IoT, providing real-world training to help bring intelligence to your data. Scott has authored several books focusing on data and data analytics. Scott is continuously striving and looking for ways to help developers and companies grok the wonderful world of data.

Uwe Ricken

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/dbBerater

LinkedIn: Uwe Ricken

Contact: http://www.sqlmaster.de

Uwe Ricken is working with IT systems since the 90’s. The primary passion for developments with Microsoft SQL Server expanded in 2007 with his engagement as a DBA for Deutsche Bank AG in Frankfurt am Main. After 6 years of operational experiences as a DBA and over 14 years as a developer of complex database models he achieved the “Microsoft Certified Master – SQL Server 2008” certification which “was” the highest technical certification. In the same year he earned his first award as a Data Platform MVP for his support to the Microsoft SQL Server community in Germany and Europe. Uwe Ricken is a speaker on many international conferences and events and preferred topics are “Database Internals”, “Indexing” and “Development”.

Wolfgang Strasser

Twitter: - wstrasser

LinkedIn: Wolfgang Strasser

Contact: http://workingondata.wordpress.com/

Wolfgang Strasser creates solutions based on the Microsoft Data Platform tools in his day-to-day job as Business Intelligence consultant. Either using SQL Server Database Engine, SSIS, reporting with SSAS and SSRS, implementing Power BI solutions or cloud tools for data analysis - the data-tools-landscape is broadening every day! Based on his professional careers as a software developer he likes to work on structured development processes. Wolfgang shares his knowledge with the community at many national and international events. For his community work, Wolfgang has been awarded with the Microsoft MVP Award for Data Platform in October 2015

Matija Lah

Twitter: - @MatijaLah

LinkedIn: Matija Lah

Contact: http://milambda.blogspot.com

Matija Lah has more than a decade of experience working with Microsoft SQL Server, mostly architecting data-centric solutions in the legal domain. His contributions to the SQL Server community have led to the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award in 2007 (Data Platform), which he held until 2017. In 2008 Matija joined SolidQ as a Mentor, located in Central and Eastern Europe. He spends most of his time on projects involving advanced information management, and natural language processing.

Mihail Mateev

Twitter: - mihailmateev

LinkedIn: Mihail Mateev

Contact: https://mmateev.wordpress.com/

Mihail Mateev is a technical consultant, community enthusiast, PASS Regional Mentor for CEE, chapter lead, Microsoft Azure MVP, Microsoft Regional Director. He works as a Senior Solutions Architect at EPAM Systems, focused on Data Platform, IoT and cloud related solutions. He also worked many years like a Technical evangelist in the Infragistics. Last years Mihail was focused on various areas related to technology Microsoft: Data Platform, Visual Studio, ASP.Net, Windows client apps, Data Platform, and Microsoft Azure. Michael also has a PhD in cloud computing area. He is a university lecturer on Smart Homes and Smart Energy IoT Solutions.

Regis Baccaro

Twitter: - @regbac

LinkedIn: Regis Baccaro

Contact: http://theblobfarm.wordpress.com

Regis has more than 15 years of experience with SQL Server, SharePoint and .Net as an architect and developer. R#233;gis is a SQL Server MVP since 2014 and a frequent speaker at SQL conferences, a PASS Regional Mentor and the founder of SQLSaturday Denmark community event. He is also a certified industry trainer on the APS/PDW platform. In his freetime he is an avid runner, cook and farmer.


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