SQLSaturday #527 - Columbus 2016

Event Date: 07/16/2016 00:00:00

Event Location:

  • Quest Conference Center
  • 8405 Pulsar Place, Columbus, Ohio
  • Columbus, Ohio

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Title: XML Without Xanax: How to Handle XML in SQL Server

Abstract: Do you cringe whenever you have to look at an XML document? Does the very thought of XML data living in your database make you scream? Do you have a panic attack any time you have to parse XML? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this session is for you!

We’ll start with reasons why having XML in SQL Server might be a good thing, then we’ll face our fears and turn tabular data into XML, and finally we’ll confront the true source of our anxiety by parsing XML back into tabular data using xQuery.

If you survive this session, you’ll have faced your fears about XML in SQL Server, you’ll have a solid understanding of creating XML from tabular data, and you’ll know how to use xQuery to parse XML.


  • Adam Belebczuk

Track and Room: Application Database Development - Westerville (Microsoft)

Title: Designing Stored Procedure Solutions

Abstract: With a little T-SQL experience, you can create a stored procedure that completes a task. But it’s harder to formulate a stored procedure solution with the big picture in mind. In this session, we will work through a real world scenario to develop a thorough solution. You will learn about:

Asking the right questions to set yourself up for success Making the case for stored procedures over ad hoc code and other objects Pro tips for standardization and cross-version compliance Reevaluating and expanding on your solution Limiting inputs to reduce unexpected behaviors and errors Choosing between alternate solutions Evaluating for performance

This session is for data professionals who can write T-SQL, but haven’t spent a lot of time in SQL development.


  • Jennifer McCown

Track and Room: Application Database Development - Dublin (DELL)

Title: Inside the Black Box - Making Sense of Service Broker

Abstract: SQL Server Service Broker is often seen as a black box. Messages go in, and hopefully they come out on the other side. But when they don’t, DBAs typically don’t know where to look. Trying to figure out what’s wrong quickly turns into a guessing game. It’s not that complicated once you understand how it all works. Service Broker is an asynchronous messaging technology built into SQL Server that allows you to scale out your application, replicate data or perform ETL, all while guaranteeing messages are delivered and processed in the right order. In this session, we’ll discuss the basics of the Service Broker architecture, its components, and deployment options. We will discuss troubleshooting tips and performance best practices to help you deploy a Service Broker solution in your own environment.


  • Colleen Morrow

Track and Room: Enterprise Database Administration, Architecture Deployment - Capitol (Pure Storage)

Title: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Automating Your BI Framework

Abstract: Quite frankly, some aspects of building out a business intelligence solution are tedious. As you cycle through iterations of your star schema, you’ll find that even a simple data type change in the data warehouse requires you to make corresponding changes to staging tables, and SSIS packages that take a considerable amount of time to implement. But there’s a better, faster way!In this session, we’ll explore lessons from a project that required implementation of a framework to easily generate BI objects based on reusable patterns. We’ll walk through the decision points in the framework design, review the implementation steps, and see demonstrations of how easily you can make iterative changes to your BI solution’s design by using reusable design patterns. Whether you simply want to accelerate change management or reproduce objects in bulk on demand, this session will give you practical tips for automating these processes.


  • Stacia Varga

Track and Room: BI Platform Architecture, Development Administration - Worthington (SQL Sentry)

Title: The Many Paths of Consulting

Abstract: People often dream of becoming a consultant, but what does that actually mean? Is consulting really the right path for you? Many choices are available when deciding to become a consultant, but these options can be overlooked. Contracting, consulting for an established team, going out on your own, or looking to build a larger business are all great options, depending on your vision and future goals.

This session will help you ask the right questions to better chose and prepare for your path. We then explore the various realities and strategies of each path. Real-life experiences will be shared to help you make the most informed decision on which path is best for you, and how to accelerate your career as a consultant.


  • David Klee

Track and Room: Professional Development - Worthington (SQL Sentry)

Title: Monster Text Manipulation: Regular Expressions for the DBA

Abstract: Regular expressions can help you perform incredible tasks with very little effort. Need to create 1700 logins from an email request? Developers give you a single script with 300 stored procedures, filled with table variables, instead of temp tables? Need to move 500 databases to a different drive? Any of these tasks can take a long time to code, but regular expressions cut that work from hours or days to minutes or even seconds. Stop writing code manually and let regular expressions do it for you. Learn: • The most useful regular expression commands • The appropriate times to use regular expressions • How to use regular expressions to write code for you • How to incorporate regular expressions into large tasks and combine them with other methods


  • Sean McCown

Track and Room: Enterprise Database Administration, Architecture Deployment - Dublin (DELL)

Title: MICROSOFT: SQL Server 2016 Stretch Database

Abstract: Your cold data growth is getting out of control, storage consumption is increasing faster than your budget, your end-users won’t (or can’t) tell you what can delete or truncate, but they demand their cold or archived data always be online and available. Now you have tables so big that you dread re-indexing, and you have to look for ever more creative solutions to manage this data, while still remaining compliant. #160; There’s a solution that lets you take advantage of the Cloud, on your terms, all without impacting your existing end-user applications or queries. #160; Come find out how you can move your data securely and transparently, free up disc space and reduce your enterprise storage consumption, while retaining full control from the on-premises SQL Server. You’ll reduce maintenance operations time and resources, plus lower overall cost. Learn how SQL Server Stretch database will simplify your journey to the Cloud!


  • Anthony van Gemert

Track and Room: Application Database Development - Capitol (Pure Storage)

Title: Data Architecture 101

Abstract: This presentation is a quick introduction for the DBA or developer who was just told that their boss promised a major new customer a scalable, well designed database. The customer will pay a lot of cash and years of ongoing business using this database… If you deliver it this week!

You’ll get a big bonus if you build this right, but you also remember what your co-workers did to the person who bungled the last database design… and wonder if that designer ever recovered! This session will introduce you to the fundamentals of Datatypes, Relational Algebra, and Normalization to help you avoid the major pitfalls and maybe get some sleep too!

This presentation is a survey of Data Architecture for the Intermediate DBA, it is not intended for experienced Data Modelers.


  • Pat Phelan

Track and Room: Application Database Development - Worthington (SQL Sentry)

Title: What Makes SSIS Tick? A Look at Internals for Performance

Abstract: You can build basic SSIS packages, or you can build packages that perform. In this session, you’ll learn about the internals of Integration Services. Using this knowledge, we’ll review the DOs and DON’Ts that lead to improved ETL performance. (This session applies to SSIS versions from 2008, 2012, 2014 and 2016.)


  • Ravi Kumar

Track and Room: BI Platform Architecture, Development Administration - Westerville

Title: Get Near Realtime ETL with Service Broker

Abstract: Most of the time you’ll see ETL being done with a tool such as SSIS, but what if you need near-realtime reporting? You need to get the updates in your OLTP database to the Data Warehouse quickly, but with minimal impact on your application. Asynchronous messaging with Service Broker makes this simple and painless. This session will walk through the basic transformations to build a Kimbal-style data warehouse from an OLTP database and demonstrate how to keep your data warehouse updated using Service Broker messages from your OLTP database.


  • Allen White

Track and Room: BI Platform Architecture, Development Administration - Westerville (Microsoft)

Title: WIT: Identifying, Understanding and Combating Gender Bias

Abstract: Gender Bias is something we’re all guilty of. It’s typically unconscious and often stems from long held misperceptions about women and job responsibilities. We’ll learn about the origins of some of these biases and how to identify gender bias when we see it. We’ll discuss some strategies for how both men and women can combat this at work and in our every day lives. This session is about developing positive solutions to a problem that often goes undiscussed.


  • Rie Irish

Track and Room: Professional Development - Delaware (MinionWare, LLC)

Title: An introduction to the magical world of BIML!

Abstract: Ever feel like you are just doing busy work while creating new SSIS packages? Feel like you are doing the same thing over and over while changing the names to protect the innocent? Ever wonder if there is a better way? Well wonder no more. Come learn about the magical world of BIML and how it can help transform your environment by increasing your productivity while reducing the possibility of errors. Come with intrigue and leave with a fundamental understanding of BIML!


  • Jonathan Stewart

Track and Room: BI Platform Architecture, Development Administration - Westerville (Microsoft)

Title: The PROCESS of Queries

Abstract: This session is an introduction into the PROCESS of queries. This includes how queries are Parsed, Resolved, Optimized, Compiled and Executed. We will see how this effects Batches, Transactions, and Errors. We will also briefly discuss the differences between Heaps, Clustered Indexes, and Non-Clustered Indexes. Finally we introduce Execution Plans and Statistics. The session is led by an expert Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) who regularly teaches the SQL Server certification courses.


  • John Deardurff

Track and Room: Application Database Development - Delaware (MinionWare, LLC)

Title: Getting to know U-SQL

Abstract: With so many languages around to extract, transform, analyze, and visualize data, Microsoft introduced yet another language : U-SQL. In this session, we’ll take a look at what U-SQL is, what it brings to the table, and how it differs from (or overlaps with) the existing constructs (T-SQL, SQL CLR, DAX/MDX, PowerQuery/M, R etc.,). We’ll go over step-by-step in getting started with U-SQL, and review some use case scenarios.


  • Azhagappan Arunachalam

Track and Room: Cloud Application Development Deployment - Capitol (Pure Storage)

Title: Word Up: Text Mining in SQL

Abstract: Would a database by any other name smell as sweet?

Our databases are filled with words. By mining our text for patterns and meanings, we can extract the emotional content, track changes over time, ferret out plagiarism, find common phrases and usage, and even predict future text.

Learn how to dig through your library of language to make your data better.


  • Dave Mattingly

Track and Room: Advanced Analysis Techniques - Delaware (MinionWare, LLC)

Title: Microsoft Business Intelligence 2016 – More Love for Your Data

Abstract: Heartbroken over Microsoft’s neglect of SSRS over the years? Well the 2016 release might start healing that broken heart. This upcoming release boast a handful of great new items; from connecting SSRS PowerBI to mobile report publishing. Join me while I walk you through the best of 2016 for Business Intelligence and help you fall in love with Microsoft BI again.


  • Tamera Clark

Track and Room: BI Information Delivery - Dublin (DELL)

Title: It’s OK to Talk to Strangers

Abstract: Tired of job boards and recruiter spam? There’s a better way to manage your career growth. Networking is something that doesn’t come naturally to many people, but it’s a tool that every tech professional should have in their tool belt. In this talk, you’ll learn tips for growing your professional network online and offline. You’ll also learn strategies for intentionally fostering relationships. A good network means fewer strangers, more free lunches, and a better path to finding your next opportunity.


  • Cassandra Faris

Track and Room: Professional Development - Worthington (SQL Sentry)

Title: Navigating the Options for Data Redundancy

Abstract: SQL Server has so many options for data redundancy, how do you know when you should use replication, or log shipping or AlwaysOn, etc? We will use real world examples where data redundancy is needed and discuss which is the appropriate technology and why. This is more than just a high availability vs disaster recovery discussion. If you have ever been confused or overwhelmed by all of the options, they will be broken down and made clear in this session.


  • Wendy Pastrick

Track and Room: Enterprise Database Administration, Architecture Deployment - Dublin (DELL)

Title: Why PowerBI? Introducing Microsoft’s new BI tool

Abstract: The Power BI Suite has been around for less than a year and is changing every week. However, the technology behind it has been around for years now. It can be confusing trying to understand PowerThis and PowerThat. In this session, we will cover the different parts of PowerBI and what makes it new and exciting. We will look at how PowerBI fits into the existing Microsoft BI ecosystem. Finally, we will go over the process of creating and publishing a dashboard.


  • Eugene Meidinger

Track and Room: BI Information Delivery - Dublin (DELL)

Title: The Lost Science of Set Theory

Abstract: Many database developers today do not have a Computer Science degree and may also have begun their career developing software using procedural programming languages (Java, C#, etc.). As a result, they may not have the background needed to conceptualize solutions in terms of sets of data and therefore may not be able to develop efficient set-based queries. In this session, we will review the basics of set theory and how it applies to database development to enable you to turn cursors, loops, and other procedural programming practices into efficient set-based operations that make the most use of a relational database engine.


  • Aaron Cutshall

Track and Room: Application Database Development - Capitol (Pure Storage)

Title: Connecting Power BI to On-Prem Data with SSAS

Abstract: Microsoft Power BI is going great places. Its great visualizations, easy-to-use tools, and robust sharing capabilities are improving with new releases almost every time you turn around. But, what if uploading or storing your company’s data in the cloud is a potential deal-breaker? Fortunately, the Microsoft Power BI Gateway - Enterprise make it possible to live query data in an on-premises SSAS instance for display in Power BI. In this session, we will go through what this gateway does, how it works, and how it is installed to show that BI in the cloud doesn’t require data in the cloud.


  • Kerry Tyler

Track and Room: BI Information Delivery - Westerville (Microsoft)

Title: (Way Too Much) Fun with Reporting Services

Abstract: Head starting to explode from all the technical information you’re absorbing? Come spend a session with us while we play games with Reporting Services…literally! Come watch as Stacia and Dean Varga introduce you to some word play, all wrapped up in SQL Server Reporting Services. They’ll push the limits with what can be built in SSRS and show you how to have fun while doing it. Board games and SQL…who could ask for more?


  • Stacia Varga

Track and Room: BI Information Delivery - Worthington (SQL Sentry)

Title: Clusters! From the ground up, let’s build one together

Abstract: You’re looking to protect your SQL instance from a machine failure. Or maybe your storage budget and tight and you don’t want to have your databases in two places with one of the other highly available options that SQL provides. Let’s learn what a cluster is and why it might be the right thing for you. We’ll explore the system, network, storage and database administration sides of the equation. And, when it’s all said and done we’ll even have built a SQL clustered instance!


  • Paul Popovich Jr

Track and Room: Enterprise Database Administration, Architecture Deployment - Dublin (DELL)

Title: Disaster Recovery Options with Azure

Abstract: Recovery in the cloud is now easier and more convenient than ever. This session describes some common scenarios and reviews the steps needed to prepare for a disaster with a recovery in Azure.


  • Carlos L Chacon

Track and Room: Enterprise Database Administration, Architecture Deployment - Westerville (Microsoft)

Title: Join Us! Getting Started as a Technical Speaker

Abstract: Have you ever thought about speaking at a user group, SQLSaturday, or even the PASS Summit, but weren’t quite sure how to get started? If so, this session is for you! Technical speaking is loads of fun, great for your career, and you get to hang out with some terrific people. This session will provide the tools necessary to get your first session off the ground, and prep you to be a great speaker. Attend this session and you’ll be able to: * Identify your topic and submit it to a conference, * Design and build the presentation, and * Prepare and deliver your first session.


  • Eddie Wuerch

Track and Room: Professional Development - Westerville (Microsoft)

Title: Achieve More in Less Time by Using SQLPS

Abstract: Let’s face it, using SQLPS prior to SQL Server 2016 was like installing training wheels on a Ducati. Then, some community feedback was incorporated before SQL 2016 shipped and presto, SQLPS is actually useful all of a sudden.

There is a faster way to manage and even SQL Servers using PowerShell. I will show you what the new features in SQLPS and why you will probably find it useful, even if you aren’t a “DBA”.


  • Aaron Nelson

Track and Room: Application Database Development - Delaware (MinionWare, LLC)

Title: R For the SQL Server Developer

Abstract: R is the premiere language for data analysis. If the world of data science sounds fun and exciting, now is the time to get into R. We will walk through the core constructs of R, learn how to retrieve data from flat files and databases, and get a peek at the power behind R. This session will also give resources on where to go in order to become more familiar with statistics, R the language, and the R package ecosystem.


  • Kevin Feasel

Track and Room: Analytics and Visualization - Delaware (MinionWare, LLC)

Title: Improving Your PowerPoint Skills

Abstract: PowerPoint can enhance the presentation of any speaker or business professional, but using it effectively in your sessions or presentations can be difficult without practice. In this session, you will learn how to take your PowerPoint skills to the next level, using more advanced transitions, animations, and media forms in your presentations. This will help you engage your audience and communicate visually instead of just verbally, making your presentations more effective. After attending this session, you can feel confident that your PowerPoint skills have improved.


  • Evelyn Maxwell

Track and Room: Professional Development - Worthington (SQL Sentry)

Title: Using Powershell to Automate Your Restore Strategy

Abstract: As DBAs, our most important job is protecting the data. Making sure our backups are running successfully gets us halfway there, but those backups are useless if we can’t restore them. Join me for this session to learn how to use Powershell to automate a restore process for backup validation.


  • Frank Gill

Track and Room: Enterprise Database Administration, Architecture Deployment - Delaware (MinionWare, LLC)

Title: Hacking SQL Server for Fun and Profit

Abstract: In this session we’ll explore several methods of hacking into SQL Server instances. Some methods assume you have Windows Administrator privileges on the box; others only require access to your physical network. We will cover SQL injection, memory dumps, man-in-the-middle, pass-the-hash, and other attack vectors. Armed with this knowledge, you should be able to go back to your job and make a difference in your network security.


  • Argenis Fernandez

Track and Room: Enterprise Database Administration, Architecture Deployment - Capitol (Pure Storage)

Title: Intro to Azure SQL Databases

Abstract: Azure SQL Databases are still something that is new and not completely understood by many data professionals. There is a definite shift from installing SQL Server on a machine to creating and using a Microsoft’s Platform-as-a-Service database. This session will cover the basics of what an Azure SQL Database is, how we create one, and what it takes to access and use this database. After attending this session, you will have a solid understanding of what Azure SQL Database is, how to configure it, and how to use in your own environment.


  • Michael Fal

Track and Room: Cloud Application Development Deployment - Capitol (Pure Storage)


This is a list of speakers from the XML Guidebook records. The details and URLs were valid at the time of the event.

Rie Irish

Twitter: - IrishSQL

LinkedIn: Rie Irish

Rie lives with her family just north of Atlanta, Georgia. She worked as a SQL Server DBA, manager director for over 20 years. She’s worked in many industries including the non-profit sector, education, big pharma, and e-commerce. She was awarded the MVP in the Data Platform 3 times beginning in 2017 and gave that up to accept her role as a Senior Program Manager with Microsoft in 2019. She is very involved with the Atlanta MDF User Group, SQLSaturday Atlanta and is co-leader of the PASS Women in Tech virtual group.

Anthony van Gemert

Anthony has more than 14 years in IT leadership positions, including 8 years of program management with Microsoft leading and managing diverse teams globally. He currently works with the SQL data systems engineering team on SQL Stretch database, part of the SQL Server 2016 release. His focusing on front end UX, customer engagement, and the upgrade experience.

Evelyn Maxwell

Twitter: - @GeoCache_11

Contact: http://geocache11blog.wordpress.com

Evelyn Maxwell is a 10th grade student at Gahanna Lincoln Highschool, and an attendee and presenter at local SQLSaturdays. Since 4th grade, (age 10) Evelyn has been working with presentation software and has given multiple school presentations was well as three SQLSaturday presentation, and a webinar for WIT. She currently has 0 years of IT experience.

Aaron Cutshall

Twitter: - sqlrv

LinkedIn: Aaron Cutshall

Contact: http://sqlrv.com

Aaron N. Cutshall is an Enterprise Data Architect with 20 years of experience in analysis, design and development for applications and databases in manufacturing and warehousing plus over 15 years in the Healthcare Informatics field. His primary focus is in designing and developing solutions for extremely large data sets that perform quite well in SQL Server. He is active in the SQL Server community and speaks at SQLSaturday sessions across the country.

Aaron Nelson

Twitter: - SQLvariant

LinkedIn: Aaron Nelson

Contact: http://sqlvariant.com/

Aaron Nelson is an author, public speaker, blogger, and leader in the community. He has over 15 years of experience in architecture, Business Intelligence, development, and performance tuning of SQL Server. Aaron has received many certifications and is a six time winner of the Microsoft MVP Award.

Aaron leads the PowerShell Virtual Group of PASS (SQLPS.io), is a board member of PowerShell.org, and is a volunteer at his PASS Local Group, AtlantaMDF.

Colleen Morrow

Twitter: - @ClevelandDBA

LinkedIn: Colleen Morrow

Contact: http://colleenmorrow.com

Colleen Morrow is a database professional living in Cleveland, OH who has been working with database systems since 1996. For more than 12 years, she was a Database Administrator at a large law firm where she developed an appreciation for auditing, automation, and performance tuning. Since that time she has worked with clients in the healthcare, manufacturing, software, and distribution/freight delivery industries. Colleen is currently a Senior Consultant at Fortified Data. She is an active member of the Ohio North SQL Server User Group and has presented at many SQLSaturday events as well as PASS Summit 2014 and 2015.

John Deardurff

Twitter: - SQLMCT

LinkedIn: John Deardurff

Contact: https://www.sqlmct.com

John has been a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) for over 20 years teaching Azure, SQL Server, Exchange Server, and Windows Server networking courses. He is currently a SQL Premier Field Engineer for Microsoft. He is an MCT Regional Lead for the Eastern United States and a former Data Platform MVP.

Wendy Pastrick

Twitter: - @wendy_dance

Contact: http://wendyverse.blogspot.com

Wendy Pastrick is from Chicago, IL, and for the past 15 years has served as a Database Administrator supporting both development and production environments. Her many years of involvement with PASS include WIT Virtual Chapter and the Chicago Suburban User Group, serving as Regional Mentor, and as a PASS Board member since 2013. Wendy has organized several highly successful SQLSaturday events in Chicago.

Jonathan Stewart

Twitter: - sqllocks

LinkedIn: Jonathan Stewart

Contact: https://sqllocks.net/

Jonathan Stewart is a Business Intelligence consultant specializing in data visualization, data warehousing, and data management technologies. An advocate for educating others, he is a public speaker, teacher and blogger, continually teaching people about the Microsoft BI Stack. Since 2000, he has been working in the database field with industry leaders in healthcare, manufacturing, financial, insurance and federal, state and local governments.

Jonathan is very active in the community. He has presented on SQL Server, SSIS, Reporting Services, Power BI and Business Intelligence at numerous SQLSaturday events, local user groups, and conferences throughout the United States and around the world. He participates in webcasts, podcasts, and on

Kevin Feasel

Twitter: - feaselkl

LinkedIn: Kevin Feasel

Contact: http://www.catallaxyservices.com

Kevin Feasel is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and CTO at Envizage, where he specializes in data analytics with T-SQL and R, forcing Spark clusters to do his bidding, fighting with Kafka, and pulling rabbits out of hats on demand. He is the lead contributor to Curated SQL (https://curatedsql.com), president of the Triangle Area SQL Server Users Group (https://www.meetup.com/tripass), and author of PolyBase Revealed (https://www.apress.com/us/book/9781484254608). A resident of Durham, North Carolina, he can be found cycling the trails along the triangle whenever the weather’s nice enough.

David Klee

Twitter: - kleegeek

LinkedIn: David Klee

Contact: http://davidklee.net

David Klee is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and VMware vExpert with a lifelong passion for technology. David spends his days focusing on the convergence of data and infrastructure as the Founder of Heraflux Technologies. His areas of expertise include cloud, virtualization, performance, and business continuity. David speaks at a number of national and regional technology related events, including PASS Summit, VMware VMworld, SQLBits, SQLSaturday events, and many SQL Server User Groups.

Michael Fal

Twitter: - @Mike_Fal

LinkedIn: Michael Fal

Contact: http://mikefal.net

Mike is a specialist in data management technologies. As a community advocate, public speaker, and blogger, Mike is a practicing thought leader for data and automation. He is passionate about DevOps and data, building platforms to optimize, protect, and use data efficiently.

Since 1999, Mike has been working in the database field, focusing primarily on SQL Server and specializes in automating data solutions to improve the reliability and efficiency of his environments. He has been caught playing trombone in public on more than one occasion.

Ravi Kumar

Twitter: - @sqlravi

I have over 12 years of experience working with SQL Server and Business Intelligence Technology. My current focus is cloud technologies: Power BI, Azure Analysis Services, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Data Factory. As a PFE at Microsoft, I regularly deliver 2 - 4 day training workshops.

Carlos L Chacon

Twitter: - @CarlosLChacon

LinkedIn: Carlos L Chacon

Contact: http://sqldatapartners.com/blog

Carlos Chacon is the managing partner of SQL Data Partners LLC and co-host of the popular SQL Data Partners Podcast. While getting his start as a typical accidental DBA, Carlos has sat on Microsoft exam review panels, served as regional mentor and chapter leader. He enjoys traveling and has been to four continents, speaks Spanish and can eat his weight in raspberries (not yet proven). He and his family live in Richmond, Virginia.

Eugene Meidinger

Twitter: - @sqlgene

Contact: http://www.sqlgene.com

Eugene Meidinger works as a BI consultant and full time Pluralsight author. He currently focuses on content on Power BI and related products. He also leads the Pittsburgh Power BI User Group. He is certified in querying and administering SQL Server.

Eddie Wuerch

Twitter: - @EddieW

LinkedIn: Eddie Wuerch

Contact: http://www.indydba.com

Eddie Wuerch has 20 years of experience as a SQL Server specialist in a much-longer IT career. A Microsoft Certified Master, Eddie spends his days in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, focusing on performance, scale, and uptime for the massive SQL Server backend. These SQL Servers churn billions of transactions daily against trillions of rows of data in a 24x7 continuously-available online system accessed by millions worldwide every day.

Argenis Fernandez

Twitter: - DBArgenis

LinkedIn: Argenis Fernandez

Contact: http://blog.purestorage.com/author/argenisfernandez/

Argenis is a Principal Architect at Pure Storage. He works with customers around the world to make sure they don’t have to worry much about their infrastructure for Data. He is a former Data Platform MVP, former VMware vExpert, Microsoft Certified Master, and more recently worked in the Microsoft Azure Data/SQL Server engineering team as a Principal PM in the Tiger team.

Pat Phelan

Twitter: - @YetAnotherSQL

LinkedIn: Pat Phelan

Pat Phelan first joined a computer user group (DECUS) in High School, and has joined many more since then. Pat worked many jobs in high school and college, and over twenty years for a major accounting firm. Pat started working for Involta in 2007 and is now the database mentor and a member of the Engineering team. Involta builds, owns and operates world class colocation datacenters and also provides managed services and support staff to clients.

Frank Gill

Twitter: - skreebydba

LinkedIn: Frank Gill

Contact: http://skreebydba.com/

Frank Gill is a Senior Data Engineer at Concurrency With 21 years of IT experience, the first 8 as a mainframe programmer, he has developed a love of all things internal. Over the past several years, he has worked extensively with SQL Server solution in Azure, including Managed Instance. When not administering databases or geeking out on internals, Frank volunteers at the Art Institute of Chicago and reads voraciously.

Adam Belebczuk

Twitter: - @SQLDiablo

LinkedIn: Adam Belebczuk

Contact: http://www.sqldiablo.com/

Adam Belebczuk is the Owner amp; Principal Consultant at Belebczuk Consulting Services, LLC and has more than 10 years of experience in IT, ranging from customer service to server/network administration to software and database development and administration. Adam is the Chapter Leader for the Ohio North SQL Server Users Group, a frequent speaker and volunteer at PASS events, and specializes in SQL Server development, performance tuning, high availability, and disaster recovery.

Azhagappan Arunachalam

Az Arunachalam has been working with SQL server since v4.21/SQLNT. He started his career with troubleshooting at chip level, worked as a network engineer managing Novell NetWare networks, graduated into managing Windows NT, moved onto development, administered databases, and is currently working as a database architect. He#39;s excited about all the cloud offerings that Microsoft and others have made possible, and in sharing his findings with aspiring data enthusiasts.

Allen White

Twitter: - SQLRunr

LinkedIn: Allen White

Contact: http://dataperfpro.com/blog/

Allen White is a Data Platform consultant. He has been both a developer and an administrator, so he understands both perspectives towards database technology. He loves sharing his experiences and helping people learn how to use SQL Server. Allen has spent over 40 years in IT, using SQL Server since 1992, and has been awarded Microsoft’s MVP Award for the last 13 years. Allen was a PASS Director from 2016 - 2018.

Cassandra Faris

Twitter: - cassandrafaris

LinkedIn: Cassandra Faris

Cassandra Faris is passionate about the human side of technology. Her career has focused on supporting tech professionals through community outreach, hiring, mentoring, and employee engagement. She is an international speaker who specializes in teaching people how to be more effective team members and advance their careers. She is also the President of the Microsoft and open source conference, DogFoodCon, and a Per Scholas Advisory Board member. She has an MBA in Organizational Leadership. When she’s not busy with the tech community, she is avid tabletop gamer, runner, and soccer fan who travels as much as possible.

Stacia Varga

Twitter: - @StaciaV

LinkedIn: Stacia Varga

Contact: http://blog.datainspirations.com

Stacia Varga is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and SSAS Maestro with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences. A consultant, educator, author, and principal of Data Inspirations, her career spans more than 30 years, with a focus on improving business practices through technology.

Since 2000, Stacia has provided consulting and education services for Microsoft’s Business Intelligence technologies. As Stacia Misner, she also authored several books covering the Microsoft BI stack.

Sean McCown

Twitter: - @KenpoDBA

Contact: http://www.midnightdba.com/dbarant

Sean McCown is a Certified Master with 23 years of experience in databases. He is also founder and co-owner of the MidnightDBA.com website, where he records free SQL Server training videos. He also writes the popular Minion Maintenance suite, the most configurable maintenance solution on the planet.

Paul Popovich Jr

Twitter: - @pmpjr

LinkedIn: Paul Popovich Jr

Contact: https://pmpjr.wordpress.com/

Paul Popovich Jr. has been in the IT space for his whole career and tinkering with computers since his 486 PC back in the mid 1990s. Professionally he is a senior DBA for a large hospital system. You can find on twitter @pmpjr, email at paulpopovichjr@gmail.com.

Stacia Varga

Twitter: - @StaciaV

LinkedIn: Stacia Varga

Contact: http://blog.datainspirations.com

Stacia Varga is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and SSAS Maestro with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences. A consultant, educator, author, and principal of Data Inspirations, her career spans more than 30 years, with a focus on improving business practices through technology.

Since 2000, Stacia has provided consulting and education services for Microsoft’s Business Intelligence technologies. As Stacia Misner, she also authored several books covering the Microsoft BI stack.

Jennifer McCown

Twitter: - http://www.Twitter.com/MidnightDBA

LinkedIn: Jennifer McCown

Contact: http://www.MidnightDBA.com/Jen

Jen McCown is CEO of MinionWare, LLC; a Microsoft Certified Master for SQL Server; and an independent consultant. She is Senior Editor at MidnightDBA.com, where she creates training videos, the DBAs at Midnight webshow, blogs, reviews, and podcasts. Jen is a member, volunteer, and speaker in PASS, and the PASS Women in Technology Virtual Group.

Dave Mattingly

Twitter: - @dave_mattingly

LinkedIn: Dave Mattingly

Contact: http://www.davemattingly.net

Dave Mattingly has spent thirty years of designing, developing, databasing, documenting, and directing a variety of projects in many industries. In the past, he’s worked on space travel, fraud prevention, data accuracy, and virtual reality for industries such as games, ecology, health, religion, and money. He also writes, publishes, orates, teaches, and preaches.

Kerry Tyler

Twitter: - AirborneGeek

LinkedIn: Kerry Tyler

Contact: http://airbornegeek.com

Kerry Tyler is a SQL Server, Business Intelligence, and Azure consultant. His initial IT experience was in network engineering and Windows system administration before moving into the data realm. This infrastructure background builds a firm foundation for performance tuning and cloud infrastructure design and implementation. Kerry has full-time DBA experience in SQL Server since version 2000 and business intelligence architecture since SQL Server 2005. In addition to consulting work, he delivers presentations and training on SQL Server administration, business intelligence, and Azure data and infrastructure components.

Tamera Clark

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/tameraclark

LinkedIn: Tamera Clark

Contact: http://tameraclark.com

Tamera Clark has been involved in the IT industry for greater than ten years, with experiences ranging from systems analysis/engineering to SQL Server and SSRS administration/development. She is an active member of the SQL Server community, participating in the Women in Technology Virtual Chapter, Co-leading the Nashville BI Chapter, assisting the Nashville PASS Chapter and serving as a Regional Mentor. Tamera is also the event chair of SQLSaturday Nashville.


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