SQLSaturday #516 - Iceland 2016

Event Date: 06/18/2016 00:00:00

Event Location:

  • Hilton Reykjavik Nordica
  • Suourlandsbraut 2
  • Reykjavík, Gullbringusysla, Iceland

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Title: Revenge: The SQL! - Director’s Cut

Abstract: Pop quiz DBA: Your developers are running rampant in production. Logic, reason, and threats have all failed. You’re on the edge. What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO?

Hint: You attend Revenge: The SQL!

This session will show you how to “correct” all those bad practices. Everyone logging in as sa? Running huge cursors? Using SELECT * and ad-hoc SQL? Stop them dead, without actually killing them. Ever dropped a table, or database, or WHERE clause? You can prevent that! And if you’re tired of folks ignoring your naming conventions, make them behave with Unicode…and take your revenge!

Revenge: The SQL! is fun and educational and may even have some practical use, but you’ll want to attend simply to indulge your Dark Side. Revenge: The SQL! assumes no liability and is not available in all 50 states. Do not taunt Revenge: The SQL! or Happy Fun Ball.


  • Rob Volk

Track and Room: DEVOPS - DEVOPS

Title: Lock, Block and Two Smoking Barrels

Abstract: SQL Server is a high performance relational engine and provides a highly scalable database platform but due to its complexity (and bad programming practices) can be prone to serious concurrency problems, unexpected behaviors, lost updates and much more! In SQL Server 2005, two optimistic concurrency mechanisms were introduced and touted as the solution to all our problems. Now in SQL Server 2012, 2014 and 2016 even more have followed, but many challenges and problems still remain. Let’s take a long look into the world of SQL Server concurrency and investigate Pessimistic and Optimistic isolation understanding how they work, when you should use them, and more importantly when they can go very wrong. Don’t be staring down the wrong end of SQL Server’s two Smoking Barrels and join me for this revealing and thought provoking presentation.


  • Mark Broadbent

Track and Room: DBA - DBA

Title: Taking your application to memory

Abstract: Based on our work with converting an existing application to memory optimized tables and natively compiled stored procedures this session, will take you through this journey and show you the (large) gaps between what we have in our normal SQL belt and what is possible in Natively compiled stored procedures. I will show how to overcome all the gaps and get all out normal stuff to work in these monster fast procedures – even the things that the documentation says cannot be done.

You will therefore be taken through the concept of in-memory tables and what to be aware of when considering converting your database tables and code to In-Memory tables and through a life migration demo be given all the tips and tricks I picked up while doing so. After attending this session, you will be able to leverage on the new concepts and work your way around its current limitations to gain enormous speed increase and a lock-free environment.


  • Rasmus Reinholdt

Track and Room: DEVOPS - DEVOPS

Title: Biml for Beginners: Speed up your SSIS development

Abstract: SSIS is a powerful tool for extracting, transforming and loading data, but creating and maintaining a large number of SSIS packages can be both tedious and time-consuming. Even if you use templates and follow best practices you often have to repeat the same steps over and over and over again. Handling metadata and schema changes is a manual process, and there are no easy ways to implement new requirements in multiple packages at the same time.

It is time to bring the Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) software engineering principle to SSIS projects. First learn how to use Biml and BimlScript to generate SSIS packages from database metadata and implement changes in all packages with just a few clicks. Then take the DRY principle one step further and learn how to update all packages in multiple projects by separating and reusing common code.

Speed up your SSIS development by using Biml and BimlScript, and see how you can complete in a day what once took more than a week!


  • Cathrine Wilhelmsen

Track and Room: BI - BI

Title: Re-architecting your old-school database to maximize Azure cloud options

Abstract: The quickest way to migrate your on-premises OLTP database to Azure is to simply “Lift Shift”. You create a vm in Azure and size it to match your local system and move your database into it. This might not be the most cost effective way though and also, you still have to do all the database maintenance yourself. In this session we will investigate how we could use more of the cloud features like SQL Database, Redis Cache, Search, etc. in order to truly scale our system. And we’ll see if this increases or lowers the total cost of ownership. This excercise is about an OLTP system but we will also look at how it affects loading our DWH from this new setup.


  • André Kamman

Track and Room: DBA - DBA

Title: Really mobile first in Microsoft BI? - What’s up in mobilty @ MS

Abstract: DataZEN? Reporting Services? Power BI? Third Party Tools? If you apply Microsofts strategy Cloud First Mobile First to Microsoft BI you may wonder where you find the right direction on Mobile BI in this strategy. In the last years the mobile part was somehow in the fog. This session will jump into the jungle of different approaches and will deliver a clear and understandable Matrix, when you should use what and how it may or may not meet your expectations. We will review the different toolsets under Self-Service and Corporate BI Standards and of course we also check the mobile device shop to see, which offering fits best on the Hardware available.


  • Oliver Engels

Track and Room: BI - BI

Title: R shines! The 4th force is coming to visualize your data

Abstract: If you like to visualize data in the Microsoft Data Platform you use the visualization power of Excel, Power BI or Reporting Services. With the integration of R a 4th force is approaching to help you achieving great visualization results in new ways. This session will help you with the basics of the R language, the integration and of course, applying visualization best practices to it. Base on live demos, we show how to start, what R libraries are useful, how to integrate R in your favorite reporting tools like SSRS or Power BI and what you need to apply corporate identity, manage code and a proper development life cycle. When you walk out of the session, you will think the 4th force is with you and gives you additional visualization super power for your job.


  • Oliver Engels

Track and Room: BI - BI

Title: Building Your T-SQL Tool Kit: Window Function Fundamentals

Abstract: Have you pulled a script to identify duplicates from a blog post, but couldn’t quite get it to work, because you weren’t sure what that ROW_NUMBER() function was doing. Maybe you heard talk about creating running totals without using sub-queries, but you got frustrated when the groups weren’t totaling correctly. Or maybe, you’ve never even heard of Window Functions. All are good reasons to attend this all-demo session which demystifies this versatile T-SQL tool. First, we’ll break apart the OVER clause, the key to understanding how window functions work. Then we’ll expand on each group of functions that can use the OVER clause: ranking, aggregate, and analytic functions. Finally, we’ll look at real scenarios where this tool works and talk about performance considerations. When you leave, you’ll have the fundamentals you need to fully develop your mastery of Window Functions.


  • Christina Leo

Track and Room: DEVOPS - DEVOPS

Title: Calling Captain Ahab, from Unknown Knowns to Known

Abstract: Persistence of databases and crash recovery is a fundamental problem in systems research, particularly in database management systems, key-value stores, and file systems. Crash recovery is hard to get right; as evidence ten-year gap between the release of commercial database products, System R and DB2 and the development of a working crash recovery algorithm. Even after it was invented, another five years passed before the algorithm was proven correct. Modern day Database owners and administrators have to navigate trough a horde of backup methodologies and false promises in order to preserve data. In this lecture we will cover many of the modern day database data protection technologies, and there pros and cons.


  • Asgeir Gunnarsson

Track and Room: DEVOPS - DEVOPS

Title: Simplifying SQL Server Migrations using PowerShell

Abstract: What if migrating SQL Server instances was as simple as executing a single command?

In this presentation, I’ll cover the reasons companies migrate, the ways SQL migrations are usually performed, and the considerations that must be made when performing a migration.

Then I’ll show you how to use the PowerShell dbatools module to simplify your SQL Server migrations. dbatools makes migrating databases, logins, linked servers, credentials, jobs, database mail, and other essential SQL components extremely easy.


  • Chrissy LeMaire

Track and Room: DBA - DBA

Title: Go, go, QueryStore!

Abstract: One of the hardest things to do in SQL is to identify the cause of a sudden degradation in performance. The DMVs don’t persist information over a restart of the instance and, unless there was already some query benchmarking (and there almost never is), answering the question of how the queries behaved last week needs a time machine. Up until now, that is. The addition of the QueryStore to SQL Server 2016 makes identifying and resolving performance regressions a breeze.

In this session we’ll take a look at what the QueryStore is and how it works, before diving into a scenario where overall performance suddenly degraded, and we’ll see why QueryStore is the best new feature in SQL Server 2016, bar none.


  • Gail Shaw

Track and Room: DBA - DBA

Title: How Good Is Your Indexing Strategy?

Abstract: Like Frankenstein’s Monster (or our teenagers) things get released into the wild and behave differently than planned - database usage patterns are no different. Join Tim as he reviews what to look for when tweaking your index strategy: poor clustering key decisions, underutilized indexes, covering indexes gone wrong, overlooked heaps and fill factor failures are just a few of the blunders to be identified.

A working knowledge of Dynamic Management Objects, indexing internals, and eagerness to experiment with metadata is a prerequisite!


  • Tim Ford

Track and Room: DBA - DBA

Title: Putting Your head in the Cloud - Working with SQL Azure

Abstract: You’ve learnt the basics of cloud computing and taken a tour of Microsoft Azure. It’s now time to take a deeper look at using Azure SQL Database.

In this presentation we will have wall to wall demos on creating, configuring, connecting, using, securing, monitoring, uploading, scheduling and syncing your SQL Azure database.

We will specifically cover

•Linked Servers •Mobile App WebJobs •Azure Automation •Monitoring and Alerts •Firewall Rules •Dynamic Data Masking •Always Encrypted •Stretch Tables •DACPACs and BACPACs

By the end of this sessions you will some way to becoming an Azure Jedi


  • David Postlethwaite

Track and Room: DEVOPS - DEVOPS

Title: Digging Into the .Net SqlClient

Abstract: The prevailing opinion is that the optimizations for SQL Server are usually only done on the server itself. But is there anything we can do on the client to gain more speed? In this session aimed at .Net and SQL developers, we’ll dive into the workings of the .Net SqlClient and give you insight into way more than just SqlCommand.ExecuteReader() and SqlCommand.ExecuteNonQuery().


  • Mladen Prajdić

Track and Room: DEVOPS - DEVOPS

Title: What’s new in Power BI 2.0

Abstract: In early 2015, Microsoft delivered a new Version of Power BI, Power BI 2.0. After publishing the new Version they kept publishing updates each month. At the end of 2015 Microsoft started to publish visualisations and data sources for Power BI each week. In this session, Data Platform MVP Frank Geisler will show all of the new Features. This will be done by creating a Dashboard live in the session which will analyze data from the Internet Movie Database.


  • Frank Geisler

Track and Room: BI - BI

Title: Security Enhancements in SQL Server 2016

Abstract: In this session will be shown how to obfuscate critical data in real time using Dynamic Data Masking, a new feature in SQL Server 2016, also will be covered two other topics, Always Encrypted, defined as Help to protect data at rest and in motion with the master key residing with the application avoiding application changes, because they are not required, finally Row-Level security that consists in set access control to table rows based on users rights.



Track and Room: DBA - DBA

Title: Data Warehousing, ETL and Cubes in Azure

Abstract: Azure offers many great tools and services, but how to they fit together and what are your options when trying to architect an end to end Azure BI platform? We’ll take a high level look at the available Azure services, discussing what their capabilities are and how they fit together. Covering Azure Data Factory, Data Lake, Table Storage, Blob Storage, U-SQL, HDInsight, SQL Data Warehouse, Machine Learning, Power BI, Event Hub, Stream Analytics and more.


  • Alex Whittles

Track and Room: BI - BI

Title: Reporting Services 2016, a reborn product

Abstract: Since 2008 version Reporting Services was a product that didn’t show significative enhancements, today it has several interesting novelties, a new Web Portal, Mobile Report Published, improved Report Builder, integration to pin reports in Power BI Dahsboards, Custom Parameter Panel, all these topics will we covered in this session.



Track and Room: BI - BI


This is a list of speakers from the XML Guidebook records. The details and URLs were valid at the time of the event.

Tim Ford

Twitter: - @SQLAgentMan

LinkedIn: Tim Ford

Contact: http://thesqlagentman.com

Tim Ford is a Data Professional, Author and Community Leader whose technical passions lie in creative solutions for managing and presenting data. He#39;s been a healthcare DBA since 2000 and leads SQL Agent Man Consultancy and SQL Cruise. He takes 25 students and leaders in the SQL Community and places them on cruise ships for technical and professional development training without the distractions of the office and internet twice a year on SQL Cruises (www.sqlcruise.com). Currently Tim serves on the Board of Directors for PASS and is passionate about taking fellow Data Professionals to the next level in their careers. He enjoys telling stories with data.

Christina Leo

Twitter: - christinaleo

Contact: http://christinaleo.net

Christina Leo is a Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft specialising in the Data and AI Platform. Prior to joining Microsoft in 2016, she worked as an independent consultant focusing on T-SQL and BI development, as well as database performance tuning in the finance and investment banking sector. When she isn’t sharing her 18 years of technical experience with the data community, you can find her racing around the Solent on a 40’ sailboat or often in the Thames on a little Laser.

Asgeir Gunnarsson

Twitter: - bidgeir

LinkedIn: Asgeir Gunnarsson

Ásgeir Gunnarsson is a Data Platform MVP and Chief Consultant at Datheos in Denmark. He works on Business Intelligence solutions using the whole of the Microsoft BI stack. Ásgeir has been working in BI since 2007 both as a consultant and internal employee. Before turning to BI, Ásgeir worked as a technical trainer and currently teaches BI courses at the Continuing Education Department of the University of Iceland.

Ásgeir speaks regularly at events both domestically and internationally, and is the group leader of the Icelandic PASS Group, as well as the Icelandic Power BI User Group.

Ásgeir is passionate about data and loves solving problems with BI.


Twitter: - leonel_abreu


An IT Pro who likes to play chess and baseball.

System Engineer degree since 2007, formerly Data Warehousing teacher at university levels from 2008 to 2009. Microsoft Student Partner during the years 2006 - 2007, Second Place in Microsoft Andean Imagine Cup (2006), MCTS, MCITP and MCP with over a decade of experience with SQL Server, working in BI, DBA, Database Development, .net Development, SharePoint and other several areas.

Since 2014 based in Barcelona, Spain. Learning enthusiast and always with passion for new technologies and new challenges.

Alex Whittles

Twitter: - @PurpleFrogSys

LinkedIn: Alex Whittles

Contact: http://www.PurpleFrogSystems.com/blog

Alex is a Data Platform MVP, and is the owner and lead consultant at Purple Frog, a SQL Server Business Intelligence consultancy in the UK. He specializes in Data Warehouse modelling, ETL, Cubes, MDX amp; DAX. He#39;s a chartered engineer amp; has an MSc in Business Intelligence.

He runs the Birmingham (UK) SQL Pass chapter amp; Azure user groups, and is on the SQLBits and SQL Relay committees in the UK.

Alex is a regular speaker at global events including SQLBits, PASS Summit, SQL Relay, SQLSaturdays as well as numerous SQL Pass chapters around Europe

Mladen Prajdić

Twitter: - @MladenPrajdic

LinkedIn: Mladen Prajdić

Contact: http://weblogs.sqlteam.com/mladenp

Mladen Prajdić is a Data Platform MVP from Slovenia. He’s been programming for 20 years, developing different types of applications in .Net (C#) and SQL Server, ranging from standard line-of-business, image-processing applications to high performace and IoT applications. He’s a regular speaker at various conferences and usergroup meetings, really likes to optimize slow SQL statements, analyze performance, and find unconventional solutions to difficult SQL Server problems. In his free time, he also develops a very popular add-in for SSMS, called the SSMS Tools Pack (www.ssmstoolspack.com).

André Kamman

Twitter: - @andrekamman

Contact: http://andrekamman.com

André Kamman is a DBA and SQL Server Solutions Architect for CloudDBA. He has done a lot of DBA work on 1000’s of servers where he discovered his love for Powershell, architecting SQL Server solutions, building and tuning ETL processes (with BIML). He also likes to work with MPP platforms APS and AzureDW. André is a Data Platform MVP, Dutch PASS Chapter Leader and organiser of SQLSaturday Holland.

Gail Shaw

Twitter: - @SQLInTheWild

Contact: http://sqlinthewild.co.za

Gail Shaw is a Database Specialist focusing on database performance tuning and database recovery, with a particular interest in topics such as indexing strategies, execution plans, and writing T-SQL code that performs well and scales gracefully. Gail holds a Microsoft Certified Master certification for SQL Server 2008 and is a Data Platform MVP. She’s a frequent poster on the SQLServerCentral forums, a Pluralsight author, writes articles for both SQLServerCentral.com and Simple-Talk.com, and has spoken at SQLSaturdays, SQL Bits and at the PASS Community Summit. Gail has been responsible for extending the lifespan of many an application, by performance-tuning their databases and providing technical guidance on all things SQL Server related.

David Postlethwaite

Twitter: - @postledm

LinkedIn: David Postlethwaite

Contact: http://www.gethynellis.com/

David Postlethwaite has been a DBA for Liverpool Victoria in Bournemouth, England since 2008 He supports both Oracle and SQL Server from 2000 to 2017, DBMS, SSIS, SSAS and Reporting Services. In 2015 David built and deployed the company’s first cloud solution using Microsoft Azure SQL Database and web services

Before becoming a DBA David was a .NET developer and way back in history a Windows and Netware administrator.

He is an occasional blogger on www.gethynellis.com

David is a regular speaker for SQLSaturday. Most of his presentations can be found on his YouTube channel www.youtube.com/c/DavidPostlethwaiteSQL

Oliver Engels

Twitter: - @oengels

Contact: http://www.ssis-components.net

Oliver Engels is CEO of oh22data AG, a Microsoft Gold Partner in Germany specializing in CRM and BI. His special interests are Azure, Data Governance and Integration, Visualisation Tools like SSRS, Power BI, Tableau, R, and SharePoint. He has worked with SQL Server since version 6.5 and is a founder and Board member of PASS Germany, a PASS Regional Mentor, and runs the Frankfurt PASS Local Group. For more than seven years he is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and a Microsoft pTSP.

Chrissy LeMaire

Twitter: - @cl

LinkedIn: Chrissy LeMaire

Contact: https://netnerds.net

Chrissy LeMaire is a Data Platform and PowerShell MVP who has worked in IT for over 20 years. She works for General Dynamics and serves as the SQL Server DBA at NATO Special Ops HQ in Belgium. She is also an avid scripter, and has used PowerShell since it was introduced in 2005 at the Microsoft Professional Conference in Los Angeles. Chrissy is the creator of the popular dbatools PowerShell module for SQL Server.

Chrissy recently achieved her MS in Systems Engineering at Regis University ‍

Rasmus Reinholdt

Twitter: - @RasmusReinholdt

LinkedIn: Rasmus Reinholdt

Contact: http://rasmusreinholdt.wordpress.com

Rasmus is the Data Warehouse architect at UNOPS, the implementation arm of the UN, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He has worked with Microsoft BI since 2005 both as a developer and architect, building large solutions on every release from sql2005 and onwards. Rasmus is certified is MSCE SQLServer (Data platform amp; BI), a long time speaker at various SQLSaturdays, PASS SQLRally Nordic and SQLBits. He also co-organizes SQLSaturday Copenhagen and blogs at http://rasmusreinholdt.wordpress.com.

Mark Broadbent

Twitter: - @retracement

LinkedIn: Mark Broadbent

Contact: http://tenbulls.co.uk

Mark Broadbent is a Data Platform MVP and SQL Server MCM with more than 20 years of experience working with SQL Server and principal of SQLCloud, a consultancy specializing in concurrency control and highly available solutions. He is the founder of the UK’s SQLSaturday Cambridge (its first and largest), SharePoint Saturday Cambridge, the Hybrid Virtual Chapter and the East Anglia SQL User Group.

Rob Volk

Twitter: - sql_r

LinkedIn: Rob Volk

Contact: http://weblogs.sqlteam.com/robv/

Rob Volk is a SQL Server DBA in the Metro Atlanta area since 2001. He also moderates and answers the forums on SQLTeam.com. While an old-time cranky DBA, he no longer considers quot;business intelligencequot; an oxymoron or quot;the cloudquot; as merely atmospheric moisture, and is delightedly dipping his toes into both of these new oceans, and loves to do things in new and and unusual ways.


Twitter: - leonel_abreu


An IT Pro who likes to play chess and baseball.

System Engineer degree since 2007, formerly Data Warehousing teacher at university levels from 2008 to 2009. Microsoft Student Partner during the years 2006 - 2007, Second Place in Microsoft Andean Imagine Cup (2006), MCTS, MCITP and MCP with over a decade of experience with SQL Server, working in BI, DBA, Database Development, .net Development, SharePoint and other several areas.

Since 2014 based in Barcelona, Spain. Learning enthusiast and always with passion for new technologies and new challenges.

Cathrine Wilhelmsen

Twitter: - @cathrinew

LinkedIn: Cathrine Wilhelmsen

Contact: https://www.cathrinewilhelmsen.net/

Cathrine loves teaching and sharing knowledge :) She is based in Norway and works as a Senior Business Intelligence Consultant in Inmeta, focusing on Data Warehousing, Data Integration, Analytics, and Reporting projects. Her core skills are Azure Data Factory, SSIS, Biml and T-SQL development, but she enjoys everything from programming to data visualization. Outside of work she’s active in the SQL Server community as a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, BimlHero Certified Expert, author, speaker, blogger, organizer and chronic volunteer.

Oliver Engels

Twitter: - @oengels

Contact: http://www.ssis-components.net

Oliver Engels is CEO of oh22data AG, a Microsoft Gold Partner in Germany specializing in CRM and BI. His special interests are Azure, Data Governance and Integration, Visualisation Tools like SSRS, Power BI, Tableau, R, and SharePoint. He has worked with SQL Server since version 6.5 and is a founder and Board member of PASS Germany, a PASS Regional Mentor, and runs the Frankfurt PASS Local Group. For more than seven years he is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and a Microsoft pTSP.

Frank Geisler

Twitter: - @Frank Geisler

LinkedIn: Frank Geisler

Contact: http://www.gdsbi.de

Frank Geisler is owner and CEO of GDS Business Intelligence GmbH. He is SQL Server MVP, MCT, MCSE – Business Intelligence, MCSE – Data Plattform and MCSE - Azure Solutions Architect. In his Job he is building Business Intelligence Systems based on Microsoft Technology, mainly on SQL Server and SharePoint.


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