SQLSaturday #501 - Dublin 2016

Event Date: 06/18/2016 00:00:00

Event Location:

  • National College Of Ireland
  • Mayor Street Lower
  • Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland

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Title: Super Scaling Clustered Index Inserts

Abstract: Want to know how to go from 13,000 to 550,000 inserts per second on the same hardware ?, this session will show you how from key construction, reducing the overhead of SQL language processing, database engine tuning, delayed durability etc. During this journey core database concepts will be explained at a level not touched at in the SQL Server internals book and windows performance toolkit will be used to provide some deep insights into what the database engine is doing. This is a level 400 session which will cover so core database engine concepts and material that cannot be found anywhere else, for example it will explain why running a singleton on a particular NUMA node is faster than running the same insert on any other NUMA node.


  • Christopher Adkin

Track and Room: DBA - Exec 1

Title: Revolutionary R integration in SQL Server 2016

Abstract: The R integration brings a lot of benefits and new scenarios to on premises data platform systems: • R can greatly simplify collection of different data. • Data manipulation and preparation can also be way easier with R. • You can use R to quickly explore and visualize data. • Last but not least, R brings the whole power of modern data mining techniques to SQL Server.
As if this was not enough, you can use familiar user interface and SQL Server Enterprise R Services to work with large datasets and multi-threaded, multi-core, multi-process computations. So, even if you don’t know R at all, come and see how natural this language is for everybody who already think in rows and columns.


  • Marcin Szeliga

Track and Room: Cloud SQL2016 - Exec 2 (Streamed)

Title: Unraveling Tangled Code:A Spellbinding Tale of Victory Over Chaos

Abstract: Once upon a time, you inherited an application or a database that was filled with chaos and inconsistencies. The T-SQL code is overly complex and impossible to ken. The architecture is painful to behold, and grueling to code for. One might optimistically say that query performance is “spectacularly mediocre”. If you’re without good documentation or system architects to guide you, how do you break the curse of confusion? In this session you’ll learn several methods for conquering chaotic code, and how to seek and destroy some of the nastier coding mistakes and inefficiencies. We will break complicated queries into key pieces, turn them upside-down, and reform them into something sensible. We will vanquish major issues like data abuse and index negligence. We will restructure joins, tame subqueries, and refactor dynamic SQL. We will emerge victorious!


  • Jennifer McCown

Track and Room: Dev - 1.03

Title: Making PowerShell useful for your team

Abstract: Come on a journey from The bloke that wrote some scripts to a professional solution for a whole IT team. A session for Powershell beginners and those wishing to improve how their team use PowerShell Each organization requires specific tasks that can be accomplished using PowerShell. I will show you how you can achieve this by demonstrating An easy way to learn the syntax How to explore objects with Powershell and turn your one off scripts into shareable functions How to ensure that your team can easily and quickly make use of and contribute to PowerShell solutions A fast-paced session with ideas and discussion points for you to take back to work


  • Rob Sewell

Track and Room: Dev - 1.03

Title: Data Driven Organisation: Machine Learning as part of an organisation’s DNA

Abstract: The session explores how organisations are using machine learning techniques to deliver agile analytics as they become a data-driven organisation’s DNA. How it is possible to imprint data-driven analytical thinking into the culture of the organization? Is Machine Learning viable for everyone? Analytics platforms have always been tools built for statisticians and data scientists. However, these tools are increasingly being directed at business analysts, and Gartner’s rankings on its well-known “completeness of vision” and “ability to execute” axes now rest as much on “ease of use” as they do on offering advanced analytical algorithms. Machine learning focuses the emphasis on the insights and value that data brings, and it is now accessible to organisations.

This session will help you to:

  • understand how to craft an ML strategy
  • provision the right business analytical capabilities
  • move towards actionable results
  • identify common pitfalls


  • Jen Stirrup

Track and Room: BI And Analytics - 1.02

Title: The Most Important IT Person in the Room: Why Data Experts Own th

Abstract: You’ve just spent the last few days in deep technical training. You have learned many new techniques and best practices that you can take back to the office and use in your work to gain immediate improvements. But if you’re only interested in applying a handful of specific, tactical advantages, then you’ll miss out on the most exciting trend in the IT industry – our data-driven future. Share insights and inspirations in this talk with Kevin Kline, a founder and president emeritus of the Professional Association for SQL Server, to discover the broader trends that are pushing data professionals into greater prominence and strategies you can use to become the most respected, influential, and credible member of your organization’s technical staff.


  • Kevin Kline

Track and Room: Other - 1.02

Title: Azure Machine Learning: From Design to Integration

Abstract: Machine Learning is a subfield of computer science concerned with systems that learn from data. So this isn’t about systems that follow explicitly programmed instructions, but rather about systems that find patterns and trends within datasets, and use them to deliver insight and predictions.

In this session, you will learn how an Azure Machine Learning solution comes to life: From the creation of a workspace, to the preparation of data, to experimentation with Machine Learning algorithms, and then finally to the integration and embedding of predictive insights into applications.

This session has been specifically designed to describe Machine Learning fundamentals, and to help enable and inspire existing data professionals taking their first steps to leverage cloud-based predictive models delivered with Azure Machine Learning. It is guaranteed to thrill you with potential, and excite you with the relative ease by which it can be accomplished.


  • Peter Myers

Track and Room: BI And Analytics - Exec 1

Title: How far can MS SQL Server Master Data Services 2016 take your business?

Abstract: The challenges facing a successful Microsoft SQL Server Master Data Services implementation are vast. A key part of ensuring that success is being aware of out of the box MDS functionality, the benefits of Master Data Services in the context of Master Data Management, and the perilous pitfalls you may face. In this session you will learn how to use MDS 2016 to support the Master Data lifecycle, ensure Data Quality, and succeed with Data Stewarding.
All this will be covered using a mix of presentation and demonstrations illustrating how your business can benefit from Master Data Services 2016.


  • Dan Galavan

Track and Room: Cloud SQL2016 - Exec 2 (Streamed)

Title: SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) in SQL Server 2016

Abstract: We can’t wait to share the exciting new Integration Service features and functionality we have lined up for SQL Server 2016! SSIS has been designed to be the modern data integration tool that that allows you to build the new generation of data integration pipeline, regardless of on-premises or hybrid scenarios.

The 2016 release has a number of new extensions for creating Hybrid, Cloud, and Big Data processing flows, productivity improvements within the SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) designer, and various improvements to the SSIS Catalog for server based package execution. Whether you are a new or existing SSIS customer, you won’t want to miss this session


  • Matt Masson

Track and Room: BI And Analytics - Theatre 1

Title: SQL Azure – DTUs and Delta (with on-prem)

Abstract: SQL Azure has been around for over five years, and is now ready for enterprise production workloads. This session will address the two issues that Architects, DBAs and Developers want to know more about as they move production workloads to the Cloud.

One topic is the mystery around DTUs (Database Transaction Units), the units that are used to indicate the relative performance levels of different tiers of SQL Azure. The first part of this session will explain the concept of DTUs and how to choose which one as the starting point.

The other topic is the difference in features between SQL Azure and SQL Server. Because of the fundamental multi-tenant nature of SQL Azure, there will always be differences between the two. Over the years, these differences are being continuously reduced, and this session will explain the current delta.


  • Vikas Sahni

Track and Room: Cloud SQL2016 - 1.02

Title: Availability Group Maintenance Operations

Abstract: AlwaysOn Availability Groups provide an excellent way to build a High Availability platform with SQL Server at its core, however with these new capabilities come new and interesting maintenance requirements. In this session we will look at a number of the things you must do when making use of Availability Groups, and some of the things that you can do in order to ensure that you have a stable, reliable platform.


  • John Martin

Track and Room: DBA - Exec 1

Title: BI Office from Pyramid Analytics Delivering Better Decision for Everyone

Abstract: Today’s organisations struggle to get measurable value from their business intelligence tools, preventing business agility, fragmenting data and risking gaps in their data security.

To become a data-driven organization, business leaders need more than overhyped productivity tools and analytic engines to make decisions. They need a thoughtfully designed platform that empowers everyone to make data an integral part of their day-to-day processes and decisions. They need an end-to-end solution that can bring together disparate data in a governed environment that allows users to easily model, discover, communicate, and distribute information.

For years now Business Intelligence products have forced organisations to make a choice between Governance and Scalability on the one hand or Agility and Self-Service on the other. As a result, many Enterprises possess a patchwork quilt of Reporting, Dashboarding and Analysis tools creating multiple interpretations of the same underlying data.


  • Nick Barth

Track and Room: BI And Analytics - Exec 1

Title: SQL Server BI – 2016 and Beyond

Abstract: SQL Server 2016 has added many great new features to Reporting Services and Analysis Services, but we have even more amazing things to come!

In this session we’ll provide of overview of what’s been delivered in SQL 2016, and share our vision of what is coming in the feature – particularly around the relationship between Power BI, Excel, and SQL Server BI.


  • Matt Masson

Track and Room: BI And Analytics - Theatre 1

Title: Effective Index Partitioning, Compression Strategy

Abstract: We all know that ‘Indexing’ is KING when it comes to achieving high levels of performance in SQL Server. When Indexing also combines 2 of the Enterprise features: Partitioning Compression, we can often see substantial gains.

Learn how to identify those objects that benefit greatly from being Partitioned or Compressed, OR combining both of these features to even greater effect.

Using Demos to illustrate the performance gains with real-world examples, Take away advanced scripts for use in your own environments.


  • Neil Hambly

Track and Room: Dev - 1.03

Title: Introducing Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Abstract: This session will introduce you to one of the most exciting Azure data services - SQL Data Warehouse! SQLDW is a distributed database engine that delivers high scale to your data warehouse projects. Understand how it works in this 60 minute session.

Topics covered include:

  • Key Concepts
  • Scaling Storage
  • Scaling Compute
  • Data Loading


  • James Rowland-Jones

Track and Room: Cloud SQL2016 - Exec 2 (Streamed)

Title: WTF with SQL

Abstract: SQL is based on the relational algebra, right? Relational algebra is based on set theory, right? So we would expect SQL to kind-of respect common sense from set theory. Like A union A has the same number of elements as A. Well, this is not always the case with SQL.

Come and have fun when we explore scenarios of simple SQL statements, where I guarantee you moments of inner WTF.


  • Kennie Pontoppidan

Track and Room: Dev - 1.03

Title: The Expert Panel

Abstract: Come along and discuss whats moving and shaking in the Data World with out Expert Panel.

  • Buck Woody – the ML host
  • Mark Souza – The AzureCAT legend
  • JRJ - The scale out genius
  • Matt Masson – The Integration guy
  • Sean McCown – The Master DBA dude

Submit your questions live on twitter via #AskTheExperts or #SqlSatDublin


  • SqlSat Dublin

Track and Room: Other - Theatre 1

Title: The What, Why and How of Unit Testing SQL Server

Abstract: We all write SQL scripts but how do we know that what we write is returning the correct results? In this session I will explain the importance of unit testing your code, what to test for and most importantly what free tools you can use to make this easy. By the end of this session you will be equipped with the information you need to go and implement unit testing on your code so that you can confidently carry out stress-free system releases.


  • Annette Allen

Track and Room: Dev - 1.03

Title: A Day in the Life of the Data Scientist

Abstract: Just what is “Data Science”, and what does a Data Scientist do? Is it really all that different than a Business Intelligence Designer, or other data professional? Join Buck Woody, from the Microsoft Machine Learning and Data Science team to learn the role, knowledge and skills involved with Data Science, and how a typical day progresses for the Data Scientist.


  • Buck Woody

Track and Room: BI And Analytics - Theatre 1

Title: Power BI Mobile - Answering Your Business Questions

Abstract: At Power BI, we hold the philosophy that our mobile customers are looking for answers—real-time answers—for their most burning business questions. Power BI Mobile’s set of applications (now available on ALL major mobile platforms) follows this philosophy and, among other things, offers advanced features, including real-time presentation of your data, offline support, push notifications, smart use of your mobile phone camera and sensors, and much more. Join us and learn about leveraging the Power BI Mobile application to make data-driven decisions on the go and staying informed with your most updated data.


  • Romi Koifman

Track and Room: BI And Analytics - 1.02

Title: SQL Lightning Talks

Abstract: 4 Speakers delivering short sessions for the coveted “Best Lightning Talk” Trophy . Come along and vote for the best speaker for 2016.

  • Andre Melancia: Be The Prized Bull With Microsoft Certification (MCP).
  • Jens Vestergaard: Custom Assemblies in SSAS.
  • Andrew Pruski: Introduction to partitioning
  • Ben Watt: Three Ingredients in Power BI


  • SqlSat Dublin

Track and Room: Other - Theatre 1

Title: IoT - Comparing Azure with AWS

Abstract: The Internet of Things is one of the hottest topics in our industry right now. Being able to collect, process and deliver events from devices/sensors in close to real-time, scaling on-demand offers incredible value-add to businesses. This session will look at two competing cloud technologies Azure and AWS. How do you build an IoT infrastructure in both offerings. What are the differences? are there any? Demo heavy this session will show you some of the components on offer to help you reach your IoT needs and make an informed choice as to what you need and about what you should be thinking.


  • Allan Mitchell

Track and Room: Cloud SQL2016 - 5

Title: How to improve database productivity and agility with Redgate SQL Toolbelt

Abstract: Alongside the world’s most trusted tools for comparing and deploying databases, Redgate’s SQL Toolbelt contains a host of extra tools you can use to work more efficiently and make fewer mistakes with SQL Server.

In this session, you’ll see how to use them for impact analysis, team coding standards, sharing changes with your colleagues, unit testing your databases, and generating test data and documentation automatically.

By the time you leave, you’ll have seen dozens of ways you and your team can get more done with less hard work.


  • Tom Austin

Track and Room: DBA - Exec 2 (Streamed)

Title: Polybase in SQL Server – Big Data Queried with T-SQL

Abstract: BigData solutions cross our sight in more or less intense way during past couple of years. Various implementations of this technology generate another set of technical skills required when you invest in this field and they may become real road blocks in your projects. When companies work on large analytical solutions Microsoft says: “Stick with T-SQL only when you query Big Data”. You’ll see how efficient can SQL Server be when you retrieve information from less structured files and Hadoop. Plus, how can you mix it with relational databases. SQL Server married with Big Data – live in action!


  • Hubert Kobierzewski

Track and Room: Cloud SQL2016 - Exec 2 (Streamed)

Title: Session Details not available

Abstract: Session Details not available


  • n/a n/a

Track and Room: Cloud SQL2016 - Exec 2 (Streamed)

Title: Beyond storing vast amounts of data: Data Lake Analytics

Abstract: This year, many corporations are adopting a different strategy to deal with data based on the new principle of “store now, use later.”

This means that massive amounts of data are being stored in Data Lakes, but the processing of that data remains a major challenge. Let#180;s take a deep dive into Data Lake Analytics to process data from Terabytes to Exabytes.


  • Miguel de Luna Gomez

Track and Room: BI And Analytics - Exec 1

Title: Managing Very Large Databases with SQL Server

Abstract: If some of your databases have grown to over 1TB and it has become a challenge to maintain them - or if you are anticipating what to do in the future when they do - then this talk is for you!

In this session, I will provide some practical advice on managing VLDBs with SQL server, focusing on common problem areas for new and experienced DBAs alike, including index maintenance, integrity checks, backups and restores.


  • Brian Carrig

Track and Room: DBA - Exec 1


This is a list of speakers from the XML Guidebook records. The details and URLs were valid at the time of the event.

André Melancia

Twitter: - AndyPT

LinkedIn: André Melancia

Contact: http://Andy.PT

Owner / Principal Consultant at LunarCat.PT Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) focusing on SQL Server, Azure, IoT and Security.

19+ years’ fun developing information and multimedia systems, DBA, project and IT management.

Data Community Portugal, IT Pro Portugal and PowerShell Portugal communities organiser. IPv6 Portugal, DNSSec Portugal and Windows Development Portugal online communities moderator. Actively volunteering, organising, speaking or just participating at community meetings and events around the world.

Proud uncle and food devouring expert, with dangerous рuϧϧy cat as companion.

Go to http://Andy.PT and you’ll know the same as the NSA…

Rob Sewell

Twitter: - sqldbawithbeard

LinkedIn: Rob Sewell

Contact: http://sqldbawithabeard.com

Rob was once a production SQL Server DBA, but is now generally found automating the Data Platform and providing training for clients. He has a passion for PowerShell, Data, and DevOps. He is an MVP, an officer for the DevOps PowerShell VG, and has spoken and volunteered at many PowerShell and Data events. He is a member of the committee that organises Data In Devon and the European PowerShell Conference. He is a proud supporter of the Data and PowerShell communities.

He relishes sharing and learning and can be found doing both via Twitter @sqldbawithbeard and his blog sqldbawithabeard.com. He spends most of his time looking at a screen and loves to solve problems.

Matt Masson

Twitter: - @mattmasson

Contact: http://www.mattmasson.com/

Matt Masson is a Program Manager in the Information Management and Machine Learning (IMML) organization. Matt has worked on multiple data integration products, including Power Query, SSIS, DQS, MDS, and the Data Management Gateway for Power BI. He has authored two books on SSIS (Apress, and MS Press), and is a frequent presenter at Microsoft conferences. You can find his blog at http://www.mattmasson.com/.

Nick Barth

Nick sought out a position at Pyramid Analytics following twenty-five years working with Business Intelligence and Analytics software. Nick started his BI career at Comshare, the company that popularized OLAP in the ‘nineties, and worked with products such as Essbase, Analysis Services and TM/1 in their earliest commercial forms. ‘Business Intelligence has a unique position in the universe of Information Technology,’ Nick says; ‘because users require self-service, we need to deliver a fully functioning platform before the spec has been finished. Pyramid Analytics’ BIOffice is very exciting. It’s the first product I have seen capable of delivering on that promise of agility and self service within a governed, manageable software framework

Hubert Kobierzewski

LinkedIn: Hubert Kobierzewski

Hubert works at Codec-dss as BI Practice Lead. He helps customers to gather their data and convert it into valuable information using Microsoft Data Platform technologies. Hubert is also a board member of Data Community Poland and a leader of Warsaw Power BI User Group.

Neil Hambly

Twitter: - Neil_Hambly

LinkedIn: Neil Hambly

Contact: http://dataidol.com/NeilHambly

Neil Hambly is a SQL Server consultant, founder and consultant at Datamovements, a Gold Microsoft Data Analytics Consulting company. Neil has 20+ years in a variety of SQL Server roles and is an MCT. He is a regular presenter (200+ events) at user groups, and PASS events, including PASS Summit and SQLSaturday, and many UK events (SQLBits, SQLRelay). Neil is the leader of PASS London (UK), a Professional Development VC, a Melissa Data MVP, and a SQL Cruise Technical Lead, who loves Guinness, whisky, and dancing.

Bob Duffy

Twitter: - @bob_duffy

LinkedIn: Bob Duffy

Contact: http://blogs.prodata.ie/author/bob.aspx

Bob Duffy is a SQL Server MVP from Dublin, Ireland who is MCA, MCM. and Analysis Services Maestro certified.

Bob works as a Database Architect at the Prodata SQL Centre of Excellence where he specializes in business intelligence and performance tuning.

Brian Carrig

Twitter: - @briancarrig

Brian Carrig is a Microsoft Certified Master of SQL Server and is currently a Senior Program Manager on the SQL Server Tiger Team at Microsoft focusing primarily on persistent memory technology and replication. In a previous life, Brian spent some time as an academic and holds a PhD in Computer Science. He is a native of Dublin, Ireland but now lives with his wife and two daughters in Redmond, Washington. If he is not talking about, thinking about or working with technology you will usually find him watching Chelsea FC.

Allan Mitchell

Twitter: - @allanSQLIS

Contact: https://onlysearch.wordpress.com/

Allan Mitchell is a SQL Server MVP and runs elastio, a small consultancy helping customers to make informed decisions about their data storage and integration. His focus is on enterprise search as well as real-time data integration.

SqlSat Dublin

SqlSat Dublin 501

Miguel de Luna Gomez

Miguel is an architect working on Big Data and Iot at Microsoft. Before Microsoft, Miguel developed his career at other companies like IBM, Oracle and SAP in different locations including Spain, Germany, Ireland and Sillicon Valley.

His main focus is around processing vast amounts of information to get valuable insights and developing new concepts around Data Lakes and cloud computing.

He loves mountain biking, tennis and basketball and he is a big Real Madrid and Golden State Warriors supporter.

Annette Allen

Twitter: - mrs_fatherjack

I have worked with SQL Server for 15 years predominantly as a Developer and more recently moving into the role of DBA. I am an author on Simple Talk, co-run the SQL South West User group and SQLSaturday Exeter and am involved in the organisation of SQL Bits.

Jennifer McCown

Twitter: - http://www.Twitter.com/MidnightDBA

LinkedIn: Jennifer McCown

Contact: http://www.MidnightDBA.com/Jen

Jen McCown is CEO of MinionWare, LLC; a Microsoft Certified Master for SQL Server; and an independent consultant. She is Senior Editor at MidnightDBA.com, where she creates training videos, the DBAs at Midnight webshow, blogs, reviews, and podcasts. Jen is a member, volunteer, and speaker in PASS, and the PASS Women in Technology Virtual Group.

SqlSat Dublin

SqlSat Dublin 501

John Martin

Twitter: - SQLDiplomat

LinkedIn: John Martin

Contact: https://www.mssqltips.com/sqlserverauthor/291/john-martin/

John Martin is a Data Platform Engineer working in the financial sector, as well as Vice President Marketing for the PASS organization and currently a Microsoft Data Platform MVP. Previously John has worked as a product manager for SentryOne and a Premier Field Engineer with Microsoft UK.

John has over a decade of experience working with SQL Server and the Microsoft Data Platform. Working as a DBA, developer and consultant for Microsoft, he has been lucky enough to see how best, and how not, to use SQL Server and the Data Platform effectively.

Matt Masson

Twitter: - @mattmasson

Contact: http://www.mattmasson.com/

Matt Masson is a Program Manager in the Information Management and Machine Learning (IMML) organization. Matt has worked on multiple data integration products, including Power Query, SSIS, DQS, MDS, and the Data Management Gateway for Power BI. He has authored two books on SSIS (Apress, and MS Press), and is a frequent presenter at Microsoft conferences. You can find his blog at http://www.mattmasson.com/.

Jen Stirrup

Twitter: - @jenstirrup

LinkedIn: Jen Stirrup

Contact: http://www.jenstirrup.com

Jen Stirrup, Microsoft Regional Director and MVP is a well-known Business Intelligence and Data Visualization expert, author, data strategist, and Master of Business Administration (MBA) student in London. Jen leads a boutique analytics consultancy, delivering strategic advice to companies large and small.

Jen has presented in Africa, India, Europe and North America. Jen has presented at Ignite, Techorama, TechEd, PASS Summit, SQLBits, and SQLSaturday events in Europe and the US. She also delivers the MAPA Azure Architects course worldwide with Microsoft team members. Jen was also featured on the Best of PASS Summit 2015 DVD as one of the top 10 speakers. Jen also was awarded PASS prestigious PASSion Award in 2012

n/a n/a

Marcin Szeliga

LinkedIn: Marcin Szeliga

Data Philosopher. Since 2006 invariably awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional title in the Data Platform category. A speaker at numerous conferences across Europe, as well as at user groups meetings. The author of many books and articles devoted to Microsoft Data Platform. An independent consultant, database-centric application practitioner and architect totally focused on SQL Server and Azure. Huge fan of Data Science and Machine Learning.

SqlSat Dublin

SqlSat Dublin 501

Vikas Sahni

Twitter: - @sahnivi

Contact: http://www.vikassahni.com

Vikas is a consultant, mentor and trainer with 30 years’ experience. His knowledge and experience ranges from products to projects, from Cloud Computing to IBM Mainframe Assembler, from SMEs to a Global academic community. He can lead and mentor people on different technical platforms.

Vikas#39;s current interests are Cloud Computing and CRM. He works as an independent consultant providing solution architecture, development, training and mentoring services to a number of companies.

Vikas is very active in the local IT community, and organises every year the Global Azure Boot Camp in Ireland, one of the largest events in the country.

Kennie Pontoppidan

Twitter: - @KennieNP

LinkedIn: Kennie Pontoppidan

Contact: http://www.pontop.dk/

Kennie Nybo Pontoppidan is a senior program manager in Microsoft working in the Dynamics NAV server backend team. He has worked in the dangerous field between developers, dbas, customers and project managers for many years and done his part of mistakes as a developer before that in his 15+ years in the it industry. He enjoys working with databases and really, really enjoys his daily dose of sql. Kennie has no humor.

Kevin Kline

Twitter: - kekline

LinkedIn: Kevin Kline

Contact: http://blogs.sentryone.com/author/kevinkline

Kevin Kline is a database and industry expert serving as Principal Program Manager at SentryOne, the industry leading SQL Server database tools vendor. A Microsoft SQL Server MVP since 2003, he is a founder and former president of PASS. Kevin is an author of many books, blogger, columnist, and popular international speaker. Kevin’s best known book is the best-selling SQL in a Nutshell and contributes monthly to Database Trends Applications magazine. He tweets at @kekline and blogs at http://Blogs.SQLSentry.com/Author/KevinKline.

Romi Koifman

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/MsRomik

LinkedIn: Romi Koifman

Contact: https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/

Romi Koifman is a Program Manager in the Microsoft Business Intelligence team. Romi joined Microsoft in 2013 and has been part of the BI team from it’s early days. Romi started as a young 18 years old developer. Over the years she evolved as a development team leader ,system analysis and product architect . At her current role at the Power BI Mobile team she is driving customer initiatives to generate success stories and collect feedback that is integrated into Power BI. In addition to her role as a PM she is engaging with the Power BI community trough Power BI Blogs and other channels.

Peter Myers

LinkedIn: Peter Myers

Peter Myers is a consultant, trainer and presenter, and has worked with Microsoft database and development products since 1997. Today he specializes in all Microsoft Business Intelligence products and also authors training course content for Microsoft products and services.

He has a broad business background supported by a bachelor’s degree in applied economics and accounting, and he extends this with extensive experience backed by current MCSE certifications. He has been a Data Platform MVP since 2007.

Christopher Adkin

Twitter: - ChrisAdkin8

LinkedIn: Christopher Adkin

Contact: http://www.chrisadkin.io

Chris is a freelance SQL consultant who has been working with SQL Server since 2000, his passion is for squeezing every last drop of performance out of SQL Server and understanding the database engine at a level which conventional tools cannot provide any insights on.

James Rowland-Jones

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/jrowlandjones

LinkedIn: James Rowland-Jones

James Rowland-Jones (JRJ) is a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft. He is currently part of the SQL Server team working on SQL Server 2019 Big Data Clusters and data virtualization. Prior to joining SQL Server, JRJ worked extensively on Azure SQL Data Warehouse. He helped the team launch Gen 1 of the service and led the product management effort to bring Gen 2 into preview.

Dan Galavan

Twitter: - @dangalavan

LinkedIn: Dan Galavan

Contact: https://galavan.com/blog/

Dan has been working with databases for 20 years. He has delivered data platform solutions in Ireland and Germany in a variety of industries including Retail, Corporate and Investment Banking, Aerospace, CRM, Social Protection, Telecoms, and Health Product Regulation. Specializes in database design development, data migration, analytics, master data management, enterprise data warehousing, data solution architecture, and the data life-cycle in general. Regular contributor to SQL Server User Group community. Data Vault 2.0 certified practitioner. Member of the Munich Colmcilles European Gaelic Football League winning team…a long time ago!

Buck Woody

Twitter: - BuckWoodyMSFT

LinkedIn: Buck Woody

Contact: http://buckwoody.wordpress.com/

Born helpless, naked, and unable to provide for himself, Buck Woody overcame these amazing handicaps to become a software developer, data professional, teacher, and a productive invertebrate member of society.

Tom Austin

Tom is an experienced Pre-Sales Engineer who has worked with Redgate SQL Server tools since 2008. During that time he has worked with hundreds of clients across the globe, from start-ups to FTSE/Fortune 100 companies and everything in between. He specialises in helping clients to improve their approach to Database Lifecycle Management (DLM) and has recently been writing and delivering DLM training courses in Europe and Asia.

Andrew Pruski

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/DBAFromTheCold

LinkedIn: Andrew Pruski

Contact: https://dbafromthecold.com/

SQL Server DBA with over 10 year’s experience. Originally from Wales but now living in Ireland

Jens Vestergaard

Twitter: - @vestergaardj

LinkedIn: Jens Vestergaard

Contact: http://www.t-sql.dk

Jens performs the traditional BI disciplines from imports in Integration Services through data consolidation in Analysis Services, to report in Power BI or Reporting Services. Jens has worked with The Stack since SQL 2000 and has a core competence in Integration Services and Analysis Services. Along with the certified skills in Microsoft SQL Server, Jens has also worked with Microsoft .Net platform for more than 15 years and currently manages a BI Platform in Azure for the CatMan Solution application(s).


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