SQLSaturday #391 - Jacksonville 2015

Event Date: 05/09/2015 00:00:00

Event Location:

  • The University of North Florida Campus
  • 1 UNF Drive
  • Jacksonville, Florida

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Title: Turbocharge Your Career With a Learning Plan

Abstract: What will you learn next quarter and why? How will you learn it? How much time and money will it cost? What is the ROI on learning those skills? Those are the questions that you answer by building a learning plan and, if you do it well, you’ll find yourself steadily pulling away from your peers. It starts with a learning list, a place to capture skills you think you need to learn. That’s where you score each topic by estimating the effort to learn it in time and money and the value it adds to your career now and later. It’s absolutely an analog process, but it gives you the framework for answering one question: what do I learn next and why?

Once you’ve picked a topic, how do you learn more about it? Do you read blogs, buy books, or attend a class? Or all of the above? How much time makes sense? Join this session and learn how to dig into the topic to answer the questions that lead to a learning plan. After that, it’s just a matter of executing the plan!


  • Andy Warren

Track and Room: Personal Development - 1404

Title: Using mindmaps - Lightweight documentation for testing

Abstract: Quality starts with requirements. In small to mid-size companies, it is not uncommon for the communication chain to be broken. Florin Ursu shares ways to avoid miscommunication through a streamlined process in which requirements are communicated to both developers and testers simultaneously; then developers write code while testers document what will be tested. Florin explores what mindmaps are; what they can be used for, both in general and applied to software development; and then dives deeper into how mindmaps can be used for testing. He describes how his teams use mindmaps to brainstorm, organize testing scenarios, prioritize work, review test scenarios, present results to stakeholders highlighting what was tested and (just as important) what was not tested, issues found, and risks. Using example mindmaps, Florin highlights important details captured in day to day work, including tips regarding format, communication style, and how to “sell” the idea of mindmaps to your stakeholders


  • Florin Ursu

Track and Room: Other - 1404

Title: Learn How To Build A Golden Record for Any Subject Over Lunch!

Abstract: Attend the lunch demo and see how you can use Master Data Services and Maestro to: • Create a golden record for any subject area in a matter of minutes Leverage your Microsoft licenses, skills and infrastructure to lower license costs and FTE costs, and reduce the complexity of an MDM environment? • Understand how to implement workflow and business process solutions around the management of MDM, without having to write complex custom coding for everything? • Tackle data quality, consistency and control by empowering business and subject matter experts, without needing heavy IT resources and writing complex code or scripting • Improve data quality, data stewardship, workflow, and data sharing with any of your enterprise


  • Gene Webb

Track and Room: Other - N/A

Title: Continuous Delivery for Data Warehouses and Marts

Abstract: Continuous delivery is an approach that enables new functionality to be delivered as needed. This session will cover how this approach can be applied to data warehouses to enable faster time to value for the consumers of the data. Most data warehouses are in a constant state of flux. There are new requirements coming in from the business, updates and improvements to be made to existing data and structures, and new initiatives that drive new data requirements. How do you manage the complexity of keeping up with the changes and delivering new features to your business users in a timely manner, while maintaining high quality? Continuous delivery is an approach for managing this. It focuses on automation of many steps in the process, so that time is spent on adding new functionality, rather than repetitive steps. Attend this session and learn how Continuous Delivery can be applied to your data projects.


  • John Welch

Track and Room: Enterprise BI - 1102

Title: Calculated Columns, Measures, and KPIs, Oh My!

Abstract: To do serious work in a Power Pivot table or even a SQL Analytics Cube, you must know the difference between calculated columns, measures, and KPIs, how to define them, use them, and display them. This session will take you step by step through the creation of each of these components of a typical pivot table or cube showing you how to define the necessary expressions and then how they are displayed in tables and charts that transform mere data into meaningful managerial information. To keep examples simple enough for all attendees to go back and try on their own, Excel Power Pivot Tables will be used, but the same techniques apply almost without change to SSAS cubes.


  • Michael Antonovich

Track and Room: Self-Service BI - 1406

Title: A practical guide to Windows Azure SQL Database for the DBA

Abstract: What is “Windows Azure SQL Database” all about ? What does this mean for me as a DBA ? What is the process for setting up a Windows Azure database ? How would I go about migrating one of my databases to “The Cloud” ? How do I possibly leverage this new technology in my production environment ? If you are a production DBA and have contemplated one or more of these questions, this session is for you! Maybe, you have been tasked with finding out about “The Cloud”. Join me in exploring the cloud where I will show you how SQL Server works in the Windows Azure SQL Database world. We will run through the simple process of configuring a Windows Azure SQL database. We will investigate the similarities and differences between on premises SQL Server and Windows Azure SQL Databases. We will even look into the DR, HA, monitoring and performance tuning options available with Windows Azure.


  • Gareth Swanepoel

Track and Room: Azure - 1202

Title: Analytics and the DBA – Using BI Power tools to visualize your SQL Infrastructure

Abstract: Using BI Power tools to visualize your SQL Infrastructure DBAs do not always have time to work with some of the amazing visual data tools that are becoming common place now for analysts. In this presentation I will show how in just a few very easy steps you can learn more than the basics of PowerView, PowerPivot and Data Mining using data you are already familiar with as a DBA, your SQL Server installation data. We will look at new and interesting way to load, transform, merge and analyze configuration and performance data for many servers simultaneously. I will also demonstrate how to best utilize that data for reports in Excel, SSRS and Visio to get the most out of automation, standardization and visualization with the new Power tools.


  • Rodney Landrum

Track and Room: DBA – Database Development - 1202

Title: Access As A Front-end to SQL-Server

Abstract: Microsoft Access makes an unparalleled front-end for any version of SQL-Server. This session will explain the how and why.


  • Arvin Meyer

Track and Room: DBA – Database Development - 1400

Title: Welcome to SSAS Tabular Models

Abstract: Knowing how to build a Tabular model is one thing. Knowing how to build a Tabular model the right way is something completely different. In this session we’ll discuss how to decide if building a Tabular model is the right choice, how to build a Tabular model completely from scratch, best practices you should follow, and things to avoid. If you’re new to Tabular Modeling or wanting to learn best practices, this session is for you!


  • Dustin Ryan

Track and Room: Enterprise BI - 1102

Title: Introduction to SQL Server Clustering

Abstract: This session will provide an introductory into failover clustering of SQL Server, including when and why to cluster SQL. We will cover the required components and walk through how clustering works behind the scenes


  • Chad Churchwell

Track and Room: DBA – Troubleshooting and Performance Tuning - 1400

Title: Analysis Services: Show Me Where It Hurts

Abstract: “It’s slow” are probably the 2 most dreaded words for any data professional…(right behind “You’re fired!”)…What’s slow? Since when? Compared to what?

Join me in this “something-everyone-should-be-doing-but-isn’t” session where we will discuss baselines and performance monitoring for your Analysis Services environment. We’ll cover what a baseline is, what information it needs to include, and how it can help you troubleshoot immediate problems and proactively avoid them in the future. Attendees will walk away from this session with a plan that can be implemented next week to help avoid the pain of being caught off guard with Analysis Services performance issues and make troubleshooting a breeze.


  • Bill Anton

Track and Room: Enterprise BI - 1102

Title: Government Transparency Powered by SharePoint 2013 and Sql 2012

Abstract: I will bring to life how SQL 2012 empowers the BI of SharePoint BI. Meaning…what parts of SQL yield what parts of SharePoint BI. Where are the SQL parts, where can you see and manage them? How does the consumer see them. How can you tell what the consumer is seeing? What tools are used to build what parts of SharePoint BI? Real-life examples of how SharePoint BI is implemented in the City of Jacksonville will be used as examples. See how your city is using Microsoft Technology to open up the city’s data to its citizens. Think PowerView and Excel (services).


  • Steve Schneider

Track and Room: Enterprise BI - 1402

Title: Smooth Data Moves

Abstract: An exploration into a way to move database data from a source to one or more destinations. This session will show you how to use dynamic bindings at runtime to avoid having to rebuild SSIS packages when schemas change. We will look at sending data to both SQL Server and Oracle databases without even knowing the column names. This metadata-driven solution will help you to develop faster and move data quickly with bcp capabilities. Attend this session to see how ODP .Net can help you look like a rock star.


  • Tricia Reynolds

Track and Room: Enterprise BI - 1404

Title: Indexing your Data Warehouse

Abstract: One of the primary skill sets most database professionals are initially required to “master” is the art of proper indexing in our databases. We learn early on that an effective indexing configuration will go further in making our databases perform efficiently than probably any other single tuning technique. What’s not so commonly discussed though are the varying approaches one may wish to utilize when indexing your SQL Server enterprise data warehouse. This session will hopefully cause you to take a good look at your current indexing to see if indeed it could be operating even more efficiently.


  • Troy Gallant

Track and Room: DBA – Troubleshooting and Performance Tuning - 1400

Title: Introduction To R

Abstract: Data Science is a relatively new discipline. Core to this is the visualization of data. R is a language and environment used for data visualization and statistical computing.

In this session we’ll explore the basics of the R language and review some examples. Additionally we’ll review an implementation that integrates R into an ASP.NET application, allowing for sophisticated ways to display dashboards.


  • Robert Biddle

Track and Room: Other - 1402

Title: Size does matter: 10 ways to reduce the database size and improve performance

Abstract: Large multi-terabyte databases are fun to work with; however, they are expensive to host and hard to support.

In this session, Dmitri will show you the set of techniques that help to reduce the size of the databases, lower hardware requirements and improve performance of the systems.


  • Dmitri Korotkevitch

Track and Room: DBA – Troubleshooting and Performance Tuning - 1404

Title: PowerShell for SQL Server Administrators

Abstract: In this session we will be discussing how SQL Server developers and database administrators can use PowerShell.


  • Lisa Jackson-Neblett

Track and Room: DBA – Database Development - 1402

Title: So you think MDX is hard?

Abstract: A lot of people have this perception that MDX is difficult. It really isn’t, when you understand what it is trying to accomplish under the hood. In this session we’ll begin with a fundamental understanding of what MDX will do for you. Then we’ll roll up our sleeves and dive into MDX code, starting from the simplest select statement and winding up building calculations you can put into your own SSAS Cubes.


  • Robert Cain

Track and Room: Enterprise BI - 1002

Title: Poor Man’s GIS using Tabular and Power View

Abstract: Technical “how to” for property-related projects completed for my employer - City of Jacksonville. Using data in creative ways, I was able to use SQL, Tabular (DAX) and the mapping capabilities of Power View to create an effective map presentation of city properties that were under-utilized, considered “blight” or otherwise required special attention. Users can visualize properties with liens, vacant, City-owned, Schools,etc. on the same map (with the address, of course), filtering the map by zip code or city council district.


  • Fred Stimler

Track and Room: Self-Service BI - 1002

Title: Query Tuning - Get it Right the First Time

Abstract: SQL Server query tuning is often more art than science and it can quickly eat up a lot of DBA and/or Developer time. This presentation will outline a method for determining the best approach for tuning queries by utilizing response time analysis and SQL diagramming techniques. Regardless of the complexity of the statement, this quick, systematic approach will lead you down the correct tuning path with no guessing. If you are a beginner or expert, this approach will save you countless hours tuning a query.


  • Janis Griffin

Track and Room: DBA – Troubleshooting and Performance Tuning - 1202

Title: Indexing for performance

Abstract: Learn all you wanted to know about index design, but were afraid to ask. This session focuses on physical index structures as well as how the server chooses indexes. Note: Join optimization is a separate session


  • Jeffrey Garbus

Track and Room: Other - 1202

Title: Database Projects: Development and Deploying

Abstract: A look at the advantages of using Database Projects within Visual Studio. We’ll look at partial database projects, tools for sql developers, TFS integration, DACPACs, and what happens during the build and publish steps. This will be demo heavy with a slide deck to remind you of the key points of the session.


  • Jonathon Moorman

Track and Room: DBA – Database Development - 1402

Title: Much Ado About Hadoop

Abstract: Hadoop is a hot topic right now, and Microsoft is betting that Hadoop and SQL Server will go together like peanut butter and chocolate. This presentation will spend a little bit of time on the theory behind Hadoop, but the rest will be a demo-driven look at how to get a handle on Hadoop before somebody introduces it into your enterprise.


  • Kevin Feasel

Track and Room: Big Data - 1406

Title: Process SSAS Cubes with SSIS

Abstract: So you have used SSIS for years to do all your ETL and loading of your data warehouse, but did you know you could also handle all your cube processing inside of SSIS? In this session Mitchell will introduce you to four little know tasks in SSIS that will help to automate the processing of your cube.


  • Mitchell Pearson

Track and Room: Enterprise BI - 1406

Title: Kids Camp

Abstract: For SQLSaturday attendees’ children only (children 9-17) Registration for this event must be done from our meetup site. You cannot register on the day of the event for Kids Camp.


The students will get to create there own exciting games and robots while learning fundamental concepts or programming. Lunch will be included. The $10 fee holds your place but please email us if you wish to cancel. Parents will need to remain on campus at SQLSaturday while their kids are in the program.

An Adult must remain on campus at SQLSaturday during the day.


  • Devin Knight

Track and Room: Other - 1026

Title: SSIS Destination Fast

Abstract: Ever face the problem of having slow SSIS packages due to either large lookups on dimensions or complicated merge methods used in SSIS? Free yourself from this tasks with no third-party tools or stage tables required. In this session Mike will demonstrate a totally different way of Increasing speed of destination merges and also eliminating large dimension lookups in SSIS via SQL triggers. I will also demonstrate how to use this same code to create a “Fast” even customizable slowly changing dimension insert.


  • Michael Mollenhour

Track and Room: Enterprise BI - 1002

Title: SSIS Performance Tuning

Abstract: SSIS is a powerful ETL tool, but by nature ETL developers are always looking for better performance. In this hour long presentation we will cover many basic options and features that you can use to performance tune any SSIS package. Who wouldn’t want better package performance?


  • Shawn Harrison

Track and Room: Enterprise BI - 1102

Title: Power BI 101

Abstract: An introduction to Power BI for the beginner. This session will take you from a total beginner to someone who prepares simple useful analytical solutions. The session will discuss the different applications that make up the Power BI Suite; Power Pivot, Power View, Power Map and Power Query, how they interact with each other and what a final solution looks like. The session will also provide a Quick-Start Guide that will help you get started with your first BI analytical solution.


  • Kurt Amundson

Track and Room: Self-Service BI - 1002

Title: Tracking Usage of Analysis Services with SharePoint

Abstract: Tracking usage of multi-dimensional cubes and tabular projects is very valuable for an individual, organization, team, or manager. This session will show you how to set up usage analytics within your organization. The end goal of this is to capture more data about your organization, and use this data to supplement business decisions.


  • Sukhmani Bains

Track and Room: Enterprise BI - 1402

Title: Troubleshooting Tips 101

Abstract: Are you new to SQL Server? Did your first tasks involve problem solving someone else’s work? Diagnosing SQL Server problems does not have to be a time sink, or a struggle. Learn about the most common errors in SQL Server and Brandie’s top 20 tips for finding the problem fast.


  • Brandie Tarvin

Track and Room: DBA – Troubleshooting and Performance Tuning - 1400

Title: Dashboard Creation with the new Power BI

Abstract: Creating dashboards just became a lot easier. The Power BI Designer is a dedicated development tool for creating Power BI dashboards. The designer integrates many of the tools you may already be familiar with (Power Pivot, Power Query, Power View) but in a more accessible way to businesses. The Power BI Designer allows you to acquire the necessary data, create relationships between objects and then create impressive charts, maps, graphs that can then be deployed and viewed from any device, anywhere.


  • Devin Knight

Track and Room: Self-Service BI - 1102

Title: HA in an about an Hour

Abstract: This session will cover the basics for SQL server native tools to provide high availability to your databases. Overview of AlwaysOn, Clustering, Mirroring, and Log Shipping. Pros and cons for each will be covered and direct comparisons of the technologies. After attending this session attendees should be able to know the questions to answer to select the proper HA solution for their environment.


  • Shawn Meyers

Track and Room: DBA – Troubleshooting and Performance Tuning - 1202

Title: Azure Data Services – Real-time Analytics

Abstract: Azure Data Services enables users to build data warehouse platforms in the cloud. This presentation will highlight the services in Azure that enable developers to build, load and query data from a cloud data source into Azure. We will discuss the cloud architecture and demonstrate how to load data from social feeds into Hadoop for reporting. This session will showcase the product and review the conceptual differences between on premise and cloud software.


  • Jason Virtue

Track and Room: Azure - 1406

Title: Interview Puzzles and how to handle them

Abstract: In today’s world of technology interview, employees have come up with more and more tricks and puzzles to test your brain. How would you move mount fuji? How many basketballs would fit in this room? In this session Mike will cover these questions and many more. You will leanr what not to say and how to handle tough questions.


  • Mike Davis

Track and Room: Personal Development - 1404

Title: Data Mining with Excel 2013

Abstract: In this session I will introduce the data mining capabilities of Excel. We will talk about scenarios for the use of the tools and how to interpret the results. We will cover data preparation with respect to the mining models. We will also discuss the very important issue of “margin of error” and the dangers of misinterpreting and/or misapplication of the tools and results. Attendees can expect to leave with a clear understanding of the available data mining tools along with how and when to use them.


  • Michael Reed

Track and Room: Self-Service BI - 1400

Title: Inside the Query Optimizer

Abstract: The Query Optimizer is a black box. It can be intimidating until you understand it. Understanding the Optimizer beings with knowing the Rules. The way our queries are written reflect directly on the output that we get. In this session we will look at the rules in SQL Server, write queries to show those rules in action, and walk out with a better understanding of how the Optimizer works. This is the first step in learning how to use the Optimizer’s rules to make your queries faster!


  • Bradley Ball

Track and Room: DBA – Troubleshooting and Performance Tuning - 1202

Title: Cloudy with a Chance of Data

Abstract: Cloud, Cloud, Cloud. Microsoft is “all in”. CxOs love the idea of renting compute resources. You know this is where our profession is headed, but when and how fast. When should you jump on board? The good news is cloud will not eliminate or even reduce the need for IT and Data professionals. The bad news is our world and our profession is changing. Adapt or be left behind. Come see what Microsoft Azure has to offer Data Professionals.


  • Geoff Hiten

Track and Room: Azure - 1406

Title: DataViz You Thought You Couldn’t Do with SSRS

Abstract: Despite SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) being a very flexible and adaptable tool when it comes to visualization techniques, very few venture beyond its ready-made charts. Most of the time, all it takes to build a chart considered “outside the scope” of SSRS is a bit of lateral thinking. Sometimes, we need to go a little further and use custom code. Join this session as we bust popular myths around “impossible in SSRS” visualizations and construct them live in SSRS!


  • Jason Thomas

Track and Room: Enterprise BI - 1102

Title: SQL Server 2014 In-Memory Programming

Abstract: SQL Server 2014 introduces a game changer technology; in-memory objects. This session is a hands-on demo based presentation that will introduce you to what the technology is and how to use it. You will come out of this session with the knowledge and scripts that you can take back to your shop and instantly be productive. You will gain an understanding of the architecture, how to get started, indexes, natively compiled stored procedures and the limitations.


  • miguel Cebollero

Track and Room: DBA – Database Development - 1400

Title: Monetizing Your Data with Predictive Analytics

Abstract: Get up and close with developing a predictive model with Azure ML. This session will build a predictive model using mobile advertising click-through data. Gain an understanding of how a predictive model is evaluated, validated and given a return on investment to ensure it is capable of making real world predictions.


  • Jason Schuh

Track and Room: Enterprise BI - 1406

Title: Why I won’t hire you and what you can do about it!

Abstract: As a hiring manager, I see the same mistakes over and over again. In this session we’ll talk about common mistakes in resumes, interviews, social media and how you can avoid them. We’ll also discuss lost opportunities and how not to miss them. This information applies to both internal and external candidates.


  • Leigh Freijo

Track and Room: Personal Development - 1002

Title: Launching your career in data management

Abstract: Maybe you are a student thinking about what comes next, or a professional looking for a change. Either way, if you’re interested in joining the ranks of data management professionals, it will help to know a few things.

We’ll cover some real world basics to help get your foot in the door: 1.) Finding companies that hire interns or entry level positions, and getting an interview 2.) What hiring managers are really looking for when hiring for entry level positions 3.) The first 90 days 4.) Getting noticed at the office 5.) Your ongoing commitment to an ever evolving (and rewarding) career path


  • Jason Hall

Track and Room: Personal Development - 1404

Title: Querying Active Directory From SSRS To Secure Reports And Enhance The User Experience

Abstract: As SSRS report developers, we take for granted the security that is built in to Reporting Services. This Session explores the possibilities available to us by querying AD.


  • Wes Springob

Track and Room: Enterprise BI - 1402

Title: Data Factory: Data Integration in the Cloud

Abstract: The Azure platform is ever changing. Today is no different. Azure has released a new tool called Data Factory. It is a cloud PaaS that is SSIS in the cloud. Are you curious what all it entails and if you can use it? In this session, we’ll go over the basics of Data Factory like structure, billing, and building blocks. We’ll go over a couple instances on how you can use Data Factory in current processes that you have in your data warehouse ETL.


  • Josh Luedeman

Track and Room: Azure - 1102

Title: Data Compression – Why and How

Abstract: SQL Server’s index compression can have substantial benefits for administration, resource utilization, and query performance. However, implementing compression can be challenging. This session will discuss the benefits of compression, some occasional costs to be aware of, and then provide scripts to estimate compression benefits for indices, as well as generate the SQL needed to implement compression for those indices that warrant it.


  • John Kauffman

Track and Room: DBA – Troubleshooting and Performance Tuning - 1002


This is a list of speakers from the XML Guidebook records. The details and URLs were valid at the time of the event.

Janis Griffin

Twitter: - DoBoutAnything

LinkedIn: Janis Griffin

Janis Griffin has over 30 years of DBA/database experience including design, development and implementation of many critical database applications. Before coming to Quest Software, Janis primarily worked in the Telecom/Network Industry, working with both real-time network routing databases and OLTP business to business applications. Janis also held positions as a Principal Architect and Senior Manager, mentoring other DBAs on best practices in database performance tuning.

miguel Cebollero

Twitter: - SQLMiguel

LinkedIn: miguel Cebollero

Miguel is a father, husband and database professional with more than 18 years of experience. He has held positions in management, database administration, development, architect and BI development. Miguel is a regular speaker at local user groups, regional SQLSaturday and the national PASS Summit conference on various database topics. He has been an avid volunteer, chapter leader, contributor for PASS and published author of Pro TSQL Programmers Guide; ApressMedia, Published 2/27/2015

Devin Knight

Twitter: - @knight_devin

LinkedIn: Devin Knight

Contact: http://devinknightsql.com

Devin Knight a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and the Training Director at Pragmatic Works. He is an author of seven SQL Server and Business Intelligence books and speaks at conferences like PASS Summit, PASS Business Analytics Conference, SQLSaturdays and Code Camps. He is also a contributing member to several PASS Virtual Chapters. Making his home in Jacksonville, FL, Devin is the Vice President of the local Power BI User Group and SQL Server User Group (JSSUG).

Mitchell Pearson

Twitter: - @MitchellSQL

Contact: http://www.mitchellpearson.com

Mitchell is an experienced Business Intelligence Consultant and Trainer at Pragmatic Works and is currently the content training manager leading content development and delivery of training courses. Mitchell is experienced developing BI solutions using the full Microsoft BI Stack (SSRS, SSIS, and SSAS) as well as Microsoft Power BI. He is also very active in the community speaking at SQLSaturday events, local user groups, and online virtual events. Mitchell also blogs at mitchellpearson.com.

Rodney Landrum

Twitter: - @SQLBeat

Contact: https://www.simple-talk.com/blogs/author/2133-rodney-landrum/

Rodney Landrum has been architecting solutions for SQL Server for over 12 years. He has worked with and written about many SQL Server technologies, including DTS, Integration Services, Analysis Services, and Reporting Services. He has co-authored 4 books on Reporting Services. He is been a regular contributor to SQL Server magazine, sqlservercentral.com and Simple-talk.com. Rodney is also SQL Server MVP

Chad Churchwell

Twitter: - @chadchurchwell

LinkedIn: Chad Churchwell

Contact: http://www.sqlchad.com

Seasoned SQL Server DBA Professional with over 18 years IT experience with 15 years experience in databases. I have managed an enterprise DBA team and am currently in a strategic consulting role specializing in HA, DR, Replication, and Performance Tuning and Optimization. I am currently speaking at several SQLSaturday’s as well as local user group meetings.

Geoff Hiten

Twitter: - SQLCraftsman

LinkedIn: Geoff Hiten

Geoff Hiten is a Technical Solutions Professional at Microsoft. Geoff began working with SQL Server in 1992 with version 4.2 and has used every version since. He specializes in highly available SQL systems, performance tuning, and systems migration. Geoff is heavily involved in the Microsoft SQL Server Community and was initially awarded MVP status in 2004. Geoff was appointed in 2011 to fill an interim Director position at the National PASS organization.

Tricia Reynolds

Tricia Reynolds is a database development manager with 15 years of experience in .Net (and predecessors) as well as SQL Server. She has worked in the Jacksonville area since 2000, when she began as a C++ 1.52 developer. She presented at IBM’s Impact conference, and enjoys going to Microsoft TechEd. Her current team is responsible for the daily consumption of hundreds of files into SQL Server databases at Black Knight Financial Services.

Andy Warren

Twitter: - @sqlandy

Contact: https://sqlandy.com

Andy Warren is a SQL Server consultant and trainer based in Orlando, FL. Focusing on administration, performance tuning, and SQL Server patterns and practices, he’s been a SQL Server MVP since 2008. Andy served two terms on the PASS Board of Directors, was a founding principal in SQLServerCentral, and created both the SQLSaturday and SQLRally event models.

Gene Webb

Twitter: - None

LinkedIn: Gene Webb

Contact: http://None

Gene Webb is a Regional Sales Executive with The Profisee Group based in Alpharetta Georgia. Profisee is the successor to Stratature the company that built Master Data Services (MDS) and sold the product to Microsoft in 2007. Profisee focuses around Master Data Management (MDM) and as a Gold ISV provides solution sets built on MDS and the Microsoft Stack. Gene spent 7 years working at Microsoft as a SQL Server and Developer Tools solution specialist and an ISV Developer Evangelist.

Sukhmani Bains

Sukhmani Bains works at the City of Jacksonville, and has been living in Jacksonville for 10 years. He is active in the community and is an avid tennis player who runs a coaching clinic for kids 3 days a week. Professionally his primary focus is on SQL, SSIS, and SSAS. He has a passion for data modeling and for making data architecting. He received his Associates degree at the age of 18 from FSCJ and his Bachelors in Computer and Information Science at 21 from UNF. He also has a minor in Histo

John Kauffman

John Kauffman has worked with SQL Server for over 10 years, and is currently a Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft specializing in T-SQL development and optimization, index management, and system performance and internals. In past lives, he has been a doctoral student in developmental psychology; a teacher; a landscape designer; and a beach bum.

Robert Biddle

Twitter: - @robert_biddle

LinkedIn: Robert Biddle

Contact: http://robert-biddle.com

Robert Biddle is a Data Architect for Hilton Grand Vacations in Orlando, Florida. He has over a decade of experience working with SQL Server in a variety of roles. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Delaware and also has MCITP certifications for Database Administration and Database Development. In recent years, Robert has specialized himself working with data integration, ETL, and data warehousing. He is a frequent speaker at SQLSaturday and Code Camp events.

Michael Mollenhour

Mike has worked with Database performance and troubleshooting for over 20 years. His experience has been gained from both Large Corporations (Citi-Group) to smaller organizations. Mike currently works as an Independent Contractor.

Leigh Freijo

Twitter: - @leighfreijo

LinkedIn: Leigh Freijo

Leigh Freijo is a Manager in Database Administration for Raymond James Financial. Leigh is an experienced SQL Server DBA and the chapter leader of the Pinellas SQL User Group.

Brandie Tarvin

Database Administrator by day and Author by night Brandie Tarvin sails pirate-populated waters, fights evil robots in disguise and turns kingdoms into chaotic rebellious city-states all while coding ETL processes and protecting real-world data from corruption. If it weren’t for her, someone else would have the job and where would be the fun in that?

Brandie’s first computer experience was with a State-of-the-Art Commodore 64 brought home by her father, who informed her that “computers are NOT toys” and would not let her use it until she learned how to program. In late 2003, she turned her hobbies of programming, MUSHing and assisting friends with generic tech support into a full time career as a database administrator. She’s been stuck in the fabulous and bizarre world of professional IT work ever since.

Currently, Brandie is a Database Administrator Developer for Allstate Dealer Services in Jacksonville. She has published several articles on SQLServerCentral.com, trains her co-workers in SQL Server, and has previously presented at several SQLSaturday events and JSSUG meetings. She also writes fiction and freelances for Catalyst Game Labs in her spare time.

Josh Luedeman

Twitter: - http://www.twitter.com/joshluedeman

LinkedIn: Josh Luedeman

Contact: http://www.joshluedeman.com

Josh is a Sr FastTrack Engineer with the FastTrack team in the Azure Engineering Group at Microsoft. Josh focuses on Microsoft’s Cloud Scale Analytics Solutions in Azure using products like HDInsight, Data Lake, Data Factory, and DataBricks. He has worked in IT for over 10 years holding positions in Application Support, Database Administration, and Business Intelligence, in industries like Higher Education, Consulting, Manufacturing, and Software Development.

Arvin Meyer

Contact: http://www.datastrat.com

A Microsoft Certified Professional and a 15 time awarded Microsoft MVP, Arvin writes freelance technology articles, is an author of a book on Access, leads the Access, Office, and Security, Special Interest Groups, and is the President Emeritus of the Central Florida Computer Society. Arvin works as a consultant, and is Chief Database Architect of a software technology firm in Orlando, FL.

Jason Thomas

Twitter: - @SqlJason

LinkedIn: Jason Thomas

Contact: http://www.SqlJason.com

Jason Thomas is a Microsoft Certified SQL Server professional with over 10 years of Microsoft BI experience. He is a BI Consultant for BlueGranite, based in Charlotte, NC. When he#39;s not at work, Jason likes sharing his time between the MSDN forums (for which he was recognized with the Microsoft Community Contributor award), blogging about MSBI (www.SqlJason.com), speaking at SQL Server events, and watching movies with his wife (not necessarily in that order).

Kevin Feasel

Twitter: - feaselkl

LinkedIn: Kevin Feasel

Contact: http://www.catallaxyservices.com

Kevin Feasel is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and CTO at Envizage, where he specializes in data analytics with T-SQL and R, forcing Spark clusters to do his bidding, fighting with Kafka, and pulling rabbits out of hats on demand. He is the lead contributor to Curated SQL (https://curatedsql.com), president of the Triangle Area SQL Server Users Group (https://www.meetup.com/tripass), and author of PolyBase Revealed (https://www.apress.com/us/book/9781484254608). A resident of Durham, North Carolina, he can be found cycling the trails along the triangle whenever the weather’s nice enough.

Jeffrey Garbus

LinkedIn: Jeffrey Garbus

Contact: http://mssqlperformance.blogspot.com/

Jeff has been consulting on and performing technical training for MS SQL Server since 1989, Version 4, on OS/2. Since then, he has worked extensively with each release of the product, specializing in performance and tuning, from concept through legacy system, on systems of all sizes, from small start-up company applications to multi-terabyte data warehouses.

In addition to hands-on consulting, he speaks at SQLSaturdays several times/year, has a youtube channel with free training, and has written 20 books on database management systems.

His latest book is “Transact SQL the Definitive Guide.”

John Welch

Twitter: - @john_welch

LinkedIn: John Welch

Contact: http://agilebi.com/jwelch

John Welch joined SentryOne in spring 2018 as VP of Engineering with the acquisition by SentryOne of the software division of Pragmatic Works. John leads the development of a suite of products that make developing, managing, and documenting data solutions easier. John has been successfully delivering IT solutions to business problems since 1994, and has been focused on business intelligence and data warehousing technologies since 2001. He is a Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP), and a frequent presenter on SQL Server and data topics. He also contributes to several open source projects and community initiatives targeted toward making data professionals work more productive.

Shawn Harrison

Twitter: - @ShawnBHarrison

Contact: http://www.thesqlgoth.com

Shawn Harrison is a BI Developer at Community Hospice and Palliative Care. He oversees the data warehouse and works within other levels of the MS BI stack. He also speaks at community events such as SQLSaturday, user group meetings.

Troy Gallant

Contact: http://www.troygallant.com

Troy has been a SQL Server professional for over 18 years, filling various roles as analyst, developer, and for the last decade, DBA. As a regular speaker at SQLSaturdays up and down the east coast, he’s taught on a multitude of topics from disaster recovery to performance tuning to professional development. Currently residing in Jacksonville once again, he just got back from two years as Sr. DBA for the EDW of a major international insurance company in New York City.

Gareth Swanepoel

Twitter: - @GarethSwan

Contact: http://mygareth.com

Gareth Swanepoel is a sysadmin-turned-SQL Server DBA. He has been working in the IT industry doing support and administration for over 25 years. He enjoys solving the complex problems that customers encounter when performance tuning SQL Server or when deploying SQL Server in large data warehouse environments. He is originally from South Africa and is currently a Dedicated Support Engineer (PFE) with Microsoft. He is a passionate member of the SQL Server community and is an accomplished author and speaker having presented at various user groups, SQLSaturdays, the PASS Summit and other technical conferences.

Devin Knight

Twitter: - @knight_devin

LinkedIn: Devin Knight

Contact: http://devinknightsql.com

Devin Knight a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and the Training Director at Pragmatic Works. He is an author of seven SQL Server and Business Intelligence books and speaks at conferences like PASS Summit, PASS Business Analytics Conference, SQLSaturdays and Code Camps. He is also a contributing member to several PASS Virtual Chapters. Making his home in Jacksonville, FL, Devin is the Vice President of the local Power BI User Group and SQL Server User Group (JSSUG).

Wes Springob

Twitter: - /SQLWes

LinkedIn: Wes Springob

Contact: http://SQLWes.com

Wes Springob is a Premier Field Engineer (PFE) at Microsoft and speaks regularly on Business Intelligence, Power BI, database and report development.

Lisa Jackson-Neblett

Lisa Jackson-Neblett is a Senior SQL Server Premier Field Engineer for Microsoft. She has been with Microsoft for over 4 years and has presented at multiple SQL Server Saturdays. She specializes in high availability, virtualization and performance tuning.

Kurt Amundson

Work as a BI Analyst in the City of Jacksonville Business Intelligence Group. Currently developing SSRS Reports and Power Pivot solutions using the MS BI Stack for our customers in the City of Jacksonville. Completed 1,100 hours of Independent Courser work on T-SQL and the Microsoft SQL Server and the Business Intelligence Platform. Completed Virtual Training (Online Training, Webinars etc.) on SQL Server 2012 and the entire BI Platform: SSIS, SSAS and SSRS as well as the entire Power BI suite.

Dmitri Korotkevitch

Twitter: - aboutsqlserver

LinkedIn: Dmitri Korotkevitch

Contact: http://aboutsqlserver.com

Dmitri Korotkevitch is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and Microsoft Certified Master, author of Pro SQL Server Internals and other books with years of experience working with SQL Server as an Application and Database Developer, Database Administrator, and Database Architect.

Dmitri specializes in the design, development, and performance tuning of complex OLTP systems that handle thousands of transactions per second around the clock. He blogs at: http://aboutsqlserver.com.

Bradley Ball

Twitter: - @SQLBalls

LinkedIn: Bradley Ball

Contact: http://www.sqlballs.com

Bradley Ball is a Sr. Azure Engineer for Microsoft, and former Data Platform MVP. During his IT career Bradley has spent 8 years working as a Defense contractor for clients such as the U.S. Army and The Executive Office of the President of the United States, and the former Data Platform Practice Manager for Pragmatic Works Consulting. He has presented at SQLSaturdays, SSUG’s, SQL Rally, DevConnections, SQLBits, SQL Live 360, and the PASS Summit. Bradley can be found blogging on http://www.SQLBalls.com

Dustin Ryan

Twitter: - @SQLDusty

LinkedIn: Dustin Ryan

Contact: http://sqldusty.com

Dustin Ryan is a senior BI consultant and trainer with Pragmatic Works in Jacksonville, FL. Dustin specializes in delivering quality enterprise-level business intelligence solutions to clients using SSRS, SSIS, SSAS, SharePoint, and Power BI. Dustin has authored and contributed to SQL Server books. You can find Dustin speaking at events such as SQLSaturday, Code Camp, and online webinars.

Jason Hall

Twitter: - @SQLSaurus

LinkedIn: Jason Hall

Contact: http://blogs.sqlsentry.com/jasonhall

Jason Hall (@SQLSaurus) leads SentryOne’s Product Management team, which is responsible for managing product design, development and delivery.

Jason has worked in varied technology roles for over 20 years and holds industry certifications including MCSE (legacy), MCSD, MCTS, MCPD, and PMC-III.

Michael Reed

LinkedIn: Michael Reed

I have been working with SQL Server for 14 years, have a background in business, worked in the Microsoft Online Services Division, Behavioral Targeting group, am employed by Pragmatic Works as a Senior BI Consultant. I am studying Data Science through online certificate programs and bring this experience to my presentations. I am particularly interested in how to apply Big Data to solve business problems.

Bill Anton

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/SQLbyoBI

LinkedIn: Bill Anton

Contact: http://byobi.com/blog/

Bill Anton is an expert in Analysis Services and an experienced data warehouse practitioner. In 2013, he founded Opifex Solutions, a consulting firm with deep expertise in enterprise-scale architecture, design, and performance optimization of Analysis Services and Power BI solutions. He loves eating and spends most of his free time convincing his beloved wife to adopt more golden retrievers.

Fred Stimler

Fred is a Jacksonville (FL) developer specializing in Business Intelligence tools: SQL Server 2012, Tabular, SSIS, SSRS, PowerPivot and Power View, . Also worked with Tableau 8.2 - a powerful visualization tool used by the City.

Jonathon Moorman

LinkedIn: Jonathon Moorman

Jon has developed using Sql Server since version 6.0! Easily distracted by shiny objects, he has always been on the bleeding edge of sql development. When not presenting, Jon might be found backpacking, hiking, camping, canoeing, or simply resting at home with a good scifi book.

Florin Ursu

In the testing industry for more than fourteen years and a test manager for the past eight, Florin Ursu is highly technical and passionate about understanding the whys and hows of each project he is part of. Florin has worked in environments from marketing automation to the games industry and telecom, becoming an expert in agile and kanban, and a certified ScrumMaster in the process. Florin is passionate about contextual testing, session-based testing, mindmaps, mnemonics, oracles and heuristics

Robert Cain

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/arcanecode

LinkedIn: Robert Cain

Contact: http://arcanecode.com

Robert C. Cain (http://arcanecode.com) is a Microsoft MVP, MCTS Certified in BI, and is the owner of Arcane Training and Consulting, LLC. He is also a course author for Plurasight, author for Red Gate’s SImple Talk website, and co-author of 4 books. A popular speaker, Robert has presented at events such as the SQL PASS Summit, TechEd, CodeStock, and numerous SQLSaturdays. Robert has over 25 years experience in the IT industry, working in a variety of fields ranging from manufacturing to telecommunications to nuclear power.

Mike Davis

Twitter: - @mikedavisSQL

LinkedIn: Mike Davis

Contact: http://MikeDavisSQL.com

Mike Davis, MCITP, is a Consulting Team Lead at Pragmatic Works. He is an author with books covering Business Intelligence and SSIS. Mike is an experienced speaker and has presented at many events such as several SQL Server User Groups, Code Camps, SQL Server Launches, SQLSaturday, and SQL Rally. Mike is an active member at his local user group (JSSUG) in Jacksonville, FL.

Jason Virtue

Jason Virtue, BI Technology Solution Specialist for Microsoft who covers the Greater Southeast District region. Jason has worked in the BI industry for 20 years for management consulting firms and Fortune 500 companies. He has worked as a BI architect and delivered multiple BI platforms across various businesses. His technology and real-world experience helps him advise client on best practices in the data warehouse industry

Shawn Meyers

Twitter: - 1dizzygoose

LinkedIn: Shawn Meyers

Shawn Meyers is a Field CTO working at Tintri. Shawn has worked in IT for 25+ years and specifically with SQL Server for 20+ years, beginning with version 6.5. A frequent speaker at many events including PASS Summit, VMworld, VMUGs, Virtual Chapter sessions, and many SQLSaturday events. Current focus is on improving DBAs lives with better infrastructure.

Michael Antonovich

Twitter: - @SharePointMikeA

LinkedIn: Michael Antonovich

Contact: http://sharepointmike.wordpress.com

Michael Antonovich is the assistant director of Web and Technology Services in the Communications Division for Orange County Public Schools in Orlando, FL, where he manages the Internet and intranet infrastructure. He has published seven books, ranging from an Apple II User Guide to Office and SharePoint 2010 User’s Guide. His blog has focused mainly on PowerPivot and Power BI, but for the last year Mike has taken a break to pursue some other activities. He hopes to restart his blog later this year focusing more on style and presentation. Mike has used SQL Server since 1998 and, for the past 7 years, has been promoting SSAS, PowerPivot, and Power BI for the masses.

Steve Schneider

LinkedIn: Steve Schneider

Contact: http://sqlinsight.net/blog/

Speaker Bio: Steve Schneider is a Business Intelligence developer for the City of Jacksonville (Florida), and has been embedded in SQL for over 20 years. He is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and a Microsoft Certified Database Administrator. Along with his passion for SQL, he spends his time running half marathons and sailing. His current focus of interest is performance tuning, security, and cube building. He tries to maintain a constant sense of gratitude to God for the wonderful things he has been enabled to do.

Jason Schuh

Contact: http://www.pragmaticworks.com

Data strategist with 18 years of experience in analytics, business intelligence, predictive analytics. Masters Degree in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University.


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