SQLSaturday #362 - Austin 2015

Event Date: 01/31/2015 00:00:00

Event Location:

  • Wingate by Wyndham Round Rock Hotel and Conference Center
  • 1209 N IH 35
  • Round Rock, Texas

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Title: Turbocharge Your Career With a Learning Plan

Abstract: What will you learn next quarter and why? How will you learn it? How much time and money will it cost? What is the ROI on learning those skills? Those are the questions that you answer by building a learning plan and, if you do it well, you’ll find yourself steadily pulling away from your peers.

It starts with a learning list, a place to capture skills you think you need to learn. That’s where you score each topic by estimating the effort to learn it in time and money and the value it adds to your career now and later. It’s absolutely an analog process, but it gives you the framework for answering one question: what do I learn next and why?

Once you’ve picked a topic, how do you learn more about it? Do you read blogs, buy books, or attend a class? Or all of the above? How much time makes sense? Join this session and learn how to dig into the topic to answer the questions that lead to a learning plan. After that, it’s just a matter of executing the plan!


  • Andy Warren

Track and Room: DBA, Security - N/A

Title: Query Store - A New SQL Query Tuning Feature

Abstract: Have you ever come in to work only to have the boss come tell you that your main site is down and the database is “broken”? Fixing query performance problems can be rough, especially in high-pressure situations. Microsoft has developed a feature to help customers gain significantly easier insight into production systems and to be able to quickly fix cases where a new plan choice from the query optimizer has undesired performance consequences. This talk introduces the Query Store, explains the architecture, and shows how it can be used to solve real-world performance problems. It will now be possible to ask questions like “show me what query plans have changed since yesterday” and to quickly ask the optimizer to “go back” to the query plan that was working fine for you previously.


  • Conor Cunningham

Track and Room: Thunderdome - N/A

Title: Learn How To Build A Golden Record for Any Subject Over Lunch!

Abstract: Attend the lunch demo and see how you can use Master Data Services and Maestro to: • Create a golden record for any subject area in a matter of minutes Leverage your Microsoft licenses, skills and infrastructure to lower license costs and FTE costs, and reduce the complexity of an MDM environment? • Understand how to implement workflow and business process solutions around the management of MDM, without having to write complex custom coding for everything? • Tackle data quality, consistency and control by empowering business and subject matter experts, without needing heavy IT resources and writing complex code or scripting • Improve data quality, data stewardship, workflow, and data sharing with any of your enterprise


  • Gene Webb

Track and Room: Business Intelligence - N/A

Title: No DR Site?! No problem!! Enhance your SQL Server HA/DR capabilities using Windows Azure

Abstract: You may already know that Windows Azure cloud service will help you build cost-efficient, scalable and flexible SQL Server solutions. But do you know you can also use it to enhance the High Availability and Disaster Recovery of your SQL Server solutions? In this session, we will show you how you can use the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) capabilities of Windows Azure to build highly scalable and available SQL Servers. We will then take it further to demonstrate how you can use AlwaysOn Availability Groups to improve availability and provide disaster recovery for your SQL Servers either on premise, in the cloud or both (Hybrid). We will also introduce you to the cloud enhancements in SQL Server 2014 that makes deploying databases to Windows Azure and implementing AlwaysON replicas in the cloud merely a child play. We will also look at how Windows Azure Blob Storage provides flexible, reliable off-site storage location for your SQL Server database backups.


  • Kal Yella

Track and Room: DBA, Cloud - N/A

Title: Increase your SSIS productivity with Biml

Abstract: Business Intelligence Markup Language (Biml) is an XML language for Microsoft Business Intelligence that can take your Integration Services package development to the next level. Creating template packages added productivity to your Integration Services development effort. If the template design changes after development begins, a fair amount of rework to packages could be needed. See how Biml can help create template packages that can better adapt to changing business needs and allow for more comprehensive design or redesign.

This session will be a demo based session that will inspire you to make Biml your number one integration services development tool. Learn how to use Biml scripts to create staging tables and integration services packages. Add metadata to your Biml scripts and really watch the possibilities expand.


  • Reeves Smith

Track and Room: Thunderdome - N/A

Title: SQL Server 2014 In Memory technologies - In Memory OLTP (aka Hekaton) ColumnStore

Abstract: With the advent of new hardware servers with hundreds of Gigabytes of RAM memory and incredibly faster CPUs with multi-core dies Microsoft has catapulted SQL Server above competitors with some new In Memory technologies. Did you ever want to have no locking, no blocking, no latch? For highly transactional systems, In Memory OLTP can boost performance 10x by hosting a table in memory and compiling the stored procedure in C code/DLL. Did you ever wanted to have queries return blazing fast for slow changing data? Updatable ColumnStore index allows for quick results to be returned as massive compression on the column exist and data is kept in RAM. Having participated in SQL14/Hekaton TAP, I’ll be showing demo on both of these technologies, gotchas, best practices.


  • Reinaldo Kibel

Track and Room: Thunderdome - N/A

Title: Capture Change and Apply it with CDC SSIS

Abstract: Whether you are trying to setup a new data warehouse, keep it updated, audit changes to your databases or quickly load changes to another database Change Data Capture (CDC) is a solution for all of these and can now be setup and supported easily with SQL Server SSIS 2012! Change Data Capture (CDC) has been around since SQL Server 2008, but has been underused because it was difficult to fully implement. SSIS 2012 now provides support for CDC with new components that make consuming the captured data very easy to apply. This session will define what CDC is and with live demos show how it is setup on your databases. Once it has been setup then you need to consume and apply those changes, this will be demonstrated with live demos using SSIS 2012 to create packages that apply the changes.


  • Steve Wake

Track and Room: Business Intelligence - N/A

Title: DBA Toolbox: Surviving A Disaster

Abstract: From human error to the SAN crashing disasters happen. Knowing what to do and having the skills needed to recover after a disaster is one of the most important skills a DBA must have. We will discuss Disaster Recovery Plans and why you need them. We discuss your role and what you must know. This is a demo heavy session and all scripts will be provided so you can practice your skills and make you more confident and help you survive a disaster.


  • AJ Mendo

Track and Room: DBA, Automation - N/A

Title: Getting started with Tabular Analysis Services

Abstract: This session will give the basics of starting a tabular model with Analysis Services 2014 and PowerView from Excel 2013. We will start by opening the Visual Studio environment to create a Solution/Project. The Fact and Dimension tables will be imported and Filtered. Basic attribute and hierarchies will be created along with some calculations on the fact data. The Deployed project will be previewed in PowerView from Excel 2013.


  • Thomas LeBlanc

Track and Room: Business Intelligence - N/A

Title: Turbo Boost Performance: In Memory Tables index optimizations

Abstract: With the introduction of in-memory based tables in SQL Server 2014, it’s natural to expect significant increases in query performance. But what do we do when queries which utilize in-memory tables actually start to perform same or, in some cases, even worse than their equivalent disk based table predecessors? In this session, we are going to take a look at the changes to the indexing design for in-memory based objects and how it differs from existing disk based table indexing. Also, we are going to cover how to choose the appropriate indexes for your in-memory object to give you the performance boost that you have been expecting.


  • Konstantin Melamud

Track and Room: Development - N/A

Title: SQL Server: Monitoring disk usage

Abstract: This technical session covers everything you ever wanted to know about troubleshooting the storage in SQL Server. Have you ever observed high latency, only to be told “It’s not the disks” by the storage admin? This empowering session will give you the knowledge you need to dig down to the root cause! This session will cover DMVs, Performance Monitor, XPerf, and more!


  • Daniel Janik

Track and Room: DBA, Automation - N/A

Title: Table Vars Temp Tables - What you NEED to Know!

Abstract: Almost every SQL Developer is familiar with Table Variables and Temporary Tables. While each of these objects represent temporary storage, there are also substantial differences between them. Understanding the differences between Table Variables and Temporary Tables, and the ramifications that those differences cause, is essential to being able to properly select the appropriate object for use in your development tasks. In this code filled session, we’ll discover the differences and similarities of Temporary Tables and Table Variables, dispel some widespread myths about each, and answer the most important questions of them all, “When do I use one or the other and what are the various impacts of doing so?”


  • Wayne Sheffield

Track and Room: Thunderdome - N/A

Title: Change Data Capture Change Tracking Deep Dive

Abstract: Change Data Capture (CDC) and Change Tracking (CT) have been standard features in SQL Server for a few years now but there’s not really that much useful information out in the blogosphere about how they work under the hood. Kevin Hazzard will dig deep into the implementations of CDC and CT in SQL Server, showing you all of the parameters you can use to make these great features serve your organization well. This will be a highly-interactive, highly-entertaining session with lots of questions answered and mysteries revealed.


  • Kevin Hazzard

Track and Room: Business Intelligence - N/A

Title: How Active Directory affects SQL Server

Abstract: If you have ever had a Kerberos or SSPI context error, then you won’t want to miss this session. SQL Server has a large surface area and Active Directory can influence a big part of it. I will discuss AD DNS configuration, Group Policy Objects, Kerberos (of course), and how all of them affect your SQL Server. By the end of the session you’ll have a check list of things to discuss with your domain administrator when you return to work.


  • Ryan Adams

Track and Room: DBA, Security - N/A

Title: SQL Watchdog - find out instantly when SQL change

Abstract: It happens - problems due to changes, be it ALTERed SPs, index rebuilds, or even configuration changes. But what if you could look historically and track down what changes were made when, by who, and from where? What if you could see in realtime when changes occur? It exists, it’s in SQL Server (even standard edition) from 2005-2014, and it’s easy to implement. Come learn what Event Notification is and why you’ll want it in your environment. This is not theory, all code provided and in production on hundreds of servers in multiple environments.


  • Michael Bourgon

Track and Room: DBA, Security - N/A

Title: T-SQL Throwdown

Abstract: Join us for a game of SQL that combines fun, learning SQL, networking, and friendly competition with your peers. Create your team for a SQL-off against other teams. If you can write a SQL query, you have the skills required to play. Each team must bring a laptop with SQL Server 2005 Express or higher installed. Please read full rules here: http://www.sqlzen.com/t-sql-throwdown.html


  • Hakim Ali

Track and Room: Development - N/A

Title: SQL Injection

Abstract: Well, we have all heard about the horror stories of data loss due to SQL Injection and how costly (in many ways) they can be. This in-depth discussion covers various forms of SQL Injection attacks and offers some guidelines on how to avoid them. Lots of code examples in both .NET and TSQL. Watch me hack a website and retrieve user data in just 3 hits on an unprotected html page!


  • Kevin Boles

Track and Room: DBA, Security - N/A

Title: Windowing Functions

Abstract: Window functions are one of the coolest new things in SQL Server 2012, but they can be tricky to figure out. In this session we’ll talk about how windows functions work and why you should start using them. This is going to be a demo heavy session with code samples you can take back to work and start using Monday morning!


  • Tim Costello

Track and Room: Development - N/A

Title: Introduction to Powershell cmdlets for DBAs

Abstract: You’ve been hearing about this newfangled craze, and it’s time to learn exactly why it’s called POWERshell. You’ll want to take notes, or better yet, bring your laptop and start using Powershell immediately. We will get Posh running and then I’ll introduce you to the basic concepts, with examples to make things happen right away. We’ll work on SQL Server with Powershell, and learn some cool techniques. Come see this all-demo, hands-on session!


  • Jennifer McCown

Track and Room: Thunderdome - N/A

Title: SQL Server Bingo – Install, Migration Config

Abstract: Get ready to play SQL Buzzword Bingo with the subject matter being SQL Install, Migration Configuration. Are you preparing to move a database from one SQL Server to another? Whether it’s your first SQL install, a SQL Server Upgrade or changing from physical to virtual, there is a lot to consider. In some areas of the setup, you get only one chance to “get it right.” Come to this session and find out all about the process - and have some fun while you’re at it. First one to hit BINGO! will win a cool prize.


  • Mindy Curnutt

Track and Room: DBA, Automation - N/A

Title: Database Release Management: Tips to help organize it

Abstract: The very nature of a database system is to be dynamic; rarely static. The applications that use databases tend to change, requiring changes to occur within our databases. The totality of pieces and parts that comprise this ‘change’ will be combined into a ‘Release’ that will be applied to your systems. Controlling this change is not rocket science, but it is not without its complexities. We will discuss various terms, define processes, share ideas, and suggest tools to assist you in performing this necessary function, while minimizing risk, and impacting your systems in a graceful fashion.


  • TJay Belt

Track and Room: DBA, Automation - N/A

Title: Introduction to Wait Types and Response Time Analysis

Abstract: Using Response Time Analysis and Wait Types is a newer method for tuning SQL Server instances. As a result, there is often confusion on exactly what the data means. The issue typically centers around the fact the wait time data is analyzed at the wrong level or the collected wait time data is not detailed enough. This presentation will focus on these problems and review several real-life case studies of using SQL Server Wait Type data coupled with Response time performance analysis to solve the most difficult performance related issues.


  • Janis Griffin

Track and Room: DBA, Cloud - N/A

Title: CIS Benchmarks – A Guide to SQL Server Security

Abstract: Ever wonder where your auditors come up with the security settings they look for in your environment? One of their sources is the CIS (Center for Internet Security) Security Benchmarks. This session will introduce you to the current CIS SQL Server Security Benchmarks and the recommendations they contain. Then, I’ll show you an easy way to setup your own validation checks using SQL Server’s Policy Based Management feature. Lastly, you’ll learn how you can be part of the CIS Community input. So, bring your current security setting checklist to see if you’ve missed anything or to propose changes in future CIS Security Benchmarks.


  • Nancy Hidy Wilson

Track and Room: DBA, Security - N/A

Title: The Real Value of Name-Value Pairs: Using PIVOT and UNPIVOT

Abstract: This session will show in-depth how to use both PIVOT and UNPIVOT. How to use the functionality will be described in detail along with how to use more advanced features like Dynamic PIVOT!


  • Kevin Wilkie

Track and Room: Development - N/A

Title: Getting Started with SQL Server in the Cloud with Microsoft Azure

Abstract: This will be a hands on approach for anyone that wishes to learn about setting up their very first SQL Server instance and what needs to be kept in mind while connecting apps to the SQL Server in the Microsoft Azure Platform.


  • Anil Mahadev

Track and Room: DBA, Cloud - N/A

Title: SQL Server Internals

Abstract: How does SQL do what it does? Take a look under the hood at how the SQL database engine works with the storage engine. What causes those waits and where do we look to resolve them!


  • Naomi Williams

Track and Room: DBA, Automation - N/A

Title: AlwaysOn Live Deployment

Abstract: This session is 90% live demonstrations. I’ll walk you through a complete AlwaysOn deployment. You will see firsthand how to install and configure an AlwaysOn Failover Cluster. I’ll also show you how to setup an AlwaysOn Availability Group across 5 nodes using both the GUI and T-SQL so you know why and when to use each method. I’ll finish up by showing how you can connect to a readable secondary.


  • Ryan Adams

Track and Room: Thunderdome - N/A

Title: Parameter Sniffing the Good and the Bad

Abstract: Parameter sniffing is something that more than often helps performance on your servers; however, there are times when it can hinder performance as well. In this session we will define exactly what parameter sniffing is, and examine when it is good and when it is bad. Lastly, we will explore the different options available to fix bad parameter sniffing. After this session, you will be able to locate and fix bad parameter sniffing when it occurs on your servers.


  • Lance Tidwell

Track and Room: Development - N/A

Title: 5 TSQL Commands I’ve Been Missing

Abstract: Being a full-stack .NET developer, I have written my fair share of T-SQL, but not until I became an accidental DBA did I find a new world of T-SQL options available to me. In this session, I will go over a five T-SQL commands available since SQL Server 2005 and up that I have been completely missing. We will evaluate the usefulness of CTE, OUTPUT, MERGE, APPLY, and RANKING FUNCTIONS and how each of these can replace common cases you see everyday.


  • Jason Carter

Track and Room: Development - N/A

Title: SQL 2012 Extended Events

Abstract: Extended Events were introduced in SQL Server 2008. With SQL 2014, we have seen a significant upgrade to this feature. Join me for a little adventure into the realm of extended events. We will discuss how to use extended events to aid in performance tuning and in day to day administration. We will also explore some background and the architecture of extended events. This is a fast paced session and will be a lot of fun.


  • Jason Brimhall

Track and Room: DBA, Cloud - N/A

Title: 15 Quick Tips for SSIS Performance

Abstract: When reviewing your ETL processes, the No. 1 question is always, “Does it work as expected?” Closely following that question is the ubiquitous, “How fast does it run?” This session’s tips are targeted at improve the latter.

In this session, we’ll focus on SSIS package performance, quickly reviewing 15 common hotspots for performance issues as well as recommended methods for maximizing throughput. You’ll walk away with some key design patterns and recommendations that you can use today to improve SSIS package performance.


  • Tim Mitchell

Track and Room: Business Intelligence - N/A

Title: Beginning Automation with Powershell

Abstract: This session will cover concepts of automating SQL processes with Powershell - the one tool no DBA should shy away from. If you haven’t gotten on the bandwagon yet now is the time. With some simple demos that you can take and expand upon, you wil learn how you can leverage Powershell to not only efficiently meet the needs of your busines, but also free up your time for other things.


  • Amy Herold

Track and Room: DBA, Automation - N/A

Title: XML SQL: Best Frenemies Forever

Abstract: A look at how XML data integrates with SQLServer via SSIS packages, XPath, TSQL and Bulk Inserts. What works, what sort of works, what you should never attempt even though SQLServer will let you try. This session will hit on several ways to get XML formatted data into and out of your SQL Server database. Basic knowledge of TSQL, SSIS XML is expected.


  • Richard Heim

Track and Room: Business Intelligence - N/A

Title: SQL Server Foreign Keys – De-mystifying the Rest of the Story

Abstract: Foreign Keys have a bad rap – they cause performance issues, they inhibit some inserts, deletes and updates, etc. This may be true, but let’s further explore why we even have them and how they can benefit and maybe even improve performance. This session will concentrate on many demos including the attributes associated with foreign keys. The attendee will walk away from this session with a better understanding of Foreign Key utility and their maintenance.


  • Mike Byrd

Track and Room: DBA, Cloud - N/A

Title: SQL Server Data Tools

Abstract: Working with SQL schema is a chore for most developers. In this session we will take a look at the SQL Server Data Tools in Visual Studio and how we can leverage them to make your development life a bit easier.


  • Shawn Weisfeld

Track and Room: DBA, Security - N/A

Title: Writing Your First BimlScript

Abstract: In this highly interactive presentation, I’ll guide you through the process of creating your first BimlScript. During the process we’ll cover the basics of Biml syntax, language options for generating BimlScript, recommended methods of storing and using metadata to drive your BimlScipts, and a lot more. As an added bonus, you’ll leave the presentation with several BimlScripts you can adapt to use in your own environments.


  • David Stein

Track and Room: Business Intelligence - N/A

Title: SQL Server Statistics – What Are The Chances?

Abstract: For far too long, I thought that statistics only contained information on table row counts. While they do contain that information, there is more to it than that. In this beginner session, we’ll go over statistics – how they are created, the different types of statistics that exist, how they’re maintained and how the Query Optimizer uses them. We will also touch on system tables and DMVs that will provide additional information on your statistics. At the end of this session, you should have a better idea of how the query optimizer within SQL Server makes decisions on how to gather data.


  • Lori Edwards

Track and Room: DBA, Cloud - N/A


This is a list of speakers from the XML Guidebook records. The details and URLs were valid at the time of the event.

Mike Byrd

Twitter: - ByrdNest_TX

LinkedIn: Mike Byrd

Contact: http://logicalread.solarwinds.com/?s=byrd, www.TSQLMentoring.com and SQLServerCentral.com

Former rocket scientist and USAF Fighter Pilot – now a SQL Server geek (24 years)! Past opportunities include free-lance technical writer for PC Magazine, Senior Software Manager for government sponsored munitions effectiveness committee, and insurance company CTO. Currently senior database engineer consultant for several Austin companies.

Presenter at many SQLSaturdays over last 6 years in United States, Europe, and Australia.

Specialize in SQL Server performance tuning; database (OLTP OLAP) architecture; trouble-shooting; teaching TSQL (Basic through Advanced).

Video presentations (for local SQL Server user groups or SQLSaturdays) can be found at http://usergroup.tv/videos/category/speaker/mike-byrd

Ryan Adams

Twitter: - @ryanjadams

LinkedIn: Ryan Adams

Contact: http://www.ryanjadams.com

Ryan Adams is a Senior Premier Field Engineer for Microsoft. He works directly with customers to help them realize their business potential and accelerate their digital transformation on premises and in the cloud.

Previously, Ryan was a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and spent 19 years working for a fortune 100 company. His passion is the SQL Server Engine, High Availability, and Disaster Recovery. He also served on the Board of Directors for the North Texas SQL Server User Group, was President of the PASS Performance Virtual Chapter, was a PASS Regional Mentor, and served as a Director for the PASS organization.

Tim Mitchell

Twitter: - @Tim_Mitchell

LinkedIn: Tim Mitchell

Contact: http://www.TimMitchell.net

Tim Mitchell is a business intelligence architect, author, and trainer. He has worked with SQL Server for over a decade, specializing in data warehousing, ETL/SSIS, and reporting. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Texas AM at Commerce, and is recognized as a Microsoft Data Platform MVP. Tim is a business intelligence consultant and principal at Tyleris Data Solutions.

Tim is an active community speaker and volunteer, having spoken at over 100 events including the PASS Summit, SQLBits, Dev Connections, SQL Intersection, and scores of SQLSaturdays. He blogs at TimMitchell.net, and tweets at @Tim_Mitchell.

Amy Herold

Twitter: - @texasamy

LinkedIn: Amy Herold

Contact: http://www.sqlkitten.com/

Amy Herold is currently a Premier Field Engineer with Microsoft, specializing in APS. Prior to this, she was a Sr. Database Administrator, focusing on PowerShell and automation. She is also currently the Director of Programs for the North Texas SQL Server User Group (NTSSUG). She frequently speaks at SQLSaturday and user group events across the United States and has also participated in numerous Women in Technology sessions as a panelist. Amy currently blogs at sqlkitten.com.

Michael Bourgon

Twitter: - @mbourgon

LinkedIn: Michael Bourgon

Contact: http://thebakingdba.blogspot.com

Michael Bourgon started his IT career by performing tech support and managing Sybase databases on Unix starting in 1995, before moving to SQL Server 7… continuing all the way to SQL Server 2017. His focus on automation has led him to such diverse topics as Service Broker, WMI, Table Partitioning, Shell scripting, In-Memory Tables, and Powershell. He’s currently a senior DBA with a large healthcare company, dealing with millions of transactions of day and managing hundreds of servers. In his spare time he rides a bicycle, reads science fiction, blogs about SQL Server and Baking, and tries to raise his daughter to be a geek, too.

Konstantin Melamud

Twitter: - @kmelamud

Konstantin has over 15 years of SQL Server experience and demonstrates his expertise and commitment to helping SQL Server DBAs succeed through his position as Director of Service Delivery at RDX. In his role, Konstantin is responsible for designing and implementing RDX’s service delivery strategies, including those for SQL Server. Since joining RDX in 2009, Konstantin has proven to be a strong leader and expert in SQL Server database administration, architecture, performance tuning, and business intelligence. He is also a very active member of the SQL Server community and frequently presents at SQLSaturdays and user groups throughout the year. In addition, Konstantin presented during 24 Hours of PASS and at the PASS Summits.

AJ Mendo

Twitter: - @SQLAJ

Contact: http://sqlaj.wordpress.com/

AJ has over 14 years of experience working with a variety of databases. He has worked for military, civilian, and federal government organizations supporting a wide variety of applications.

AJ is a frequent speaker at user groups, SQLSaturday#39;s, and PASS Virtual Chapters, and is a board member POSSE and CACTUSS. He is a PASS Programs Committee volunteer, and he loves being a part of the SQL Community.

Andy Warren

Twitter: - @sqlandy

Contact: https://sqlandy.com

Andy Warren is a SQL Server consultant and trainer based in Orlando, FL. Focusing on administration, performance tuning, and SQL Server patterns and practices, he’s been a SQL Server MVP since 2008. Andy served two terms on the PASS Board of Directors, was a founding principal in SQLServerCentral, and created both the SQLSaturday and SQLRally event models.

Reeves Smith

Twitter: - SQLReeves

LinkedIn: Reeves Smith

Contact: http://reevessmith.wordpress.com

Reeves Smith, owner and principal architect of Macer Consulting, is passionate about applying data technologies that empower organizations. Reeves wields his knowledge and experience to lead, design, architect, and teach, working with both data center and business project teams. He approaches every project by first understanding the organization’s business challenges, and then developing a unique approach that targets those business needs accurately and effectively.

Reeves Smith has more than 20 years of experience working on the SQL Server stack. He is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and Microsoft Certified Master, and regularly delivers technical presentations at international, regional, and local conferences and user groups.

Gene Webb

Twitter: - None

LinkedIn: Gene Webb

Contact: http://None

Gene Webb is a Regional Sales Executive with The Profisee Group based in Alpharetta Georgia. Profisee is the successor to Stratature the company that built Master Data Services (MDS) and sold the product to Microsoft in 2007. Profisee focuses around Master Data Management (MDM) and as a Gold ISV provides solution sets built on MDS and the Microsoft Stack. Gene spent 7 years working at Microsoft as a SQL Server and Developer Tools solution specialist and an ISV Developer Evangelist.

Daniel Janik

Twitter: - @SQLSME

LinkedIn: Daniel Janik

Contact: http://www.sqltechblog.com

Daniel Janik has been supporting SQL Server for 18 years. Six of those years were at Microsoft Corporation supporting SQL Server as a Senior Premier Field Engineer (PFE) where he supported over 287 different clients with both reactive and proactive database needs. Daniel has presented at many community events and SQLSaturdays.

David Stein

Twitter: - @Made2Mentor

LinkedIn: David Stein

Contact: http://www.Made2Mentor.com

David Stein - Agile Data Warehouse Architect and Independent Consultant - has more than a decade of experience working in SQL Server Business Intelligence. He’s designed multi-terabyte, multi-tenant Data Warehouses from scratch as well as saved projects in serious jeopardy.

Mindy Curnutt

Twitter: - @sqlgirl

LinkedIn: Mindy Curnutt

Contact: http://www.mindycurnutt.com

Mindy Curnutt is a 5X Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Business Owner and Entrepreneur. Her specialties include SQL Server hardware, configuration, migrations, scalability, performance tuning. She has been actively involved in the SQL Server Community for over two decades and has become a well known speaker within the SQL and Transportation Management communities. She is a two-time PASS Volunteer of the Month, has presented at 6 SQLPASS Summits, Live360, DevConnections, MVPMix and too many SQLSaturdays to count. She is currently the President of the North Texas SQL Server User Group out of Dallas/Fort Worth, TX.

Nancy Hidy Wilson

Twitter: - @NancyHidyWilson

LinkedIn: Nancy Hidy Wilson

Contact: http://nancyhidywilson.wordpress.com

Nancy Hidy Wilson has been working with Microsoft SQL Server since 1994. She originally volunteered for PASS at the first Community Summit held in Chicago in 1999 and has served on various PASS Committees since that time. Nancy was a PASS Community Summit speaker from 2000-2007. Nancy led the Houston Area SQL Server User Group (HASSUG) from 2001-15 and presents there and at SQLSaturday events. She also currently volunteers as an editor for the SQL Server Benchmarks with CIS.

Kal Yella

Kal has 14+ years of experience in the SQL Server field as a DBA and Consultant for various financial and consulting organizations. In his current position as a Sr. Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft, Kal supports multiple customers in Health Care industry in maintaining and improving their large SQL Server environments. Kal holds several SQL Server certifications including MCSE, MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) and the esteemed MCSM (Microsoft Certified Solutions Master).

Jason Carter

Twitter: - TampaDBA

Contact: http://jason-carter.net

Jason#39;s past has included being a developer, a development manager, accidental DBA, and now a full-time DBA. Having worked with VLDBs as a developer, he found great interest in tuning, tweaking, and making things run faster. With the support of his wife, he gave up his managerial duties and jumped the Development ship and dove head first into his new career as a Database Administrator

Anil Mahadev

Contact: http://www.embarcadero.com

Solutions Architect for Embarcadero Technologies. Mainly responsible for Pre-Sales, Solutions Implementation and Product Evangelism across the board involving database tools and solutions encompassing SQL Server as a component.

Previously actively involved in User Groups in India with SQLBangalore User Group and IBM DB2 User Groups.

Passionate Foodie and Avid Gamer

Janis Griffin

Twitter: - DoBoutAnything

LinkedIn: Janis Griffin

Janis Griffin has over 30 years of DBA/database experience including design, development and implementation of many critical database applications. Before coming to Quest Software, Janis primarily worked in the Telecom/Network Industry, working with both real-time network routing databases and OLTP business to business applications. Janis also held positions as a Principal Architect and Senior Manager, mentoring other DBAs on best practices in database performance tuning.

Thomas LeBlanc

Twitter: - TheSmilingDBA

LinkedIn: Thomas LeBlanc

Contact: http://Thomas-LeBlanc.com

Thomas LeBlanc (Microsoft Data Platform MVP) is a Data Warehouse Architect in Baton Rouge, and uses his 30+ years in IT to develop OLTP systems with normalized databases for high-performing T-SQL and dimensional data marts. Development is done in SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, Power BI, and Excel. As a PASS volunteer, he is past chair of Excel BI and Data Arch VCs and is active in the Baton Rouge Analytics and SQL Server User groups, as well as SQLSaturday in Baton Rouge. You can find his blog at TheSmilingDBA.BlogSpot.com and website at Thomas-LeBlanc.com

Kevin Hazzard

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/KevinHazzard

LinkedIn: Kevin Hazzard

Contact: http://www.linchpinpeople.com/blog/

Kevin Hazzard is a Partner at Linchpin People LLC, leaders in the data integration and database wellness space. He was a long-time Microsoft MVP and the author of a book entitled Metaprogramming in .NET. Kevin also serves as an elected member of his local School Board and dedicates most of his non-professional time promoting public education.

Conor Cunningham

Conor Cunningham is a Principal Software Architect at Microsoft on the SQL Team. He is an expert on query processing and optimization, data warehousing, cloud architectures, and distributed systems design. He has been at Microsoft over 16 years and has worked on both SQL Server and SQL Azure building new features and leading efforts across numerous teams. He loves talking to customers to see how they use the products and services Microsoft builds so that he can help improve them.

TJay Belt

Twitter: - @tjaybelt

LinkedIn: TJay Belt

Contact: http://tjaybelt.blogspot.com

TJay Belt is an outdoorsman at heart who enjoys riding dirtbikes, waterskiing, boating, playing racquetball and spending time with his family. When he can’t be out playing, TJay loves to tinker with databases. TJay has been an IT professional for over a decade and a half. Currently serving as a Senior Database Administrator with Imagine Learning. TJay has progressed through several roles in his database career including developer, data guy, database developer, database analyst and DBA.

Lori Edwards

Twitter: - www.twitter.com/loriaedwards

LinkedIn: Lori Edwards

Contact: http://www.sqlservertimes2.com

Lori Edwards currently holds the position of Solutions Engineer for SentryOne. Prior to working with SQLSentry, she spent 11 years working as a production DBA. She also has volunteered for PASS since 2009 on the Program Committee, ERC, Nomination Committee and speaking at SQLSaturdays.

Reinaldo Kibel

Twitter: - @sqlmii

LinkedIn: Reinaldo Kibel

With over 20 years of experience in Microsoft SQL Server technology, working in one of the largest MS SQL installation in the world at Dell and having worked at Microsoft, Reinaldo is a consultant, an architect and leader in the database technology area. Reinaldo is an advisory and provides direct feedback to Microsoft SQL Server Product team part of Technology Adoption Program with MS on versions 2005, 2008, 2008R2, 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2017 leader at Dell. Reinaldo has written case studies, white papers and videos on Data technology available at Microsoft and Dell web sites. Reinaldo has presented at Ignite, SQL Summit, SQLSaturdays, and 24HOP as well as local users group in TX.

Tim Costello

Twitter: - timcost

LinkedIn: Tim Costello

Contact: http://www.timcost.com

Tim Costello is an MCITP, MCTS specializing in etl and data analytics for Interworks Inc. Tim is an international speaker that is always looking for opportunities to share his passion for SQL Server, Tableau and data visualization. Tim is active in the SQL community and leads a data visualization focused user group in the Dallas area.

Lance Tidwell

Twitter: - @Lance_LT

Contact: http://lancetidwell.com

Lance Tidwell, from the Austin, TX, area, has worked as a SQL Server DBA for the last 11 years. During his time as a DBA he has found his passion for all things SQL, but specifically for performance tuning. He has a life-long quest to always be learning new things; currently this quest has lead him to explore more about the Data Analytics/ Data Science areas.

Richard Heim

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/DataMasseur

LinkedIn: Richard Heim

Richard Heim has 25+ years of experience in structured unstructured data development, integration, management and design including 20 years of SQL Server. He helps run CACTUSS (the Capital Area Central Texas Users of SQL Server.)

Ryan Adams

Twitter: - @ryanjadams

LinkedIn: Ryan Adams

Contact: http://www.ryanjadams.com

Ryan Adams is a Senior Premier Field Engineer for Microsoft. He works directly with customers to help them realize their business potential and accelerate their digital transformation on premises and in the cloud.

Previously, Ryan was a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and spent 19 years working for a fortune 100 company. His passion is the SQL Server Engine, High Availability, and Disaster Recovery. He also served on the Board of Directors for the North Texas SQL Server User Group, was President of the PASS Performance Virtual Chapter, was a PASS Regional Mentor, and served as a Director for the PASS organization.

Steve Wake

Twitter: - stevewake

LinkedIn: Steve Wake

Contact: http://blog.wakebi.com

Steve Wake is currently the Principal BI Developer at Brown and Caldwell and has experience in consulting, advertising, media, manufacturing, retail, charities, telecommunications and financial services organizations using the full on-premises Microsoft BI stack. Recent experience with the Azure services: Analysis Services, Logic Apps, Data Factory, Databricks, Snowflake and Power BI. Steve is also very involved in the SQL community, speaking at events around the world.

Kevin Wilkie

Twitter: - Oskaruth

LinkedIn: Kevin Wilkie

Contact: http://sherpaofdata.com

Kevin has 15+ years experience with SQL Server and has worked with the product since version 6.5, although he remembers with distaste the early versions of the product. He started working with SQL Server as an “Accidental” DBA, and has moved up through the ranks as a SQL Developer, a BI Associate, and Production DBA at various parts of his career. Currently, he works as a Lead Data Analyst spreading the gospel of how great data can be to anyone and everyone who will listen.

Jason Brimhall

Twitter: - sqlrnnr

LinkedIn: Jason Brimhall

Contact: http://jasonbrimhall.info

Jason Brimhall has more than 20 years of experience and has worked with SQL Server 6.5 through SQL Server 2019. He has experience in performance tuning, high transaction environments, and large environments. He is currently a consultant specializing in performance tuning, server analysis, and problem resolution. Jason is a Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) and a Data Platform MVP.

Kevin Boles

Twitter: - @TheSQLGuru

LinkedIn: Kevin Boles

Kevin Boles is a SQL Server expert, working exclusively with the product since v6.5. With over 25 years of database experience and over 45,000 man hours of SQL Server engine experience, he holds many related certifications, is an MCT and was a SQL Server MVP from 2007 to 2012. Kevin has been a very successful independent consultant for over 20 years. His passion is the relational engine, especially designing, building, analyzing and tuning high-performance database applications.

Naomi Williams

Twitter: - naomithesqldba

LinkedIn: Naomi Williams

Naomi Williams is a SQL Server professional working in the San Antonio area. Currently a seasoned Database Administrator for both Oracle and SQL Server doing database development, SSIS, SSRS and SSAS. Naomi has been working with SQL Server for almost 15 years. Naomi is passionate about performance, high availability, and creative non standard solutions to complex problems

Wayne Sheffield

Twitter: - @DBAWayne

LinkedIn: Wayne Sheffield

Contact: http://blog.waynesheffield.com/wayne

Wayne Sheffield, a Microsoft Certified Master in SQL Server and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, started working with xBase databases in the late 80’s. With over 25 years in IT, he has worked with SQL Server (since 6.5 in the late 90’s) in various dev/admin roles, with an emphasis in performance tuning. He is the author of several articles at www.sqlservercentral.com, a co-author of “SQL Server T-SQL Recipes”, and enjoys sharing his knowledge by presenting at SQL events worldwide and blogging at http://blog.waynesheffield.com/wayne

Jennifer McCown

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/MidnightDBA

Contact: http://www.MidnightDBA.com/Jen

Jen McCown is CEO of MinionWare, LLC; a Microsoft Certified Master for SQL Server; and an independent consultant. She is Senior Editor at MidnightDBA.com, where she creates training videos, the DBAs at Midnight webshow, blogs, reviews, and podcasts. Jen is a member, volunteer, and speaker in PASS, and the PASS Women in Technology Virtual Group.

Hakim Ali

Twitter: - @forhakim

LinkedIn: Hakim Ali

Contact: http://www.sqlzen.com/blog

Database developer and designer with valuable experience on and a great liking for SQL Server. Trying to get the word out on developing SQL Server databases with Visual Studio.

Shawn Weisfeld

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/shawnweisfeld

LinkedIn: Shawn Weisfeld

Contact: http://www.usergroup.tv

Shawn (http://www.shawnweisfeld.com, shawn@shawnweisfeld.com) is passionate about building awesome applications and websites with .NET technologies and Azure. He is currently a Technical Evangelist for Microsoft based in Austin TX and founder of http://UserGroup.tv. Read his full bio at http://about.me/shawnweisfeld


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