SQLSaturday #354 - Charleston 2014

Event Date: 12/13/2014 00:00:00

Event Location:

  • Charleston Southern University
  • 9200 University Blvd
  • Charleston, South Carolina

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Title: Learn How To Build A Golden Record for Any Subject Over Lunch!

Abstract: Attend the lunch demo and see how you can use Master Data Services and Maestro to: • Create a golden record for any subject area in a matter of minutes Leverage your Microsoft licenses, skills and infrastructure to lower license costs and FTE costs, and reduce the complexity of an MDM environment? • Understand how to implement workflow and business process solutions around the management of MDM, without having to write complex custom coding for everything? • Tackle data quality, consistency and control by empowering business and subject matter experts, without needing heavy IT resources and writing complex code or scripting • Improve data quality, data stewardship, workflow, and data sharing with any of your enterprise


  • Gene Webb

Track and Room: Track 1 - N/A

Title: Top 10 Admininistrator Mistakes on SQL Server

Abstract: SQL Server is easier to administrate than any other relational database on the market. But “easier than everyone else” doesn’t mean it’s easy, nor does it mean is problem free. After all, many apps are growing from small, home-grown applications every year, with green IT professionals encountering issues that others had tackled and solved years ago. Why not learn from those who first blazed the trails of database administration, so that we don’t make the same mistakes over and over again. There is a short list of mistakes that, if you know of them in advance, will make your life much easier. Once you apply the lessons learned from this session, you’ll find yourself performing at a higher level of efficiency and effectiveness than before.


  • Kevin Kline

Track and Room: Track 3 - N/A

Title: Revenge: The SQL! - Director’s Cut

Abstract: Pop quiz DBA: Your developers are running rampant in production. Logic, reason, and threats have all failed. You’re on the edge. What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO?

Hint: You attend Revenge: The SQL!

This session will show you how to “correct” all those bad practices. Everyone logging in as sa? Running huge cursors? Using SELECT * and ad-hoc SQL? Stop them dead, without actually killing them. Ever dropped a table, or database, or WHERE clause? You can prevent that! And if you’re tired of folks ignoring your naming conventions, make them behave with Unicode…and take your revenge!

Revenge: The SQL! is fun and educational and may even have some practical use, but you’ll want to attend simply to indulge your Dark Side. Revenge: The SQL! assumes no liability and is not available in all 50 states. Do not taunt Revenge: The SQL! or Happy Fun Ball.


  • Rob Volk

Track and Room: Track 3 - N/A

Title: Data center migrations – a focus on the ‘Data’

Abstract: Data center migrations are all the rage these days and the SQL Server DBA is one of the most important accessories to success. I find that approximately 10-20% of all Windows Servers in the business enterprise are SQL Servers. When an organization makes the decision to move from one data center to another, of all the very important servers that will be migrated, the ones with the company data will be the most watched. Just like any other project, a good plan followed by good execution is required. In this session you’ll learn about the research, design, planning, process, and execution that go into migrating SQL Servers from one data center to another. I’ll go over some lessons learned and discuss whether you go it alone or brings in some help. I’ll discuss the big options and decisions on migration techniques and methodologies and the pros and cons. You’ll also hear about the big decisions like keeping the same server names, production downtime, data synchronization more.


  • Tony Scotto di Carlo

Track and Room: Track 2 - N/A

Title: ETL Frameworks Using SSIS Programming

Abstract: On this session we are going to build an ETL framework that dynamically create SSIS templates according to metadata information. This methodology can be used to enforce standard, reduce development time and simplify ETL processes.


  • Jorge Novo

Track and Room: Track 3 - N/A

Title: What You Absolutely Must Know about SQL Server Security

Abstract: There are so many security tips out there for SQL Server. Almost all of them are rated as a best practice.What do you listen to? What do you focus on? In this session we’ll break down what you absolutely must know about securing SQL Server. We’ll look at the things to look for within SQL Server, including some of the nooks and crannies an attacker might use but what are rarely audited. You’ll leave with a checklist of what to investigate and a set of scripts to run on your own systems.


  • Brian Kelley

Track and Room: Track 1 - N/A

Title: Push your career to new heights: A Panel Discussion on Career Planning and Professional Development

Abstract: Research has proven that professionals who spend time deliberately planning their career achieve greater successes and accomplishments. Have you thought much about your career as an IT pro? Or have you drifted from one opportunity to the next without much forethought? Now is the time to change your approach. Join our panel discussion with noted bloggers, MVPs, and IT pros who can answer your questions and help you get onto a better career trajectory. These sessions are always fun and packed with wisdom. So don’t miss out!


  • Kevin Klein, Melissa Coates, Chris Hyde, Ryan McKnight

Track and Room: Track 3 - N/A

Title: SSMS Tips Tricks

Abstract: Almost everyone uses SSMS to write queries and to browse around on the server - but do you use all of the features that SSMS offers to increase your productivity? Come to this session, consisting mostly of demos, to see features built-in to SSMS that will improve your experience and productivity. Time permitting, we’ll also go into some 3rd party products that also increase your productivity in SSMS.


  • Wayne Sheffield

Track and Room: Track 1 - N/A

Title: PowerShell Basics for SQLServer

Abstract: Overview of PowerShell and how to perform SQL scripts using PowerShell


  • Michael Wharton

Track and Room: Track 1 - N/A

Title: Becoming Certified In Microsoft SQL Server

Abstract: Chris Hyde has been working with the Microsoft SQL Server stack for over thirteen years and has completed certification exams in SQL versions 2012, 2008, 2005, and 2000. He is a Senior Consultant with Leidos Health specializing in the healthcare market, which he particularly enjoys as he gets to tackle different types of data problems at each client. He is currently on the board of the Albuquerque chapter of SQL PASS.


  • Chris Hyde

Track and Room: Track 2 - N/A

Title: Sliding Window Table Partition Intro

Abstract: A walk-through of creating a sliding window table partition on an AdventureWorks table.


  • Jeff Reinhard

Track and Room: Track 2 - N/A

Title: Don’t Panic, DBAs! Databases on VMware made easy.

Abstract: More and more companies are virtualizing with VMWare, and databases are the next logical step. This presentation will explore the fundamentals of monitoring databases running in a VMWare environment because it can be much different than when running on a physical machine. You will learn business and technical benefits of virtualization, master new terms and concepts, pick up useful planning tips and tricks, and cover best practices for maintaining optimum performance in a VMWare environment.


  • Janis Griffin

Track and Room: Track 3 - N/A

Title: Administering Managing the Power BI Environment

Abstract: Power BI for Office 365 is Microsoft’s new self-service BI offering. Just because it emphasizes self-service doesn’t mean a system administrator isn’t an important role! In this session we will discuss the overall system components and how a Power BI site in SharePoint Online differs from an on-premises SharePoint BI site. We will walk through how to best handle setting up connectivity to data sources, when a gateway is needed, and what data refresh capabilities exist. We will also consider how and when to create OData feeds from your corporate on-premises data sources, and how those OData feeds affect Enterprise Data Search functionality.


  • Melissa Coates

Track and Room: Track 2 - N/A

Title: “I Know What You Did Last Query” –SQL Server

Abstract: Starting with the 2005 release, SQL Server captures information about the workload on an instance, which you can use to monitor the system, gather performance metrics, and validate system settings. This information is available via Dynamic Management View and functions and officially they “return internal, implementation-specific state data.” This session gives an introduction to these concepts, how they make DBA life much sweeter and we discuss many of the different community queries available to help you get jump started in your environment. We also open up the floor for ideas of how you are using these views/functions.


  • Carlos L Chacon

Track and Room: Track 1 - N/A

Title: SQL Window functions in SQL Server 2008 and later

Abstract: “Just what the heck is a window function and why should I care?” Have you ever needed to provide a running subtotal or average in your dataset? Need to provide a total by customer or a grand total on each row? Need to assign row numbers or counts that change when a certain value in your data changes! Window functions to the rescue! That’s why you should care.


  • Donald Wert

Track and Room: Track 2 - N/A


This is a list of speakers from the XML Guidebook records. The details and URLs were valid at the time of the event.

Rob Volk

Twitter: - sql_r

LinkedIn: Rob Volk

Contact: http://weblogs.sqlteam.com/robv/

Rob Volk is a SQL Server DBA in the Metro Atlanta area since 2001. He also moderates and answers the forums on SQLTeam.com. While an old-time cranky DBA, he no longer considers quot;business intelligencequot; an oxymoron or quot;the cloudquot; as merely atmospheric moisture, and is delightedly dipping his toes into both of these new oceans, and loves to do things in new and and unusual ways.

Kevin Kline

Twitter: - kekline

LinkedIn: Kevin Kline

Contact: http://blogs.sentryone.com/author/kevinkline

Kevin Kline is a database and industry expert serving as Principal Program Manager at SentryOne, the industry leading SQL Server database tools vendor. A Microsoft SQL Server MVP since 2003, he is a founder and former president of PASS. Kevin is an author of many books, blogger, columnist, and popular international speaker. Kevin’s best known book is the best-selling SQL in a Nutshell and contributes monthly to Database Trends Applications magazine. He tweets at @kekline and blogs at http://Blogs.SQLSentry.com/Author/KevinKline.

Jorge Novo

Twitter: - @ETLDEVDBA

LinkedIn: Jorge Novo

Contact: http://etldevelopernotes.blogspot.com/

Jorge Novo is a database developer with more than 10 years of experience in the design, implementation, and maintenance of OLAP, ROLAD database system for the enterprise. Jorge specialize himself on ETL processes, SQL tunning, and much more. Jorge is always eager to learn and shared his ideas and challenges with the SQL Community.

Brian Kelley

Twitter: - kbriankelley

LinkedIn: Brian Kelley

Contact: https://truthsolutions.wordpress.com/

Brian Kelley is an author, columnist, Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), accredited CISA trainer, and former Microsoft Data Platform (SQL Server) MVP (2009-2016) focusing primarily on SQL Server and Windows security. Brian currently serves as a data architect as well as an independent infrastructure/security architect concentrating on Active Directory, SQL Server, and Windows Server. He has served in a myriad of other positions including senior database administrator, data warehouse architect, web developer, incident response team lead, and project manager. Brian has spoken at 24 Hours of PASS, the Marathon of PASS, IT/Dev Connections, SQLConnections, the SSWUG Virtual Conferences, the Techno Security and Forensics Investigation

Chris Hyde

Twitter: - ChrisHyde325

LinkedIn: Chris Hyde

Chris Hyde is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and Microsoft Certified Trainer based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He works as an independent SQL Server BI and DBA consultant, and is the leader of the Albuquerque PASS local user group. He is also part of the Friends of Redgate program and was a member of the Idera ACE class of 2018. He loves loud music and cricket, but usually not at the same time.

Tony Scotto di Carlo

LinkedIn: Tony Scotto di Carlo

Tony Scotto di Carlo has been in the IT biz for over 20 yrs with a bend towards the entrepreneurial.Over his tenure, Tony’s career has taken him from consulting, cofounding 3 software companies, IT Mangager amp; Director of business systems, with several years working in Europe and the Middle East.Tony has been working with SQL Server since the mid 90’s with version 6.5ish /7. Today Tony is a Sr Consultant with Dell Services, architecting, planning and managing SQL Server data center migrations.

Gene Webb

Twitter: - None

LinkedIn: Gene Webb

Contact: http://None

Gene Webb is a Regional Sales Executive with The Profisee Group based in Alpharetta Georgia. Profisee is the successor to Stratature the company that built Master Data Services (MDS) and sold the product to Microsoft in 2007. Profisee focuses around Master Data Management (MDM) and as a Gold ISV provides solution sets built on MDS and the Microsoft Stack. Gene spent 7 years working at Microsoft as a SQL Server and Developer Tools solution specialist and an ISV Developer Evangelist.

Jeff Reinhard

Twitter: - @SQLMajor

LinkedIn: Jeff Reinhard

I have 25 years of database development experience, mostly with SQL Server, with companies such as Ernst amp; Young, Internet Security Systems/IBM, AirWatch, WebMD, CheckFree and others. My recent focus has been on AlwaysOn availability groups and database DevOps.

Melissa Coates

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/SQLChick

LinkedIn: Melissa Coates

Contact: https://www.CoatesDataStrategies/blog

Melissa Coates is a data architect with a background in data warehousing and business intelligence. Her current professional focus is enterprise-level Power BI governance, deployment, security, and administration. As the owner of Coates Data Strategies, Melissa produces training and consults to help companies strengthen and sustain their data-driven initiatives. Melissa is big supporter of the technical community, and has been a Microsoft Data Platform MVP since 2013. You can visit Melissa’s website at CoatesDataStrategies.com, which includes community resources like diagrams, blogs, and videos.

Kevin Klein, Melissa Coates, Chris Hyde, Ryan McKnight

Contact: http://accidental-dba.com

Kevin Kline http://KevinEKline.com and is on twitter, linkedin, and facebook at ../kekline.Ryan McKnight http://www.accidental-dba.com @Accidental_dba_Wayne Sheffield http://blog.waynesheffield.com/wayneChris Hyde @ChrisHyde325Melissa Coates sqlchick.com. @SQLChick

Carlos L Chacon

Twitter: - @CarlosLChacon

LinkedIn: Carlos L Chacon

Contact: http://sqldatapartners.com/blog

Carlos Chacon is the managing partner of SQL Data Partners LLC and co-host of the popular SQL Data Partners Podcast. While getting his start as a typical accidental DBA, Carlos has sat on Microsoft exam review panels, served as regional mentor and chapter leader. He enjoys traveling and has been to four continents, speaks Spanish and can eat his weight in raspberries (not yet proven). He and his family live in Richmond, Virginia.

Wayne Sheffield

Twitter: - @DBAWayne

LinkedIn: Wayne Sheffield

Contact: http://blog.waynesheffield.com/wayne

Wayne Sheffield, a Microsoft Certified Master in SQL Server and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, started working with xBase databases in the late 80’s. With over 25 years in IT, he has worked with SQL Server (since 6.5 in the late 90’s) in various dev/admin roles, with an emphasis in performance tuning. He is the author of several articles at www.sqlservercentral.com, a co-author of “SQL Server T-SQL Recipes”, and enjoys sharing his knowledge by presenting at SQL events worldwide and blogging at http://blog.waynesheffield.com/wayne

Janis Griffin

Twitter: - DoBoutAnything

LinkedIn: Janis Griffin

Janis Griffin has over 30 years of DBA/database experience including design, development and implementation of many critical database applications. Before coming to Quest Software, Janis primarily worked in the Telecom/Network Industry, working with both real-time network routing databases and OLTP business to business applications. Janis also held positions as a Principal Architect and Senior Manager, mentoring other DBAs on best practices in database performance tuning.

Michael Wharton

Twitter: - MyProjectExpert

LinkedIn: Michael Wharton

Contact: http://MyProjectExpert.com

Michael Wharton is a Project MVP. He has been an independent consultant for the past 20 years, with over 30 Project/SharePoint Server deployments. He has an MBA from Wake Forest and has over 44 Microsoft Certifications. Michael’s primary job is helping companies setup a PMO, Project Management Office using Project Server using SQL server on a SharePoint Farm. He has worked extensively with the back end support setting up SQL server, SharePoint Server and Project Server using PowerShell.

Donald Wert

Don has worked with various RDBMS systems since the mid-eighties including, say it softly, Access. He first learned SQL Server in 2000 and has been in love ever since. After escaping the banking industry he did second tier support before finally becoming a database developer, sometime DBA and BI analyst and currently works at Rentpath. Don leads Atlanta MDF, one of the PASS chapters in Atlanta.


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