SQLSaturday #338 - Barcelona 2014

Event Date: 10/25/2014 00:00:00

Event Location:

  • IQS
  • Via Augusta, 390
  • Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

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Title: Automating Data Warehouse Patterns Through Metadata

Abstract: Around 80% of the work to create a data warehouse/BI solution is spent on the ETL phase. Although building an ETL solution can be a challenge, you can break down the project into at least two separate processes for easier management. One process is strictly related to business modeling, and therefore cannot be replicated. But the other is made up of purely technical processes that are always the same, regardless of the business environment we operate in, and thus can be highly automated.

In this session, we will look at well-known patterns to solving common problems and how they can be automated with the help of specific tools and techniques that use metadata to reduce development time and bugs. Using these engineering techniques, you will be able to adopt an Agile approach to your BI solution.


  • Davide Mauri

Track and Room: Track BI - N/A

Title: Analytics and the DBA – Using BI Power tools to visualize your SQL Infrastructure

Abstract: DBAs do not always have time to work with some of the amazing visual data tools that are becoming common place now for analysts. In this presentation I will show how in just a few very easy steps you can learn more than the basics of PowerView, PowerPivot and Data Mining using data you are already familiar with as a DBA, your SQL Server installation data. We will look at new and interesting way to load, transform, merge and analyze configuration and performance data for many servers simultaneously. I will also demonstrate how to best utilize that data for reports in Excel, SSRS and Visio to get the most out of automation, standardization and visualization with the new Power tools.


  • Rodney Landrum

Track and Room: Track DBA - N/A

Title: Big Data Analytics with Excel

Abstract: This introductory session describes and demonstrates how to create a big data analytics solution with structured data by using Azure HDInsight and Excel 2013. This session will be of interest to those new to the concept of big data, new to self-service data modeling with Power Pivot, and for those interested to understand how big data can play a role in a self-service BI solution. Demonstrations will reinforce the introductory theory by showing how to store data files, and how to use Pig to transform data, and Hive to query data. The “big data” will then be retrieved and queried by using Power BI add-ins in Excel 2013, including Power Query, Power Pivot and Power View.


  • Peter Myers

Track and Room: Track Big Data Analytics - N/A

Title: Hadoop for the Microsoft Guy

Abstract: Microsoft have released a distribution of Hadoop targeted at making big data accessible to everyone. Hadoop is different to SQL Server. Not necessarily better, just different. It is a tool for a job. if you have only ever worked with an RDBMS such as SQL Server then Hadoop is going to play with your mind a little and you are going to need to rethink a few things. This session is going to take Hadoop and break it apart. I will also look at some of the tooling Hive and Pig. Keep an open mind and let me show you that Hadoop has lots to offer.


  • Allan Mitchell

Track and Room: Track Big Data Analytics - N/A

Title: Visualización. Mejorando las respuestas a las preguntas de Negocio.

Abstract: En muchas ocasiones nos planteamos una pregunta de negocio, conocemos el modelo dimensional, las herramientas y la forma de acceder a la información para responderla, pero fallamos en cómo exponemos dicha respuesta de forma visual. En esta sesión se verán múltiples ejemplos concretos de respuestas de negocio. En cada una de ellas se estudiarán diversas formas de mostrar la información (tablas, diversos tipos de gráficos, colores), pros y contras de cada una de ellas; partiendo de una mala solución que se irá comentando y mejorando, mediante técnicas y herramientas de visualización, hasta convertirla en una buena respuesta.


  • Salvador Ramos

Track and Room: Track Big Data Analytics - N/A

Title: Big Brother: Espiando a nuestro BI

Abstract: ¿Quién no ha tenido problemas de rendimiento en las soluciones de BI? Monitorizar las consultas y los recursos se convierte en algo crucial para detectar problemas. Durante la sesión construiremos un sistema de monitorización que incorpora datos de DMVs, contadores de rendimiento y los nuevos Eventos Extendidos de SSAS, y que además puede realizar acciones automatizadas como cancelar consultas o enviar alertas a los administradores. ¿Quieres convertirte en el ojo que todo lo ve? No te pierdas la sesión.


  • Ruben Pertusa Lopez

Track and Room: Track BI - N/A

Title: A One Hour Data Analysts Toolkit: using R and PowerBI

Abstract: If you want to conduct advanced Business Intelligence development and Business Analysis, then it is useful to understand data visualisation and have R as a tool in your toolset. In this intensive one hour session, we will look at the latest suite of Microsoft Business Intelligence tools - Microsoft Power BI in conjunction with R. The demos will be implemented in both tools in an end-to-end hour long session so that delegates can see when to use each technology in order to determine ‘what to use’ and ‘when to use it’, as well as seeing where the technologies complement each other. We will visualise the data according to data visualisation principles set out by Stephen Few amongst others.


  • Jen Stirrup

Track and Room: Track Big Data Analytics - N/A

Title: End to end demos of Power BI, Azure machine learning, HD Insight, APS (PDW) and SAP BI Connector

Abstract: Please join this session to see end to end exciting demos in a story format for two real world scenarios. We will use tools and technologies including Power Query, Power Pivot, Power View, Power Map, Power BI sites, QA, Windows Azure HD Insight, STORM, APS, SAP BI Connector etc. All demos are based on real world implementations including Microsoft Cybercrime center, a retail customer etc.Please join this interactive session to have an immersive and fun experience!


  • Sanjay Soni

Track and Room: Track Big Data Analytics - N/A

Title: Planes de ejecución en SQL Server 2014

Abstract: Todo el mundo que trabaja con base de datos siempre se ha preguntado alguna vez qué son los planes de ejecución y como se leen. Saber leer un plan de ejecución nos va a dar información valiosísima de cara a mejorar el rendimiento de una consulta. En esta sesión vamos a centrarnos en aprender a leer T-SQL para interpretar lo que está haciendo SQL Server para devolvernos la información.


  • Enrique Bañuls

Track and Room: Track DBA - N/A

Title: Exprimiendo Reporting Services: Trucos y consejos

Abstract: Reporting Services es una tecnología madura que se ha ido transformando hasta proporcionarnos diferentes controles y funcionalidades a la hora de realizar nuestros informes. Podemos crear suscripciones, gráficas, alertas de datos… pero, ¿estamos sacando todo el partido que podemos sacarle? En esta sesión veremos como llevar a Reporting Services a limites que no te imaginarias. ¡Se acabaron los informes aburridos y poco interactivos!


  • Sergio Carrillo Vila

Track and Room: Track BI - N/A

Title: Durabilidad diferida de transacciones y mejoras en gestión de bloqueos para tareas administrativas

Abstract: En esta sesión veremos dos novedades que ofrece SQL Server 2014 para gestionar la concurrencia de las cargas transaccionales de los sistemas OLTP de forma muy transparente.La durabilidad diferida de transacciones permite “aligerar” el acceso al archivo de transacciones penalizando ligeramente la “transaccionalidad completa” de la operacion: Veremos pros y contras de esta operación. Las mejoras en gestión de bloqueos permitirán que operaciones de mantenimiento no se vean bloqueadas (o bloqueen) las operaciones del día a día del sistema transaccional.


  • Eladio Rincon

Track and Room: Track DBA - N/A

Title: Avanzando a SQL Server 2014 como quien no quiere la cosa

Abstract: Toda esta revolución de SQL Server 2014 no pasa desapercibida para nadie. Sin embargo, quizá podamos hacer que pase desapercibida la llega a nuestras organizaciones de esta nueva versión, ya que plantear una migración de forme directa es muy difícil que logre cristalizar. ¿Qué hacemos entonces? Aprenderemos algunas formas de conseguir que la implantación de SQL Server 2014 sea un proceso nada disruptivo que nos lleve, como quien no quiere la cosa, a una plataforma actualizada con todas las ventajas que ello supone.


  • Alberto López Grande

Track and Room: Track DBA - N/A

Title: Power View and the Cube

Abstract: Did you know that Power View is not any longer limited to getting data from Tabular models ? Now that Power View users can connect to multidimensional BI Semantic Model (Cubes) we will have a look at how to get the best out of this interactive data exploration, visualization and presentation for multidimensional models. The session we’ll present

  • An understanding of the Multidimensional Model Objects in Power View
  • How to create a Shared Report Data Source Connection to a Multidimensional Model
  • How to create a Power View Report with a Multidimensional Model Data Source
  • An visual exploration of a Multidimensional Model by using Power View


  • Regis Baccaro

Track and Room: Track BI - N/A

Title: ??? Question ??? - Has Power BI QA the answer?

Abstract: Ever wanted to work with a BI Tool the way you search with Google aehm… Bing? With Power BI there comes a new toolset called QA, which should enable you to do that. Is it really like this? Does it work? How does it work? This session will introduce QA, will have a look behind the scences of QA, how to build models addressing natural language questions and a will review the usability


  • Oliver Engels

Track and Room: Track Big Data Analytics - N/A

Title: INSERT / UPDATE / DELETE - deep dive

Abstract: DML is used in most cases without thinking about the multiple operations for the db engine. This session will give a deep dive into the internal storage engine down to record level. After finishing the theory (and inside the theory) the differen DML commands and their tremendous operational tasks for the db engine will be investigated. SEE, what a workload will be caused by a “forwarded record”. What tremendous workload will occur in a page split. What happens if an existing record will be updated in fixed length attributes


  • Uwe Ricken

Track and Room: Track DBA - N/A

Title: Datawarehouse en tiempo real con CDC

Abstract: El tiempo entre que un dato está en el sistema transaccional y está disponible en nuestro DW puede ser un problema cuando se construye un sistema de información complejo. En la sesión veremos algunas técnicas combinadas que ayudan a minimizar estos tiempos para trabajar en tiempo semi-real.


  • Miguel Egea

Track and Room: Track BI - N/A

Title: Hardware Planning Sizing for SQL Server

Abstract: On-Premise Server are still here and will surely last for a while. Buying a server isn’t s complex task, but buying the server that maximize the ROI of the money you spent on it is not an easy task, since there is so much choice that finding the correct machine is really not trivial. In this session we’ll see the internals of a server, learning how memory, cpu, disks and all the rest works together. Along with some basic numbers and math we’ll see how to find the correct hardware needed and how to evaluate the server we’re going to buy, before releasing it in production and realizing, too late, that it physically can’t delivery the performance we need.


  • Davide Mauri

Track and Room: Track DBA - N/A

Title: SQL Server y Textos

Abstract: La gestión de grandes volúmenes de información es cada día más común, y los datos de texto no son una excepción, desde nombres de clientes en una tabla hasta documentos completos digitalizados. Veremos qué opciones nos ofrece SQL Server para tratar textos y cómo podemos aplicarlas a ámbitos como buscadores difusos, gestión documental, enriquecimiento de data warehouses y más.


  • Pau Sempere

Track and Room: Track Big Data Analytics - N/A

Title: Moving applications to SQL Server 2014 In-Memory OLTP

Abstract: In-Memory OLTP aka Hekaton aka XTP is without a doubt one of the key features in brand new SQL Server 2014. By placing your data in memory and using native compile stored procedures you can boost and increase you SQL Server performance in times. But it is not so easy to implement as it may seem, you need to make a lot of changes in your code and even in your application architecture. In this session you’ll learn what parts of your system can benefit by using In-Memory OLTP and what you should take into consideration before starting. As a bonus, I’ll share my own experience of implementing In-Memory OLTP into a real production system.


  • Sergey Olontsev

Track and Room: Track DBA - N/A

Title: Clustered Columnstore Deep Dive

Abstract: When it comes to clustered columnstore indexes, you may already understand row groups, delta stores, and compression methods, but come see how clustered columnstore indexes work with locking and blocking and when using different compression methods and techniques. We will also dive deep into Dictionaries creation and different methods for ETL processes.


  • Niko Neugebauer

Track and Room: Track BI - N/A


This is a list of speakers from the XML Guidebook records. The details and URLs were valid at the time of the event.

Enrique Bañuls

Twitter: - @enriquecatala

LinkedIn: Enrique Bañuls

Contact: http://www.enriquecatala.com/

Mentor en SolidQ, Microsoft SQL Server MVP, Ingeniero en inform#225;tica, Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) y MCSE. Centrado en el motor relacional SQL Server, tanto en la resoluci#243;n de problemas de rendimiento y escalabilidad en sistemas OLTP como la definici#243;n e implementaci#243;n de entornos de alta disponibilidad confiables, en donde ha llevado con #233;xito m#225;s de 100 proyectos en diversos pa#237;ses (EEUU, Holanda, M#233;xico, Arabia Saud#237; o Austria)

Miguel Egea

Twitter: - @miguelegea

Contact: http://www.portalsql.com

SQL Server MVP desde 2001 hasta la actualidad (con algunos años fuera del programa), trabaja como mentor en SolidQ en el departamento de BI. Es ponente habitual en eventos de comunidad de habla hispana. Apasionado de la tecnolog#237;a en general y de la relacionada con base de datos en particular.

Uwe Ricken

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/dbBerater

LinkedIn: Uwe Ricken

Contact: http://www.sqlmaster.de

Uwe Ricken is working with IT systems since the 90’s. The primary passion for developments with Microsoft SQL Server expanded in 2007 with his engagement as a DBA for Deutsche Bank AG in Frankfurt am Main. After 6 years of operational experiences as a DBA and over 14 years as a developer of complex database models he achieved the “Microsoft Certified Master – SQL Server 2008” certification which “was” the highest technical certification. In the same year he earned his first award as a Data Platform MVP for his support to the Microsoft SQL Server community in Germany and Europe. Uwe Ricken is a speaker on many international conferences and events and preferred topics are “Database Internals”, “Indexing” and “Development”.

Davide Mauri

Twitter: - mauridb

LinkedIn: Davide Mauri

Contact: https://medium.com/@mauridb

Data Platform MVP for almost 12 years, I love Data and Database in all their forms. Developer for passion (C# and Python), I’ve been working in the IT field since 1997. My focus has been databases and performance tuning since the start, focusing both on transactional and analytical workloads. I worked for more than 10 years on Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing, then moved to IoT and Big Data for a while. Now back to database space, injecting passion and innovation into Azure SQL as Microsoft Program Manager for Azure SQL Hyperscale, helping developers to re-discover SQL, which is now almost everywhere, and take advantage of all its amazing power!

Ruben Pertusa Lopez

Twitter: - @rpertusa

LinkedIn: Ruben Pertusa Lopez

Contact: http://www.sqlpass.es

Ruben is a Global BI/BigData Manager and Global Data Lead Architect at DUFRY HQ, member of PASS Spanish Group and founder of SQLSaturday Barcelona and Madrid. MCP and MCSA in SQL Server 2012 and also awarded with Microsoft MVP Data Platform. With more than 9 years of experience, he has been working in top projects for leading worldwide companies and teaching in the SolidQ BI Master. He has presented at the SQL Server 2008 R2 and 2014 Spanish launch event, PASS BA Chicago, TechNet Webcasts, Microsoft Partner Program and SolidQ Summit events.

Pau Sempere

Contact: http://www.solidq.com

Pau Sempere S#225;nchez is a Computer Science graduate, working at SolidQ as Data Platform Architect and is member of PASS Spanish Group. He#39;s worked in BI and database projects for top companies in the world, in diverse areas as communications, insurance, retail, transport, banking and automotive. He has been presenting in many Microsoft and community events such as SQLSaturday Madrid and Barcelona, the 12 hours of SQL Server, SolidQ Summit or TechNet Webcasts, and teaching in the SolidQ Master for 6 years in a row

Sanjay Soni

LinkedIn: Sanjay Soni

Sr.Technical Product Manager - SQL BI/Data Warehousing at Microsoft. Sanjay Soni is a BI Platforms Evangelist in the Microsoft IT BI Engineering. He is an MCDBA, MCTS and specializes in Business Intelligence using Microsoft technologies including Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, SharePoint, ProClarity, PerformancePoint, etc. Sanjay has authored and presented a variety of papers at various BI conferences including TDWI, BI Conference, PASS, SQL Connections, SharePoint Conference and TechEd

Regis Baccaro

Twitter: - @regbac

LinkedIn: Regis Baccaro

Contact: http://theblobfarm.wordpress.com

Regis has more than 15 years of experience with SQL Server, SharePoint and .Net as an architect and developer. R#233;gis is a SQL Server MVP since 2014 and a frequent speaker at SQL conferences, a PASS Regional Mentor and the founder of SQLSaturday Denmark community event. He is also a certified industry trainer on the APS/PDW platform. In his freetime he is an avid runner, cook and farmer.

Peter Myers

LinkedIn: Peter Myers

Peter Myers is a consultant, trainer and presenter, and has worked with Microsoft database and development products since 1997. Today he specializes in all Microsoft Business Intelligence products and also authors training course content for Microsoft products and services.

He has a broad business background supported by a bachelor’s degree in applied economics and accounting, and he extends this with extensive experience backed by current MCSE certifications. He has been a Data Platform MVP since 2007.

Niko Neugebauer

Twitter: - NikoNeugebauer

LinkedIn: Niko Neugebauer

Contact: http://www.nikoport.com

Niko Neugebauer is a Data Platform Consultant. A SQL Server MVP with over 20 years of experience in IT, he is passionate about the Microsoft Data Platform and community. Founder of the Portuguese SQL Server User Group and the main organizer of the first SQLSaturday event outside of North America (#78 Portugal), Niko speaks regularly at events such as PASS Summit, SQLRally, SQLBits, and SQLSaturday events around the world. Niko loves sharing information and knowledge and has authored over 130 blog posts on Columnstore Indexes, and regularly contributes to the open-sourced CISL library focused on Columnstore Indexes.

Eladio Rincon

Twitter: - @erincon

Contact: http://www.solidq.com/blogs

Eladio es MVP en SQL Server desde el a#241;o 2002; es director de bases de datos relacionales de SolidQ en Espa#241;a donde dirige proyectos para clientes de SolidQ en todo el mundo. Ponente habitual en conferencias Microsoft MSDN/TechNet, SQLPASS o grupos de usuarios; participa con sus compa#241;eros en los blogs tecnol#243;gicos de su empresa http://blogs.solidq.com/bigdata-hadoop , http://blogs.solidq.com/elrincondeldba y http://blogs.solidq.com/bigdata-hadoop

Allan Mitchell

Twitter: - @allanSQLIS

Contact: https://onlysearch.wordpress.com/

Allan Mitchell is a SQL Server MVP and runs elastio, a small consultancy helping customers to make informed decisions about their data storage and integration. His focus is on enterprise search as well as real-time data integration.

Rodney Landrum

Twitter: - @SQLBeat

Contact: https://www.simple-talk.com/blogs/author/2133-rodney-landrum/

Rodney Landrum has been architecting solutions for SQL Server for over 12 years. He has worked with and written about many SQL Server technologies, including DTS, Integration Services, Analysis Services, and Reporting Services. He has co-authored 4 books on Reporting Services. He is been a regular contributor to SQL Server magazine, sqlservercentral.com and Simple-talk.com. Rodney is also SQL Server MVP

Jen Stirrup

Twitter: - @jenstirrup

LinkedIn: Jen Stirrup

Contact: http://www.jenstirrup.com

Jen Stirrup, Microsoft Regional Director and MVP is a well-known Business Intelligence and Data Visualization expert, author, data strategist, and Master of Business Administration (MBA) student in London. Jen leads a boutique analytics consultancy, delivering strategic advice to companies large and small.

Jen has presented in Africa, India, Europe and North America. Jen has presented at Ignite, Techorama, TechEd, PASS Summit, SQLBits, and SQLSaturday events in Europe and the US. She also delivers the MAPA Azure Architects course worldwide with Microsoft team members. Jen was also featured on the Best of PASS Summit 2015 DVD as one of the top 10 speakers. Jen also was awarded PASS prestigious PASSion Award in 2012

Salvador Ramos

Contact: http://www.sqlserversi.com

Consultor, Formador y Mentor en Business Intelligence. SQL Server MVP. Director de Formación en SolidQ. Microsoft MCSE 2012: Business Intelligence.

Autor de libro gratuito “Microsoft BI: vea el cubo medio lleno”.

Alberto López Grande

Twitter: - @qwalgrande

LinkedIn: Alberto López Grande

Contact: http://qwalgrande.com/

Data Platform MVP, sqlpass.es coordination team. But before all that, I am DBA. I write the blog quot;Diario de un DBAquot; (http://qwalgrande.com).

I am currently Head of Structured Systems in Grupo Catalana Occidente. Working with SQL Server since 1998 in many areas (management, architecture, infrastructure, high availability, tunning, SSIS, SSAS, data quality,…).

Sergio Carrillo Vila

Twitter: - @scarrillovila

LinkedIn: Sergio Carrillo Vila

Sergio Carrillo trabaja ahora mismo en Samp;G Consulting en el departamento de Inteligencia de Negocio como Senior BI Developer. MCTS de Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 y SQL Server, realiza labores de aruqitecto en Inteligencia de Negocio, alrededor la plataforma de datos de Microsoft. Es ingeniero inform#225;tico por la universidad de Alicante, en la que continua sus estudios de Postgrado

Oliver Engels

Twitter: - @oengels

Contact: http://www.ssis-components.net

Oliver Engels is CEO of oh22data AG, a Microsoft Gold Partner in Germany specializing in CRM and BI. His special interests are Azure, Data Governance and Integration, Visualisation Tools like SSRS, Power BI, Tableau, R, and SharePoint. He has worked with SQL Server since version 6.5 and is a founder and Board member of PASS Germany, a PASS Regional Mentor, and runs the Frankfurt PASS Local Group. For more than seven years he is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and a Microsoft pTSP.

Sergey Olontsev

Twitter: - SergeyOlontsev

LinkedIn: Sergey Olontsev

Contact: http://SergeyOlontsev.com/

I have been working with SQL Server since SQL Server 2000 version as a database administrator, developer, consultant and trainer, focusing on high availability and disaster recovery solutions, ETL, troubleshooting and performance tuning, developing high performance solutions . I’m a regular speaker at SQL Server user group meetings, SQLSaturday events and other conferences. An owner of MCM certification and MVP award on SQL Server.

Davide Mauri

Twitter: - mauridb

LinkedIn: Davide Mauri

Contact: https://medium.com/@mauridb

Data Platform MVP for almost 12 years, I love Data and Database in all their forms. Developer for passion (C# and Python), I’ve been working in the IT field since 1997. My focus has been databases and performance tuning since the start, focusing both on transactional and analytical workloads. I worked for more than 10 years on Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing, then moved to IoT and Big Data for a while. Now back to database space, injecting passion and innovation into Azure SQL as Microsoft Program Manager for Azure SQL Hyperscale, helping developers to re-discover SQL, which is now almost everywhere, and take advantage of all its amazing power!


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