SQLSaturday #318 - Orlando 2014

Event Date: 09/27/2014 00:00:00

Event Location:

  • Seminole State College of Florida
  • 100 Weldon Blvd Building UP
  • Sanford, Florida

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Title: Turbocharge Your Career With a Learning Plan

Abstract: What will you learn next quarter and why? How will you learn it? How much time and money will it cost? What is the ROI on learning those skills? Those are the questions that you answer by building a learning plan and, if you do it well, you’ll find yourself steadily pulling away from your peers.

It starts with a learning list, a place to capture skills you think you need to learn. That’s where you score each topic by estimating the effort to learn it in time and money and the value it adds to your career now and later. It’s absolutely an analog process, but it gives you the framework for answering one question: what do I learn next and why?

Once you’ve picked a topic, how do you learn more about it? Do you read blogs, buy books, or attend a class? Or all of the above? How much time makes sense? Join this session and learn how to dig into the topic to answer the questions that lead to a learning plan. After that, it’s just a matter of executing the plan!


  • Andy Warren

Track and Room: Prof Dev/Security - N/A

Title: Learn How To Build A Golden Record for Any Subject Over Lunch!

Abstract: Attend the lunch demo and see how you can use Master Data Services and Maestro to:• Create a golden record for any subject area in a matter of minutes Leverage your Microsoft licenses, skills and infrastructure to lower license costs and FTE costs, and reduce the complexity of an MDM environment?• Understand how to implement workflow and business process solutions around the management of MDM, without having to write complex custom coding for everything?• Tackle data quality, consistency and control by empowering business and subject matter experts, without needing heavy IT resources and writing complex code or scripting• Improve data quality, data stewardship, workflow, and data sharing with any of your enterprise


  • Gene Webb

Track and Room: BI Track - N/A

Title: How In-Memory Database Objects Affect Database Design

Abstract: With SQL Server 2014, Microsoft has added a major new feature to help optimize OLTP database implementations by persisting your data primarily in RAM. Of course it isn’t that simple, internally everything that uses this new feature is completely new. While the internals of this feature may be foreign to you, accessing the data that uses the structures very much resembles T-SQL as you already know it. As such, the first important question for the average developer will be how to adapt an existing application to make use of the technology to achieve enhanced performance. In this session, I will start with a normalized database, and adapt the logical and physical database model/implementation in several manners, performance testing the tables and code changes along the way.


  • Louis Davidson

Track and Room: T-SQL/SQL 2014 Track - N/A

Title: Get Your Nights Weekends Back from SQL Server Planned Downtime

Abstract: Major disaster events resulting in unplanned downtime get all the press—but planned downtime constitutes almost 80% of the outages in any IT environment. This downtime is typically for tech refresh, migration projects, and OS/SQL Server patching. And when do you have to schedule the large downtime windows required to accomplish these upkeep tasks? Nights and weekends. Like you don’t have better things to do then! In this session, learn how you can get in-place upgrades for OS and/or SQL Server as fast as SQL Server can stop restart, no data migrations for tech refresh, low-impact break/fix, and planned downtime windows of less than 2 minutes.


  • Carl Berglund

Track and Room: DBA Admin 2 Track - N/A

Title: Geekin’ Out on Extended Events -Deconstructing the system_health session to solve performance issues

Abstract: Extended Events are used to gather a wide range of performance information to help troubleshoot performance problems in SQL Server. The system_health session is an Extended Events session that is included by default with SQL Server. This session starts automatically when the SQL Server database engine starts, and runs without any noticeable performance effects. This presentations will take you on an in-depth tour of the data provided in the system_health event session and how to use it to troubleshoot performance issues. Cases studies from real-life examples will be used to demonstrate tips and tricks.


  • Janis Griffin

Track and Room: DBA Performance Track - N/A

Title: Discover, Document, Diagnose Your Servers on Your Lunch Break

Abstract: Documentation is the bane of every DBA’s existence. We all know we should do it but it’s time consuming; by the time you’re finally done it’s probably out of date. Throw in the new servers you just found out about last week and keeping documentation up to date can turn into a full time job. And with everything we have to do in our day, who has time for that?

You need a way to work smarter, not harder, and automate your documentation. It can be done, and in this session you’ll learn how to discover all the SQL Servers on your network, document their configuration from top to bottom (including OS details), and diagnose common problems before they turn into big headaches - all while you’re out at lunch. You’ll look like a rock star without writing a line of code on your own or having to ask management to sign a check.

Attend this session and walk away with everything you need to generate documentation for your entire SQL Server environment on your first day back at the office


  • Kendal Van Dyke

Track and Room: DBA Bonus Track - N/A

Title: Tired of the CRUD? Automate it!

Abstract: T4 templating support was added in the March 2014 release of SSDT. This means we can now create a T4 template to automatically create CRUD procedures for all the tables in our database project. Sure ORM tools like EF and nHibernate can handle CRUD operations in code, but if you want to provide an API to your database and avoid the tedious work of hand creating simple CRUD procedures this is the session for you!

After this session you will:

  1. Understand the basics of T4 templating
  2. Have a basic understanding of the Dac object model
  3. Be able to create a script that will create 100’s or even 1000’s of CRUD procedures in seconds.


  • Jack Corbett

Track and Room: BI/Big Data/Misc - N/A

Title: Test Automation - Where to Start

Abstract: This session is designed to help DBAs, Developers, Testers, and Operations folks gain an understanding of why and more importantly HOW to approach Test Automation. Learn all the tools (mostly free) that are available to get you started. Learn from a guy that has been successfully been automating test for years saving companies valuable time and serious money. Learn what you can start doing immediately with Windows PowerShell.


  • Mikey Nelson

Track and Room: DBA Admin Track - N/A

Title: Database Development Comes out of the Dark Ages

Abstract: Database development has traditionally been done using SQL Server Management Studio query window as the primary tool, when far more powerful tools are available in your toolset. This is the equivalent of writing a document using Notepad, when MS Word is available on your desktop. This session will take you through some of the basics of using SSDT, show you how to use VS2012 database projects effectively, how to utilize TFS build, test and deploy your code. I’ve had my share of bumps on the road to deploying these toolsets. At the end of this session you will have a good introduction into how to use the tools and how to avoid some common issues with legacy code you are already have in your environments.


  • miguel Cebollero

Track and Room: DBA Admin 2 Track - N/A

Title: A practical guide to Windows Azure SQL Database for the DBA

Abstract: What is “Windows Azure SQL Database” all about ? What does this mean for me as a DBA ? What is the process for setting up a Windows Azure database ? How would I go about migrating one of my databases to “The Cloud” ? How do I possibly leverage this new technology in my production environment ? If you are a production DBA and have contemplated one or more of these questions, this session is for you! Maybe, you have been tasked with finding out about “The Cloud”. Join me in exploring the cloud where I will show you how SQL Server works in the Windows Azure SQL Database world. We will run through the simple process of configuring a Windows Azure SQL database. We will investigate the similarities and differences between on premises SQL Server and Windows Azure SQL Databases. We will even look into the DR, HA, monitoring and performance tuning options available with Windows Azure.


  • Gareth Swanepoel

Track and Room: DBA Admin Track - N/A

Title: From Student to IT Professional - Part 3

Abstract: In the final hour of our half day seminar for students we’ll discuss the SQL Server Community including key web sites, events, and the idea of SQLFamily, followed by tips on how to build your professional network, and wrapping up with a presentation on how to use IT staffing companies effectively.


  • Andy Warren

Track and Room: Beginner - N/A

Title: Hadoop + SQL Server: The Emerging Patterns in Big Data

Abstract: Ever wonder how to take Big Data technology such as Hadoop and use it to extend SQL Server? Archives, Data Lakes, ETL solutions. I’ll show you how to create solutions with little or no MapReduce code! These will center around Linux-based Cloudera Enterprise, Impala, Hive, Pig, and Sqoop coupled with SQL Server 2014.


  • Rowland Gosling

Track and Room: BI/Big Data/Misc - N/A

Title: Permission Management: 12 Pitfalls Misconceptions

Abstract: SQL Server comes with a powerful built-in permission management system. However, as most powerful tools, this one too can be difficult to use and get right. This is a two-part session. During the first part, we will go through a review of SQL Server security terms and concepts, particularly the GRANT, REVOKE and DENY statements. For the second part, the audience selects topics that we will cover in detail. You will be able to choose from 12 different security pitfalls and misconceptions. All these pitfalls/misconceptions have one thing in common: If you are not aware of them, you might GRANT or DENY more permissions than you intended.


  • Sebastian Meine

Track and Room: Cloud/Security - N/A

Title: Re-Indexing - The quest of ultimate automation

Abstract: How many times you have been called on weekends to handle a nightmare caused by Re-Indexing job? One of the most common aspect of performance tuning is a well-design dynamic index optimization process. If you ever wonder what it takes to design an efficient re-indexing process, which do selective re-indexing, handles blocking efficiently, avoid system downtime due to log disk full, automatically stop itself beyond a threshold, can be implemented across all sql servers regardless of application type or data size, in other words, fewer headaches. This session is for you!!

In this session, Prakash will walk you through design considerations, accompanied with a script demo using PowerShell to generate a dynamic re-indexing script , created based on his real-life experience from managing high performing database systems.


  • Prakash Heda

Track and Room: DBA Admin 2 Track - N/A

Title: Indexing Internals for Developers

Abstract: What are the secrets to making your queries run faster? Why does SQL Server use an index for some queries and not for others? What makes a good index? How many indexes should I have? Have you ever asked these questions? When you want to understand an application you look at its core architecture. Underneath the covers SQL Server is just a C++ application. Together we will discuss how the application architecture of SQL Server works, and how to apply this logic to building the best indexes for your queries.


  • Bradley Ball

Track and Room: SSIS/Virtualization Track - N/A

Title: First Day DBA - Installation to Fascination withou


In this session we will step through the very basics of SQL Server for the new DBA. Since we can not delve into the SQL Server without a SQL Server, we will install one from scratch. Next we will add a database, write a couple of simple queries and export and import some data. All of this will be in preparation for our final look at running a report using data that we just loaded. At the end you will be familiar with many of the tools and techniques that DBAs use every day.


  • Rodney Landrum

Track and Room: Beginner - N/A

Title: Revenge: The SQL! - Director’s Cut

Abstract: Pop quiz DBA: Your developers are running rampant in production. Logic, reason, and threats have all failed. You’re on the edge. What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO?

Hint: You attend Revenge: The SQL!

This session will show you how to “correct” all those bad practices. Everyone logging in as sa? Running huge cursors? Using SELECT * and ad-hoc SQL? Stop them dead, without actually killing them. Ever dropped a table, or database, or WHERE clause? You can prevent that! And if you’re tired of folks ignoring your naming conventions, make them behave with Unicode…and take your revenge!

Revenge: The SQL! is fun and educational and may even have some practical use, but you’ll want to attend simply to indulge your Dark Side. Revenge: The SQL! assumes no liability and is not available in all 50 states. Do not taunt Revenge: The SQL! or Happy Fun Ball.


  • Rob Volk

Track and Room: T-SQL/SQL 2014 Track - N/A

Title: From Student to IT Professional - Part 1

Abstract: In the first half hour attendees will learn about the various roles related to databases including the Database Administrator, Database Developer, Report Writer, and ETL Developer. In the second half hour attendees will learn how to install SQL Server on a laptop/PC and apply a service pack.


  • Andy Warren

Track and Room: Beginner - N/A

Title: SQL Server Security Easy Button

Abstract: Attendees will learn how to define a permission set with a single script that allows your company’s DBAs to do routine work and how to elevate DBA permissions quickly to respond to production emergencies. DBAs will leave this session with an easy to implement, low hassle solution that provides DBAs the minimum necessary access required to maintain the server but not be able to view user data. In addition, I’ll talk about our DBA’s real world experience with reduced permissions


  • Ronald Dameron

Track and Room: Prof Dev/Security - N/A

Title: ETL in a Nutshell with SSIS

Abstract: New to BI? Loading data warehouses got you down? Do Connection Managers, Control Flows, and Data Flows make your head swirl? Well, don’t fret. In this session, we will peel back the onion that is SQL Server Integration Services and identify the elements necessary to develop efficient, high performance ETL packages that will shock and amaze your friends and coworkers. Expect to cover several real-world scenarios including implementing best practices around disparate data sources, package design and development, logging, troubleshooting, and deployment. This will be an interactive session based on your input; come with questions!


  • Brett Tomson

Track and Room: SSIS/Virtualization Track - N/A

Title: Querying Active Directory From SSRS To Secure Reports And Enhance The User Experience

Abstract: As SSRS report developers, we take for granted the security that is built in to Reporting Services. This Session explores the possibilities available to us by querying AD.


  • Wes Springob

Track and Room: BI Track - N/A

Title: Object Level Recovery Made Easy

Abstract: Have you ever found yourself in a situation where data mysteriously disappears from your database? Or a stored procedure or function was altered without your knowledge.How do I recover and get back to the original state?Recovering data and/or database code can be a frustrating and time-consuming effort without the proper tools.In this session, I will show how to recover data and/or database code using native SQL Server tools.Do I have space to restore a copy of the database, do SLAs allow me to do this now or after hours, etc.Then I will show how LiteSpeed for SQL Server’s Object Level Recovery (OLR) functionality can simplify the process and get back to the original database state in a fraction of the time.The result is you are the hero and everyone is happy.


  • Todd Phillippe

Track and Room: BI/Big Data/Misc - N/A

Title: Access As A Front-end to SQL-Server

Abstract: Microsoft Access makes an unparalleled front-end for any version of SQL-Server. This session will explain the how and why.


  • Arvin Meyer

Track and Room: BI/Big Data/Misc - N/A

Title: How to Partition Anything!

Abstract: Are you struggling with lots of data and really large tables? Have you heard of SQL Server Partitioning? Have you tried to figure out how you could add it to your database only to get lost in choosing the all-important Partition Key? Have you been told you can’t do that or had problems trying to figure out how you could use Partitioning on an OLTP database because the search criteria doesn’t fit the Partition Key mold of a date Partition Key in the data warehouse examples that you may have seen. In this session I will describe a way that you can use partitioning on just about any table in any type of database. This system of Partitioning can not only bring query times down but it can also speed up the insert times on very large tables. Please come and let me provide you some useful information that you can immediately implement on your very large problem tables in your database and see immediate results.


  • Elijah Baker

Track and Room: DBA Admin 2 Track - N/A

Title: SQL 2014 In Memory OLTP and Natively Compiled Stored Procedures

Abstract: With the release of SQL Server 2014 one of the most talked about new features is the In Memory OLTP (project “Hekaton”) and natively compiled stored procedures which promise to deliver dramatic performance increases. But, is this new feature ready for prime time or another version one that should be avoided until the next release? In this session we will look at how you implement memory optimized tables and compiled procedures, do some quick demos and comparisons to see what the hype is about, and examine some of the considerations and requirements.


  • Eric Wisdahl

Track and Room: T-SQL/SQL 2014 Track - N/A

Title: Getting Started with Power Query

Abstract: Power Query is a free add-in for Excel 2010 and up that provide users an easy way to discover, combine and refine data all within the familiar Excel interface. With Power Query you can now combine and transform data from a variety of unusual data sources all within Excel, which would have previously required a complex ETL job. Join Devin and learn how you can use Power Query to take your Self-Service BI solutions to the next level.


  • Devin Knight

Track and Room: BI Track - N/A

Title: TempDB Parasites!

Abstract: Unless you happen to be Chuck Norris, your SQL Server instances only have one tempDB. That makes tempDB a single point of contention for an instance. What’s worse is that there are a lot of things going on in tempDB that you may not be aware of. Let’s look at some things that can use tempDB while we’re not looking.


  • Jason Hall

Track and Room: DBA Admin Track - N/A

Title: Why I won’t hire you and what you can do about it!

Abstract: As a hiring manager, I see the same mistakes over and over again. In this session we’ll talk about common mistakes in resumes, interviews, social media and how you can avoid them. We’ll also discuss lost opportunities and how not to miss them. This information applies to both internal and external candidates.


  • Leigh Freijo

Track and Room: Prof Dev/Security - N/A

Title: Virtualizing SQL Server: Doing IT Right - The SeQueL

Abstract: A database is a very resource intensive by its very nature and one of the most resource intensive applications you will ever virtualize. If best practices are not followed, the database will never perform as needed. This presentation will teach the DBA best practices for Virtualizing SQL Server databases with a heavy emphasis on VMware. Topics include Design, Storage, Processor, and Memory Network considerations. This presentation is based upon the very popular presentation given at VMworld in San Francisco and Barcelona


  • Michael Corey

Track and Room: SSIS/Virtualization Track - N/A

Title: Cloudy with a Chance of Data

Abstract: Cloud, Cloud, Cloud. Microsoft is “all in”. CxOs love the idea of renting compute resources. You know this is where our profession is headed, but when and how fast. When should you jump on board? The good news is cloud will not eliminate or even reduce the need for IT and Data professionals. The bad news is our world and our profession is changing. Adapt or be left behind. Come see what Microsoft Azure has to offer Data Professionals.


  • Geoff Hiten

Track and Room: Cloud/Security - N/A

Title: Dynamic File Loading Using SSIS Programming

Abstract: Every organization has to deal with the constant loading of text,csv,excel,pipe, fixed width, and ragged right files in this session we are going to build metadata driving ETL framework that will dynamically create an standard SSIS template that will encompass the file format, enforce standards, and keep track of data lineage across an organization.


  • Jorge Novo

Track and Room: SSIS/Virtualization Track - N/A

Title: Big Data Analytics with SQL Server, Hadoop and MongoDB

Abstract: If you would like to see how real businesses build real-world Big Data Analytics solutions, then come to this session. I will dive right into a number of reference architectures and demos of Big Data Analytics using SQL Server, Hadoop and MongoDB.


  • Mark Kromer

Track and Room: BI/Big Data/Misc - N/A

Title: Get Near Realtime ETL with Service Broker

Abstract: Most of the time you’ll see ETL being done with a tool such as SSIS, but what if you need near-realtime reporting? This session will walk through the basic transformations to build a Kimbal-style data warehouse from an OLTP database and demonstrate how to keep your data warehouse updated using Service Broker messages from your OLTP database.


  • Allen White

Track and Room: Cloud/Security - N/A

Title: Loading a Data Warehouse with SSIS

Abstract: You’ve just been assigned a data warehouse project. Maybe you’ve figured out what tables you want to work with, but outside of that you don’t really know how to get started. In this session we’ll cover some of the basics of data warehousing, and then we’ll show how to use SSIS as an ETL tool to load a Kimball data warehouse.


  • Robert Biddle

Track and Room: SSIS/Virtualization Track - N/A

Title: Tips Tricks for dynamic SSRS Reports

Abstract: In this session we will explore the multitude of ways that you can make your reports adapt to the needs of your users. This will include defining formats based on the data contents. We will explore how to refine layouts based on the data to be delivered. We will demonstrate how to create a parameter driven data source. We will take a look at how creating templates can give your catalog of reports a more professional look. All of this together will empower you to have more control over the reports you create.


  • Pam Shaw

Track and Room: BI/Big Data/Misc - N/A

Title: Manage Both On-Prem and Azure Databases with PowerShell

Abstract: In today’s world you’re more likely to have databases both on premises and in the cloud. Managing databases in different environments can make your life more complicated, but with the new PowerShell cmdlets introduced with SQL Server 2014 it actually becomes easier. In this session we’ll introduce you to the new cmdlets and show you how to manage your on-prem and Azure databases consistently.


  • Allen White

Track and Room: Cloud/Security - N/A

Title: Building an MDM Center of Excellence with MDS and Maestro

Abstract: Learn how to build an MDM Center of Excellence with Best Practices using extensive demo. The session will including building a complete sample customer domain including data quality, merge, match and deduplication, and business workflow.


  • Gene Webb

Track and Room: BI Track - N/A

Title: Encryption 101: A look at SQL Encryption Options

Abstract: Are your backups like a stack of cash free for the taking, or a hardened ATM? Are your database connections scrambled and safe or are you sending data over the party line? In this session we will walk through the many ways SQL Server allows us to protect our data using encryption. We will evaluate the various methods for protecting data at rest, in the database, and while in transport. Since nothing comes for free, we will look at how much all of this is going to cost us, in time, money, and failure to implement.


  • Jason Carter

Track and Room: Prof Dev/Security - N/A

Title: Flash 101- An Introduction to Flash Storage for MS SQL Server and Data Centers

Abstract: More CPU/more Memory/More Spindles’ has been the mantra for increasing performance for SQL Server environments that are resource bound. This often leads to complicated file placements, complicated lun/disk striping, complex partitioning schemes and creative resource handling. Storage has been the last area of hardware technology that has improved performance for enterprise systems, but now the next generation of storage is here… Flash, and its available and practical for database systems.


  • Karla Landrum

Track and Room: T-SQL/SQL 2014 Track - N/A

Title: Powershell Working with Windows Azure SQL Database Server

Abstract: In this presentation I will be covering how to subscribe to Azure, setup PowerShell to connect your subscription, use scripting to create a SQL Database Server and then use SMO with PowerShell push data to your SQL Azure tables. All this using PowerShell scripting plus showing some editor, scripting techniques, and tips to avoid issues when working and setting Azure with PowerShell. (Live demo with Windows Azure)


  • Maximo Trinidad

Track and Room: Cloud/Security - N/A

Title: Getting Started with Hekaton (In-Memory OLTP)

Abstract: So you’ve heard of Hekaton (In-Memory OLTP) but you aren’t sure where to start or if it’s for you or not. Maybe you’ve heard or read some information and not sure what’s true or not. There’s a number of misconceptions out there about Hekaton. By the end of this session you’ll have a better understanding of what Hekaton is and how it may be able to help you. We’ll discuss the basics of Hekaton and more as well as walking through some demos to show you how to use Hekaton and what it can do as well as help you get started diving into Hekaton on your own.


  • Brian Davis

Track and Room: T-SQL/SQL 2014 Track - N/A

Title: A DiBA guide to Database Standards

Abstract: If you work with SQL Server, either as a developer, Dev/DBA, or accidental DBA, we are all DiBA’s! but in order to keep that status and not run into “fire drill” mode, you need to make sure you set the ground to keep on looking good. This session will focus on how to set your Database Server environment in a way that will switch you from reactive to proactive mode. And I will demo its implementation via Policy Based Management.


  • Diana Betancourt

Track and Room: DBA Admin 2 Track - N/A

Title: Tricks from the DBA Inbox: Real World Performance Tuning

Abstract: n this heavily demo based session, we show some techniques for performance tuning common problems faced by DBA’s Including: how to identify the problem, resolve the issue, and test the solution. Along the way we will also discuss some of theory behind the solutions. We all know there is no such thing as DBCC GO_FASTER but this session is the next best thing.


  • Jason Horner

Track and Room: DBA Performance Track - N/A

Title: SQL Security Best Practices Shrinking Your Attack Surface

Abstract: Every industry has a governing body or standard that requires some layer of security to your data. In my travels I have come to realize that when someone mentions security, DBA’s tend to get frightened. This could be due to a lack of understanding of the requirements or not knowing what SQL Server offers to meet those requirements. In this session we will go over what SQL Server has to offer, Security Best Practices and how you can shrink your attack surface to meet Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of your Servers and Data. In addition, attending this talk is worth 1.5 Continuing Education credits.


  • Matthew Brimer

Track and Room: Prof Dev/Security - N/A

Title: Understanding the SQL Server Transaction Log

Abstract: The SQL Server transaction log is one of the most misunderstood components of the database engine. What makes it grow? How does it get truncated? Should I shrink it? What is a VLF? In this session we will answer these questions and more.


  • Randy Knight

Track and Room: DBA Admin Track - N/A

Title: Maintain SQL Server Performance Baseline with Powe

Abstract: Maintaining a solid set of information about our servers and their performance is critical when issues arise, and often help us see a problem before it occurs. Building a baseline of performance metrics allows us to know when something is wrong and help us to track it down and fix the problem. This session will walk you through a series of PowerShell scripts you can schedule which will capture the most important data and a set of reports to show you how to use that data to keep your server running smoothly.


  • Allen White

Track and Room: DBA Bonus Track - N/A

Title: DataViz You Thought You Couldn’t Do with SSRS

Abstract: Despite SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) being a very flexible and adaptable tool when it comes to visualization techniques, very few venture beyond its ready-made charts. Most of the time, all it takes to build a chart considered “outside the scope” of SSRS is a bit of lateral thinking. Sometimes, we need to go a little further and use custom code. Join this session as we bust popular myths around “impossible in SSRS” visualizations and construct them live in SSRS!


  • Jason Thomas

Track and Room: BI Track - N/A

Title: How to be a GREAT DBA

Abstract: This presentation describes the tasks a DBA needs to perform to do a great job. Formal training classes and certifications only take you so far; this session talks from experience about everything from preventive maintenance to planning to scaling to communication.

Great for beginner to intermediate DBAs, as well as Developers who think this is a direction in which they might want to move.


  • Jeffrey Garbus

Track and Room: Prof Dev/Security - N/A

Title: T-SQL Best Practices

Abstract: This presentation covers a number of different SQL Server T-SQL coding best practices. There will be a discussion around each best practice so attendees will better understand the rationale behind each. Some of the best practices will have a demo to showing how different coding styles arrive at the same answer while using different amounts of SQL Server resources (CPU, and I/O). These demos will help attendees better understand how poor coding practices produce sub-optimal execution plans.


  • Greg Larsen

Track and Room: T-SQL/SQL 2014 Track - N/A

Title: Easy SQL Server Benchmarking

Abstract: Do you have a new piece of hardware going into service and want to see how well it performs? Or do you have a few systems and want to see how they compare against each other? Multiple free and easy ways to stress test your SQL Servers exist by simulating an OLTP workload against a real SQL Server and the infrastructure underneath. In this session we will demonstrate how to test your storage and SQL Server instances to get raw performance numbers that you can use to compare performance of machines across your enterprise. The utilities DVDStore, HammerDB, and SQLIO will be demonstrated in depth.


  • David Klee

Track and Room: DBA Admin 2 Track - N/A

Title: Show me whatcha workin’ with: Big Data Edition

Abstract: Congratulations. You’ve setup your Big Data environment with all the fun toys. You have Pig, Sqoop, and Hive all on your Hadoop cluster. You even got your data flowing in there properly. Now what? In this session we’re gonna go over Data Mining tools to help you gain some insight from your data. Then, to bring it all together, we’ll go over some easy ways to use common tools to show off all of this Big Data of yours, using tools that most have access to.


  • Josh Luedeman

Track and Room: BI/Big Data/Misc - N/A

Title: Performance Tuning for Mere Mortals Part I

Abstract: In this first part of a two part series, we look at performance tuning from the very beginning. You’re a new DBA, you want to be a DBA, or you’ve been declared an “Accidental DBA” and the phone rings. Someone tells you that they believe SQL Server is having a performance issue, what now? The application is running slowly. Can you help them? Do you even know where to begin to help them? In this session we’ll cover how to handle performance tuning from the very beginning, when the user says “The database is slow.”


  • Ed Watson

Track and Room: DBA Performance Track - N/A

Title: Database Design Disasters: Common Mistakes Found in the Wild

Abstract: Not every system has a database architect available to design it. But what happens when a database is created and the proper care wasn’t taken into designing it? This session will take a real-world look into my experiences with some database design choices. We’ll take a deep look into these design choices including a detailed discussion on why they didn’t work and what could have been done better. We may even take a peek into SQL Server internals. This session is primarily for data professionals that are new to database design.


  • Richie Rump

Track and Room: DBA Performance Track - N/A

Title: An Introduction to FileTables

Abstract: With the release of SQL Server 2012 Microsoft introduced FileTables, a better way to store large objects inside a database. With FileTables you get the advantage of the security and transactional consistency of a database AND improved file streaming from the OS. In this session I’ll show you how easy it is to set up and use FileTables, as well as improved methods of searching document keywords with FullText and Semantic searches.


  • John Pertell

Track and Room: DBA Admin Track - N/A

Title: SQL Server 2014 Hybrid Cloud Features

Abstract: These days, it seems like everything is moving to the cloud. Are you ready to begin your transition and take advantage of what the cloud offers you? Join us for an overview of the SQL Server 2014 hybrid cloud features and learn how to start your transition to the cloud.


  • Guillermo Caicedo Santiago

Track and Room: Cloud/Security - N/A

Title: Making DBCC CHECKDB Go Faster

Abstract: Along with backups, consistency checks are the two most important tasks that DBAs need to perform regularly. Our databases are getting bigger every day, and CHECKDB run times, along with its performance impact to Production systems, keep increasing. In this session we discuss how to improve your system so that you can reduce the time that it takes to run CHECKDB or the individual DBCC CHECK* commands. We will cover topics like DOP, tempdb configuration, trace flags, Resource Governor, and many more. In one of many the demos we will explore a real life example where SurveyMonkey’s consistency checks were taken from 7 days down to 6 hours.


  • Argenis Fernandez

Track and Room: DBA Performance Track - N/A

Title: Report With Power: New Data Tools, New Insights

Abstract: By now, we have heard a lot about the new Power* tools. PowerPivot, PowerView, PowerQuery and the tabular data model. But what does it all mean? How can you put these tools to work for you, where you live and work every day? This session provides examples of powerfully combining data from lots of different sources in creative ways that were simply not possible in the past. This session will walk you through real life scenarios, using these tools to fill in missing and move from “if only” to “what if”, and valuable insight…


  • James McAuliffe

Track and Room: BI Track - N/A

Title: How To Kill SQL Server in 60 Minutes

Abstract: It is easy to design a system that uses SQL Server as a database backend. However, designing a system that efficiently works under heavy load is a much more complicated task. You can encounter the same set of database design and code mistakes in almost every system implemented by a team of application developers.

This Power Point-free session is targeted to developer DBAs and developers. It shows the commonly encountered obvious and not-so-obvious database design and T-SQL code mistakes and demonstrates how to bring a perfectly healthy SQL Server to its knees in just 60 minutes.


  • Dmitri Korotkevitch

Track and Room: DBA Admin 2 Track - N/A

Title: Mastering T-SQL Window Functions

Abstract: TSQL window functions, originally introduced in SQL Server 2005, have proven to be quite useful to solve complex ranking and aggregation scenarios. The new additions in SQL Server 2012 make them irresistible. In this session, we will discuss how to use them and highlight the new order, offset and distributions functionalities in real-world examples.


  • Jose L. Rivera

Track and Room: T-SQL/SQL 2014 Track - N/A

Title: Database Projects

Abstract: Learn about database projects. Relieve yourself of deployment script nightmares. Integrate the database with your application’s nightly builds. Link all of your database object changes to TFS tickets. Deploy your database using DACPACs and guarantee that the database created in dev and tested in QA, is the database that ends up in production and other client facing environments. You can even create unit tests!!! Database projects are a powerful tool. Attend this session and find out how they can help you!


  • Jonathon Moorman

Track and Room: DBA Admin Track - N/A

Title: Performance Tuning for Mere Mortals Part II

Abstract: This is part two of a two part series, looking at performance tuning (i.e. performance troubleshooting) from the beginning. Part II is about the next steps after taking a look at some of the free performance analysis tools. This session will go into more detail about how to capture the current transactions with tools like sp_WhoIsActive stored procedure, Wait Stats, performance counters and Extended Events.

This is a very demo intensive session some basic issues and performance analysis that will be used as a starting point for performance tuning.

There will be homework!


  • Mike Lawell

Track and Room: DBA Performance Track - N/A

Title: Rolling Upgrades, The Easy Way!

Abstract: In this session we will discuss how to perform upgrades while maintaining high availability of your SQL server infrastructure by leveraging rolling upgrades. We will review how to use database mirroring or AlwaysOn Availability Groups for this, along with a simpler version using Log Shipping. This is a demo-intensive session that you won’t want to miss.


  • Argenis Fernandez

Track and Room: DBA Bonus Track - N/A


This is a list of speakers from the XML Guidebook records. The details and URLs were valid at the time of the event.

Ronald Dameron

Twitter: - @RonDBA

LinkedIn: Ronald Dameron

Contact: http://RonaldDameron.com

Ronald Dameron is The Only DBA at a small software company building planet-scale mobile resource management software.

He has over 20 years IT experience on a variety of platforms. His current interests are Azure, PowerShell, SQL Server 2016 and Linux.

He was a PASS Summit 2015 Speaker Idol contestant and has spoken at SQLSaturday Tampa, Orlando, South Florida, and the Tampa and Orlando SQL User groups. He has recently earned the Competent Communicator Award from Toastmasters International.

He is most active on Twitter as @RonDBA.

Jose L. Rivera

Twitter: - SQLConqueror

LinkedIn: Jose L. Rivera

Contact: http://sqlconqueror.com

Jose L. Rivera is a seasoned data professional, speaker, homebrewer, trainer (former MCT), Data Platform MVP and community leader based in Puerto Rico working as Senior Financial Analyst for MCS. He shares his knowledge and experiences throughout his community work as Chapter Leader for the PASS Global Spanish VC (facebook.com/SpanishPASSVC), Vice-President of the Puerto Rico PASS (prpass.org), Mentor of GDG Puerto Rico (facebook.com/gdgpuertorico) and LATAM Regional Mentor at PASS. Jose L is a frequent speaker in SQLSaturday events throughout US and Latin America. He loves data, analytics, teaching, learning, having fun with his family, craft beer (a lot) and everything in between.

Richie Rump

Twitter: - @jorriss

LinkedIn: Richie Rump

Contact: http://jorriss.net

Richie Rump is a dataveloper with Brent Ozar Unlimited, where he writes code to solve data problems. He developed statisticsparser.com and sp_DataProfile, two tools that help data professionals tune SQL Server. Richie is also the co-host of the Away From The Keyboard Podcast and founded dotNet Miami, a community focused on enterprise development with .NET. He holds the Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Scrum Master (CSM) certifications as well as certifications in various Microsoft development technologies. He can be found on Twitter at @Jorriss or at http://jorriss.com.

Rodney Landrum

Twitter: - @SQLBeat

Contact: https://www.simple-talk.com/blogs/author/2133-rodney-landrum/

Rodney Landrum has been architecting solutions for SQL Server for over 12 years. He has worked with and written about many SQL Server technologies, including DTS, Integration Services, Analysis Services, and Reporting Services. He has co-authored 4 books on Reporting Services. He is been a regular contributor to SQL Server magazine, sqlservercentral.com and Simple-talk.com. Rodney is also SQL Server MVP

Mikey Nelson

Contact: http://www.therealmikenelson.com

For years Mike has had a passion for automating tasks processes related to the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), helping companies deliver the business value of their software more rapidly. Whether establishing from scratch, working with a company’s existing Automation Toolset or identifying gaps in the set for appropriate additions, building a new team or augmenting or mentoring an existing team, I bring the clarity and experience required to get the job done quickly efficiently.

John Pertell

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/jayape

LinkedIn: John Pertell

Contact: http://www.pertell.com/sqlservings

I am an Accidental Database Administrator, working for the same healthcare company since 2000. I started using MS Access for report writing but started playing with SSRS 2000 and haven’t missed going back. In my spare time I enjoy reading, photography, and pretending I know how to golf.

Jack Corbett

Twitter: - http://twitter.com/unclebiguns

LinkedIn: Jack Corbett

Contact: http://www.wisemanorwiseguy.com

JJack Corbett began working with SQL Server, Access, and VB in 1999, when he served an apprenticeship with a good friend who was the software development manager at the local paper mill. He found his niche and has concentrated on SQL Server development and administration since late 2000. He has worked with SQL Server through version 2017 and was a Microsoft Data Plaform MVP from October 2011 to October 2016.

Jack is passionate about helping companies architect, design, and develop high performance applications based on the Microsoft Data Platform. He also has a passion for seeing database developers get the core application code (the database) protected under source control.

Jack has presented at many user groups and SQLSaturday even

Prakash Heda

Twitter: - @prakashheda

LinkedIn: Prakash Heda

Contact: http://www.sqlfeatures.com/

Prakash Heda works as Manager (Data-IT) at SSC Advent. His expertise encompasses the work of automation, performance tuning/troubleshooting, high availability, san configuration and windows administration. Heda has 13+ years of experience managing enterprise-wide data needs in both high volume transactional and data warehouse environments. Heda holds certifications for MCDBA and MCITP. His background includes administration development using VB/ASP/SSIS with SQL server 2000 to 2017. He is an active member of PASS, SQLSaturday, and as well a frequent presenter at user groups, SQLSaturdays, and other community events. He is also an avid tweeter, blogger and runner.

Josh Luedeman

Twitter: - http://www.twitter.com/joshluedeman

LinkedIn: Josh Luedeman

Contact: http://www.joshluedeman.com

Josh is a Sr FastTrack Engineer with the FastTrack team in the Azure Engineering Group at Microsoft. Josh focuses on Microsoft’s Cloud Scale Analytics Solutions in Azure using products like HDInsight, Data Lake, Data Factory, and DataBricks. He has worked in IT for over 10 years holding positions in Application Support, Database Administration, and Business Intelligence, in industries like Higher Education, Consulting, Manufacturing, and Software Development.

Rowland Gosling

Twitter: - @BigSQL

LinkedIn: Rowland Gosling

I’ve worked on a variety of data platforms including SQL Server, Oracle, DB 2 and Hadoop. SQL Server has been my choice OLTP/Data Warehouse platform for many business needs. These days I’m working almost exclusively in the cloud using Microsoft’s Azure and a variety of new products like Azure Data Warehouse, Azure Cosmos DB and Data Factory. As a Microsoft employee, my focus is working on our data platform for our financial services customers.

Jonathon Moorman

LinkedIn: Jonathon Moorman

Jon has developed using Sql Server since version 6.0! Easily distracted by shiny objects, he has always been on the bleeding edge of sql development. When not presenting, Jon might be found backpacking, hiking, camping, canoeing, or simply resting at home with a good scifi book.

Geoff Hiten

Twitter: - SQLCraftsman

LinkedIn: Geoff Hiten

Geoff Hiten is a Technical Solutions Professional at Microsoft. Geoff began working with SQL Server in 1992 with version 4.2 and has used every version since. He specializes in highly available SQL systems, performance tuning, and systems migration. Geoff is heavily involved in the Microsoft SQL Server Community and was initially awarded MVP status in 2004. Geoff was appointed in 2011 to fill an interim Director position at the National PASS organization.

Rob Volk

Twitter: - sql_r

LinkedIn: Rob Volk

Contact: http://weblogs.sqlteam.com/robv/

Rob Volk is a SQL Server DBA in the Metro Atlanta area since 2001. He also moderates and answers the forums on SQLTeam.com. While an old-time cranky DBA, he no longer considers quot;business intelligencequot; an oxymoron or quot;the cloudquot; as merely atmospheric moisture, and is delightedly dipping his toes into both of these new oceans, and loves to do things in new and and unusual ways.

Mike Lawell

Twitter: - @sqldiver

LinkedIn: Mike Lawell

Contact: http://sqlserverassociates.com/Blog

Mike Lawell is an 19 year veteran of SQL Server, working with all versions since 6.5. He specializes in performance tuning and high availability as an independent consultant.

He is a Linchpin People Teammate, he also consults with SolidQ, Intellinet and Microsoft Consulting Services.

He is also a certified Scuba instructor with a long bucket list of dive sites.

He resides in Atlanta, GA and you can catch him at many of the SQLSaturdays in the SE region of the United States.

Louis Davidson

Twitter: - drsql

LinkedIn: Louis Davidson

Contact: https://www.red-gate.com/simple-talk/author/louis-davidson/

Louis Davidson has worked in the IT industry for over 25 years as a corporate database developer and architect. He has been a Microsoft SQL Server MVP for 15 years and has written five books on database design, and contributed to many other SQL Server books as an author and tech editor. He has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. You can read more about Louis at http://drsql.org.

Carl Berglund

Contact: http://dh2i.com/

Carl Berglund has 20+ years of experience helping businesses source and implement sophisticated datacenter infrastructures. Carl has held senior business development roles at HP and PolyServe, where he helped drive enterprise organizations’ SQL Server consolidation, virtualization and optimization projects. As a technology evangelist, Carl helps organizations reduce spend on overall SQL Server lifecycle costs while reducing risk. He is a regular speaker and author on Windows datacenter issues.

Elijah Baker

Elijah Baker is an 18 year veteran using SQL Server with the past 10 years being focused mostly on development. He has worked in all levels of SQL Server development from the JR developer up to the lead and architect positions. Currently he is working a PaySpan Inc. which processes medical payments and data. Elijah has become an expert on Partitioning to allow PaySpan’s largest database, 8TB+ 10 billion+ rows, to continue growing as needed without any significant performance degradation.

Michael Corey

Twitter: - Michael_corey

LinkedIn: Michael Corey

Contact: http://michaelcorey.com/

Michael is a Director Cloud Computing Evangelist for Spectrum Enterprise Navisite. In 2017, was recognized as #42 of the top 100 most influential people in the “cloud industry”. Michael’s a recognized Microsoft Data Platform MVP formerly (Microsoft SQL Server MVP), recognized Oracle ACE, a recognized VMware vExpert and has worked with relational databases for over 30 years starting with Oracle Version 3. Michael is a Past President of the Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG), A Founder of the Professional Association of SQL Server and current President of the IOUG VMware Special Interest Group. Michael is the original Oracle Press author, frequent blogger http://michaelcorey.com/, a regular columnist for the Big Data Quarterly

Greg Larsen

Twitter: - GregoryALarsen

LinkedIn: Greg Larsen

Greg Larsen has been working with SQL Server since 1999. He has authored 100’s of articles related to SQL Server. He holds a MCSE Data Management and Analytics. Greg also a SQL Server Consultant, adjunct professor and technical writer.

Matthew Brimer

Twitter: - @sqlcenturion

LinkedIn: Matthew Brimer

Contact: http://www.sqlcenturion.com

Matthew Brimer has 10 years experience with SQL Server, 3 of which was spent as a Database Security expert for a Department of Defense Agency and 5 as the Database/Security Manager for a leading Pharmacy Services Company. These days Matt can be found helping customers get the most out of the Databases/Servers/Networks as a Consultant for InterWorks. Matt also holds several Security and Microsoft Certifications, is the President of OKC SQL PASS Chapter and is the former Event Chair for SQLSaturday Oklahoma City.

Gene Webb

Twitter: - None

LinkedIn: Gene Webb

Contact: http://None

Gene Webb is a Regional Sales Executive with The Profisee Group based in Alpharetta Georgia. Profisee is the successor to Stratature the company that built Master Data Services (MDS) and sold the product to Microsoft in 2007. Profisee focuses around Master Data Management (MDM) and as a Gold ISV provides solution sets built on MDS and the Microsoft Stack. Gene spent 7 years working at Microsoft as a SQL Server and Developer Tools solution specialist and an ISV Developer Evangelist.

miguel Cebollero

Twitter: - SQLMiguel

LinkedIn: miguel Cebollero

Miguel is a father, husband and database professional with more than 18 years of experience. He has held positions in management, database administration, development, architect and BI development. Miguel is a regular speaker at local user groups, regional SQLSaturday and the national PASS Summit conference on various database topics. He has been an avid volunteer, chapter leader, contributor for PASS and published author of Pro TSQL Programmers Guide; ApressMedia, Published 2/27/2015

Guillermo Caicedo Santiago

Twitter: - @sqltitan

LinkedIn: Guillermo Caicedo Santiago

Contact: http://www.sqltitan.com

Guillermo Caicedo es un profesional de bases de datos y tecnolog#237;a trabajando como Consultor en Nagnoi, LLC. Ha ayudado a numerosas empresas a obtener conocimiento sobre sus datos por desarrollar e implementar soluciones de inteligencia empresarial en sus organizaciones. El Sr. Caicedo tambi#233;n tiene una amplia experiencia desarrollando aplicaciones web y m#243;viles. Guillermo es un Data Platform MVP y l#237;der del Cap#237;tulo PASS para Puerto Rico (PRPASS).

Dmitri Korotkevitch

Twitter: - aboutsqlserver

LinkedIn: Dmitri Korotkevitch

Contact: http://aboutsqlserver.com

Dmitri Korotkevitch is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and Microsoft Certified Master, author of Pro SQL Server Internals and other books with years of experience working with SQL Server as an Application and Database Developer, Database Administrator, and Database Architect.

Dmitri specializes in the design, development, and performance tuning of complex OLTP systems that handle thousands of transactions per second around the clock. He blogs at: http://aboutsqlserver.com.

Brett Tomson

Brett Tomson is the owner of Beam Consulting as well as a Mentor with SolidQ specializing in delivering solutions using the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack and related .NET technologies. He is an accomplished architect and developer of large-scale enterprise systems as well as an author and mentor to others. Brett has been using SQL Server actively for the past 15 years and is the founder and Chapter Leader of the Triangle SQL Server User Group located in Raleigh, NC.

Janis Griffin

Twitter: - DoBoutAnything

LinkedIn: Janis Griffin

Janis Griffin has over 30 years of DBA/database experience including design, development and implementation of many critical database applications. Before coming to Quest Software, Janis primarily worked in the Telecom/Network Industry, working with both real-time network routing databases and OLTP business to business applications. Janis also held positions as a Principal Architect and Senior Manager, mentoring other DBAs on best practices in database performance tuning.

Gene Webb

Twitter: - None

LinkedIn: Gene Webb

Contact: http://None

Gene Webb is a Regional Sales Executive with The Profisee Group based in Alpharetta Georgia. Profisee is the successor to Stratature the company that built Master Data Services (MDS) and sold the product to Microsoft in 2007. Profisee focuses around Master Data Management (MDM) and as a Gold ISV provides solution sets built on MDS and the Microsoft Stack. Gene spent 7 years working at Microsoft as a SQL Server and Developer Tools solution specialist and an ISV Developer Evangelist.

Robert Biddle

Twitter: - @robert_biddle

LinkedIn: Robert Biddle

Contact: http://robert-biddle.com

Robert Biddle is a Data Architect for Hilton Grand Vacations in Orlando, Florida. He has over a decade of experience working with SQL Server in a variety of roles. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Delaware and also has MCITP certifications for Database Administration and Database Development. In recent years, Robert has specialized himself working with data integration, ETL, and data warehousing. He is a frequent speaker at SQLSaturday and Code Camp events.

Karla Landrum


Bradley Ball

Twitter: - @SQLBalls

LinkedIn: Bradley Ball

Contact: http://www.sqlballs.com

Bradley Ball is a Sr. Azure Engineer for Microsoft, and former Data Platform MVP. During his IT career Bradley has spent 8 years working as a Defense contractor for clients such as the U.S. Army and The Executive Office of the President of the United States, and the former Data Platform Practice Manager for Pragmatic Works Consulting. He has presented at SQLSaturdays, SSUG’s, SQL Rally, DevConnections, SQLBits, SQL Live 360, and the PASS Summit. Bradley can be found blogging on http://www.SQLBalls.com

Gareth Swanepoel

Twitter: - @GarethSwan

Contact: http://mygareth.com

Gareth Swanepoel is a sysadmin-turned-SQL Server DBA. He has been working in the IT industry doing support and administration for over 25 years. He enjoys solving the complex problems that customers encounter when performance tuning SQL Server or when deploying SQL Server in large data warehouse environments. He is originally from South Africa and is currently a Dedicated Support Engineer (PFE) with Microsoft. He is a passionate member of the SQL Server community and is an accomplished author and speaker having presented at various user groups, SQLSaturdays, the PASS Summit and other technical conferences.

Diana Betancourt

Twitter: - dianabeta

LinkedIn: Diana Betancourt

Former graduate of the quot;Universidad Santa Maria La Antiguaquot; School of Computer Science. I have been involved in the IT world since 1992, since then I have been working with many OS platforms, development languages and databases, among them Unix, Oracle, SUN, Informix, FoxPro, Microsoft SQL Server, just to mention a few. Diana enjoys solving complex performance tuning issues, examining your data using Databricks, designing in Azure SQL Datawarehouse, developing cool visuals using Power Bi, or evangelizing about Microsoft Data technologies at community events like SQLSaturday and local user group meetings.

Jeffrey Garbus

LinkedIn: Jeffrey Garbus

Contact: http://mssqlperformance.blogspot.com/

Jeff has been consulting on and performing technical training for MS SQL Server since 1989, Version 4, on OS/2. Since then, he has worked extensively with each release of the product, specializing in performance and tuning, from concept through legacy system, on systems of all sizes, from small start-up company applications to multi-terabyte data warehouses.

In addition to hands-on consulting, he speaks at SQLSaturdays several times/year, has a youtube channel with free training, and has written 20 books on database management systems.

His latest book is “Transact SQL the Definitive Guide.”

Jorge Novo

Twitter: - @ETLDEVDBA

LinkedIn: Jorge Novo

Contact: http://etldevelopernotes.blogspot.com/

Jorge Novo is a database developer with more than 10 years of experience in the design, implementation, and maintenance of OLAP, ROLAD database system for the enterprise. Jorge specialize himself on ETL processes, SQL tunning, and much more. Jorge is always eager to learn and shared his ideas and challenges with the SQL Community.

Andy Warren

Twitter: - @sqlandy

Contact: https://sqlandy.com

Andy Warren is a SQL Server consultant and trainer based in Orlando, FL. Focusing on administration, performance tuning, and SQL Server patterns and practices, he’s been a SQL Server MVP since 2008. Andy served two terms on the PASS Board of Directors, was a founding principal in SQLServerCentral, and created both the SQLSaturday and SQLRally event models.

Maximo Trinidad

Twitter: - maxtrinidad

LinkedIn: Maximo Trinidad

Contact: http://www.maxtblog.com

Maximo Trinidad (Florida Aka – Mr. PowerShell), currently work as a SAPIEN Technologies Evangelist and specialing in scripting automation on SQL Server Microsoft Cloud Technologies. Also a Microsoft MVP (PowerShell) since 2009 and active speaker since 2007 participating at SQLSaturday, IT Pro .NET Code Camps events.

Argenis Fernandez

Twitter: - DBArgenis

LinkedIn: Argenis Fernandez

Contact: http://blog.purestorage.com/author/argenisfernandez/

Argenis is a Principal Architect at Pure Storage. He works with customers around the world to make sure they don’t have to worry much about their infrastructure for Data. He is a former Data Platform MVP, former VMware vExpert, Microsoft Certified Master, and more recently worked in the Microsoft Azure Data/SQL Server engineering team as a Principal PM in the Tiger team.

Mark Kromer

Twitter: - @kromerbigdata

LinkedIn: Mark Kromer

Contact: http://www.kromerbigdata.com

Mark Kromer is a Microsoft Cloud Data Solution Architect with 20 years of experience in database applications, data warehouses, big data and business intelligence.

Allen White

Twitter: - SQLRunr

LinkedIn: Allen White

Contact: http://dataperfpro.com/blog/

Allen White is a Data Platform consultant. He has been both a developer and an administrator, so he understands both perspectives towards database technology. He loves sharing his experiences and helping people learn how to use SQL Server. Allen has spent over 40 years in IT, using SQL Server since 1992, and has been awarded Microsoft’s MVP Award for the last 13 years. Allen was a PASS Director from 2016 - 2018.

Pam Shaw

Twitter: - @PamShaw

LinkedIn: Pam Shaw

Contact: http://sqlpam.wordpress.com/

Pam Shaw has been in IT for over 30 years. Since 2001, Pam has been working with SQL Server, first 2000, then 2005, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012 and now 2014. Pam currently works as a BI Developer as an independent contractor. Pam is also the Chapter Leader of the Hillsborough SQL Users Group PASS chapter and organizer of SQLSaturday Tampa.

Allen White

Twitter: - SQLRunr

LinkedIn: Allen White

Contact: http://dataperfpro.com/blog/

Allen White is a Data Platform consultant. He has been both a developer and an administrator, so he understands both perspectives towards database technology. He loves sharing his experiences and helping people learn how to use SQL Server. Allen has spent over 40 years in IT, using SQL Server since 1992, and has been awarded Microsoft’s MVP Award for the last 13 years. Allen was a PASS Director from 2016 - 2018.

Sebastian Meine

Twitter: - @sqlity

LinkedIn: Sebastian Meine

Contact: http://sqlity.net/en/blog/

Sebastian Meine, Ph.D. is the SQL Stylist behind sqlity.net llc. In 2010 he founded sqlity.net to fully engage in his passion for SQL Server. Armed with a Ph.D. in Computer Science and years of experience in architecting DBs for a global Fortune 50 company, Sebastian now provides training and consulting services for his clients, specializing in SQL Server Security, Test Driven Development and Performance. Sebastian is an experienced public speaker, published author, president of the Philly PASS Chapter, PASS Regional Mentor and coauthor lead developer of tSQLt.

Leigh Freijo

Twitter: - @leighfreijo

LinkedIn: Leigh Freijo

Leigh Freijo is a Manager in Database Administration for Raymond James Financial. Leigh is an experienced SQL Server DBA and the chapter leader of the Pinellas SQL User Group.

Randy Knight

Twitter: - randy_knight

LinkedIn: Randy Knight

Contact: http://www.sqlsolutionsgroup.com/blog

Randy Knight is a data professional who has worked with Microsoft technology for over 25 years, focusing on SQL Server since 1997. He has worked in a variety of settings, including 6 years as a database architect for match.com. In 2010, he founded SQL Server Solutions Group LLC, a boutique SQL Server consultancy. A Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) in SQL Server, he speaks often at events all over the country including the PASS Summit, SQLIntersections, and numerous SQLSaturday and User Groups.

Allen White

Twitter: - SQLRunr

LinkedIn: Allen White

Contact: http://dataperfpro.com/blog/

Allen White is a Data Platform consultant. He has been both a developer and an administrator, so he understands both perspectives towards database technology. He loves sharing his experiences and helping people learn how to use SQL Server. Allen has spent over 40 years in IT, using SQL Server since 1992, and has been awarded Microsoft’s MVP Award for the last 13 years. Allen was a PASS Director from 2016 - 2018.

Wes Springob

Twitter: - /SQLWes

LinkedIn: Wes Springob

Contact: http://SQLWes.com

Wes Springob is a Premier Field Engineer (PFE) at Microsoft and speaks regularly on Business Intelligence, Power BI, database and report development.

Todd Phillippe

Todd has been a Sales Engineer with Dell Software since April 2011. He has 20+ years of database design, development, architecture and administration experience. Todd has a B.S. in Management/MIS from Georgia Tech, and an MBA from Florida Atlantic University.

Jason Carter

Twitter: - TampaDBA

Contact: http://jason-carter.net

Jason#39;s past has included being a developer, a development manager, accidental DBA, and now a full-time DBA. Having worked with VLDBs as a developer, he found great interest in tuning, tweaking, and making things run faster. With the support of his wife, he gave up his managerial duties and jumped the Development ship and dove head first into his new career as a Database Administrator

Argenis Fernandez

Twitter: - DBArgenis

LinkedIn: Argenis Fernandez

Contact: http://blog.purestorage.com/author/argenisfernandez/

Argenis is a Principal Architect at Pure Storage. He works with customers around the world to make sure they don’t have to worry much about their infrastructure for Data. He is a former Data Platform MVP, former VMware vExpert, Microsoft Certified Master, and more recently worked in the Microsoft Azure Data/SQL Server engineering team as a Principal PM in the Tiger team.

Jason Hall

Twitter: - @SQLSaurus

LinkedIn: Jason Hall

Contact: http://blogs.sqlsentry.com/jasonhall

Jason Hall (@SQLSaurus) leads SentryOne’s Product Management team, which is responsible for managing product design, development and delivery.

Jason has worked in varied technology roles for over 20 years and holds industry certifications including MCSE (legacy), MCSD, MCTS, MCPD, and PMC-III.

Arvin Meyer

Contact: http://www.datastrat.com

A Microsoft Certified Professional and a 15 time awarded Microsoft MVP, Arvin writes freelance technology articles, is an author of a book on Access, leads the Access, Office, and Security, Special Interest Groups, and is the President Emeritus of the Central Florida Computer Society. Arvin works as a consultant, and is Chief Database Architect of a software technology firm in Orlando, FL.

Eric Wisdahl

Twitter: - @EricWisdahl

LinkedIn: Eric Wisdahl

Eric Wisdahl is a computer engineer working in the database field. He has held multiple roles and positions in e-commerce, marketing and insurance industries. Currently, he is working as a database administrator in a development role for an e-commerce company.

Eric Wisdahl does not like writing about himself in the third person. It is kind of creepy.

Andy Warren

Twitter: - @sqlandy

Contact: https://sqlandy.com

Andy Warren is a SQL Server consultant and trainer based in Orlando, FL. Focusing on administration, performance tuning, and SQL Server patterns and practices, he’s been a SQL Server MVP since 2008. Andy served two terms on the PASS Board of Directors, was a founding principal in SQLServerCentral, and created both the SQLSaturday and SQLRally event models.

Jason Horner

Twitter: - jasonhorner

LinkedIn: Jason Horner

Contact: http://blog.jasonhorner.com

Hi, my name is Jason I’m a practice lead at Redapt. I spend most of my day helping clients solve business problems mostly in the Data and Advanced Analytics spaces. Sometimes this involves various and sundry cloud technologies including Azure Data Factory, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Data Lake Store, Azure Databricks, HDInsight and Azure SQL Database. I’m fluent in several languages including: SQL, C#, Python, and PowerShell.

I’m a Microsoft Certified Master of SQL Server (MCM) and have been recognized for my technical excellence and evangelism efforts by Microsoft by being awarded the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for the last 5+ years.

In my off hours I like to snowboard, karaoke, ride roller coasters, and play arcade games

Kendal Van Dyke

Twitter: - SQLDBA

LinkedIn: Kendal Van Dyke

Contact: http://www.kendalvandyke.com

Kendal is a database strategist, community advocate, public speaker, and blogger. A practiced IT professional with over 15 years of SQL Server experience, Kendal excels at disaster recovery, high availability planning/implementation, amp; debugging/troubleshooting mission critical SQL Server environments. Kendal is a Senior Consultant on the Microsoft Premier Developer Support team and President of MagicPASS (http://magicpass.sqlpass.org), the Orlando, FL based chapter of PASS. Before joining Microsoft, Kendal was a SQL Server/Data Platform MVP from 2011-2016.

Brian Davis

Twitter: - @Brian78

LinkedIn: Brian Davis

Contact: http://blogs.sqlsentry.com

Brian Davis is a Product Integration Engineer at SentryOne and has over 15 years in the IT field in multiple areas including software development, support, user training, and as a DBA. He has been working with SQL Server since 2003 and has hands-on experience with SQL Server 2000 through 2016. Brian is also a PASS Regional Mentor and an active member and leader of the Ohio North SQL Server User Group.

David Klee

Twitter: - kleegeek

LinkedIn: David Klee

Contact: http://davidklee.net

David Klee is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and VMware vExpert with a lifelong passion for technology. David spends his days focusing on the convergence of data and infrastructure as the Founder of Heraflux Technologies. His areas of expertise include cloud, virtualization, performance, and business continuity. David speaks at a number of national and regional technology related events, including PASS Summit, VMware VMworld, SQLBits, SQLSaturday events, and many SQL Server User Groups.

Devin Knight

Twitter: - @knight_devin

LinkedIn: Devin Knight

Contact: http://devinknightsql.com

Devin Knight a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and the Training Director at Pragmatic Works. He is an author of seven SQL Server and Business Intelligence books and speaks at conferences like PASS Summit, PASS Business Analytics Conference, SQLSaturdays and Code Camps. He is also a contributing member to several PASS Virtual Chapters. Making his home in Jacksonville, FL, Devin is the Vice President of the local Power BI User Group and SQL Server User Group (JSSUG).

James McAuliffe

LinkedIn: James McAuliffe

James McAuliffe is a Cloud Solution Architect with CCG Analytics, a Microsoft Gold Partner. He is also a Microsoft Preferred Partner Solutions expert and has been worked with clients of all sizes, from local businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Today’s mix of Big Data and cloud offerings make yesterday’s dream today’s possibility. Let’s talk about it!

Andy Warren

Twitter: - @sqlandy

Contact: https://sqlandy.com

Andy Warren is a SQL Server consultant and trainer based in Orlando, FL. Focusing on administration, performance tuning, and SQL Server patterns and practices, he’s been a SQL Server MVP since 2008. Andy served two terms on the PASS Board of Directors, was a founding principal in SQLServerCentral, and created both the SQLSaturday and SQLRally event models.

Ed Watson

Twitter: - http://twitter.com/SQLGator

LinkedIn: Ed Watson

Contact: http://sqlgator.com

Ed Watson is a Principal Data Platform Consultant for Improving Enterprises, a full-stack Microsoft consulting firm in Atlanta. Ed is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP since 2014 and like most children, Ed was born at an early age. Today, Ed specializes in the Business Intelligence stack and enjoys specializing in Power BI immensely. He currently lives in Atlanta and is active with the Atlanta MDF and Atlanta BI user groups and is an organizer for SQLSaturday Atlanta, Atlanta BI, and Pensacola.

Jason Thomas

Twitter: - @SqlJason

LinkedIn: Jason Thomas

Contact: http://www.SqlJason.com

Jason Thomas is a Microsoft Certified SQL Server professional with over 10 years of Microsoft BI experience. He is a BI Consultant for BlueGranite, based in Charlotte, NC. When he#39;s not at work, Jason likes sharing his time between the MSDN forums (for which he was recognized with the Microsoft Community Contributor award), blogging about MSBI (www.SqlJason.com), speaking at SQL Server events, and watching movies with his wife (not necessarily in that order).


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