SQLSaturday #312 - Sacramento 2014

Event Date: 07/12/2014 00:00:00

Event Location:

  • Patrick Hays Learning Center
  • 2700 Gateway Oaks Drive, Suite 2600
  • Sacramento, California

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Title: Scalable SSRS Reports Achieved Through the Powerful Tablix

Abstract: Want to quickly roll out ultra-flexible reports that will wow your end users? Want to learn how to display the data in multiple layouts on the same report? Want to consolidate similar reports while still providing flexibility to your end users? This can all be achieved by leveraging the three controls based on the Tablix template: Table, Matrix, and the List control.

In this demo-heavy session, you’ll learn how to create a columnar report that grows vertically as well as horizontally. You’ll see the magic of having multiple layouts for the same data on the same report. You’ll see how to do more useful things with fewer reports, and you’ll come away with a bag full of new tricks to make your reports flexible and scalable works of art.


  • Mickey Stuewe

Track and Room: Track 3 - N/A

Title: Streamlining SQL Server Implementations Across Organization

Abstract: In this session Prakash will walk through the process he has implemented to alleviate many of the pain points for deploying, managing, and supporting multiple SQL Server deployments from development to production. There are several variables to consider when supporting SQL Servers in the real world, including Cloud/VMware/Physical systems, Different SQL server versions, OS/Memory/Disk related configurations. You will learn…- A process which help configure SQL servers with optimal performance considerations- Consistent SQL support Env’s help improve DBA productivity and reduce production issues- Configuration changes to be requested from windows admin/ network admin/ storage admin to be planned in advance- Flexibility to easily add new SQL configurations to support new applications


  • Prakash Heda

Track and Room: Track 5 - N/A

Title: Capture Change and Apply it With Change Data Capture SSIS

Abstract: Whether you are trying to setup a new data warehouse, keep it updated, audit changes to your databases or quickly load changes to another database Change Data Capture (CDC) is a solution for all of these and can now be setup and supported easily with SQL Server SSIS 2012! Change Data Capture (CDC) has been around since SQL Server 2008, but has been underused because it was difficult to fully implement. SSIS 2012 now provides support for CDC with new components that make consuming the captured data very easy to apply. This session will define what CDC is and with live demos show how it is setup on your databases. Once it has been setup then you need to consume and apply those changes, this will be demonstrated with live demos using SSIS 2012 to create packages that apply the changes.


  • Steve Wake

Track and Room: Track 1 - N/A

Title: The Life Cycle of a Query in 3D

Abstract: Have you ever wondered what really happens behind the scenes when you execute a query? In this unique demonstration, Todd will use a video game engine (Unreal Engine 4) and will dramatically show The Life Cycle of a Query in 3D. We will follow a query from beginning to end and “runthrough” the various SQL Server components all queries must use including the Protocol Layer, Relational Engine, Storage Engine, Buffer Pool and then back out to the client. A volunteer at the end will then don an Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset for 3D Gaming and then race through the sections in under a minute to win a prize. Participants will leave with a better understanding of the major components and with a conceptual framework to explore the components more in-depth.


  • Todd Kleinhans

Track and Room: Track 5 - N/A

Title: Discover Power BI for Office 365

Abstract: Come learn about the new innovations and capabilities in Power BI for Office 365. Using Excel, SQL Server, and the power of the cloud, you will see what the BI landscape in Office 365 looks like and what you can potentially leverage today using the most popular BI tool on the planet. Come learn how to refresh your data with on-premise data sources, create visually compelling experiences on mobile devices, do time-series forecasting, and provide data governance through the Data Catalog and Natural QA.

We will discuss what you will need in your Office 365 environment to get going, and some best practices when trying to set this up for your department or enterprise.


  • Angel Abundez

Track and Room: Track 2 - N/A

Title: Managing Oracle and Migrating to SQL Server: Tips from the Trenches

Abstract: Part 1: Have you inherited an Oracle-based application, and are you not sure what you need to know to keep it running? Here are the basics, explained in terms familiar to Microsoft SQL administrators, including: - making sure you have, and keep, SYSDBA access - locating the ALERT log and checking for non-default PARAMETER - enabling ARCHIVELOG mode, scheduling RMAN backup, and testing restore - management of TABLESPACE and DATAFILE - using DBMS_MONITOR and TKPROF to trace SQL queries - using STATSPACK for performance troubleshooting Part 2: Have you gotten the go-ahead to convert an Oracle database to SQL Server, and are you not sure how? Here is a proven and repeatable (and free) process, which achieves consistent results without requiring the source Oracle database to be read-only during the conversion. Microsoft’s SSMA (SQL Server Migration Assistant) is just the beginning!


  • Tom Keller

Track and Room: Track 3 - N/A

Title: Lightning talks - SacSQLUG

Abstract: Have you ever wondered what four guys from Sacramento have to say about SQL Server? Come find out when Mitch Bottel, Dan Hess, Dilip Nayak and Joe Simmons talk about our favorite DBMS, sharing experiences and tips/tricks and well as telling you how to do your job quickly and more efficiently. We’ll discuss SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) in depth, talk about FREE SQL Server tools that every DBA should know about and finish off with a hands on presentation on using certificates to sign stored procedures.

Presenters are board members for the Sacramento SQL Server user group:

Mitch Bottel - president; Dan Hess - vice president/treasurer; Dilip Nayak - event coordinator; Joe Simmons - public relations;


  • Dan Hess

Track and Room: Track 5 - N/A

Title: Improving Database Restores with Powershell

Abstract: Database restores are a key function of any database administrator’s job. However, it can be an extremely time consuming task to sort through your backups, find the right files, and then get your database up and running. In an emergency this will have a disastrous impact on your Recovery Time Objective(RTO) and lead to the dreaded angry-CTO-in-your-cube effect. By leveraging some easy-to-use Powershell scripts, you can avoid the second disaster and the pain that comes with it. By attending this session, you will understand how you can use the Powershell automation framework for database restores, see scripts that will let you restore faster, and learn techniques to extend these tools for migrating data and testing backups.


  • Michael Fal

Track and Room: Track 3 - N/A

Title: SQL Server on VMWare Monitoring: Optimized for Performance

Abstract: Your SQL Server instance has been placed on a VMWare virtualized machine (VM), now what. When a SQL Server instance moved to a virtualized architecture, the DBA typically loses visibility to CPU, Memory, Storage and network metrics. This session will cover basic virtualization concepts specifically related to VMWare, VMWare tools, as well as discuss specific tools to help restore the visibility of server metrics and correlate those metrics directly to SQL Server performance. Monitoring the server metrics along with monitoring overall SQL Server performance provides for an effective solution to manage monitor your SQL Server/VMWare virtualized environment.


  • Trent Sherman

Track and Room: Track 5 - N/A

Title: Physical Join Operators

Abstract: SQL Server implements three different physical operators to perform joins. In this session we will examine how each of these operators work, its advantages and challenges. We will try to understand the logic behind the optimizer’s decisions on which operator to use for various joins using (semi) real life examples and we will see how to avoid common join related pitfalls.


  • Ami Levin

Track and Room: Track 1 - N/A

Title: An Analytics Sandbox in A World of Big Data

Abstract: As Big Data becomes the norm to deal with data volume, variety and velocity, it becomes increasingly harder for the Data Analyst to understand and work with data sets. To overcome this we introduce Platfora, a Hadoop-backed data analysis framework which nicely complements more traditional data warehousing and BI solutions. We’ll go over ingestion of new data and building of data sets and visualizations in a system that requires no more work than interacting with a graphical interface. More specifically, we will do so in the context of peer-to-peer lending, to show how insights on loan applicants and their risk profiles can be quickly revealed with no ETL development or demanding data transformation.


  • Andrew Eichenbaum

Track and Room: Track 4 - N/A

Title: Introducing Power BI

Abstract: Microsoft has brought business intelligence to the cloud. What does this mean and how does this work? In this session, we’ll review the BI components available in the cloud BI stack. We’ll also compare and contrast functionality of the cloud BI tools with on-premises tools. After attending this session, you’ll have a better understanding of what’s possible and whether it’s time to launch your BI-in-the-cloud solution.


  • Stacia Varga

Track and Room: Track 4 - N/A

Title: SQL Server TDE

Abstract: Have you ever wanted to know how Transparent Database Encryption (TDE) works or how you set it up? This session will go over all the steps and caveats that go with this technology. This is a topic that is an Enterprise Feature, but allows you to have your database encrypted on disk. We will discuss the Encryption Hierarchy in general as well as how it relates to SQL Server TDE.


  • Ben Miller

Track and Room: Track 4 - N/A

Title: PowerShell - Making the most of SQL Server Commandlets

Abstract: PowerShell is the Windows IT Pro’s new best friend however it has not gotten much love from SQL Server in the past. Still with the newest releases including Preview version 5 we can do some amazing things and there is no reason we can’t share the love back to our favorite RDBMS! Lets automate SQL Server together with PowerShell.


  • Eric Courville

Track and Room: Track 2 - N/A

Title: What is the cardinality estimator?

Abstract: We will go over the redesign of the SQL Server Query Optimizer cardinality estimation process. Including how to enable/disable the new behavior in SQL 2014. We will begin by going over the importance of the estimates and how to improve the accuracy of estimates. We will also have a demo where you can see the difference with the new cardinality estimation process.


  • Eric Freeman

Track and Room: Track 3 - N/A

Title: Dimensional Modeling Design Patterns: Beyond Basics

Abstract: This session will provide a deeper dive into the art of dimensional modeling. We will look at the different types of fact tables and dimension tables, how and when to use them. We will also some approaches to creating rich hierarchies that make reporting a snap. This session promises to be very interactive and engaging, bring your toughest Dimensional Modeling quandaries.


  • Jason Horner

Track and Room: Track 5 - N/A

Title: Violin Memory Lunch Session: Flash Storage 101 and How it Modernizes Database Design

Abstract: NAND flash storage is the new wave of technology hitting datacenters and solutions design. With a new technology comes a new set of pros versus cons, new economics and changes in solutions architecture that highlight what it has to offer. This session will give an overview of how the technology works, what to look out for, how to properly POC/test each vendor’s solution and how to modernize your database architecture with this new technology.


  • Matt Henderson

Track and Room: Track 2 - N/A

Title: Benchmark your SQL server storage system

Abstract: This session will cover the process of benchmarking the underlying SQL server storage, test its performance and limits by using readily available tools.


  • DIlip nayak

Track and Room: Track 4 - N/A

Title: AlwaysOn - Finally, A usable ‘mirror’!

Abstract: In the past, High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HADR) had many limitations. Clustering and Mirroring are great, but the mirror/secondary database is not very usable since it is not online. Finally, AlwaysOn solves this limitation by merging both multi-node Clustering and mirroring. AlwaysOn also allows the secondary database to remain ONLINE, so we can use it for reporting purposes without resorting to a Snapshot! Come see this lively session with extensive demos of setting up, configuring and testing AlwaysOn. We’ll also test automatic fail-over using a real web app to see how well this feature works.


  • Jim Murphy

Track and Room: Track 5 - N/A

Title: The Curious Case of Isolation Levels

Abstract: Have you ever seen or used “WITH (NOLOCK)” in T-SQL? Do you know what it does and its side effects? Is SQL Server optimistic or pessimistic when it comes to locking? Can it be both? In this session we will cover these questions and discuss how and why SQL Server takes locks and how that affects other users. We will go over alternatives for using NOLOCK and discuss when it is appropriate to use. In addition, we will discuss what are the ACID properties and how to monitor locks and blocks.


  • Keith Tate

Track and Room: Track 4 - N/A

Title: Changing Your Habits to Improve the Performance of Your T-SQL

Abstract: Do you dread handing your T-SQL over for code review? Do your queries run slower than you expect? Does the DBA always want to tweak your T-SQL? In this demo heavy session, we’ll take a look at various ways to improve your T-SQL. You’ll learn about formatting T-SQL for readability and why top down design is not the best solution for writing T-SQL. You’ll learn why implicit conversions slow queries down and how to leverage simple techniques for minimizing the performance impact of explicit conversions. By changing some of your T-SQL writing habits you can improve performance of queries from the very beginning.


  • Mickey Stuewe

Track and Room: Track 2 - N/A

Title: Want a promotion? It’s up to you!

Abstract: Self-promotion is often times the best promotion you can get. In this session, we will talk about how to promote yourself, your brand and your career without looking like “That Guy”. We will discuss Social Medias, communities, volunteering and other ways to get your name out… What are the first steps? Come find out.


  • Mitchell Bottel

Track and Room: Track 2 - N/A

Title: The Modern Analytics Architecture

Abstract: The traditional data warehouse has been around a long time, and it isn’t going away anytime soon. However, with other options such as Hadoop and new analytic and data mining techniques, the warehouse is no longer the center of our business analytics universe. In this session, we will cover these new platforms and our approach for integrating them into your warehouse environment.


  • Joseph D’Antoni

Track and Room: Track 1 - N/A

Title: Hekaton Data: A Whole New World

Abstract: SQL Server 2014’s In-Memory OLTP stores your data and indexes in a whole new way. In this session we’ll take a look at way SQL Server 2014 In-Memory Database keeps track of your data with two new kinds of indexes, and why your data storage is so much more efficient.


  • Kalen Delaney

Track and Room: Track 3 - N/A

Title: Self-Service BI Solution from Data to Report Builder 3

Abstract: In this presentation I’ll show you a no SQL code required, all SQL Server 2012 self-service BI solution from the data warehouse all the way up to Report Builder 3. This is a solution I’ve put in place at Sutter, and it’s something simple enough to use at virtually any company.


  • Jonathan Amen

Track and Room: Track 3 - N/A

Title: Common TSQL Mistakes

Abstract: We are going to examine a variety of oopsies MANY developers fall prey to - some obvious, some pretty subtle and some down right sneaky! Lots of code examples with the bad AND good code presented. I GUARANTEE that you will find things here that will either prevent you from getting bad data, throwing unwanted errors or vastly improving your database application’s performance. I have given this talk over FIFTY times now and it is always very highly rated!


  • Kevin Boles

Track and Room: Track 1 - N/A

Title: SQL 2012 Extended Events

Abstract: Extended Events were introduced in SQL Server 2008. With SQL 2012, we have seen a significant upgrade to this feature. Join me for a little adventure into what extended events are. We will discuss how to use extended events to aid in performance tuning and in day to day administration. We will also explore some background and the architecture of extended events.


  • Jason Brimhall

Track and Room: Track 2 - N/A

Title: Understanding the SQL Server Transaction Log

Abstract: The SQL Server transaction log is one of the most misunderstood components of the database engine. What makes it grow? How does it get truncated? Should I shrink it? What is a VLF? In this session we will answer these questions and more.


  • Randy Knight

Track and Room: Track 1 - N/A

Title: Windowing Functions: THE Reason to Upgrade to 2012+

Abstract: For the first time since SQL 7 there is a compelling reason for EVERY SQL Server user to upgrade to the next version and this time around the reason is Windowing Functions. And these are NOT limited to Enterprise Edition, like so many other really useful and important features! The range of data processing needs that can be very efficiently and cleanly solved with these tools is stunning. In this demo-packed session we will cover as many features as we can pack into an hour’s time, and you can take the demo code back home with you to review at your leisure!


  • Kevin Boles

Track and Room: Track 2 - N/A

Title: Powershell 101 for the DBA

Abstract: Andy has over 15 years experience in the DBA field. Starting with SQL 6.5 to 2014, he is always retooling himself to be on the cutting edge of technology. He currently works for USC Keck Medical center as the Senior DBA and is using the techniques in this session in production.


  • Andrew Nakamura

Track and Room: Track 4 - N/A

Title: Tools You Probably Aren’t Using. Why Not?

Abstract: Policy Based Management (PBM) and Central Management Server (CMS) are tools you already have if you have at least one SQL 2008 instance. These powerful but often overlooked tools are simple to use, and together they give you a central point from which to manage all your SQL instances. You can even manage your SQL 2000 and 2005 servers as well. This live demo session will show you how easy it is to use these ‘hidden gems’ that have been lying about in your SSMS toolbox. Real world solutions for real world problems in just minutes.


  • Mike Tutor

Track and Room: Track 1 - N/A


This is a list of speakers from the XML Guidebook records. The details and URLs were valid at the time of the event.

Ami Levin

Twitter: - ami_levin

LinkedIn: Ami Levin

Contact: http://www.amilevin.com

Ami is a data nerd that has been designing, consulting, training, writing, and speaking about SQL, relational modeling, and data platform architecture for more than 20 years. Currently works as a freelance consultant, senior SQL instructor at O’Reilly Media, as an author for PluralSight and LinkedIn Learning.

Steve Wake

Twitter: - stevewake

LinkedIn: Steve Wake

Contact: http://blog.wakebi.com

Steve Wake is currently the Principal BI Developer at Brown and Caldwell and has experience in consulting, advertising, media, manufacturing, retail, charities, telecommunications and financial services organizations using the full on-premises Microsoft BI stack. Recent experience with the Azure services: Analysis Services, Logic Apps, Data Factory, Databricks, Snowflake and Power BI. Steve is also very involved in the SQL community, speaking at events around the world.

Dan Hess

Twitter: - @SQLDCH

LinkedIn: Dan Hess

Contact: http://www.expressnetsolutions.com/sqldch

Dan has been in IT for the last 18 years, graduating from California State University, Chico with a computer science degree. He#39;s been focused on SQL Server since 2007 when he was given the quot;accidental DBAquot; title. After learning to swim in the deep end and moving jobs to Sacramento, he saw the need to help others who were in a similar position and helped to form the Sacramento SQL Server user group. Database administration is his primary focus.

Jonathan Amen

Jonathan Amen is a SQL Server Business Intelligence and DBA professional with 11 years experience. Jon had been solving complex business questions for 8 years as a business analyst before transitioning to business intelligence. Currently Jon is working at Sutter Health in Sacramento where his duties include both development and administration of data warehouses, ETL processes, data cubes, and various reporting front ends.

Matt Henderson

Twitter: - @DatabaseMatt

LinkedIn: Matt Henderson

DBA and architect for over 15 years focusing on high performance SQL Server applications and large scale data warehouses. Matt has been working with SQL on all-flash databases for several years and heads the program at Violin Memory for high performance database tuning for flash devices.

Prakash Heda

Twitter: - @prakashheda

LinkedIn: Prakash Heda

Contact: http://www.sqlfeatures.com/

Prakash Heda works as Manager (Data-IT) at SSC Advent. His expertise encompasses the work of automation, performance tuning/troubleshooting, high availability, san configuration and windows administration. Heda has 13+ years of experience managing enterprise-wide data needs in both high volume transactional and data warehouse environments. Heda holds certifications for MCDBA and MCITP. His background includes administration development using VB/ASP/SSIS with SQL server 2000 to 2017. He is an active member of PASS, SQLSaturday, and as well a frequent presenter at user groups, SQLSaturdays, and other community events. He is also an avid tweeter, blogger and runner.

Jason Horner

Twitter: - jasonhorner

LinkedIn: Jason Horner

Contact: http://blog.jasonhorner.com

Hi, my name is Jason I’m a practice lead at Redapt. I spend most of my day helping clients solve business problems mostly in the Data and Advanced Analytics spaces. Sometimes this involves various and sundry cloud technologies including Azure Data Factory, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Data Lake Store, Azure Databricks, HDInsight and Azure SQL Database. I’m fluent in several languages including: SQL, C#, Python, and PowerShell.

I’m a Microsoft Certified Master of SQL Server (MCM) and have been recognized for my technical excellence and evangelism efforts by Microsoft by being awarded the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for the last 5+ years.

In my off hours I like to snowboard, karaoke, ride roller coasters, and play arcade games

Todd Kleinhans

Twitter: - @toddkleinhans

LinkedIn: Todd Kleinhans

Contact: https://toddkleinhans.wordpress.com/

Todd Kleinhans has been using SQL Server since the last millennium. He has served in different roles across many industries but he’s mainly been a DBA. When not in virtual reality, he likes to speak at PASS sponsored events and volunteers in various groups like PASS, DSSUG, Colorado Virtual Reality and is the President of Denver/Boulder Unreal Engine group. He is on Twitter: @toddkleinhans and blogs at https://toddkleinhans.wordpress.com/

Eric Freeman

Twitter: - sqlelf

LinkedIn: Eric Freeman

Contact: http://sqlelf.blogspot.com/

Eric Freeman works as a Lead Business Intelligence Architect at John Burns Real Estate Consulting. He has 15+ years of experience working with Microsoft SQL Server and holds an MCTS in Business Intelligence with a strong emphasis on Performance Tuning, ETL and Data Warehousing. Former President of the Sacramento SQL Server User Group, and actively speaks at SQL Server events.

Keith Tate

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/keith_tate

LinkedIn: Keith Tate

Contact: http://thesqlchef.com

Keith Tate is a Senior Database Administrator with over 17 years of experience as a data professional. During Keith#39;s professional career he has been a developer, DBA and data architect. Keith is also active in the SQL Server community and is currently the chapter leader of the Albuquerque SQL Server User Group.

Tom Keller

Twitter: - @tomkeller02

LinkedIn: Tom Keller

Contact: http://tomkellerconsulting.com

Tom Keller is an independent SQL and .Net consultant in the Sacramento area. He has worked with Microsoft SQL Server as an administrator, integrator and developer since 1995. He is a member of the PASS Sacramento Chapter (Sacramento SQL Server User Group), and holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering.

Mickey Stuewe

Twitter: - @SQLMickey

LinkedIn: Mickey Stuewe

Contact: http://www.MickeyStuewe.com

Mickey Stuewe has been working with SQL Server since 6.5. That gives her over 20 years of experience. She has not only been a database developer, but also an application developer, even before Visual Studio existed. She is now thankful to be focusing on database design, t-SQL development, and query optimization. She also has a habit of enjoying SSIS and data warehouse design.

She blogs regularly on her website mickeystuewe.com and contributes to sites such as SQL Server Central and SQL Server Pro. She enjoys presenting at PASS Summit, SQLSaturdays, User Groups and other events.

When she is not immersed in SQL related activities, she enjoys action movies, art, reading, and laughing. She laughs loudly and often…just ask her children.

Angel Abundez

Twitter: - AngelStreamline

LinkedIn: Angel Abundez

Contact: http://angelstreamline.com

Angel leads the Solutions Architecture team at DesignMind, helping design and build world class data-related systems. His expertise includes Microsoft SQL Server BI tools, Power BI, Azure-based database services, and Tableau. His team develops Proofs of Concept, Pilots, and highly scalable production systems. Angel co-leads the Bay Area Microsoft Business Intelligence User Group and the San Francisco Power BI User Group. He speaks at Data Analytics events throughout the U.S. and writes for SQL Server Central. He is a graduate of Cal Poly SLO with a BS in Mechanical Engineering.

Joseph D’Antoni

Twitter: - jdanton

LinkedIn: Joseph D’Antoni

Contact: http://joeydantoni.com

Joseph D’Antoni is a Senior Consultant and Microsoft Data Platform MVP with over 20 years of experience working in both Fortune 500 and smaller firms. He is a Principal Consultant for Denny Cherry Associates and lives in Malvern, PA. He is a frequent speaker at major tech events like Microsoft Ignite, PASS Summit, and Enterprise Data World. He blogs about all topics technology at joeydantoni.com. He believes that no single platform is the answer to all technology problems. Joseph holds a BS in Computer Information Systems from Louisiana Tech University and an MBA from North Carolina State University, and is the co-author of the Microsoft book “Introducing SQL Server 2016”.

Kevin Boles

Twitter: - @TheSQLGuru

LinkedIn: Kevin Boles

Kevin Boles is a SQL Server expert, working exclusively with the product since v6.5. With over 25 years of database experience and over 45,000 man hours of SQL Server engine experience, he holds many related certifications, is an MCT and was a SQL Server MVP from 2007 to 2012. Kevin has been a very successful independent consultant for over 20 years. His passion is the relational engine, especially designing, building, analyzing and tuning high-performance database applications.

Mickey Stuewe

Twitter: - @SQLMickey

LinkedIn: Mickey Stuewe

Contact: http://www.MickeyStuewe.com

Mickey Stuewe has been working with SQL Server since 6.5. That gives her over 20 years of experience. She has not only been a database developer, but also an application developer, even before Visual Studio existed. She is now thankful to be focusing on database design, t-SQL development, and query optimization. She also has a habit of enjoying SSIS and data warehouse design.

She blogs regularly on her website mickeystuewe.com and contributes to sites such as SQL Server Central and SQL Server Pro. She enjoys presenting at PASS Summit, SQLSaturdays, User Groups and other events.

When she is not immersed in SQL related activities, she enjoys action movies, art, reading, and laughing. She laughs loudly and often…just ask her children.

DIlip nayak

Dilip works as a Senior DBA at a financial services company. His specialization is in SQL performance tuning, high availability, and database administration. He has over 18 years of IT experience starting as a VB/.NET developer and has been working with SQL for the past 9 years.

Kalen Delaney

Twitter: - sqlqueen

Kalen Delaney is a Data Platform MVP who has worked with SQL Server for more than 32 years. She has provided performance consulting services and taught advanced courses on SQL Server to thousands of people and organizations. In addition to her courseware development, Kalen has been writing about SQL Server for decades. She is the primary author of SQL Server Internals and the Inside SQL Server series. Kalen is also one of the primary editors for the Red Gate SQL Server Stairways tutorials.

Michael Fal

Twitter: - @Mike_Fal

LinkedIn: Michael Fal

Contact: http://mikefal.net

Mike is a specialist in data management technologies. As a community advocate, public speaker, and blogger, Mike is a practicing thought leader for data and automation. He is passionate about DevOps and data, building platforms to optimize, protect, and use data efficiently.

Since 1999, Mike has been working in the database field, focusing primarily on SQL Server and specializes in automating data solutions to improve the reliability and efficiency of his environments. He has been caught playing trombone in public on more than one occasion.

Mitchell Bottel

Twitter: - @SacSQLDude

Contact: http://www.mitchespitch.com

Mitchell Bottel is a senior database administrator with Sutter Physician Services, owner of Innovative IT Consulting and President of the Sacramento SQL Sevrer User Group. He has 14 years of IT experience, focusing on SQL Server for the last ten years with an emphasis on database administration and high availability solutions. He has authored blog posts on the SQLServerPerformance website and written White Papers on using Dynamic Management Views.

Ben Miller

Twitter: - DBAduck

LinkedIn: Ben Miller

Contact: https://dbaduck.com

Ben has been a member of the SQL Server Community since 2000. He loves a challenge and has fixed many SQL Servers and helped hundreds of people get more out of their DBA jobs. He is a Data Platform MVP a SQL Server Certified Master (MCM). He has worked at various companies throughout the USA, as well as at Microsoft for 7 years. He is passionate about SQL Server Infrastructure, High Availability, Automation and Integration using SMO and PowerShell. He teaches DBAs how to use PowerShell to do their job and teaches SQL Server Internals. He is @DBAduck all around the web (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Blog) so let’s catch up.

Jim Murphy

Twitter: - http://www.twitter.com/sqlmurph

LinkedIn: Jim Murphy

Contact: http://sqlwatchmen.com/blogs/jim/

Jim Murphy has been using Microsoft SQL Server since version 6.0 back in the 90#39;s. He is the CEO of SQLWatchmen, LLC., a managed DBA service provider. He runs the Austin SQL Server User Group: CACTUSS Central. He has been a professional DBA and developer for over 25 years and has run a consulting company full time since 2001.

Mike Tutor

Contact: http://www.sqlsolutionsgroup.com/

Mike Tutor has been in the IT industry for over 30 years. He has worn many hats, including developer, systems admin, and project manager, but he has worked almost exclusively as a SQL Server DBA since the late 90s. He has worked as a development DBA in the medical research industry for many years, but is currently working as a Sr. consultant at SQL Solutions Group in Lehi UT.

Randy Knight

Twitter: - randy_knight

LinkedIn: Randy Knight

Contact: http://www.sqlsolutionsgroup.com/blog

Randy Knight is a data professional who has worked with Microsoft technology for over 25 years, focusing on SQL Server since 1997. He has worked in a variety of settings, including 6 years as a database architect for match.com. In 2010, he founded SQL Server Solutions Group LLC, a boutique SQL Server consultancy. A Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) in SQL Server, he speaks often at events all over the country including the PASS Summit, SQLIntersections, and numerous SQLSaturday and User Groups.

Stacia Varga

Twitter: - @StaciaV

LinkedIn: Stacia Varga

Contact: http://blog.datainspirations.com

Stacia Varga is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and SSAS Maestro with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences. A consultant, educator, author, and principal of Data Inspirations, her career spans more than 30 years, with a focus on improving business practices through technology.

Since 2000, Stacia has provided consulting and education services for Microsoft’s Business Intelligence technologies. As Stacia Misner, she also authored several books covering the Microsoft BI stack.

Kevin Boles

Twitter: - @TheSQLGuru

LinkedIn: Kevin Boles

Kevin Boles is a SQL Server expert, working exclusively with the product since v6.5. With over 25 years of database experience and over 45,000 man hours of SQL Server engine experience, he holds many related certifications, is an MCT and was a SQL Server MVP from 2007 to 2012. Kevin has been a very successful independent consultant for over 20 years. His passion is the relational engine, especially designing, building, analyzing and tuning high-performance database applications.

Trent Sherman

Twitter: - @dbatrent

Trent Sherman has over 25 years of overall IT experience and over 20 years of DBA experience primarily in the telecommunications amp; software industries using Oracle amp; SQL Server. He is currently an Engineer/DBA with Confio Corporation, recently acquired by Solarwinds. Prior to Solarwinds, Trent worked as a Senior Infrastructure Architect, Technical Manager, DBA, Developer and Design architect in several OLTP amp; VLDB/Data Warehouse database environments.

Andrew Eichenbaum

Contact: http://www.designmind.com

Andrew is a former physicist who realized that data mining and the understanding of systems is his real passion. That lead him from his PhD in Physics to the realm of web analytics where he has worked on problems in: search, personalization, NLP, reporting, product design/road-map, and basic RD. With over 10 years of industry experience, he has managed multiple projects and teams across a wide range of topics ranging from advanced analytics to BI and marketing.

Eric Courville

Contact: http://www.organicit.org

Eric Courville has been with Verizon for 15 years supporting and implementing Large Enterprise Resource Planning Applications from vendors such as Oracle, Microsoft and SAP. Specializing in application monitoring, and integrating SSO with third party applications. Eric is Also the founder of the Northern California PowerShell User Group with locations in San Francisco and the Sacramento area.

Andrew Nakamura

Twitter: - @andrewn2010

LinkedIn: Andrew Nakamura

Contact: http://andynakamura.com

Andrew Nakamura is a SQL DBA at Keck Medicine of USC. His experience spans enterprise wide level of support using Powershell, DBATools and other custom scripts to maintain 115 servers with over 1600 databases. He has expertise in both Financial and Healthcare worlds and knows the challenges they face. He has presented in all Southern California SQLSaturdays and will continue to push bleeding edge solutions. He enjoys the command line syntax and wish like to play with Core Editions of Windows and SQL 2017. He’s added to his current passions of Azure, Automation, High Availability, Family and Faith, Toastmasters, and now, SQL on Linux. Long live the command shell!

Jason Brimhall

Twitter: - sqlrnnr

LinkedIn: Jason Brimhall

Contact: http://jasonbrimhall.info

Jason Brimhall has more than 20 years of experience and has worked with SQL Server 6.5 through SQL Server 2019. He has experience in performance tuning, high transaction environments, and large environments. He is currently a consultant specializing in performance tuning, server analysis, and problem resolution. Jason is a Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) and a Data Platform MVP.


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