SQLSaturday #298 - Jacksonville 2014

Event Date: 05/10/2014 00:00:00

Event Location:

  • The University of North Florida Campus
  • 1 UNF Drive
  • Jacksonville, Florida

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Title: From S to 3XL: Implementing Data Partitioning and Tiered Storage

Abstract: Support of the large databases is not a trivial task. Large amount of data negatively impacts system performance and make administration and SLA compliance much more complicated. Data partitioning can help to solve those problems and reduce support and hardware cost. This session demonstrates various approaches of data partitioning available in SQL Server. It compares pros and cons of different partitioning techniques from performance, scalability and administration standpoints. The session also discusses how to reduce hardware cost by implementing tiered storage and demonstrates how to move data between filegroups and/or disk arrays keeping the system online in the different versions and editions of SQL Server.


  • Dmitri Korotkevitch

Track and Room: DBA - N/A

Title: Putting Quality Back Into Your Data Analysis

Abstract: This session introduces Data Quality Services, a feature introduced in SQL Server 2012. One of the challenges in developing Business Intelligence solutions is ensuring that the data does not have inconsistencies, incomplete records, invalid or inaccurate values, and data duplication. Sometimes when consolidating data from more than one source you have to transform data to create one standard set of domain values in a standard format. SQL 2012 answers this need with Data Quality Services (DQS). In this session, you will learn the basics of what DQS is and how it can be used to clean your data. You will see how to build a domain both manually and from an existing data table. You will then see how to use these domains to validate tables in SQL Server and Excel preparing them for use in SSAS and PowerPivot. After this session, you will understand how by putting quality back into your data, you can be your organization’s BI hero.


  • Michael Antonovich

Track and Room: BI - N/A

Title: Building Your Professional Development Plan

Abstract: Plan the work and work the plan. Are you doing that when it comes to your professional development? Few of us have a formal approach to professional development and that usually means it gets pushed down the list as other things in life happen. This session is designed to get you thinking about all aspects of your career and from there moves into a discussion about time and money - how much of each are you willing to spend to get where you want to go? At the end of this presentation you’ll be ready for spend a couple quiet hours charting all the things you want to do, and then figuring out which ones you really want to do.


  • Andy Warren

Track and Room: DBA - N/A

Title: DAX 101

Abstract: In this session, we will look at the new BI query language for PowerPivot and Tabular - DAX. This session will give you an introduction to Data Analysis eXpressions (DAX) and will provide you the necessary understanding to start using in your environment for data analysis. No prior experience with DAX is needed to attend this session.


  • Damu Venkatesan

Track and Room: BI - N/A

Title: So you think MDX is hard?

Abstract: A lot of people have this perception that MDX is difficult. It really isn’t, when you understand what it is trying to accomplish under the hood. In this session we’ll begin with a fundamental understanding of what MDX will do for you. Then we’ll roll up our sleeves and dive into MDX code, starting from the simplest select statement and winding up building calculations you can put into your own SSAS Cubes.


  • Robert Cain

Track and Room: BI - N/A

Title: Breakthrough Data Platform Performance with SQL Server 2014

Abstract: This session covers the following topics: evolution of the data platform, mission critical performance, faster insights from any data, platform for hybrid cloud and complete data platform. SQL Server 2014 will go GA and be the first ones to see the new release.


  • Jason Virtue

Track and Room: DBA - N/A

Title: SSIS Performance Tuning

Abstract: SSIS is a powerful ETL tool, but by nature ETL developers are always looking for better performance. In this hour long presentation we will cover many basic options and features that you can use to performance tune any SSIS package. Who wouldn’t want better package performance?


  • Shawn Harrison

Track and Room: BI (Auditorium 2) - N/A

Title: Introduction to SSIS, SQL 2012

Abstract: In this session we will walk through the development of a complete package. This demo heavy presentation will cover the differences between the control flow and the data flow. We will also focus on the most popular and widely used tasks in SSIS. Best practices willed be emphasized and we will also explore how to use variables and expressions to make the package dynamic.


  • Mitchell Pearson

Track and Room: BI (Auditorium 2) - N/A

Title: SQL Server 2014 for the DBA

Abstract: SQL Server 2014 is the newest version of SQL Server available from Microsoft. This session is designed to introduce SQL Server DBA’s to some of the new and exciting features available in that version. Topics covered in this session include AlwaysOn enhancements, Clustered ColumnStore indexes, Memory-optimised tables (In-Memory OLTP, code-named Hekaton) and Extended Events enhancements. The target of this session is SQL Server DBA’s, developers, architects or IT professionals who are excited about the new SQL Server 2014 features and are looking to learn more about them. This class assumes that you have average to good T-SQL skills already and a good understanding of SQL Server fundamentals.


  • Gareth Swanepoel

Track and Room: DBA - N/A

Title: Ola Hallengren Maintenance - How to and Advanced configurations

Abstract: Overview Simple Use for novice DBA Stored procedures settings and parameters CommandLog table, why and how to use it to implement further tuning and optimizations IndexOptimize Stored Procedure modifications for a better statistics maintenance How to add parameters inline at the maintenance job execution time


  • Valentin Iamandi

Track and Room: DBA - N/A

Title: Maintenance and Backups: Intro to Ola Hallengren

Abstract: This session will provide an overview of the critically acclaimed SQL Server Maintenance Solution written and maintained by Ola Hallengren. If you’re using Maintenance plans, you’re started in the right direction, but Ola’s solution is the Gold Standard for Maintenance scripts. We will review the options and show you how these scripts can leave you more at ease with your backup, database and index maintenance duties.


  • Jason Carter

Track and Room: DBA - N/A

Title: SQL Server and Big Data Projects in the Real World

Abstract: In this session, I will skip past the Big Data 101 introductions and talk to you about specific Big Data projects that I have been involved with and how we’ve used Big Data technologies including Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassandra and Aster Data with SQL Server to create complex Big Data Analytics solutions. I’ve implemented solutions for Microsoft, Razorfish and Pentaho in this space and we’re going to talk about solution architectures.


  • Mark Kromer

Track and Room: Big Data (Auditorium 1) - N/A

Title: Kids Camp

Abstract: For SQLSaturday attendees’ children only (children 9-17). The students will get to create there own exciting games and robots while learning fundamental concepts or programming. Lunch will be included. The $10 fee holds your place but please email us if you wish to cancel. Parents will need to remain on campus at SQLSaturday while their kids are in the program. Space is limited so you must preregister your kids here. http://www.meetup.com/Jacksonville-SQL-Server-User-Group/events/171054562/


  • Devin Knight

Track and Room: Kids Camp - N/A

Title: SQL 2012 Empowers SharePoint BI

Abstract: I will bring to life how SQL 2012 empowers the BI of SharePoint BI. Meaning…what parts of SQL yield what parts of SharePoint BI. Where are the SQL parts, where can you see and manage them? How does the consumer see them. How can you tell what the consumer is seeing? What tools are used to build what parts of SharePoint BI? Real-life examples of how SharePoint BI is implemented in the City of Jacksonville will be used as examples.


  • Steve Schneider

Track and Room: BI (Auditorium 2) - N/A

Title: Shredding XML in SQL Server

Abstract: Whether your a DBA or a developer, you will eventually need to write a query transforms XML data into rows and columns. It’s there in client data feeds, files shipped from customers, and underneath the covers of SQL Server’s own execution plans. The fact is, it’s there, and you need query that data. In this session, we’ll explore some of the basic methods for querying XML through XQuery. By the end of the session you’ll be equipped with the tools and understanding needed to tear apart any XML like an old pro.


  • Jason Strate

Track and Room: DBA - N/A

Title: Tips Tricks for dynamic SSRS Reports

Abstract: In this session we will explore the multitude of ways that you can make your reports adapt to the needs of your users. This will include defining formats based on the data contents. We will explore how to refine layouts based on the data to be delivered. We will demonstrate how to create a parameter driven data source. We will take a look at how creating templates can give your catalog of reports a more professional look. All of this together will empower you to have more control over the reports you create.


  • Pam Shaw

Track and Room: BI - N/A

Title: Big Data Panel

Abstract: A panel of Big Data experts will take part in a discussion on the current and future state of Big Data


  • Devin Knight

Track and Room: Big Data (Auditorium 1) - N/A

Title: On-Demand Compute and Analytics with Powershell, Hadoop and Azure

Abstract: This session will take the beginner in big data and show them how to use powershell, HDinsight and Microsoft’s Azure platform to enable on demand analytic and compute. These capabilities are critical in the modern data warehouse environment and can only be delivered by technologies working together to create an analytic fabric that the organization can use. From developers the analysts and operations folks, this session will have something for all of you.


  • Adam Jorgensen

Track and Room: Big Data (Auditorium 1) - N/A

Title: Detecting Changes in SQL Server

Abstract: In this session we’ll look at methodologies for detecting data changes in SQL Server. We’ll look mainly at Change Data Capture but will also cover row versioning as well as a few other methodologies.


  • Robert Biddle

Track and Room: BI - N/A

Title: Indexing your Data Warehouse

Abstract: One of the primary skill sets most database professionals are initially required to “master” is the art of proper indexing in our databases. We learn early on that an effective indexing configuration will go further in making our databases perform efficiently than probably any other single tuning technique. What’s not so commonly discussed though are the varying approaches one may wish to utilize when indexing your SQL Server enterprise data warehouse. This session will hopefully cause you to take a good look at your current indexing to see if indeed it could be operating even more efficiently.


  • Troy Gallant

Track and Room: DBA - N/A

Title: Moving Big Data - SSIS, Pig, and Sqoop

Abstract: Wondering about Hadoop, and how all that big data is going to be moved around? Or how you are going to move any of it into your SQL Server environment? Come to this session, and learn about some of the familiar and not so similar tools you can use for moving big data. We’ll compare the options, discuss how they can work with your existing Microsoft technologies, and provide some guidance on when to use each of the tools.


  • John Welch

Track and Room: Big Data (Auditorium 1) - N/A

Title: What is a BI DBA?

Abstract: Have you ever read a job description (or needed to hire one yourself) asking specifically for a “BI DBA” and wondered what exactly that means? In this session we will discuss the expectations of the role, what the various pieces of the Microsoft BI stack are and what administrative components and gotchas are involved for each one. If you need to unveil the mysteries and intricacies of administrating an SSIS, SSAS and/or SSRS environment from a DBA perspective then check this session out!


  • Jorge Segarra

Track and Room: BI (Auditorium 2) - N/A

Title: Introduction to SQL Server Clustering

Abstract: This session s will provide an introductory into failover clustering of SQL Server, including when and why to cluster SQL. We will cover the required components and walk through how clustering works behind the scenes


  • Chad Churchwell

Track and Room: DBA - N/A

Title: Powershell Working with Windows Azure SQL Database Server

Abstract: In this presentation I will be covering how to subscribe to Azure, setup PowerShell to connect your subscription, use scripting to create a SQL Database Server and then use SMO with PowerShell push data to your SQL Azure tables. All this using PowerShell scripting plus showing some editor, scripting techniques, and tips to avoid issues when working and setting Azure with PowerShell. (Live demo with Windows Azure)


  • Maximo Trinidad

Track and Room: DBA - N/A

Title: What The Tabular???

Abstract: Knowing how to build a Tabular model is one thing. Knowing how to build a Tabular model the right way is something completely different. In this session we’ll discuss how to decide if building a Tabular model is the right choice, how to build a Tabular model completely from scratch, best practices you should follow, and things to avoid. If you’re new to Tabular Modeling or wanting to learn best practices, this session is for you!


  • Dustin Ryan

Track and Room: BI (Auditorium 2) - N/A

Title: Performance Tuning for Mere Mortals

Abstract: Performance tuning is a very large very scary task as an early DBA. This session will tackle the most important steps for getting started and go over some of the best free tools for getting started in the performance tuning specialty. Throughout this session will be demonstrations of how to leverage the free tools to identify performance issues.


  • Mike Lawell

Track and Room: DBA - N/A

Title: Check Engine Lights

Abstract: Problem with Windows server, IO storage or SQL Server stopped your business dead in its tracks? Together we’ll explore “check engine lights” for your SQL Server warning you of pending doom. I’ll cover Performance Monitor, IO STACK, Dashboards, ErrorLogs, and DMVs to keep your server and SQL Server running smooth.


  • Chris Skorlinski

Track and Room: DBA - N/A

Title: Indexing for performance

Abstract: Learn all you wanted to know about index design but were afraid to ask. This session focuses on physical index structures as well as how the server chooses indexes. Note: Join optimization is a separate session


  • Jeffrey Garbus

Track and Room: DBA - N/A

Title: Fundamentals of Data Warehouse Architecture and Design

Abstract: This session will cover key ideas for organizing the hardware and software environment into appropriate logical and physical tiers in order to best support data warehouse extraction, staging, and data mart processes. Additionally the session will cover key differences in leading data warehouse architectures and will finish with a primer on dimensional modeling.


  • Joe Salvatore

Track and Room: BI - N/A

Title: SSRS 2012 Introduction and Capabilities

Abstract: During this session the presenter will present an hands on session on basic steps to develop SSRS reports with some basic features. After this presentation the presenter will present several pre-built examples to show capabilities of SSRS like Conditional Formatting, Linked Reports, Sub Reports etc. as well as some advanced features like Custom Code.


  • Sandhya Hawaldar

Track and Room: BI - N/A

Title: Working with Maps in Reporting Services

Abstract: In this session, we are going to learn how to create Maps using Reporting Services. We will go over the detail of choosing a map file, linking a map to a dataset, visualizing data in a map, and Map elements (Viewport properties, projection, scales, legends, center points, and creating size rules).


  • Nengah Mustika

Track and Room: BI - N/A

Title: Show me whatcha workin’ with: Big Data Edition

Abstract: Congratulations. You’ve setup your Big Data environment with all the fun toys. You have Pig, Sqoop, and Hive all on your Hadoop cluster. You even got your data flowing in there properly. Now what? In this session we’re gonna go over Data Mining tools to help you gain some insight from your data. Then, to bring it all together, we’ll go over some easy ways to use common tools to show off all of this Big Data of yours, using tools that most have access to.


  • Josh Luedeman

Track and Room: Big Data (Auditorium 1) - N/A

Title: Mastering the Technology Interview

Abstract: Join Mike as he shows you how to be prepared for technology job interviews. Learn the do’s and don’ts of interviewing for technology jobs. Learn what your resume says about you and your ability to grow. Learn how passion can overcome a lack of skills.


  • Mike Davis

Track and Room: DBA - N/A

Title: Free tools from the SQL Server Community

Abstract: No budget? That’s OK! Need Tools? We’ve get them! Don’t know where to go? We’ll show you! The SQL Server community is one of the best around and has put out loads of free tools, videos, blogs, and other great ideas and information to help you out. In this session we will show you several great tools, scripts, blogs and other resources to help you out. Best of all, it’s all free! But wait, there’s more. Order now and we’ll include an extra two tips at no additional cost!


  • Eric Wisdahl

Track and Room: DBA - N/A

Title: Rapid Data Warehouse Design and ETL

Abstract: Simply loading a data warehouse is only part of an ETL developers role. In this example driven session, Brian and Sherri will show you how to create and load a small data warehouse using SQL Server Integration Services. They will also show you how to make packages dynamic using variables and package configurations along with a few other “nice to have tricks” to include in your ETL arsenal. At the end of this session, you will be ready to take on the world. Well, maybe not the world, but you will know how to load a data warehouse.


  • Brian McDonald

Track and Room: BI - N/A

Title: Add power to SSAS Cube Using MDX

Abstract: The presenter will provide some basic ideas about MDX and will demonstrate developing some commonly required effective calculated measures into an SSAS cube.



Track and Room: BI - N/A

Title: Intro to Big Data

Abstract: This is a primer for anyone not clear on what Big Data is and the basics of implementing a Big Data solution, focusing on the Microsoft HDInsight offering.


  • Michael Reed

Track and Room: Big Data (Auditorium 1) - N/A

Title: SQL Server Security Easy Button

Abstract: Attendees will learn how to define a permission set with a single script that allows your company’s DBAs to do routine work and how to elevate DBA permissions quickly to respond to production emergencies. DBAs will leave this session with an easy to implement, low hassle solution that provides DBAs the minimum necessary access required to maintain the server but not be able to view user data. In addition, I’ll talk about our DBA’s real world experience with reduced permissions


  • Ronald Dameron

Track and Room: DBA - N/A

Title: Inside the Query Optimizer

Abstract: When it comes to SQL Server one of the biggest request you hear is “How can I make my Query Run FASTER!?”. The answer understanding the first step in that process Is understanding the Query Optimizer. Understanding the Optimizer beings with knowing the Rules. The way our queries are written reflect directly on the output that we get. In this session we will look at the rules in SQL Server, write queries to show those rules in action, and walk out with a better understanding of how the Optimizer works.


  • Bradley Ball

Track and Room: BI - N/A

Title: ETL Frameworks using SSIS Programming with .NET

Abstract: Every organization has to deal with the constant loading of text,csv,excel,pipe, fixed width, and ragged right files in this session we are going to build a metadata driving ETL framework that will dynamically create an standard SSIS template that will encompass the file format, enforce standards, and keep track of data lineage across an organization.


  • Jorge Novo

Track and Room: BI - N/A

Title: SQL Server Extended Events

Abstract: This session will cover extended events and how to use it for troubleshooting performance issues.


  • Lisa Jackson-Neblett

Track and Room: DBA - N/A


This is a list of speakers from the XML Guidebook records. The details and URLs were valid at the time of the event.

John Welch

Twitter: - @john_welch

LinkedIn: John Welch

Contact: http://agilebi.com/jwelch

John Welch joined SentryOne in spring 2018 as VP of Engineering with the acquisition by SentryOne of the software division of Pragmatic Works. John leads the development of a suite of products that make developing, managing, and documenting data solutions easier. John has been successfully delivering IT solutions to business problems since 1994, and has been focused on business intelligence and data warehousing technologies since 2001. He is a Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP), and a frequent presenter on SQL Server and data topics. He also contributes to several open source projects and community initiatives targeted toward making data professionals work more productive.

Robert Cain

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/arcanecode

LinkedIn: Robert Cain

Contact: http://arcanecode.com

Robert C. Cain (http://arcanecode.com) is a Microsoft MVP, MCTS Certified in BI, and is the owner of Arcane Training and Consulting, LLC. He is also a course author for Plurasight, author for Red Gate’s SImple Talk website, and co-author of 4 books. A popular speaker, Robert has presented at events such as the SQL PASS Summit, TechEd, CodeStock, and numerous SQLSaturdays. Robert has over 25 years experience in the IT industry, working in a variety of fields ranging from manufacturing to telecommunications to nuclear power.

Jorge Novo

Twitter: - @ETLDEVDBA

LinkedIn: Jorge Novo

Contact: http://etldevelopernotes.blogspot.com/

Jorge Novo is a database developer with more than 10 years of experience in the design, implementation, and maintenance of OLAP, ROLAD database system for the enterprise. Jorge specialize himself on ETL processes, SQL tunning, and much more. Jorge is always eager to learn and shared his ideas and challenges with the SQL Community.

Nengah Mustika

Contact: http://www.agiletechconsulting.com

Nengah Mustika started developing software in 2001. He earned his B.S. with double major in Computer Science and Business Administration from Shepherd University in 2004, and M.S. in Computer Science from University of North Florida in 2007. He is Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD .NET 4), and MCTS .NET 2.0. Mustika worked at Idea Integration for more than 9 years as .NET Consultant. In February of 2014, he works for his own consulting company named Agile Tech Consulting, LLC.

Jorge Segarra

Twitter: - @sqlchicken

LinkedIn: Jorge Segarra

Contact: http://sqlchicken.com

Jorge Segarra is a senior consultant for Microsoft (Premier Support for Developers) and a former SQL Server MVP. Jorge has co-authored titles including “SQL 2008 Pro Policy-Based Management” and “SQL Server 2012 Bible” .

Eric Wisdahl

Twitter: - @EricWisdahl

LinkedIn: Eric Wisdahl

Eric Wisdahl is a computer engineer working in the database field. He has held multiple roles and positions in e-commerce, marketing and insurance industries. Currently, he is working as a database administrator in a development role for an e-commerce company.

Eric Wisdahl does not like writing about himself in the third person. It is kind of creepy.

Andy Warren

Twitter: - @sqlandy

Contact: https://sqlandy.com

Andy Warren is a SQL Server consultant and trainer based in Orlando, FL. Focusing on administration, performance tuning, and SQL Server patterns and practices, he’s been a SQL Server MVP since 2008. Andy served two terms on the PASS Board of Directors, was a founding principal in SQLServerCentral, and created both the SQLSaturday and SQLRally event models.

Troy Gallant

Contact: http://www.troygallant.com

Troy has been a SQL Server professional for over 18 years, filling various roles as analyst, developer, and for the last decade, DBA. As a regular speaker at SQLSaturdays up and down the east coast, he’s taught on a multitude of topics from disaster recovery to performance tuning to professional development. Currently residing in Jacksonville once again, he just got back from two years as Sr. DBA for the EDW of a major international insurance company in New York City.

Gareth Swanepoel

Twitter: - @GarethSwan

Contact: http://mygareth.com

Gareth Swanepoel is a sysadmin-turned-SQL Server DBA. He has been working in the IT industry doing support and administration for over 25 years. He enjoys solving the complex problems that customers encounter when performance tuning SQL Server or when deploying SQL Server in large data warehouse environments. He is originally from South Africa and is currently a Dedicated Support Engineer (PFE) with Microsoft. He is a passionate member of the SQL Server community and is an accomplished author and speaker having presented at various user groups, SQLSaturdays, the PASS Summit and other technical conferences.

Lisa Jackson-Neblett

Lisa Jackson-Neblett is a Senior SQL Server Premier Field Engineer for Microsoft. She has been with Microsoft for over 4 years and has presented at multiple SQL Server Saturdays. She specializes in high availability, virtualization and performance tuning.

Mike Lawell

Twitter: - @sqldiver

LinkedIn: Mike Lawell

Contact: http://sqlserverassociates.com/Blog

Mike Lawell is an 19 year veteran of SQL Server, working with all versions since 6.5. He specializes in performance tuning and high availability as an independent consultant.

He is a Linchpin People Teammate, he also consults with SolidQ, Intellinet and Microsoft Consulting Services.

He is also a certified Scuba instructor with a long bucket list of dive sites.

He resides in Atlanta, GA and you can catch him at many of the SQLSaturdays in the SE region of the United States.

Maximo Trinidad

Twitter: - maxtrinidad

LinkedIn: Maximo Trinidad

Contact: http://www.maxtblog.com

Maximo Trinidad (Florida Aka – Mr. PowerShell), currently work as a SAPIEN Technologies Evangelist and specialing in scripting automation on SQL Server Microsoft Cloud Technologies. Also a Microsoft MVP (PowerShell) since 2009 and active speaker since 2007 participating at SQLSaturday, IT Pro .NET Code Camps events.

Mark Kromer

Twitter: - @kromerbigdata

LinkedIn: Mark Kromer

Contact: http://www.kromerbigdata.com

Mark Kromer is a Microsoft Cloud Data Solution Architect with 20 years of experience in database applications, data warehouses, big data and business intelligence.

Dustin Ryan

Twitter: - @SQLDusty

LinkedIn: Dustin Ryan

Contact: http://sqldusty.com

Dustin Ryan is a senior BI consultant and trainer with Pragmatic Works in Jacksonville, FL. Dustin specializes in delivering quality enterprise-level business intelligence solutions to clients using SSRS, SSIS, SSAS, SharePoint, and Power BI. Dustin has authored and contributed to SQL Server books. You can find Dustin speaking at events such as SQLSaturday, Code Camp, and online webinars.

Sandhya Hawaldar

Contact: http://www.yashcreations.com

Total about 15 years’ of experience in Business Intelligence. Worked as BI Developer, Architect at corporates. MS certified. Currently Vice President of Yash Creations Inc. Jacksonville FL.

Chris Skorlinski

Chris Skorlinski has been with Microsoft for 17 years. He is a Support Escalation Engineer at the Microsoft Charlotte NC office specializing in performance tuning and troubleshooting Replication. His is a contributor to SQLShare.com training as well as his own BLOGs on Replication Performance at http://blogs.msdn.com/ReplTalk/. #160;

Devin Knight

Twitter: - @knight_devin

LinkedIn: Devin Knight

Contact: http://devinknightsql.com

Devin Knight a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and the Training Director at Pragmatic Works. He is an author of seven SQL Server and Business Intelligence books and speaks at conferences like PASS Summit, PASS Business Analytics Conference, SQLSaturdays and Code Camps. He is also a contributing member to several PASS Virtual Chapters. Making his home in Jacksonville, FL, Devin is the Vice President of the local Power BI User Group and SQL Server User Group (JSSUG).

Adam Jorgensen

Twitter: - wadamj

LinkedIn: Adam Jorgensen

Contact: http://www.pragmaticworks.com

As President of Pragmatic Works Consulting Adam drives market strategy, sales, partnerships, implementation and thought leadership. He has over 15 years of experience helping companies use their data to fuel their growth. Adam has been wowing audiences around the world for over a decade. He has delivered hundreds of sessions, published over a dozen books and hundreds of online videos and webinars on data and cloud topics. His passion is growing companies and mentoring leaders and companies to help them achieve their dreams.

Pam Shaw

Twitter: - @PamShaw

LinkedIn: Pam Shaw

Contact: http://sqlpam.wordpress.com/

Pam Shaw has been in IT for over 30 years. Since 2001, Pam has been working with SQL Server, first 2000, then 2005, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012 and now 2014. Pam currently works as a BI Developer as an independent contractor. Pam is also the Chapter Leader of the Hillsborough SQL Users Group PASS chapter and organizer of SQLSaturday Tampa.

Robert Biddle

Twitter: - @robert_biddle

LinkedIn: Robert Biddle

Contact: http://robert-biddle.com

Robert Biddle is a Data Architect for Hilton Grand Vacations in Orlando, Florida. He has over a decade of experience working with SQL Server in a variety of roles. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Delaware and also has MCITP certifications for Database Administration and Database Development. In recent years, Robert has specialized himself working with data integration, ETL, and data warehousing. He is a frequent speaker at SQLSaturday and Code Camp events.

Devin Knight

Twitter: - @knight_devin

LinkedIn: Devin Knight

Contact: http://devinknightsql.com

Devin Knight a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and the Training Director at Pragmatic Works. He is an author of seven SQL Server and Business Intelligence books and speaks at conferences like PASS Summit, PASS Business Analytics Conference, SQLSaturdays and Code Camps. He is also a contributing member to several PASS Virtual Chapters. Making his home in Jacksonville, FL, Devin is the Vice President of the local Power BI User Group and SQL Server User Group (JSSUG).

Dmitri Korotkevitch

Twitter: - aboutsqlserver

LinkedIn: Dmitri Korotkevitch

Contact: http://aboutsqlserver.com

Dmitri Korotkevitch is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and Microsoft Certified Master, author of Pro SQL Server Internals and other books with years of experience working with SQL Server as an Application and Database Developer, Database Administrator, and Database Architect.

Dmitri specializes in the design, development, and performance tuning of complex OLTP systems that handle thousands of transactions per second around the clock. He blogs at: http://aboutsqlserver.com.

Ronald Dameron

Twitter: - @RonDBA

LinkedIn: Ronald Dameron

Contact: http://RonaldDameron.com

Ronald Dameron is The Only DBA at a small software company building planet-scale mobile resource management software.

He has over 20 years IT experience on a variety of platforms. His current interests are Azure, PowerShell, SQL Server 2016 and Linux.

He was a PASS Summit 2015 Speaker Idol contestant and has spoken at SQLSaturday Tampa, Orlando, South Florida, and the Tampa and Orlando SQL User groups. He has recently earned the Competent Communicator Award from Toastmasters International.

He is most active on Twitter as @RonDBA.

Joe Salvatore

Contact: http://datadesignpro.com/

Joe is an accomplished Business Intelligence Architect with Pragmatic Works. For over 15 years, Joe, has designed complex business intelligence solutions for customers throughout all of North America. His focus on architecting the right hardware and software solution along with implementing best practice dimensional models has earned him high praise from customers.

Michael Reed

LinkedIn: Michael Reed

I have been working with SQL Server for 14 years, have a background in business, worked in the Microsoft Online Services Division, Behavioral Targeting group, am employed by Pragmatic Works as a Senior BI Consultant. I am studying Data Science through online certificate programs and bring this experience to my presentations. I am particularly interested in how to apply Big Data to solve business problems.

Bradley Ball

Twitter: - @SQLBalls

LinkedIn: Bradley Ball

Contact: http://www.sqlballs.com

Bradley Ball is a Sr. Azure Engineer for Microsoft, and former Data Platform MVP. During his IT career Bradley has spent 8 years working as a Defense contractor for clients such as the U.S. Army and The Executive Office of the President of the United States, and the former Data Platform Practice Manager for Pragmatic Works Consulting. He has presented at SQLSaturdays, SSUG’s, SQL Rally, DevConnections, SQLBits, SQL Live 360, and the PASS Summit. Bradley can be found blogging on http://www.SQLBalls.com

Shawn Harrison

Twitter: - @ShawnBHarrison

Contact: http://www.thesqlgoth.com

Shawn Harrison is a BI Developer at Community Hospice and Palliative Care. He oversees the data warehouse and works within other levels of the MS BI stack. He also speaks at community events such as SQLSaturday, user group meetings.

Damu Venkatesan

Twitter: - @vdamu

LinkedIn: Damu Venkatesan

Damu Venkatesan is a Business Intelligence Consultant with over 25 years of IT experience including architecting and implementing BI/DW solutions using Microsoft SQL Server, PDW, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, and Power BI. He has been speaking at many SQLSaturdays and user groups on data analytics and is actively involved in the Atlanta SQL community for several years. He has successfully delivered several BI/DW solutions and data migrations to various clients. He is also currently serving as President of DAMA Georgia chapter in Atlanta. He is the co-organizer of BI SQLSaturday in Atlanta.

Josh Luedeman

Twitter: - http://www.twitter.com/joshluedeman

LinkedIn: Josh Luedeman

Contact: http://www.joshluedeman.com

Josh is a Sr FastTrack Engineer with the FastTrack team in the Azure Engineering Group at Microsoft. Josh focuses on Microsoft’s Cloud Scale Analytics Solutions in Azure using products like HDInsight, Data Lake, Data Factory, and DataBricks. He has worked in IT for over 10 years holding positions in Application Support, Database Administration, and Business Intelligence, in industries like Higher Education, Consulting, Manufacturing, and Software Development.


Contact: http://www.yashcreations.com

Total about 20 years’ of experience in Business Intelligence. Worked as Sr. Architect, BI Manager at various corporates. MS certified. Currently President of Yash Creations Inc. Jacksonville FL.

Mike Davis

Twitter: - @mikedavisSQL

LinkedIn: Mike Davis

Contact: http://MikeDavisSQL.com

Mike Davis, MCITP, is a Consulting Team Lead at Pragmatic Works. He is an author with books covering Business Intelligence and SSIS. Mike is an experienced speaker and has presented at many events such as several SQL Server User Groups, Code Camps, SQL Server Launches, SQLSaturday, and SQL Rally. Mike is an active member at his local user group (JSSUG) in Jacksonville, FL.

Chad Churchwell

Twitter: - @chadchurchwell

LinkedIn: Chad Churchwell

Contact: http://www.sqlchad.com

Seasoned SQL Server DBA Professional with over 18 years IT experience with 15 years experience in databases. I have managed an enterprise DBA team and am currently in a strategic consulting role specializing in HA, DR, Replication, and Performance Tuning and Optimization. I am currently speaking at several SQLSaturday’s as well as local user group meetings.

Jeffrey Garbus

LinkedIn: Jeffrey Garbus

Contact: http://mssqlperformance.blogspot.com/

Jeff has been consulting on and performing technical training for MS SQL Server since 1989, Version 4, on OS/2. Since then, he has worked extensively with each release of the product, specializing in performance and tuning, from concept through legacy system, on systems of all sizes, from small start-up company applications to multi-terabyte data warehouses.

In addition to hands-on consulting, he speaks at SQLSaturdays several times/year, has a youtube channel with free training, and has written 20 books on database management systems.

His latest book is “Transact SQL the Definitive Guide.”

Steve Schneider

LinkedIn: Steve Schneider

Contact: http://sqlinsight.net/blog/

Speaker Bio: Steve Schneider is a Business Intelligence developer for the City of Jacksonville (Florida), and has been embedded in SQL for over 20 years. He is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and a Microsoft Certified Database Administrator. Along with his passion for SQL, he spends his time running half marathons and sailing. His current focus of interest is performance tuning, security, and cube building. He tries to maintain a constant sense of gratitude to God for the wonderful things he has been enabled to do.

Jason Virtue

Jason Virtue, BI Technology Solution Specialist for Microsoft who covers the Greater Southeast District region. Jason has worked in the BI industry for 20 years for management consulting firms and Fortune 500 companies. He has worked as a BI architect and delivered multiple BI platforms across various businesses. His technology and real-world experience helps him advise client on best practices in the data warehouse industry

Valentin Iamandi

Contact: http://logicalreads.wordpress.com/

Valentin brings more than 10 years of database experience in tuning, architecture, backup, large data transaction, and more. He has a solid background in database analysis and development and his skills cover SQL Server and Oracle as well as a slew of different operating systems. Valentin fluently speaks English, French, and Romanian. Valentin has a passion for performance and optimization and shares his experience on the topic in his blog http://logicalreads.wordpress.com/

Mitchell Pearson

Twitter: - @MitchellSQL

Contact: http://www.mitchellpearson.com

Mitchell is an experienced Business Intelligence Consultant and Trainer at Pragmatic Works and is currently the content training manager leading content development and delivery of training courses. Mitchell is experienced developing BI solutions using the full Microsoft BI Stack (SSRS, SSIS, and SSAS) as well as Microsoft Power BI. He is also very active in the community speaking at SQLSaturday events, local user groups, and online virtual events. Mitchell also blogs at mitchellpearson.com.

Michael Antonovich

Twitter: - @SharePointMikeA

LinkedIn: Michael Antonovich

Contact: http://sharepointmike.wordpress.com

Michael Antonovich is the assistant director of Web and Technology Services in the Communications Division for Orange County Public Schools in Orlando, FL, where he manages the Internet and intranet infrastructure. He has published seven books, ranging from an Apple II User Guide to Office and SharePoint 2010 User’s Guide. His blog has focused mainly on PowerPivot and Power BI, but for the last year Mike has taken a break to pursue some other activities. He hopes to restart his blog later this year focusing more on style and presentation. Mike has used SQL Server since 1998 and, for the past 7 years, has been promoting SSAS, PowerPivot, and Power BI for the masses.

Jason Carter

Twitter: - TampaDBA

Contact: http://jason-carter.net

Jason#39;s past has included being a developer, a development manager, accidental DBA, and now a full-time DBA. Having worked with VLDBs as a developer, he found great interest in tuning, tweaking, and making things run faster. With the support of his wife, he gave up his managerial duties and jumped the Development ship and dove head first into his new career as a Database Administrator

Jason Strate

Twitter: - @stratesql

LinkedIn: Jason Strate

Contact: http://www.jasonstrate.com/

Jason Strate is a SQL Server Solutions Architect with Pragmatic Works. He is also a Microsoft SQL Server MVP and MCM. He has over 15 years of experience developing, architecting, and managing data platforms. Jason writes, blogs, and presents on SQL Server.

Brian McDonald

Brian K. McDonald, MCDBA, MCSD, is an author, a BI and data warehouse geek and Sherri is a BI Developer working in Jacksonville, FL. They both are members of their local SQL Server User’s Group and have presented for user groups, Code Camps and many SQLSaturday events in the southeast U.S. When not working, Brian and Sherri enjoy “geeking” out and Brian allows his children to practice their mixed martial arts moves on him.


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