SQLSaturday #295 - Las Vegas 2014

Event Date: 04/05/2014 00:00:00

Event Location:

  • The InNEVation Center
  • 6795 Edmond St.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada

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Title: Increase your SSIS productivity with Biml

Abstract: Business Intelligence Markup Language (Biml) is an XML language for Microsoft Business Intelligence that can take your Integration Services package development to the next level. Creating template packages added productivity to your Integration Services development effort. If the template design changes after development begins, a fair amount of rework to packages could be needed. See how Biml can help create template packages that can better adapt to changing business needs and allow for more comprehensive design or redesign.

This session will be a demo based session that will inspire you to make Biml your number one integration services development tool. Learn how to use Biml scripts to create staging tables and integration services packages. Add metadata to your Biml scripts and really watch the possibilities expand.


  • Reeves Smith

Track and Room: BI - N/A

Title: Manage SQLServer Efficiently w/PowerShell Remoting

Abstract: You have more and more servers to manage and less time to accomplish everything. You’re writing scripts to automate those tasks but they still take time to run. PowerShell remoting allows you to manage servers without the overhead of Remote Desktop, and allows you to run processes on all your servers simultaneously. In this session we’ll walk through how PowerShell remoting works, how to set it up, and how you can save time getting things done more quickly.


  • Allen White

Track and Room: DBA 2 - N/A

Title: XPath - XQuery; I guess if I HAVE to

Abstract: I don’t know anyone who likes it. But the reality is sooner or later you’ll have to use XML in your database career. It appears in extended events, ring buffer queries, and more and more in stored procedures and columns. Attend this session to find out what you need to know to leverage xpath, xquery, and semi-structured data in administering databases.


  • Russ Thomas

Track and Room: DBA 1 - N/A

Title: Dimensional Modeling Design Patterns: Beyond Basics

Abstract: This session will provide a deeper dive into the art of dimensional modeling. We will look at the different types of fact tables and dimension tables, how and when to use them. We will also some approaches to creating rich hierarchies that make reporting a snap. This session promises to be very interactive and engaging, bring your toughest Dimensional Modeling quandaries.


  • Jason Horner

Track and Room: BI - N/A

Title: Database Monitoring : Trying To Keep Sane

Abstract: Each of our database systems has its complexities, its idiosyncrasies, its touchy points. Digging into each of these, understanding them, baselining them and monitoring them is an essential part of a DBA’s job. Doing these simple tasks in such a way that allows you to sleep at night while your systems churn away safely and gracefully is an art that we all attempt to accomplish. We will discuss various ideas, tools, approaches, and solutions to how to monitor different pieces of our systems. Examples, code, tools, will all be shown off and shared so we can all do better.


  • TJay Belt

Track and Room: DBA 2 - N/A

Title: The Encryption Primer

Abstract: Learn the options for encryption in SQL Server, covering hashing, symmetric keys, asymmetric keys, and encrypted communications.


  • Steve Jones

Track and Room: DBA 2 - N/A

Title: $#*! Your Database Says About Me

Abstract: Does your data sit around mocking your best attempts to support good data practices? Databases are also bound by the GIGO rule: Garbage In is Garbage Out. In this presentation, Karen shows you examples of the types of mistakes, misunderstandings and outright cheats that lead to poor data quality, mistrust in IT systems and overall smelliness in our IT solutions. Using real-life evidence of her own data in your systems.


  • Karen Lopez

Track and Room: BI - N/A

Title: Squeezing Top Performance from Your Virtualized SQL Server

Abstract: Just about anyone can click through a SQL Server installation and get it working, but more than a little tuning is required to get the most performance out of your servers. Once virtualized, additional tuning can help get even more performance out of that virtual machine. David Klee (@kleegeek) will discuss valuable details for both VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V on how to tweak and tune your virtual infrastructure for business-critical virtualized SQL Servers. Tips on configuring your SQL Server installations for maximum performance when virtualized will be covered in detail.


  • David Klee

Track and Room: DBA 2 - N/A

Title: Integrating SQL Server with Hadoop

Abstract: Our company built a system mixing Big Data technologies (hadoop/ElasticSearch) along with SQL Server to make a system that is both highly scalable and cost effective. In this session I’ll walk you through the ETL process of pulling data through sqoop, transforming data in hive and presenting a denormalized table in hive. If you are looking to understand how to get data from SQL Server into hadoop and leveraging parallel architecture this is the session for you.


  • Pat Wright

Track and Room: BI - N/A

Title: SQL Server TDE

Abstract: Have you ever wanted to know how Transparent Database Encryption (TDE) works or how you set it up? This session will go over all the steps and caveats that go with this technology. This is a topic that is an Enterprise Feature, but allows you to have your database encrypted on disk. We will discuss the Encryption Hierarchy in general as well as how it relates to SQL Server TDE.


  • Ben Miller

Track and Room: DBA 2 - N/A

Title: 45 min to build your first SSRS report

Abstract: Does this sound like you? You were just given access to SSRS and you want to make a report. Or, you’re a DBA and could use a daily report. Either way, I’ve got your back! You will learn everything you need to know to get that first report out the door quickly and how to tweak it once it’s deployed. We’ll even look at the differences between building a report in BIDS (Business Intelligence Development Studio) and Report Builder 3.0. We’ll use SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) 2012. The query makes no difference, this time it’s all about the output.


  • Tamera Clark

Track and Room: BI - N/A

Title: Database Design: Size DOES Matter

Abstract: Great database performance starts with great database design. During the database design process it is important to select your datatypes wisely. The wrong choices will often lead to wasted space, increased response times, and less stability. Additionally you run the risk of having your design not scale as well as it should. Leave this session armed with the knowledge you need to help your databases perform at their peak efficiency.


  • Thomas LaRock

Track and Room: DBA 1 - N/A

Title: “So you have a performance issue. What now?”

Abstract: You’re a new DBA, want to be a DBA or you’ve been declared an “Accidental DBA” and the phone rings. Someone tells you that they believe SQL Server is having a performance issue, what now? Their query or stored procedure took a very long time to run. Can you help them? Do you even know where to begin to help them? Most sessions I’ve attended on performance tuning seem to start in the middle. They take the approach that the audience has some understanding on how or where to start. In this session we’ll cover how to handle performance tuning from the very beginning, when the user says “The database is slow”.


  • Ed Watson

Track and Room: DBA 1 - N/A

Title: Managing Log File Obesity

Abstract: Have your efforts to trim a few pounds off your log file been met with frustration? Are you scratching your head on why that DBCC SHRINKFILE doesn’t seem to do anything? Log file obesity is a problem that can challenge DBAs of any level. This session will help you deal with your overweight database by covering how log files grow, why truncating the log is a bad idea, and what you can do to keep your files trim and fit.


  • Michael Fal

Track and Room: DBA 1 - N/A

Title: But it worked great in Dev! Perfomance for Devs

Abstract: If you’ve ever found yourself stating the above, this session is for you. For many developers, writing T-SQL that works is not the challenge. But too often, functional T-SQL is not the same as good T-SQL. In this session, we will examine why “SQL that works” is not good enough. Understanding indexes, exectuion plans, sargability, and more are all critical to writing good T-SQL. We will also examine several real-world examples of T-SQL that “worked great in dev” but caused major issues when it hit production.


  • Randy Knight

Track and Room: DBA 2 - N/A

Title: The Modern Analytics Architecture

Abstract: The traditional data warehouse has been around a long time, and it isn’t going away anytime soon. However, with other options such as Hadoop and new analytic and data mining techniques, the warehouse is no longer the center of our business analytics universe. In this session, we will cover these new platforms and our approach for integrating them into your warehouse environment.


  • Joseph D’Antoni

Track and Room: BI - N/A

Title: Stats Across The Stack

Abstract: Statistics are the basis of analysis. As such, almost every data tool provides statistical capabilities. In this session, you will learn to do different statistical calculations - such as correlations, regression analysis, t-tests, and chi-squared tests - in SQL, MDX, Excel, DAX, and R. You will also learn how to pick the right tool for each analytical job as we cover the strengths and weaknesses of these tools for various analytical scenarios.


  • Erika Bakse

Track and Room: DBA 1 - N/A


This is a list of speakers from the XML Guidebook records. The details and URLs were valid at the time of the event.

Ben Miller

Twitter: - DBAduck

LinkedIn: Ben Miller

Contact: https://dbaduck.com

Ben has been a member of the SQL Server Community since 2000. He loves a challenge and has fixed many SQL Servers and helped hundreds of people get more out of their DBA jobs. He is a Data Platform MVP a SQL Server Certified Master (MCM). He has worked at various companies throughout the USA, as well as at Microsoft for 7 years. He is passionate about SQL Server Infrastructure, High Availability, Automation and Integration using SMO and PowerShell. He teaches DBAs how to use PowerShell to do their job and teaches SQL Server Internals. He is @DBAduck all around the web (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Blog) so let’s catch up.

Pat Wright

Twitter: - www.twitter.com/sqlasylum

LinkedIn: Pat Wright

Contact: http://www.sqlasylum.com

Pat Wright has been working in the DBA space for 10+ years. Focusing on Performance tuning and ETL/DW projects. He helped found the local SQL Users group(www.slcsql.com) and founded the Not For profit Organization Utah Geek Events(www.utahgeekevents.com) which was founded to help the local community put on events.

Erika Bakse

Twitter: - @BakseDoesBI

Contact: http://erikasblog.datainspirations.com

Erika Bakse began her business intelligence career five years ago when she joined the Data Inspirations team with Stacia Misner. Currently, she is part of the Business Analytics practice with Slalom Consulting in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has helped develop training curricula for use of the various SQL Server Business Intelligence technologies and is a co-author of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services (Microsoft Press, 2013). She tweets as @BakseDoesBI.

Randy Knight

Twitter: - randy_knight

LinkedIn: Randy Knight

Contact: http://www.sqlsolutionsgroup.com/blog

Randy Knight is a data professional who has worked with Microsoft technology for over 25 years, focusing on SQL Server since 1997. He has worked in a variety of settings, including 6 years as a database architect for match.com. In 2010, he founded SQL Server Solutions Group LLC, a boutique SQL Server consultancy. A Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) in SQL Server, he speaks often at events all over the country including the PASS Summit, SQLIntersections, and numerous SQLSaturday and User Groups.

Karen Lopez

Twitter: - @datachick

LinkedIn: Karen Lopez

Contact: http://datamodel.com

Karen Lopez is a Sr. Project Manager and Architect for InfoAdvisors. A frequent speaker at conferences and local user groups, she has 20+ years of experience in project and data management on large, multi-project programs. Karen is a chronic volunteer, a Data Platform MVP, and an active advocate for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education and data quality.

Karen’s presentations are known for their lively and interactive approach to learning. Her motto: “Love Your Data!”

Jason Horner

Twitter: - jasonhorner

LinkedIn: Jason Horner

Contact: http://blog.jasonhorner.com

Hi, my name is Jason I’m a practice lead at Redapt. I spend most of my day helping clients solve business problems mostly in the Data and Advanced Analytics spaces. Sometimes this involves various and sundry cloud technologies including Azure Data Factory, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Data Lake Store, Azure Databricks, HDInsight and Azure SQL Database. I’m fluent in several languages including: SQL, C#, Python, and PowerShell.

I’m a Microsoft Certified Master of SQL Server (MCM) and have been recognized for my technical excellence and evangelism efforts by Microsoft by being awarded the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for the last 5+ years.

In my off hours I like to snowboard, karaoke, ride roller coasters, and play arcade games

Tamera Clark

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/tameraclark

LinkedIn: Tamera Clark

Contact: http://tameraclark.com

Tamera Clark has been involved in the IT industry for greater than ten years, with experiences ranging from systems analysis/engineering to SQL Server and SSRS administration/development. She is an active member of the SQL Server community, participating in the Women in Technology Virtual Chapter, Co-leading the Nashville BI Chapter, assisting the Nashville PASS Chapter and serving as a Regional Mentor. Tamera is also the event chair of SQLSaturday Nashville.

Russ Thomas

Twitter: - @SQLJudo

LinkedIn: Russ Thomas

Contact: http://www.sqljudo.com

Prior to focusing full time on IT Management and Database Administration in the Denver Colorado financial sector, Russ spent several years in law enforcement including four as a training Sergeant and Washington CJTC Instructor specializing in Emergency Vehicle Driving at Portland Intl Raceway. An experienced public speaker and trainer, Russ also has two decades of hands on IT work and leadership experience. Russ is a SQL Server Data Platform MCSE and is active in the SQLSaturday community.

Thomas LaRock

Twitter: - @SQLRockstar

LinkedIn: Thomas LaRock

Contact: http://thomaslarock.com

Thomas LaRock is a Head Geek at SolarWinds and a Microsoft Certified Master, Data Platform MVP, VMware vExpert, and a Microsoft Certified Trainer. He has over 15 years’ experience in the IT industry in roles including programmer, developer, analyst, and database administrator.

David Klee

Twitter: - kleegeek

LinkedIn: David Klee

Contact: http://davidklee.net

David Klee is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and VMware vExpert with a lifelong passion for technology. David spends his days focusing on the convergence of data and infrastructure as the Founder of Heraflux Technologies. His areas of expertise include cloud, virtualization, performance, and business continuity. David speaks at a number of national and regional technology related events, including PASS Summit, VMware VMworld, SQLBits, SQLSaturday events, and many SQL Server User Groups.

Steve Jones

Twitter: - way0utwest

LinkedIn: Steve Jones

Contact: http://www.voiceofthedba.com/

Steve Jones is a Microsoft SQL Server MVP and has been working with SQL Server since version 4.2 on OS/2. After working as a DBA and developer for a variety of companies, Steve co-founded the community website SQLServerCentral.com in 2001. Since 2004, Steve has been the full-time editor of the site, ensuring it continues to be a great resource for SQL Server professionals. Over the last decade, Steve has written hundreds of articles about SQL Server for SQLServerCentral.com, SQL Server Standard magazine, SQL Server Magazine, and Database Journal.

Joseph D’Antoni

Twitter: - jdanton

LinkedIn: Joseph D’Antoni

Contact: http://joeydantoni.com

Joseph D’Antoni is a Senior Consultant and Microsoft Data Platform MVP with over 20 years of experience working in both Fortune 500 and smaller firms. He is a Principal Consultant for Denny Cherry Associates and lives in Malvern, PA. He is a frequent speaker at major tech events like Microsoft Ignite, PASS Summit, and Enterprise Data World. He blogs about all topics technology at joeydantoni.com. He believes that no single platform is the answer to all technology problems. Joseph holds a BS in Computer Information Systems from Louisiana Tech University and an MBA from North Carolina State University, and is the co-author of the Microsoft book “Introducing SQL Server 2016”.

TJay Belt

Twitter: - @tjaybelt

LinkedIn: TJay Belt

Contact: http://tjaybelt.blogspot.com

TJay Belt is an outdoorsman at heart who enjoys riding dirtbikes, waterskiing, boating, playing racquetball and spending time with his family. When he can’t be out playing, TJay loves to tinker with databases. TJay has been an IT professional for over a decade and a half. Currently serving as a Senior Database Administrator with Imagine Learning. TJay has progressed through several roles in his database career including developer, data guy, database developer, database analyst and DBA.

Michael Fal

Twitter: - @Mike_Fal

LinkedIn: Michael Fal

Contact: http://mikefal.net

Mike is a specialist in data management technologies. As a community advocate, public speaker, and blogger, Mike is a practicing thought leader for data and automation. He is passionate about DevOps and data, building platforms to optimize, protect, and use data efficiently.

Since 1999, Mike has been working in the database field, focusing primarily on SQL Server and specializes in automating data solutions to improve the reliability and efficiency of his environments. He has been caught playing trombone in public on more than one occasion.

Reeves Smith

Twitter: - SQLReeves

LinkedIn: Reeves Smith

Contact: http://reevessmith.wordpress.com

Reeves Smith, owner and principal architect of Macer Consulting, is passionate about applying data technologies that empower organizations. Reeves wields his knowledge and experience to lead, design, architect, and teach, working with both data center and business project teams. He approaches every project by first understanding the organization’s business challenges, and then developing a unique approach that targets those business needs accurately and effectively.

Reeves Smith has more than 20 years of experience working on the SQL Server stack. He is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and Microsoft Certified Master, and regularly delivers technical presentations at international, regional, and local conferences and user groups.

Ed Watson

Twitter: - http://twitter.com/SQLGator

LinkedIn: Ed Watson

Contact: http://sqlgator.com

Ed Watson is a Principal Data Platform Consultant for Improving Enterprises, a full-stack Microsoft consulting firm in Atlanta. Ed is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP since 2014 and like most children, Ed was born at an early age. Today, Ed specializes in the Business Intelligence stack and enjoys specializing in Power BI immensely. He currently lives in Atlanta and is active with the Atlanta MDF and Atlanta BI user groups and is an organizer for SQLSaturday Atlanta, Atlanta BI, and Pensacola.

Allen White

Twitter: - SQLRunr

LinkedIn: Allen White

Contact: http://dataperfpro.com/blog/

Allen White is a Data Platform consultant. He has been both a developer and an administrator, so he understands both perspectives towards database technology. He loves sharing his experiences and helping people learn how to use SQL Server. Allen has spent over 40 years in IT, using SQL Server since 1992, and has been awarded Microsoft’s MVP Award for the last 13 years. Allen was a PASS Director from 2016 - 2018.


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