SQLSaturday #264 - Ancona, Italy 2013

Event Date: 12/13/2013 00:00:00

Event Location:

  • Università Politecnica delle Marche - Via Pietro Ranieri, 65
  • Alt. entrance: Via Brecce Bianche 1
  • Ancona, , Italy

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Title: Data Warehousing Guidelines for BI and BAM solutions (EN)

Abstract: Data Warehousing solutions have become much important and valuable nowadays for BI and BAM (Business activity Monitoring) Solutions to adapt them with rapid data inflation to be to be able to get the needed business decision reports in time thereby DWH solutions are eagerly needed to scale up and speed up generating the needed BAM reports and thus executing needed the business strategies , so I am going to talk about different definitions and terminologies related to DWH with showing out clearly the differences between them , also I will explain how to implement RTDWH (Real Time DWH) for online reporting using SQL Server 2008 Techniques and also DWH solutions for archiving and ETL purposes , realistic DWH examples using Merge commands OF 2008 , 2012 will be exists there to elaborate more clearly the abstracts and objectives of DWH solutions


  • Shehab El-Najjar

Track and Room: BI - N/A

Title: Monitoring MDX Queries in Analysis Services (IT)

Abstract: If you are able to answer to questions like “How many people use your OLAP solution?”, “How many MDX queries are performed daily on your Analysis Services instances?”, “What is the average response time of an MDX query on your servers?” THIS SESSION IS NOT FOR YOU!!!Otherwise, in this session we will see how is it possible to implement a monitoring tool using resources already available on our servers such as PowerShell, SQL Server Profiler, Reporting Services, and simple XMLA commands.Finally, we will see how further enrich the presented solution providing also the ability to identify the most problematic MDX queries, run performance measures on them and obtain a summary report that identifies any bottlenecks specifying whether they reside in the Storage or Formula Engine of Analysis Services All this in a fully automatic way!The solution presented is currently being used successfully by SolidQ at some customers in Italy.


  • Francesco De Chirico

Track and Room: BI - N/A

Title: T-SQL Performance Guidelines for better DB stress powers

Abstract: To reach your desired business functionalities, it can be easy using some common T-SQL practices like MTVF , scalar functions , Temp tables, Union…etc and they might perform pretty well on development server coz neither adequate stress of users or adequate volume of data is exists there but actually they seem totally strange once going to live and they become performing badly ending up with standstill cases sometimes , this is due to lack of stress powers of T-SQL codes which should be considered largely for critical mission DBs so I am going to talk to you about How to capture expensive queries using different techniques ..?and How to optimize them in the shortest time using scientific ways ..? (10 different T-SQL Practices will be analyzed within this session)


  • Shehab El-Najjar

Track and Room: DEV - N/A

Title: Trigger: Utili o dannosi? (IT)

Abstract: I Trigger sono spesso motivo di discordia tra sviluppatori e DBA, tra chi personalizza una soluzione standard e chi la fornisce, tra clienti e software vendor. Sono spesso i primi imputati quando le performance dell’istanza o del database degradano. Sembrano facili da scrivere, ma scrivere Trigger efficienti non è affatto semplice e quando la loro complessità aumenta, talvolta possono presentare effetti collaterali in grado di confondere persino l’autore. Tuttavia, per quanti difetti possano avere, hanno un pregio dannatamente importante: permettono di risolvere problemi che non potrebbero essere gestiti in qualsiasi altro layer applicativo. Quindi, se non potete farne a meno, non perdete questa sessione in cui parleremo dei trucchi e delle best practices per scriverli e gestirli in modo efficiente.


  • Sergio Govoni

Track and Room: DEV - N/A

Title: Hardware Planning Sizing for SQL Server (IT)

Abstract: L’acquisto di un server dedicato a SQL Server è ancora un’operazione necessaria. Il cloud è un’ottima scelta ma se dovete creare un datawarehouse di dimensioni non banali o se avete la necessità di avere performance e controllo ottimali del vostro database server di produzione, la scelta del server on-premise è ancora quella vincente.Il problema è quindi: come non buttare via soldi in hardware inutile? In questa sessione vedremo come tutti i componenti concorrono nel formare un hardware bilanciato (questa è la parola chiave!) e senza colli di bottiglia, massimizzando l’investimento fatto. Parlaremo di SAN, CPU, HBA, Fiber Channel, Memoria e tutto quello che pensavate di conoscere bene…


  • Davide Mauri

Track and Room: DBA - N/A

Title: What’s new in SQL Server 2014 Database Engine (IT)

Abstract: SQL Server 2014 will bring some new exciting features and enhancements to achieve mission critical performance and to enable more scenarios as a platform for the Hybrid Cloud. With the help of live demos, we will cover all these features with a particular focus on In-Memory OLTP (aka Hekaton).


  • Gianluca Hotz

Track and Room: DBA - N/A

Title: SQL Server Data Collector From Every Angle (IT)

Abstract: The SQL Server Data Collector has been around since SQL Server 2008 but a surprisingly high number of DBAs are not using it. It’s free, it ships with the product and it gives great insight into the performance metrics that really matter when monitoring your servers. In this session you will learn how the SQL Server Data Collector works, how to set it up according to the best practices and how to extend it and customize it to fit your needs.


  • Gianluca Sartori

Track and Room: DBA - N/A

Title: Dax Introduction (IT)

Abstract: Data Analysis Expressions is the language for the definition of the expressions in PowerPivot. Offers a number of specific features of PowerPivot as many functions for the management of relationships between tables. This session will be introduced PowerPivot, its database columnar and operation of calculated columns and measures listed in DAX. The discussion will cover the DAX syntax, data types, and the set of the most useful functions of language. The aim is to illustrate what can be done using DAX and PowerPivot.


  • Marco Pozzan

Track and Room: BI - N/A

Title: .NET Development for the SQL Server Developer (IT)

Abstract: Every SQL Server DBA or Developer needs to create some kind of applications: a dashboard for data, a management console, a data-entry tool. Like SQL Server, .NET have evolved over years. Linq and ORM, ASP.NET MVC, Javascript/jQuery, async programming, Azure and the Cloud. I’ll present a fast entry to .net and some scenarios and sample applications that a typical SQL Server DBA or Developer can use in his daily work.


  • Marco Parenzan

Track and Room: DEV - N/A

Title: Six degrees of separation: a quick crash course into the SQL Server authorization world (IT)

Abstract: Panoramica su authentication e authorization su SQL Server. Gestione degli utenti e delle login, ruoli applicativi e ruoli server. Parleremo di schema separation, security chaining e trustworthy.Con l’aiuto di alcuni case study, analizzeremo nel pratico alcune tecniche di separazione dei ruoli a livello database e istanza.


  • Giuseppe Zagarrio Francesco Cogno

Track and Room: DBA - N/A

Title: Put database in ALM backgrounds (IT)

Abstract: We are used to see our code under source control. What about our databases? This topic is too often underestimated. Keeping database under our control (source controlled) brings many advantages in terms of organization and quality. The distributed work become rock solid and Continuous integration is simpler to implement. In addition, we can take many advantages from testing, automated deployment and all the stuff that brings the agile methodology available to the team.


  • Alessandro Alpi

Track and Room: DEV - N/A

Title: Agile SSIS with Biml (IT)

Abstract: Are you tired to waste your time in a “monkey work” spent in SSIS packages? Are you tired to fight against packages’ corrupted metadata and side effects due to abrupt changes in metadata? It’s time to get in touch with Biml, a new player in the Microsoft BI realm. We’ll see how Biml can help us in a BI project, automating the ETL packages’ development. In particular, we’ll see it in action in the Staging phase of the project.


  • Luca Zavarella

Track and Room: BI - N/A

Title: Useful everyday tips and tricks for Reporting Services (IT)

Abstract: Reporting Services è uno strumento molto potente e permette di creare report anche complessi in breve tempo. L’esperienza di sviluppo, però, presenta a volte alcuni “spigoli” che possono creare qualche problema e allungare i tempi di realizzazione nel tentativo di trovare una soluzione girovagando tra MSDN e i forum più disparati. Questa sessione vuole fornire una serie di trucchi e consigli, dettati dall’esperienza diretta sul campo -e da molti caffè-, che si sono rivelati utili a limare tali spigoli.


  • Francesco Milano

Track and Room: BI - N/A

Title: Exploring In-memory OLTP Engine (Hekaton) in SQL Server 2014 CTP2 (IT)

Abstract: The continuing drop in the price of memory has made fast in-memory OLTP increasingly viable. SQL Server 2014 allows you to migrate the most-used tables in an existing database to memory-optimised ‘Hekaton’ technology, but how you balance between disk tables and in-memory tables for optimum performance requires judgement and experiment. What is this technology, and how can you exploit it? This session will try to explains.


  • Gilberto Zampatti

Track and Room: DBA - N/A

Title: SQL Server Virtualization Best Practices (IT)

Abstract: Are you a DBA and want to virtualize or manage a virtualized instance of SQL Server? This session will teach you how to do it, applying best practices and saving time and money! Based upon experience learned using VMWare and hundreds of databases in real world scenario, but adaptable to any virtualized platform.


  • Danilo Dominici

Track and Room: DBA - N/A


This is a list of speakers from the XML Guidebook records. The details and URLs were valid at the time of the event.

Marco Parenzan

Contact: http://codeisvalue.wordpress.com/

NET developer since 2001 and happy SQL Server user. Consultant and trainer in University and companies. Speaker in local Pordenone (Italy) user group 1nn0va (http://www.innovazionefvg.net/) and organizer of SQLSaturday #176.

Gianluca Sartori

Twitter: - http://twitter.com/#!/spaghettidba

LinkedIn: Gianluca Sartori

Contact: http://spaghettidba.com

Gianluca Sartori is a Data Platform MVP, independent consultant and performance tuning specialist. He has been working in the software industry since 1999 and has been working with SQL Server ever since. He also works as a SQL Server trainer and in his spare time he writes technical articles and participates the SQL Server forums. Gianluca enjoys presenting SQL Server topics at conferences in Europe and in Italy in particular. He is currently working as lead DBA at a famous Formula 1 team.

Danilo Dominici

Twitter: - @danilo_dominici

Danilo Dominici, lavora con SQL Server sin dalla versione 6.5. Si occupa principalmente di progettazione, implementazione ed ottimizzazione architetturale, monitoring e performance tuning. Alterna le attivit#224; di consulenza a quelle di formatore, speaker ed autore. Microsoft Certified Trainer dal 2000 e SQL Server MVP dal 2014, #232; anche co-leader del PASS Global Italian Virtual Chapter, lo user group quot;virtualequot; in lingua italiana dedicato a SQL Server.

Giuseppe Zagarrio Francesco Cogno

Contact: http://blogs.technet.com/b/italian_premier_center_for_sql_server

Giuseppe Zagarrio lavora in Microsoft nel gruppo GBS (Global Business Support) nel ruolo di Field Engineer. Lavora su SQL Server sin dalla versione 2000, in particolare su tematiche legate a performance e ottimizzazione.Nel suo lavoro supporta i clienti su varie tematiche legate a SQL Server, dal codice alla gestione amministrativa con lo scopo di mantenere i sistemi critici su livelli di efficienza e stabilità ottimali.

Gilberto Zampatti

Time ago (a lot of time ago…) an excellent IT pro brought me with him and became my Mentor in the IT wonderland…it was a world full of mainframes… I met the Relational theory when there were no commercial RDBMS, and I was spellbound by that “magic”. When Microsoft appeared in the IT market, I felt finally which trek I had to follow. I’m still walking on such road, and in my rucksack I’ve ben putting some other stuff (like SharePoint, for example). My sole regret: I’ve left the College to consecrate all my time to my job; curiously, since then, I’ve never stop learning…

Shehab El-Najjar

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/MSQLPerformance

LinkedIn: Shehab El-Najjar

Contact: http://sqlserver-performance-tuning.net/

Shehab El-Najjar was the ONLY Microsoft SQL Server MVP in Gulf for the past 6 years and the 2nd one all over the Middle East , he is the founder of SQL Gulf events series (SQL Gulf #1 , #2 and #3 ) where he spent so much time and efforts to broadcast Microsoft SQL Server technologies all over the Gulf such as KSA and Emirates and other Gulf cities ahead ..)

 He is now Professional Services Manager at Saudi Emircom

 He was previously COO and business leader in KSA market through his startup WAJA IT for 3 years

 He is an influencing Database community leader all over the region  A senior Database Consultant (SQL Server MVP for 6 years in row) -The 2nd MVP awardee SQL Server all over Middle East and Arabic region

Luca Zavarella

Twitter: - @lucazav

LinkedIn: Luca Zavarella

Contact: http://www.ugiss.org/lucazav

Luca #232; un Business Intelligence Architect amp; Project Leader e Database Architect. Ha conseguito le certificazioni Microsoft SQL Server 2008 MCTS e MCITP in Business Intelligence. E#39; inoltre un Business Analyst con particolare attitudine all#39;automazione e ottimizzazione dei flussi di dati. Nel tempo libero #232; un pianista classico.

Alessandro Alpi

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/suxstellino

LinkedIn: Alessandro Alpi

Contact: http://suxstellino.wordpress.com/

Alessandro lavora nell#39;IT dal 2000. La passione per l#39;informatica nasce ad 11 anni partendo dal C64 ed oggi #232; CTO di Engage IT Services srl dove si occupa della gestione del team di sviluppo e del contatto tecnico con i clienti. Nel team si occupa anche dell#39;amministrazione e del ciclo di vita dei database. E’ MVP SQL Server dal 2008, #232; anche Microsoft Certified Professional, ed oltre ad essere speaker a diversi eventi Microsoft, segue due blog e risponde sui forum di StackOverflow e MSDN

Shehab El-Najjar

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/MSQLPerformance

LinkedIn: Shehab El-Najjar

Contact: http://sqlserver-performance-tuning.net/

Shehab El-Najjar was the ONLY Microsoft SQL Server MVP in Gulf for the past 6 years and the 2nd one all over the Middle East , he is the founder of SQL Gulf events series (SQL Gulf #1 , #2 and #3 ) where he spent so much time and efforts to broadcast Microsoft SQL Server technologies all over the Gulf such as KSA and Emirates and other Gulf cities ahead ..)

 He is now Professional Services Manager at Saudi Emircom

 He was previously COO and business leader in KSA market through his startup WAJA IT for 3 years

 He is an influencing Database community leader all over the region  A senior Database Consultant (SQL Server MVP for 6 years in row) -The 2nd MVP awardee SQL Server all over Middle East and Arabic region

Sergio Govoni

Twitter: - @segovoni

LinkedIn: Sergio Govoni

Contact: https://mvp.microsoft.com/it-it/PublicProfile/4029181?fullName=Sergio%20Govoni

Since 1999 Sergio Govoni has been a software developer; in 2000 he got a degree in Computer Science at “Università degli Studi” in Ferrara (Italy). He has worked for over 18 years in Centro Software, a software house that produces the best ERP for manufacturing companies that are export oriented. Now, he manages the development product team and he is constantly involved on several team projects, where he focues his attention on the architecture and the mission-critical technical details. Since 2016 he is the vice president of the UGISS (www.ugiss.org). For the provided help to technical communities and for sharing his own experience, since 2010 he has received the Microsoft Data Platform MVP award.

Marco Pozzan

Twitter: - @marcopozzan

LinkedIn: Marco Pozzan

Contact: http://www.marcopozzan.it

Consultant and trainer in business intelligence, analytics and data mining on Methode . Teacher for ITS courses of data warehouse at the University of Pordenone.

Gianluca Hotz

Twitter: - glhotz

LinkedIn: Gianluca Hotz

Contact: http://www.ghotz.com

Gianluca Hotz is an independent consultant, trainer, speaker and Mentor specialized in architecture, database design, high availability, capacity planning, performance tuning, system integration and migrations for Microsoft SQL Server. He has been working as a consultant in the IT field since 1993 and with SQL Server since 1996. He is among the original founders of ugiss.org, where he served as vice-president from 2001 to 2016 and he is now serving as president, for his contribution to the community he has been a SQL Server MVP since 1998.

Francesco De Chirico

Twitter: - http://twitter.com/fdechirico

LinkedIn: Francesco De Chirico

Contact: http://francescodechirico.wordpress.com/

Francesco De Chirico is a consultant, trainer and speaker specialized in modeling and developing complex BI solutions with the Microsoft BI stack. He has been working with SSAS since 2001 and has a strong knowledge of the MDX, DAX and M. He focused on all the Microsoft Data Platform especially on Power BI. Co-leader of the PASS Global Italian Virtual Group and Milan Power BI User Group, regular speaker at events like PASS SQLSaturday, Microsoft Certified Trainer for many years, Francesco holds several Microsoft certifications including the prestigious SSAS Maestro for BI certification (2012) and the Microsoft Professional Program Data Science certification (2017). He is the project creator of the Analysis Services Query Analyzer tool.

Francesco Milano

Twitter: - @fmilano

LinkedIn: Francesco Milano

I’ve been working with Microsoft technologies since 2000, and I’m specialized in .NET Framework and SQL Server platform. I focus primarily on back-end development, integration solutions, relational model design and implementation. Starting from 2011 I’m also member of UGISS (Italian SQL Server User Group) and speaker at main italian SQL Server conferences and workshops.

Davide Mauri

Twitter: - mauridb

LinkedIn: Davide Mauri

Contact: https://medium.com/@mauridb

Data Platform MVP for almost 12 years, I love Data and Database in all their forms. Developer for passion (C# and Python), I’ve been working in the IT field since 1997. My focus has been databases and performance tuning since the start, focusing both on transactional and analytical workloads. I worked for more than 10 years on Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing, then moved to IoT and Big Data for a while. Now back to database space, injecting passion and innovation into Azure SQL as Microsoft Program Manager for Azure SQL Hyperscale, helping developers to re-discover SQL, which is now almost everywhere, and take advantage of all its amazing power!


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