SQLSaturday #227 - Charleston 2013

Event Date: 10/12/2013 00:00:00

Event Location:

  • Charleston Southern University
  • 9200 University Blvd
  • Charleston, South Carolina

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Title: Being the Swiss Army Knife of DB Pros

Abstract: Being a specialist means you’re really, really good at one thing. Being a generalist means you’re good at a a lot of different things. The generalist has an advantage over the specialist because he or she can see and solve problems the specialists can’t. In this session I’ll cover why it’s important to diversify your skill set, not only for career protection, but to be better as a database professional. We’ll look at what skill sets to build on to expand your abilities around SQL Server to include the operating system, development, networks, and security. Remember, this saying isn’t complete, “Jack of all trades, master of none.” The full saying is, “Jack of all trades, master of none, though often times better than master of one.”


  • Brian Kelley

Track and Room: Track 3 - N/A

Title: Table Vars Temp Tables - What you NEED to Know!

Abstract: Almost every SQL Developer is familiar with Table Variables and Temporary Tables. While each of these objects represent temporary storage, there are also substantial differences between them. Understanding the differences between Table Variables and Temporary Tables, and the ramifications that those differences cause, is essential to being able to properly select the appropriate object for use in your development tasks. In this code filled session, we’ll discover the differences and similarities of Temporary Tables and Table Variables, dispel some widespread myths about each, and answer the most important questions of them all, “When do I use one or the other and what are the various impacts of doing so?”


  • Wayne Sheffield

Track and Room: Track 1 - N/A

Title: SSRS: On Premises or Azure? What’s the difference?

Abstract: With a lot of companies looking to the cloud for cost savings, it helps to know what the differences are between on premises and cloud installations of your IT services. In this session, we’ll take a look at SQL Server Reporting Services and the feature differences between deploying in the cloud, and deploying on premises. We’ll look at different options for where you can deploy your reports as well. Also, Shannon Lowder will help with the associated costs of each solution, as well as preparing you for some of the gotchas you’ll face as you move to the cloud today.


  • Josh Luedeman

Track and Room: Track 3 - N/A

Title: 10 Things all BI System Administrators Should Know

Abstract: Conversations about SQL Server administration tends to be all about administering OLTP systems. If you administrer BI systems, you can’t apply everything you know about administering OLTP systems to BI systems. BI systems usually end up being administered by OLTP DBAs or by BI developers and architects. Where does one even find a BI Administrator?

Fortunately, I’ve been administering BI systems for several years, and I have learned the hard way the difference between administering OLTP and BI systems. This session will cover the top 10 things that I think an administrator of BI systems need to know.


  • Robert Davis

Track and Room: Track 1 - N/A

Title: Full automation of the installation of and Hyper-V VM - (W2012 / SQL2012).Core –PoSh 3.0 Workflows

Abstract: Automation is a dedicated technique and for that we have the magic that PowerShell can bring to us. In this session, we will see how to full automate the installation of a new Hyper-V MV with Windows Server 2012 and Core. We will see how to create the answer file, add to the ISO file and the the script to automate all the process, using also workflows.


  • Laerte Junior

Track and Room: Track 2 - N/A

Title: The Transaction Log – Beginner’s Mind

Abstract: Have you ever wondered where your data goes before it goes to the data file? Have you ever wanted to save yourself from a mistaken delete or update? Do you want to know what controls recovery, mirroring, log shipping, and availability groups? Well, welcome to the “The Transaction Log – Beginner’s Mind”. In one hour, we will cover everything you will ever need to know to examine, play with, and care for your tlog. You will leave with hours of homework, useful skills for saving your job, and an appreciation of the often overlooked but oh so necessary write-ahead log.


  • Jeremy Carroll

Track and Room: Track 2 - N/A

Title: SQL 2012 Table Compression

Abstract: SQL Server 2008 has introduced Table compression to the DBA toolkit. We all know there are different kinds of compression available in SQL Server. What some may not know is the subtleties of compression. Such subtleties include that not all Page Compressed tables are entirely page compressed. This session will show you how to reach into the database and discover compression states at the page level. At the lower level, this session will also show how to determine compression settings of objects in the database. Participants will be able to use undocumented commands as well as commands such as PIVOT to derive some interesting information from the database engine.


  • Jason Brimhall

Track and Room: Track 3 - N/A

Title: Branding Yourself for a Dream Job

Abstract: Everyone wants a dream job that they enjoy going to each week. However finding that job, and getting yourself hired can be hard for most people. Steve Jones will give you practical tips and suggestions in this session that show you how to better market yourself, how to get the attention of employers, and help improve the chances that the job you want will get offered to you. Learn about networking, blogging, and more.


  • Steve Jones

Track and Room: Track 2 - N/A

Title: Temporary Insanity

Abstract: An often overlooked aspect of development and production support is the impact of TempDb. This presentation will describe how tempdb works, best practices and delve into some of the items which use TempDb and how it can impact your performance.


  • Michael Femenella

Track and Room: Track 1 - N/A

Title: Check Engine Lights

Abstract: Has a system failure brought down your SQL Server causing major outage? Together we’ll explore “check engine lights” for your SQL Server warning you of pending doom.


  • Chris Skorlinski

Track and Room: Track 1 - N/A

Title: Database Health and Performance

Abstract: Everyone knows that sick servers generally do not perform well. But, how well are your servers running? Let’s perform a health and performance check! In this session, we will perform a holistic system health and performance analysis where we dive through common tasks that you should routinely perform. Once the health and performance analysis is completed, a remediation plan is developed. Baselines are established and updated. Coming out of this session, you will have a tried and true methodology for examining your system state, checking for unhealthy components, analyzing performance, and keeping things that way for years to come.


  • David Klee

Track and Room: Track 3 - N/A

Title: OnPremise to Azure


During this talk I’ll walk you through the process actually used to migrate a client’s systems from hosted in a company closet to multiple Microsoft Azure data centers. Along the way we’ll discuss the planning that went into the migration, the testing we went through, the pain points we hit, all the way to up and running in the cloud. This session covers the roadmap, we won’t go through the actual migration itself…that took almost a year to complete.


  • Shannon Lowder

Track and Room: Track 2 - N/A

Title: “Indexing” Encrypted Data

Abstract: As a SQL Server DBA I see my role having 2 main focuses. First is to protect the data and second is to ensure performance is maximized. More often than not companies forget about data security when they focus on performance tuning. In this presentation I will mention a few cases where encryption could have saved a lot of hassle. I will then demo a method that can be used to “index” commonly searched on encrypted values (ex: SSNs, Credit Card, etc) helping reduce the impact on the performance of a query.


  • Chris Bell

Track and Room: Track 2 - N/A

Title: SSIS Programming Using .NET

Abstract: Learn how to create metadata driven ssis using the .net libraries. Learn how to traverse and extract ssis metadata information across servers. Build ssis packages dynamically for generic ETL solutions.


  • Jorge Novo

Track and Room: Track 1 - N/A

Title: DBA Task Automation: Unleash the PowerShell Hero in You!

Abstract: As DBAs, we constantly have to stretch our time and budget resources, and the best way to keep up with demands is through process automation. Workflow and PassThru parameters are just two of the features that will allow you to turn complex tasks into simple, repeatable, automated processes easier than you would have ever dreamed possible. And if you’ve had trouble with PowerShell in the past, the auto-completion and eager loading of modules will make your transition to PowerShell hero even simpler. Come see how mid-tone blue can help take your skills to the next level.


  • Michael Wells

Track and Room: Track 2 - N/A

Title: Building Your Professional Development Plan

Abstract: Plan the work and work the plan. Are you doing that when it comes to your professional development? Few of us have a formal approach to professional development and that usually means it gets pushed down the list as other things in life happen. This session is designed to get you thinking about all aspects of your career and from there moves into a discussion about time and money - how much of each are you willing to spend to get where you want to go? At the end of this presentation you’ll be ready for spend a couple quiet hours charting all the things you want to do, and then figuring out which ones you really want to do.


  • Andy Warren

Track and Room: Track 3 - N/A

Title: What to look for in Execution Plans

Abstract: Why is my query running slow? Why isn’t my index getting used? In order to answer these questions, you have to ask the same return question in each case: have you looked at the execution plan?


  • Grant Fritchey

Track and Room: Track 1 - N/A

Title: Visualizing Data with Reporting Services

Abstract: Data is beautiful…or at least it can be….This session dives into the art science behind data visualization. We will start by looking at the research done by Stephen Few and Edward Tufte to practically understand questions such as why you should prefer a bar chart over a line chart and why you typically should avoid pie charts whenever possible. Next, we will look at why Reporting Services is a rich powerful platform for delivering your visualization before wrapping-up with techniques for implementing and delivering your eye-popping data visualizations.


  • Christopher Price

Track and Room: Track 3 - N/A


This is a list of speakers from the XML Guidebook records. The details and URLs were valid at the time of the event.

Robert Davis

Twitter: - @SQLSoldier

LinkedIn: Robert Davis

Contact: http://www.sqlsoldier.com

Robert is a SQL Server Certified Master, MVP, and has spent 17+ years honing his skills in security, performance tuning, SQL development, high availability, and disaster recovery. He served as PM for the SQL Server Certified Master Program at Microsoft Learning, and in various roles at Microsoft specializing in SQL Server administration, development, and architecture. He currently works as a Database Engineer at BlueMountain Capital Management where he spends a vast majority of his time tuning massively parallel queries. Robert feeds his passion for security by acting as co-leader of the PASS Security Virtual Chapter.

Steve Jones

Twitter: - way0utwest

LinkedIn: Steve Jones

Contact: http://www.voiceofthedba.com/

Steve Jones is a Microsoft SQL Server MVP and has been working with SQL Server since version 4.2 on OS/2. After working as a DBA and developer for a variety of companies, Steve co-founded the community website SQLServerCentral.com in 2001. Since 2004, Steve has been the full-time editor of the site, ensuring it continues to be a great resource for SQL Server professionals. Over the last decade, Steve has written hundreds of articles about SQL Server for SQLServerCentral.com, SQL Server Standard magazine, SQL Server Magazine, and Database Journal.

Josh Luedeman

Twitter: - http://www.twitter.com/joshluedeman

LinkedIn: Josh Luedeman

Contact: http://www.joshluedeman.com

Josh is a Sr FastTrack Engineer with the FastTrack team in the Azure Engineering Group at Microsoft. Josh focuses on Microsoft’s Cloud Scale Analytics Solutions in Azure using products like HDInsight, Data Lake, Data Factory, and DataBricks. He has worked in IT for over 10 years holding positions in Application Support, Database Administration, and Business Intelligence, in industries like Higher Education, Consulting, Manufacturing, and Software Development.

Jeremy Carroll

Sr. Database Administrator at AirWatch, LLC

MCTS - SQL Server 2008, Implementation and Maintenance MCTS - SQL Server 2008, Database Development MCITP - SQL Server 2008, Database Administrator MCITP - SQL Server 2008, Database Developer

Shannon Lowder

Twitter: - @shannonlowder

LinkedIn: Shannon Lowder

Contact: http://shannonlowder.com

For over 15 years Shannon Lowder has been spotting patterns and learning ways to work smarter instead of harder. He started with development and moved into database administration. Using TSQL, Database Jobs and PowerShell, he automated himself out of contracts quickly. As Business Intelligence became a greater demand, he moved into SSIS, SSRS, and SSAS development. Early on, he tried using PowerShell and .Net to automate BI Development. Later those efforts turned to Biml. After founding a startup six years ago, he finds himself a data platform consultant, designing and guiding other professionals to build highly automated enterprise solutions. Today, he is a Biml Hero candidate and is awaiting the final approval for the award.

Jorge Novo

Contact: http://etldevelopernotes.blogspot.com/

Jorge Novo is a database developer with more than 10 years of experience in the design, implementation, and maintenance of OLAP, ROLAD database system for the enterprise. Jorge specialize himself on ETL processes using automation, and dynamic programming for SSIS. Currently Jorge is working in the programming and development of Data Master Service for the organization.

Jason Brimhall

Twitter: - sqlrnnr

LinkedIn: Jason Brimhall

Contact: http://jasonbrimhall.info

Jason Brimhall has more than 20 years of experience and has worked with SQL Server 6.5 through SQL Server 2019. He has experience in performance tuning, high transaction environments, and large environments. He is currently a consultant specializing in performance tuning, server analysis, and problem resolution. Jason is a Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) and a Data Platform MVP.

Brian Kelley

Twitter: - kbriankelley

LinkedIn: Brian Kelley

Contact: https://truthsolutions.wordpress.com/

Brian Kelley is an author, columnist, Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), accredited CISA trainer, and former Microsoft Data Platform (SQL Server) MVP (2009-2016) focusing primarily on SQL Server and Windows security. Brian currently serves as a data architect as well as an independent infrastructure/security architect concentrating on Active Directory, SQL Server, and Windows Server. He has served in a myriad of other positions including senior database administrator, data warehouse architect, web developer, incident response team lead, and project manager. Brian has spoken at 24 Hours of PASS, the Marathon of PASS, IT/Dev Connections, SQLConnections, the SSWUG Virtual Conferences, the Techno Security and Forensics Investigation

Michael Femenella

Mike has been a SQL Server developer/dba/architect for over 15 years. He’s worked for several Fortune 500 companies including Sprint, Nextel and Bank of America and specializes in working with big data. He lives in Matthews, NC with his wife, 4 kids and 3 dogs. He has spoken at SQLSaturday in Atlanta and Richmond and he travels to SQLSaturdays for some quiet time!

Andy Warren

Twitter: - @sqlandy

Contact: https://sqlandy.com

Andy Warren is a SQL Server consultant and trainer based in Orlando, FL. Focusing on administration, performance tuning, and SQL Server patterns and practices, he’s been a SQL Server MVP since 2008. Andy served two terms on the PASS Board of Directors, was a founding principal in SQLServerCentral, and created both the SQLSaturday and SQLRally event models.

Grant Fritchey

Twitter: - @gfritchey

LinkedIn: Grant Fritchey

Contact: http://scarydba.com

Grant Fritchey is a Data Platform MVP with over 20 years’ experience in IT, including time spent in support and development. He has worked with SQL Server since 6.0 back in 1995. He has also developed in VB, VB.NET, C#, and Java. Grant has written books for Apress and Simple-Talk. Grant presents at conferences and user groups, large and small, all over the world. He joined Redgate Software as a product evangelist in January 2011.

Chris Bell

Twitter: - @cbelldba

LinkedIn: Chris Bell

Contact: https://www.wateroxconsulting.com/

Chris Bell offers a unique view of how we live and work with data, both now and as we head into the future. Having braved many roles, lifecycles, and battles in the IT world, he has honed his DBA (Database Administration or Do ‘Bout Anything) skills in Information Systems and development, focusing on SQL Server. Currently, he serves as the lead DBA at The Motley Fool. You can keep up with Chris’ thoughts and technical community activities at WaterOxConsulting.com.

Michael Wells

Twitter: - @SqlTechMike

LinkedIn: Michael Wells

Contact: http://sqltechmike.com

Michael Wells is a Microsoft Specialist at Dell EMC covering enterprise customers. He has worked in IT since 2000 and has supported all versions of SQL Server from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2014. Michael has been presenting since 2007 for local user groups, CodeCamps, SQLSaturday events, IT Pro Camps, and large conferences like PASS Summit and Oracle OpenWorld.

Chris Skorlinski

Chris Skorlinski has been with Microsoft for 17 years. He is a Support Escalation Engineer at the Microsoft Charlotte NC office specializing in performance tuning and troubleshooting Replication. His is a contributor to SQLShare.com training as well as his own BLOGs on Replication Performance at http://blogs.msdn.com/ReplTalk/. #160;

Wayne Sheffield

Twitter: - @DBAWayne

LinkedIn: Wayne Sheffield

Contact: http://blog.waynesheffield.com/wayne

Wayne Sheffield, a Microsoft Certified Master in SQL Server and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, started working with xBase databases in the late 80’s. With over 25 years in IT, he has worked with SQL Server (since 6.5 in the late 90’s) in various dev/admin roles, with an emphasis in performance tuning. He is the author of several articles at www.sqlservercentral.com, a co-author of “SQL Server T-SQL Recipes”, and enjoys sharing his knowledge by presenting at SQL events worldwide and blogging at http://blog.waynesheffield.com/wayne

Laerte Junior

Twitter: - @laertesqldba

LinkedIn: Laerte Junior

Contact: https://www.red-gate.com/simple-talk/author/laerte-junior/

Laerte Junior is a Windows PowerShell MVP Reconnect, PASS PowerShell VC Co-lead and, through his simple-talk articles, an active member of the Microsoft Community around the world. He also is a huge Star Wars fan (yes, he has the Darth Vader#180;s Helmet with the voice changer). He has a passion for DC comics and living the simple life.

David Klee

Twitter: - kleegeek

LinkedIn: David Klee

Contact: http://davidklee.net

David Klee is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and VMware vExpert with a lifelong passion for technology. David spends his days focusing on the convergence of data and infrastructure as the Founder of Heraflux Technologies. His areas of expertise include cloud, virtualization, performance, and business continuity. David speaks at a number of national and regional technology related events, including PASS Summit, VMware VMworld, SQLBits, SQLSaturday events, and many SQL Server User Groups.

Christopher Price

Contact: http://bluewatersql.wordpress.com/

Chris Price is a Sr. BI Consultant with Pragmatic Works based in Tampa, FL. He has a B.S. in MIS and a MBA, both from the Univ. of South Florida. He previously worked as a software architect before being bitten by the BI bug. His current focus is on ETL and Data Integration, Data Quality and MDM, SSAS, SharePoint and Big Data. He regularly speaks at SQLSaturdays, Code Camps and other community events. He has authored multiple whitepapers and books and served as technical editor.


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