SQLSaturday #236 - St. Louis 2013

Event Date: 09/07/2013 00:00:00

Event Location:

  • SLU Center for Workforce Organizational Developement
  • 3545 Lindell Blvd
  • Saint Louis, Missouri

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Title: Moving Enterprise database to cloud

Abstract: Windows Azure provides several different ways of storing and managing data. Windows Azure SQL Database and SQL Server in Windows Azure Virtual Machines are solutions in Windows Azure for working with relational data. If you are familiar with SQL Server, Windows Azure SQL Database will be a natural extension of your knowledge and skills. In this session, you will learn: 1) Windows Azure SQL Database - Learn how to get started. We will explore how to migrate an existing on-premise SQL Server database to Windows Azure SQL Database. We will then walk through how to manage and administer your Windows Azure SQL servers and databases. 2) Provision the SQL Server VM on Windows Azure - We will learn provisioning the Virtual Machine through the Windows Azure Management Portal. Once created, we will open the VM through the Remote Desktop . Finally, we will connect to SQL server using SSMS.


  • Andy Thiru

Track and Room: App Dev - N/A

Title: Somebody got BIDS Helper in my Data Tools

Abstract: Do you develop SSIS packages, SSRS reports or SSAS cubes (multidimensional or tabular)? Then this class is for you! We’ll cover the capabilities this free tool empowers you to perform as well as address some of the grating little quirks of BIDS/SSDT.  Analysis Services Multidimensional: Roles Report, Printer Friendly Dimension Usage

Tabular: Tabular Actions Editor, Tabular Display Folders, Tabular HideMemberIf

SSRS: Delete Dataset Cache Files

SSIS: Deploy packages from BIDS/SSDT, Identify items with configuration/expressions, Create packages based on templates, Find differences between packages

Learn about this perfect combination from Meagan Longoria and Bill Fellows and you’ll never want to have your BIDS without the helper.


  • Bill Fellows

Track and Room: BI - N/A

Title: Don’t Miss Out on Excel Cube Functions

Abstract: Cube functions have existed since Excel 2007, but they’re not as well known nor as well publicized as other methods to obtain data from Analysis Services/PowerPivot sources. Business Analysts may feel confined to tabular (symmetrical) reports with pivot tables. BI Developers may avoid Excel because they want the ability to write calculations in MDX and the extensive formatting capabilities of Reporting Services. And Power View limits you to the sets, calculations, and captions available in the data source and doesn’t provide drillthrough detail. We’ll start with the basics of how to write and use cube functions, then employ them to build a nicely formatted, asymmetrical, parameter-driven report that overcomes the previously noted limitations. In addition to facilitating new methods for data retrieval and report design, learning cube functions can help business analysts understand the MDX language and BI developers appreciate the power of Excel’s formulas and formatting options.


  • Meagan Longoria

Track and Room: BI - N/A

Title: What SQL DBAs need to know about SharePoint

Abstract: With the number of deployments of SharePoint exponentially growing every day, as a DBA, it is very likely you are going to have SharePoint databases on SQL Servers you support. This session reviews SharePoint strictly from the SQL Server perspective. You will learn how SharePoint is optimized for SQL, how to properly manage and maintain the SharePoint databases, how to optimize the SQL configuration for SharePoint, what settings in SharePoint need to be changed or not changed to maintain SQL Server performance, supported methods for providing high availability and disaster recovery, and the part SharePoint and SQL each play in the Microsoft Business Intelligence story.


  • JD Wade

Track and Room: Data Platform - N/A

Title: SQL Server PDW 2012

Abstract: Although many have still not heard much about Microsoft’s Parallel Data Warehouse Appliance the 2012 release of the product is our 7th version to market. I will cover the basic differences between SMP and MPP data warehouse systems, how the Microsoft PDW works, and what features and sizes are available in PDW 2012. We’ll also talk about how PDW 2012 allows you to integrate your typical relational data with your Big Data in one integrated environment.


  • Eddie Hendrix

Track and Room: BI - N/A

Title: Database Change Management

Abstract: For too long have database developers had to suffer with inferior tools and processes! Database development is just as important as application development and it deserves equivalent tooling. In this session, we’ll demonstrate how SQL Server Data Tools allow you to utilize source code control, generate deployment and rollback scripts, refactor databases, and much more.


  • Jeff Fattic

Track and Room: App Dev - N/A

Title: AlwaysOn, Clustering, Mirroring: What are they? What aren’t they”

Abstract: We hear these names bandied about, but what exactly are they? How do they benefit the end user? How do they differ? What problems do they solve? How does a DBA implement them? We will address these technologies showing what they do. We’ll describe the typical situations where they are used. We’ll list the major costs associated with each. We’ll give bullet points that can help management decide whether to implement a given option.


  • don conrad

Track and Room: DBA II - N/A

Title: Agile Database Development

Abstract: In this talk Aaron will introduce users to some techniques and tools for developing and maintaining SQL code inside an Agile SDLC. Aaron will use test driven development techniques and commit his code changes to Team Foundation Services and schedule a build. He’ll also demonstrate some custom solutions and go over all of the different databases that a DBA might support in an on-premise TFS install.


  • Aaron King

Track and Room: App Dev - N/A

Title: Yesterday I Couldn’t Even Spell ‘DBA’.

Abstract: Referred to as “DBA by Default” or “Reluctant DBA”, many people are faced with the situation of suddenly becoming a SQL Server database administrator. Once the initial shock passes they realize that they need help. The abundance of SQL Server books and websites that exist, some good and some not so good, might only increase confusion leading to panic and rash decisions. DON’T PANIC! In this session we will cover ways to address basic problems and offer some suggestions for finding good places to find help.


  • Larry Toothman

Track and Room: DBA II - N/A

Title: You’re THE DBA. Now What?

Abstract: Are you an accidental DBA trying to find your way through your new role? Are you an experienced DBA moving to a new position, team, or major application? This presentation is for you! In this presentation, we will review best practices for what to do when you’re a brand new DBA. You will learn what to look for when you walk into a new environment, as well as pitfalls to avoid.


  • Gill Rowley

Track and Room: DBA I - N/A

Title: Data Flow Architectures in Software Development Life-Cycle

Abstract: The presenter will consider different architectures to move data across environments during the software development life-cycle. Whether you start from scratch working with XP, or you have to establish processes in already existing organization working in waterfall, whether the data to move is 1 MB or terabytes, the presenter will present ways to handle the tasks and outline the cons and pros of each approach.


  • Virginia Mushkatbat

Track and Room: Data Platform - N/A

Title: Implementing AlwaysOn Availability Groups

Abstract: SQL Server 2012 introduced a new set of high availability features collectively called AlwaysOn. Availability Groups are an AlwaysOn alternative to database mirroring. In this session we will discuss the advantages of Availability Groups and walkthrough a basic implementation.


  • Pierre LaFromboise

Track and Room: DBA II - N/A

Title: It’s All About the Performance, Right?

Abstract: Just about anyone can click through a SQL Server installation and get it working. But, it is not running close to efficient, and as the workloads grow, it will only get worse. This session by David Klee (@kleegeek) provides valuable details on how to tweak and tune your SQL Server installations to ensure maximum performance, as well as tips on capacity management so you know when you need to add more hardware to take your server to the next level.


  • David Klee

Track and Room: Data Platform - N/A

Title: SSRS Basics for the DBA

Abstract: Many SQL Server DBAs support Reporting Services administratively, but may not know how a report is actually developed. This session will outline some fundamentals of SQL Server Reporting Services, as well as walk through the development of a parameterized report from end to end.


  • Travis Whitley

Track and Room: DBA I - N/A

Title: Introduction to Trace Flags

Abstract: Trace flags alter the way SQL Server behaves. Learn the how why to use them. Understand the difference between documented and undocumented trace flags. Review a couple trace flags that your SQL Server might benefit from.


  • Mike Hays

Track and Room: DBA I - N/A

Title: Women in Tech Panel

Abstract: This session, modeled after the popular PASS WIT Luncheons, will be a lively discussion about issues affecting women – and men – in tech. Everyone welcome to this very interactive session.


  • Kathi Kellenberger

Track and Room: DBA I - N/A

Title: Protecting SQL Data for Availability and DR

Abstract: This session provides a comparison of SQL High Availability Disaster Recovery options, presented by a practitioner who has implemented and managed all the SQL High Availability and Disaster Recovery approaches (and various combinations thereof). We will provide an overview of all the various HA DR options, then compare trade-offs for complexity, usability, hardware, licensing, failover speed, initial costs, ongoing support costs, staff skill requirements, etc.


  • Tim Plas

Track and Room: DBA I - N/A

Title: T-SQL 2012 Analytic Functions

Abstract: Learn how the new analytic functions introduced with SQL Server 2012 can take your T-SQL skills to the next level! Solve complicated requirements with better performing and easier to write queries.


  • Kathi Kellenberger

Track and Room: App Dev - N/A

Title: Management Studio Features for Working Less and Getting More Done

Abstract: As SQL Server Professionals we spend countless hours inside a single tool - Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio - yet odds are you don’t know of some of the enhancements that exist inside Management Studio that provide you with the ability to re-use code, parameterize frequently-run scripts, and store all these scripts right at your fingertips. In this session Tim will dive into some of the less familiar areas of SSMS and give you ideas on how you can work less… and get more accomplished. We will also touch upon some additional functionality that Red Gate’s SQLPrompt offers for taking this one step further.


  • Tim Ford

Track and Room: Data Platform - N/A

Title: Designing High-Performance Database Applications

Abstract: Performance matters. A well-designed application will reduce hardware and licensing costs while providing an enjoyable end-user experience with maximum scalability. This session covers the key considerations of database application design from a holistic performance perspective.


  • Dan Guzman

Track and Room: BI - N/A

Title: SQL Server on VMware, what a DBA should know

Abstract: More and more companies are virtualizing with VMware, and databases are the next logical step. You will learn business and technical benefits of virtualization, master new terms and concepts, pick up useful planning tips and tricks, and cover best practices for maintaining optimum performance in a VMware environment.


  • James Davis

Track and Room: DBA II - N/A


This is a list of speakers from the XML Guidebook records. The details and URLs were valid at the time of the event.

Kathi Kellenberger

Twitter: - auntkathi

LinkedIn: Kathi Kellenberger

Contact: http://auntkathisql.com

Kathi Kellenberger is the editor of Simple Talk at Redgate and a Data Platform MVP. She has worked with SQL Server for over 20 years and has authored, co-authored, or tech edited over a dozen technical books. Kathi is the co-leader of the PASS Women in Technology Virtual Group and a volunteer at LaunchCode. When Kathi isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, cycling, singing, and climbing the stairs of tall buildings. Be sure to check out her courses on Pluralsight.

Virginia Mushkatbat

Contact: http://mask-me.net

Virginia Mushkatblat is currently a founder of Hush-Hush, a data masking company. She wrote her first computer program at the age of 14 and has been in technology ever since, progressively rising through the ranks and trying on different hats including database architecture, development, security and operations. She has worked for Startups and Fortune 100 companies in finance, entertainment, e-commerce, internet advertisement, manufacturing, and communications industries and dealt with both heavily transactional and BI applications.She holds B.S. and Masters Degrees in Engineering and in Computer Science, originated a couple of patents, and currently teaches databases and multimedia to graduating seniors in CSUN, her Alma Mater.

David Klee

Twitter: - kleegeek

LinkedIn: David Klee

Contact: http://davidklee.net

David Klee is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and VMware vExpert with a lifelong passion for technology. David spends his days focusing on the convergence of data and infrastructure as the Founder of Heraflux Technologies. His areas of expertise include cloud, virtualization, performance, and business continuity. David speaks at a number of national and regional technology related events, including PASS Summit, VMware VMworld, SQLBits, SQLSaturday events, and many SQL Server User Groups.

JD Wade

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/jdwade

LinkedIn: JD Wade

Contact: http://wadingthrough.com

JD Wade has been providing solutions using various Microsoft products in the St. Louis area for over 18 years. J.D.’s expertise is the architecture, design, deployment, and troubleshooting of SharePoint and Microsoft Cloud solutions as well as interfacing with the surrounding technologies (directory services, e-mail, load balancers, DNS, SQL, WAN accelerators, etc.). J.D. has worked on the deployment of various corporate intranet, extranet, and public-facing web sites.

Tim Plas

Twitter: - tjplas

LinkedIn: Tim Plas

Tim is a Principal Consultant at Virteva, in Mpls MN. His current focus areas are cloud architecture / engineering / migration, operational-DBA services (esp. HA/DR), server migrations, server virtualization, and storage. His experience over the past 25+ years has been primarily with server / data-center infrastructure, including being CTO / co-founder of a successful hosting company. Tim has held a variety of MS certifications since 1994.

Bill Fellows

Twitter: - @billinkc

LinkedIn: Bill Fellows

Contact: http://blog.billfellows.net

Bill Fellows is a SQL Server MVP and has been a database developer for most of his career, with the past 15 years focused on ETL. He is the organizer of Kansas City’s eight SQLSaturdays and a speaker at many other SQLSaturdays, User Groups and the PASS Summit. Bill is the owner of Sterling Data Consulting where he gets to solve interesting data problems.

Meagan Longoria

Contact: http://datasavvy.wordpress.com

Meagan Longoria is a BI consultant with Valorem Consulting in Kansas City, MO. She has over 5 years of experience with the SQL Server BI stack and enjoys sharing her knowledge and experiences at SQLSaturdays.

Tim Ford

Twitter: - @SQLAgentMan

LinkedIn: Tim Ford

Contact: http://thesqlagentman.com

Tim Ford is a Data Professional, Author and Community Leader whose technical passions lie in creative solutions for managing and presenting data. He#39;s been a healthcare DBA since 2000 and leads SQL Agent Man Consultancy and SQL Cruise. He takes 25 students and leaders in the SQL Community and places them on cruise ships for technical and professional development training without the distractions of the office and internet twice a year on SQL Cruises (www.sqlcruise.com). Currently Tim serves on the Board of Directors for PASS and is passionate about taking fellow Data Professionals to the next level in their careers. He enjoys telling stories with data.

Dan Guzman

Twitter: - guzmanda

Contact: http://www.dbdelta.com

Dan Guzman has been using Microsoft SQL Server since version 4.21 was introduced on the Windows Server platform and has 30 years of experience in Database Administrator, Developer, and Architect roles.

Mike Hays

LinkedIn: Mike Hays

Contact: http://www.thesqlreport.com/

Mike has been working with Microsoft SQL Server for the last twenty years. Currently working as a Database Administrator for a diversified energy company, he has also worked in the retail, manufacturing, banking sectors. He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Information Science from Cleveland State University. He currently resides in Ohio with his girlfriend Alexia, her two children and their dog Lanna.

Jeff Fattic

Contact: http://jfattic.wordpress.com

Jeff Fattic has been employed in IT in some fashion for over 10 years. Most of his career, he’s been a software developer on the Microsoft stack, but about five years ago, he began studying Application Lifecycle Management tools and processes. In Jan 2012, Jeff joined Microsoft as a Developer Technology Specialist helping customers be more successful with developer tools. He is a co-founder and board member of the St. Louis Days of .NET conference.

Andy Thiru

Andy aka Abhi has several years of BI experience including planning, design, development and implementation in business database applications. Andy has worked primarily as a consultant holding positions primarily in the Energy, Banking, Media and Consulting fields. He is currently working on Cloud development projects.

Kathi Kellenberger

Twitter: - auntkathi

LinkedIn: Kathi Kellenberger

Contact: http://auntkathisql.com

Kathi Kellenberger is the editor of Simple Talk at Redgate and a Data Platform MVP. She has worked with SQL Server for over 20 years and has authored, co-authored, or tech edited over a dozen technical books. Kathi is the co-leader of the PASS Women in Technology Virtual Group and a volunteer at LaunchCode. When Kathi isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, cycling, singing, and climbing the stairs of tall buildings. Be sure to check out her courses on Pluralsight.

Larry Toothman

Contact: http://IowaTechBear.com

Larry has been a Database Administrator for a non-profit health system in Cedar Rapids, IA since late 2007. With over 20 years of software and database development experience, he was drafted to be the DBA in 1999 for a dev company. Amazed by the wide variety of people in the SQL Server community as well as the support from the “SQL Family” Larry is always looking for opportunities to pay it forward, spread the word mentoring.

James Davis

James has over 15 years of IT experience primarily focused in MS SQL Server fulfilling roles such as: database developer, architect and administrator. James also has a consulting background which has allowed for exposure to a wide array of client databases across various industries. James currently works for Confio Software in Boulder, CO.

don conrad

Don has been a SQL Server DBA for 16 years. He first installed version 4.2 onto an OS/2 server, and has worked extensively with every version since. Most recently he created several instances of AlwaysOn in a production environment. Over the years he’s worked with virtually all SQL Server technologies including extensive clustering, replication, and log-shipping.

Eddie Hendrix

SQL Server Technical Specialist working at Microsoft covering customers from St. Louis to Kansas City. After graduating with a Bachelors in Computer Science from Southeast Missouri State in 1999 he entered the St. Louis IT market and has been there ever since. He has gained his extensive experience by working at several companies in the St. Louis area over the years. He has had roles from production support to DBA to principal architect and has been at Microsoft since early 2012.

Travis Whitley

Contact: http://whitleysql.wordpress.com

Travis is a Senior SQL Server Consultant at Oakwood Systems Group in St. Louis, with a focus on performance tuning and troubleshooting both OLTP and OLAP environments. He’s been working with SQL Server since version 6.5, and also has 8 years of experience as a production SQL Server DBA and developer in the healthcare, finance, retail, and manufacturing industries.

Aaron King

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/trendoid

LinkedIn: Aaron King

Contact: http://www.aaronstanleyking.com

Aaron King is an application architect specializing in enterprise web applications and very large databases. He has helped several successful startups move to the software plus services model. He is currently working as an independent consultant on several long term engagements. Aaron is also a community leader and active in Indy PASS.

Pierre LaFromboise

Twitter: - @MrVitaminP

LinkedIn: Pierre LaFromboise

Contact: http://www.oakwoodinsights.com/

Pierre LaFromboise is a Principal Consultant and Business Intelligence Service Line leader for Oakwood Systems Group. He has over 18 years industry experience with a focus on implementing SQL Server based business intelligence solutions.

Gill Rowley

Twitter: - @BadgerBully

LinkedIn: Gill Rowley

Contact: http://gillrowley.wordpress.com

I#39;m a SQL Server DBA and Business Intelligence Consultant with over 10 years experience working with all versions of SQL Server dating back to SQL Server 7.0. When not playing with SQL Server I spend my time hunting, fishing, weightlifting, relaxing on my boat, playing men#39;s fast pitch softball, and playing with my rescued bull terrier Lola.


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