SQLSaturday #138 - Sydney 2012

Event Date: 04/21/2012 00:00:00

Event Location:

  • Epping Boys High School (EBHS)
  • 213 Vimiera Road
  • Eastwood, NSW, Australia

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Title: BI Architecture with SQL 2012 SharePoint 2010

Abstract: In this session, we’ll cover new BI features in SQL Server 2012 including Power View, Tabular BISM, Report Alerts and SSRS Integration with SharePoint Server 2010. We’ll then focus on the importance of Self-Service BI and how it fits into an overall enterprise Business Intelligence architecture. This session will be rich with demos of all the key BI tools, and will also cover installation and configuration on both new and existing Sharepoint farms. We’ll also cover securely extending BI solutions over the internet, touching on Kerberos Delegation and Threat Management Gateway (TMG). Come along and discover the awesome power of the latest release of the Microsoft BI Platform.


  • Rod Colledge

Track and Room: Larger room - N/A

Title: Accelerated BI Growth with Power View PowerPivot

Abstract: It is a known fact that a low rate of user adoption is a major issue in less than successful BI implementations. The most significant cause could arguably be the lack of simple, intuitive and flexible tools at the reporting/presentation layer. With PowerPivot, Microsoft gave us an easy way to mash-up data models, create Excel reports and surface them through Sharepoint.Now, with Power View in SQL 2012 we have an easy, sexy and compelling way for true business users visualise and present this information. With interactive demos you will learn about Power View, understand its dependencies, learn data model design tips and be made aware of any pitfalls and limitations.


  • Bhavik Merchant

Track and Room: Smaller room - N/A

Title: Better Together: Merge, Partitioning, ColumnStore

Abstract: Most SQL Server sessions are based around individual features but SQL Server really shines when you start to combine features. In this session, Greg will provide an introduction to ColumnStore indexes, review Table Partitioning and Merge and show how to combine these features to improve query performance while still being able to load data warehouse data quickly.


  • Greg Low

Track and Room: Larger room - N/A

Title: Keeping the light’s on with SQL 2012 Always On

Abstract: In this session, we’ll cover how HA DR is currently utlised and some misgivings. We’ll then introduce the capabilities of Always On in SQL Server 2012 and how these can benefit your existing solution. This presentation will be rich with demo’s covering installation and configuration of your Always On environment.


  • Warwick Rudd

Track and Room: Smaller room - N/A

Title: The Dark Art of Performance Tuning

Abstract: Despite all of the enhancements to the instrumentation in SQL Server, many database professionals still view performance tuning as a dark art. This session will provide database administrators and developers with valuable information on SQL Server performance tuning concepts. This presentation will walk you through proven performance tuning strategies and teach you how to use SQL Server tools to identify a performance bottleneck, isolate the root cause, apply possible resolutions, and then quantify performance improvements.


  • Peter Ward

Track and Room: Larger room - N/A

Title: DirectQuery vs Vertipaq mode in SSAS Tabular Model

Abstract: The new and flashy Tabular Model for Analysis Services has been highly pitched with the in-memory (VertiPaq) capability allowing for complex queries to run very fast. Using live demo, this session will address: Advantages and disadvantages of using in-memory cache to store and query data; Restrictions on DirectQuery tabular model; Hybrid mode utilisation; Impersonation and Partitioning differences


  • Julie Koesmarno

Track and Room: Smaller room - N/A

Title: Database Development Agile: Strange Bedfellows?

Abstract: A look at the risks and challenges faced with meeting the demands of shorter, more frequent release cycles and how this may influence tool selection and shaping of deployment processes within the enterprise. This session will include practical examples on how to leverage source control, continuous integration as well as features of T-SQL itself to help you navigate the database deployment minefield and get the wheels of your development organisation turning more smoothly.


  • Daniel Nolan

Track and Room: Smaller room - N/A

Title: Killer Real-World PowerPivot Examples II

Abstract: This session is even more jam packed with amazing PowerPivot report examples than last year’s presentation. This is the session to attend if you want to get the most out of PowerPivot visualizations. See real-world PowerPivot reports from clients in Education, Retail, Banking, and Telco, and learn a variety of visualization techniques including sparklines, slicers, and charts. You will leave this fun session armed with plenty of ideas for your next personal BI project. Oh, and watch out for flying Koalas.


  • Grant Paisley

Track and Room: Larger room - N/A

Title: Analytic T-SQL Functions in 2012

Abstract: There are a bunch of new T-SQL functions in SQL Server 2012, and as usual there’s a combination of the “this is really useful” and the “…but there’s a caveat”. In this presentation, Rob will take you through the new analytic functions, show you how they seriously enhance your reporting ability, and show you some of the ways that they don’t behave the way you might expect. You may not be using SQL Server 2012 yet, but you’re bound to recognise some of the problems that these functions solve.


  • Rob Farley

Track and Room: Larger room - N/A


This is a list of speakers from the XML Guidebook records. The details and URLs were valid at the time of the event.

Warwick Rudd

Contact: http://www.jnrit.com.au/Blog.aspx

Warwick Rudd is currently employed as a SQL Server Consultant and Certified Trainer for WARDY IT Solutions, Australia’s leading SQL Server consultants, trainers and Business Intelligence specialists. Warwick is a frequent speaker at local SQL Server user groups and SQLSaturday events in Australia. When not playing with the SQL stack, Warwick likes to get away to the cold and spend time snowboarding.

Rob Farley

Twitter: - rob_farley

LinkedIn: Rob Farley

Contact: http://blogs.lobsterpot.com.au

Rob Farley runs LobsterPot Solutions in Australia, where he’s a consultant in the Microsoft Data Platform and Analytics space. He’s been an MVP since 2006, probably because of his blogging, his presentations around the world, and his dedication to the Adelaide Data Analytics User Group which he has led since before the release of SQL Server 2005. He’s on Twitter at @rob_farley, but you can always email him using rob@lobsterpot.com.au

Greg Low

Twitter: - greglow

LinkedIn: Greg Low

Contact: http://blog.greglow.com

Greg Low is well-known in the SQL Server community as a mentor, trainer, author, and community leader. He is a certified master for SQL Server, was an instructor in that program, and holds a PhD in Computer Science. Microsoft often calls on Greg to develop data-related content, and to train their staff. He regularly speaks at tier-one conferences internationally. Greg is best known for his SQL Down Under podcast, SDU Tools, and his eBooks and whitepapers. He heads up a boutique consultancy called SQL Down Under in Melbourne Australia. Greg has been awarded as an MVP since 2001.

Daniel Nolan

Contact: http://ready-roll.com

Recovering Applications Developer and small business owner, Daniel has worked with SQL Server for longer than he’d care to remember. He currently spends his waking hours developing ReadyRoll SQL Projects, a database change management tool for SQL Server, and helping companies get out of database deployment strife.

Bhavik Merchant

Twitter: - @BhavikMerchant

Contact: http://bhavikmerchant.wordpress.com

Bhavik is a Microsoft vTSP for BI, leads a national team of consultants and has over 7 years of experience across the entire Microsoft BI stack.

He speaks regularly at public events and has presented a theatre session at Microsoft TechEd and topics at various Sharepoint Saturday and SQLSaturday events around Australia. He also presents at Sharepoint and SQL Server User Groups and for the PASS BI Virtual Chapter.

He has been delivering formal training for over 3 years, teaching classes on SSAS, SSRS, SSIS, PowerPivot and Sharepoint BI.

He has a genuine and zealous passion for Microsoft BI and the value it can bring to business when implemented correctly!

Rod Colledge

Contact: http://www.stratadb.com

Rod Colledge is a director and founder of StrataDB, a leading Australian-based provider of SQL Server solutions. With 15+ years of SQL Server experience, Rod’s commitment and depth of knowledge was recognized in 2010 with a Microsoft MVP award for SQL Server. Rod leads StrataDB’s Business Intelligence practice and has authored or contributed to three books, including the “SQL Server MVP Deep Dives” series. He’s a sought-after speaker at both local and international SQL Server conferences.

Peter Ward

Twitter: - @wardy

LinkedIn: Peter Ward

Contact: http://wardyit.com/blog

Peter Ward is WARDY IT Solutions Chief Technical Architect. Peter’s credentials and achievements include being a highly regarded speaker at SQL Server events; a sought after SQL Server consultant and trainer providing solutions for some of the largest SQL Server sites in Australia. Peter has been recognised as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for his technical excellence and commitment to the SQL Server Community.

Julie Koesmarno

Twitter: - @mssqlgirl

LinkedIn: Julie Koesmarno

Contact: http://www.mssqlgirl.com

Julie Koesmarno, MCSE Data Platform, and MCSE Business Intelligence, MCT, is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, with a Bachelor’s degree in IT. She has over 10 years of experience working with SQL Server for large-scale and multi-million-dollar OLTP and ETL projects as a SQL Server developer and system analyst/designer. Her past projects include delivering a SQL Server 2012 data warehouse and BI solutions in the US and Australia. She now works with hybrid, cloud and on-prem SQL projects.

Grant Paisley

Twitter: - @angrykoala

Grant Paisley is a Data Platform MVP and founder of Angry Koala, a Microsoft Business Intelligence partner based in Sydney, Australia. Grant is president of the SQL Server Usergroup Sydney and created http://reportsurfer.com, a community built around reporting, where you can also run the reports. He was contributing author for quot;SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services with MDXquot; and quot;Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services Recipesquot;.


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