SQLSaturday #105 - Dublin 2012

Event Date: 03/24/2012 00:00:00

Event Location:

  • Hilton Hotel
  • Charlemount Place
  • Dublin, Ireland

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Title: Get the right SQL Certifications for your business

Abstract: Pete Harris, SQL Server Product Planner for Microsoft will lead you through the training offered by Microsoft in the area of SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server 2008. He will be supported by Chris Testa-O’Neill, e-learning author, Microsoft Certified Trainer and Senior Consultant at Coeo and a guest MCM / MCA. The session will cover certifications such as: • Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist • Microsoft Certified IT Professional • Microsoft Certified Master • Microsoft Certified Architect The Session will also identify and explore available learning channels (Microsoft official courses – instructor led training / e-learning / press books) to support you in achieving your certification


  • Pete Harris

Track and Room: Room 2 - N/A

Title: SQL Server Internals: It’s What’s for Dinner!

Abstract: Ever wondered what happens under the hood when you query your SQL Server database? Well, it’s somewhat like asking for a special meal for dinner. During this session, I will use a cooking analogy to describe the life cycle of a query and the journey it takes through SQL Server’s working parts. By comparing the concepts of SQL Internals to a familiar idea, you will have a clear understanding of the underlying processes involved in returning data from a SELECT query. Once we’ve established a frame of reference for a simple read operation, we’ll look at an UPDATE statement and consider the additional factors associated with a write operation. By session’s end you should have a clear overview of what happens when a query hits your server.


  • Christina Leo

Track and Room: Room 1 - N/A

Title: SSIS in SQL Server 2012: Development Enhancements

Abstract: The SQL Server 2012 release of SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) includes a broad range of new features and enhancements designed to ease adoption for new users and to increase productivity for experienced SSIS developers. In this demo intensive session, Matt Masson – Senior Software Development Engineer on the SSIS team – guides you through the new developer focused functionality in SQL Server 2012. We’ll look at the productivity enhancements in SQL Server Data Tools (formerly the Business Intelligence Development Studio), team development enhancements, and the new Change Data Capture (CDC) features that ship with the product. If you haven’t seen the new SSIS features in SQL Server 2012 yet, you won’t want to miss this session!


  • Matt Masson

Track and Room: Room 4 - N/A

Title: Top Ten Things Every Developer Should Know

Abstract: Stereotypes abound in all walks of life, IT is no different - Developers think DBAs are control freaks; DBAs think developers are unruly cowboys - How do we overcome these differences? For developers, the best strategy is to manage DBA anxieties and demonstrate your competence and credibility. Attend this session to learn about 10 techniques that developers can apply to their code which will calm your DBAs’ fears and earn their admiration. There are a short list of mistakes that, if known in advance, will make your life much easier. These mistakes are the “low hanging fruit” of application design, development, and administration. Application of the lessons in this session, should help you to perform more efficiently effectively


  • Kevin Kline

Track and Room: Room 3 - N/A

Title: Effective Data Management using Data Compression

Abstract: I present this session @ Red Gate SQL-in-the-City Conference (London - July 2011)This session will explain the basic principles of SQL Server’s data compression feature, how it functions, what options you can choose, and how it performs under differing workloads. We will look at how to integrate data compression into your current schema designs and the challenges you will likely encounter, examining the all-important performance aspects and the configuration changes to consider along with SKU editions requirements. We will also look @ Red Gate’s “SQL Storage Compress” product to show how their data compression tool can tackle these data growth challenges in a different manner.


  • Neil Hambly

Track and Room: Room 1 - N/A

Title: Getting Started with MDX: The (Very) Basics

Abstract: In this session, led by Microsoft BI Architect and SQL Server MVP Bill Pearson, we will concentrate largely upon crafting simple MDX expressions and queries whose purposes, for the most part, are to return a set of data. We will overview the structure of a cube, using as a basis the sample Adventure Works cube that is available to anyone installing SQL Server Analysis Services 2008 R2. We will then outline the components of simple MDX syntax, and get started writing basic expressions and queries. We will expose basic member functions, introduce filters (or “slicers”), and begin exploring core MDX functionality, including calculated members, and named sets.


  • William E Pearson III

Track and Room: Room 4 - N/A

Title: SQL Server 2012: Business Intelligence Data Viz

Abstract: The new Business Intelligence and Data Visualisation functionality are key to the changes in SQL Server 2012. We will take a look at:

  • Power View and its impact for Data Visualisation
  • PowerPivot improvements and new features
  • Reporting Services and its future in Sharepoint

Come to this session in order to ‘hit the ground running’ with Business Intelligence and Data Visualisation in SQL Server 2012.


  • Jen Stirrup

Track and Room: Room 2 - N/A

Title: Build a monitoring system with Powershell Remoting


My last session on managing large environments turned out to be more talk than proof, it contained a bunch of war stories and almost no demos. This session will be the other way around, we’re going to spend most of our time in powershell and we’ll build a whole monitoring system from scratch. I’ll use powershell remoting and real world demo’s based on my own day to day practice. To keep the promise of a level 300 session I’ll spend some time in the beginning to explain the concepts of powershell remoting, after which I’ll build a monitoring system step by step in the second part of the session.


  • André Kamman

Track and Room: Room 1 - N/A

Title: Drive Greater Application ROI

Abstract: Drive Greater Application ROI, Deeper Business Insights, and Faster Time to Market… Learn how SQL Server 2012 can help you Reduce Your Costs and Increase ROI on Mission Critical Applications while Innovating with New Technology. • Reduce total cost of ownership of Mission critical and line of business applications
• Increase ROI on current IT investments • Improve time to market on new IT investments • SQL Server 2012: an overview of changes to SKU line-up and licensing model



Track and Room: Room 4 - N/A

Title: Database Design Contentious Issues

Abstract: A highly interactive and popular session where attendees evaluate the options and best practices of common and advanced design issues, such as: * Natural vs. Surrogate keys * Classwords and other Naming Standards * Varchar Minimums *Identity Crisis * Who Calls the Shots and Who Does What? …and others. Bring your votes, your debates, and your opinions.


  • Karen Lopez

Track and Room: Room 3 - N/A

Title: Storage Best Practices Performance optimization

Abstract: The release of SQL Server 2012 brings long-awaited technologies and improved scalability to the database platform.
While historical best practices will continue to apply, added product features such as AlwaysOn, PowerView, Column Store, now brings an extra dimension to consider when deploying and optimizing storage for SQL Server 2012. This session will cover Storage Best Practices for both existing SQL Server editions and 2012 in common and feature-intense areas. Designing for OLTP, OLAP/DW/BI environments also is addressed.


  • James Baldwin

Track and Room: Room 1 - N/A

Title: Intro to Tabular Model in Analysis Services 2012

Abstract: Introduction to the Tabular Model in Analysis Services 2012 The Tabular model in Analysis Services 2012 is the new alternative to building cubes: it’s easier to develop with (especially if you come from a relational database background) and its in-memory, column-store database provides blindingly fast performance. This session will provide a basic introduction to building Tabular models and discuss their strengths and weaknesses compared to cubes.


  • Chris Webb

Track and Room: Room 3 - N/A

Title: Social Media, BI, Bridging the SSMS-VS Divide

Abstract: Delivered by Noemi Moreno, Business Intelligence Specialist and Tom Austin, SQL Team Lead at Red Gate Software.In this session, Noemi and Tom explain how they developed a system to import information from Twitter into a SQL Server data warehouse, and to export their analysis into Google Docs. They also discuss how Red Gate’s database development tools helped them collaborate on the project without having to pick between their favourite IDEs. Session attendees have the chance to enter the competition to win a SQL Developer Bundle.


  • Noemi Moreno Tom Austin

Track and Room: Room 3 - N/A

Title: Searching over data and files with SQL Server 2012

Abstract: With the addition of non-transactional filestream, filetable, semantic search and full-text search support for property search, SQL Server 2012 provides an excellent platform for searching over traditional relational as well as unstructured document data. This talk covers the motivation, implementation, and components that expands and inegrates search capabilities.


  • Bob Beauchemin

Track and Room: Room 3 - N/A

Title: Session Details not available

Abstract: Session Details not available


  • n/a n/a

Track and Room: Room 2 - N/A

Title: Analysis Services for the DBA

Abstract: Many DBAs have heard the term Analysis Services, but don’t really know what it’s for or who would use it. In this session, Mark will explain the use cases for Analysis Services, illustrate how it improves performance for large data sets and eases report writing, and will go through a practical example of building a first Analysis Services solution.

This session will be practical for SQL 2005 through 2008 R2, but he will also take the time to explain what changes in SQL 2012 and the new Tabular mode.


  • Mark Stacey

Track and Room: Room 2 - N/A

Title: SQL 2012 Always On-Deep Dive

Abstract: Always On offers a huge leap forward in terms of high availability. This sessions is a demo based introduction to the high availability changes in Denali emphasising key features and benefits.

During the demonstration we will show how to seamlessly upgrade a database from SQL 2005+ to Denali with ZERO down time and then use the Always on features to simplify reporting, availability and disaster recovery.

This session will be useful for anyone who is working in a high availability environment or currently using replication to provide reporting and looking for a neater solution.


  • Bob Duffy

Track and Room: Room 2 - N/A

Title: Advanced SQL Server 2008 Troubleshooting

Abstract: It’s Friday, 05:00pm. You are just receiving an email that informs you that your SQL Server has enormous performance problems! What can you do? How can you identify the problem and resolve it fast? Which tools provides you SQL Server for this task? In this session you will see a lot of different tools with which you can do effective SQL Server troubleshooting. You will learn how to identify performance bottlenecks with those tools, and how to resolve the identified bottlenecks.


  • Klaus Aschenbrenner

Track and Room: Room 4 - N/A

Title: Making Data Fit for Business using DQS

Abstract: There are lots of DQ issues we are going to talk about some of the common issues and later see how we can handle them. Issues such as

  1. Misspelled names
  2. Misspelled addresses – addresses which do not exist, e-mail addresses
  3. Duplication

Pretty much everyone suffers from these problems so come to this session to learn a new way to deal with them in SQL Server 2012 Data Quality Services


  • Allan Mitchell

Track and Room: Room 2 - N/A

Title: T-SQL : Bad Habits to Kick

Abstract: The session will cover a collection of minor bad habits that can occasionally lead to major problems.


  • Aaron Bertrand

Track and Room: Room 3 - N/A

Title: SSIS 2012 Management Considerations and Best Pract

Abstract: SQL Server 2012 introduces a number of exciting new features that will change the way we design, deploy and manage SSIS packages. We will explore the new features, understand how to take advantage of them and formulate some best practices for efficient management of these packages


  • Rushabh Mehta

Track and Room: Room 4 - N/A

Title: Moves like Jagger-Upgrading to SQL Server 2012

Abstract: In this diverse session we will take an in-depth look at moving to the SQL 2012 platform and the upgrade strategies at your disposal. Specifically we will take a deep dive into preparing and reporting for upgrade, upgrade strategies, performing the upgrade, knowing the upgrade was successful.

This session will therefore look at some advanced scenarios such as SQL Server 2012 on Server Core, preparing for Always On Availability Groups, upgrading your SQL Failover Cluster, storage migration.

Attend this must see session and you too can have the “Moves like Jagger”.


  • Mark Broadbent

Track and Room: Room 1 - N/A


This is a list of speakers from the XML Guidebook records. The details and URLs were valid at the time of the event.

Jen Stirrup

Contact: http://www.jenstirrup.com

Jen is a database strategist, small business owner, SQLFamily and community advocate, public speaker and blogger. Jen was elected Director-At-Large (elect) for the Professional Association of SQL Server, responsible for the EMEA regions plus the Virtual Chapter portfolio. Jen is passionate about all things data and business intelligence, helping leaders derive value from their Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint and Office365 investments.

William E Pearson III

Twitter: - @Bill_Pearson

LinkedIn: William E Pearson III

Contact: https://mvp.support.microsoft.com/profile=02C5CD07-7511-4151-A678-3A4A3451F85E

Bill Pearson created Island Technologies Inc. in 1997, and has developed a large and diverse customer base since. Bill#39;s background as a CPA, Internal Auditor, Management Accountant, and SQL Server MVP (BI) enables him to provide value to clients as a liaison between Accounting / Finance and Information Services. Bill has implemented enterprise business intelligence systems over the years for many Fortune 500 companies and focuses his practice upon the integrated Microsoft Business Intelligence

Karen Lopez

Twitter: - @datachick

LinkedIn: Karen Lopez

Contact: http://datamodel.com

Karen Lopez is a Sr. Project Manager and Architect for InfoAdvisors. A frequent speaker at conferences and local user groups, she has 20+ years of experience in project and data management on large, multi-project programs. Karen is a chronic volunteer, a Data Platform MVP, and an active advocate for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education and data quality.

Karen’s presentations are known for their lively and interactive approach to learning. Her motto: “Love Your Data!”

Mark Stacey

Twitter: - @MarkGStacey

Contact: http://MarkGStacey.net

Mark Stacey founded the Aphelion Software Group, and works tirelessly to cross the business/technical boundaries in Business Intelligence, working in both SharePoint and SQL. He has published two books on BI - Sharepoint 2010 BI and Visual Intelligence and frequently speaks at both SQLSaturday and SharePoint Saturday events. Mark is one of the few Microsoft PDW trainers, and has trained in Africa, India and Europe on the PDW, as well as all over the world on other technologies

Aaron Bertrand

Twitter: - @AaronBertrand

Contact: https://blogs.sentryone.com/author/AaronBertrand

Aaron, Product Manager at SentryOne, produces performance and optimization tools for the entire Microsoft data platform, as well as Plan Explorer, a free tool for SQL Server execution plan analysis. In his spare time, he is either playing volleyball, curling, blogging at sqlperformance.com and blogs.sentryone.com, or contributing to SQL Server conversations on Twitter and dba.stackexchange.com. He has worked with SQL Server since 6.5 and has been an MVP since 1997.

Bob Beauchemin

Contact: http://www.sqlskills.com/blogs/bobb

Bob Beauchemin is a database-centric application practitioner and architect, instructor, course author, writer, and Developer Skills Partner for SQLskills. Over the past few years he’s been writing and teaching developer-centric classes on SQL Server 2005-2012 courses to students worldwide. He has authored books on SQL Server as well as numerous whitepapers, articles, and blog entries.

Matt Masson

Twitter: - @mattmasson

Contact: http://www.mattmasson.com/

Matt Masson is a Program Manager in the Information Management and Machine Learning (IMML) organization. Matt has worked on multiple data integration products, including Power Query, SSIS, DQS, MDS, and the Data Management Gateway for Power BI. He has authored two books on SSIS (Apress, and MS Press), and is a frequent presenter at Microsoft conferences. You can find his blog at http://www.mattmasson.com/.

Rushabh Mehta

Twitter: - @rushabhmehta

LinkedIn: Rushabh Mehta

Contact: http://blogs.solidq.com/RushabhMehta

Rushabh Mehta is a Business Intelligence Mentor with SolidQ and the Managing Director for Solid Quality India Pvt. Ltd. He served as PASS President for 2010/2011 term.

Rushabh has worked with MS Data Platform since 1998 and has designed and developed BI systems since 2001. He has been the lead architect for many large-scale and complex BI solutions for clients such as Publix, Raymond James, Jackson Hewitt, US Dept. of Defense, and Microsoft. He is an MVP with Microsoft, Damp;B amp; Melissa Data

Chris Webb

Twitter: - @cwebb_bi

LinkedIn: Chris Webb

Contact: https://blog.crossjoin.co.uk/

Chris Webb is a member of the Power BI CAT team. He is the author of “Power Query for Power BI and Excel” and a co-author of “SQL Server Analysis Services 2012: The BISM Tabular Model”, “Expert Cube Development with SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services”, and “MDX Solutions with Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services 2005 and Hyperion Essbase”.

André Kamman

Contact: http://andrekamman.com

André is a freelance SQL Server specialist. In previous roles he’s done a lot of DBA work on 100’s of servers where he discovered his love for Powershell and automating processes in general. Today the better part of his day he’s building and tuning ETL processes. André is a SQL Server MPV, Dutch PASS Chapter Leader and organiser of SQL Rally Amsterdam and SQLSaturday Holland

Kevin Kline

Contact: http://KevinEKline.com

Kevin Kline is the Director of Engineering Services at SQL Sentry. A Microsoft SQL Server MVP, Kevin is a founding board member of PASS, editor-in-chief of SQLServerPedia.com and the author of popular IT books like “SQL in a Nutshell” (O’Reilly Associates). His twitter handle is @kekline and he blogs at http://KevinEKline.com. Kevin is a top-rated speaker at industry trade shows and has been active in the IT industry for over 20 years.

James Baldwin

Contact: http://www.emc.com/sql

James Baldwin Cork, Ireland Technical Manager, EMC Proven Solutions for Microsoft Applications Evangilist and customer champion into EMC design teams. Architects solutions to assist customers and EMC field in deploying Microsoft Solutions through Technical papers, demonstration collateral and technical discussions.



Klaus Aschenbrenner

Twitter: - @Aschenbrenner

Contact: http://www.SQLpassion.at/blog

Klaus Aschenbrenner provides independent SQL Server consulting services across the United States and Europe, focusing on the .NET Framework and SQL Server 2005 and 2008. In 2004 and 2005, he received the Microsoft MVP award for his support of the .NET community. Klaus has also written a book, “Pro SQL Server 2008 Service Broker,” published by Apress (2008).

Mark Broadbent

Twitter: - retracement

LinkedIn: Mark Broadbent

Contact: http://tenbulls.co.uk

Mark Broadbent is a Microsoft Certified Master in SQL Server, Chapter Leader, Virtual Chapter Leader, SQLSaturday Cambridge and SharePoint Saturday Cambridge founder (the UKs first SQLSaturday) and awarded Microsoft#39;s Community Contributor award in 2011 and the PASS Outstanding Volunteer award in 2012. Mark is a regular speaker at both International and National events and is an expert in HADR solutions, SQL Server migration, and SQL Server Concurrency control.

Noemi Moreno Tom Austin

Contact: http://www.redgate.com

Noemi Moreno, Business Intelligence Specialist and Tom Austin, SQL Team Lead at Red Gate Software

Christina Leo

Twitter: - christinaleo

Contact: http://christinaleo.net

Christina Leo is a Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft specialising in the Data and AI Platform. Prior to joining Microsoft in 2016, she worked as an independent consultant focusing on T-SQL and BI development, as well as database performance tuning in the finance and investment banking sector. When she isn’t sharing her 18 years of technical experience with the data community, you can find her racing around the Solent on a 40’ sailboat or often in the Thames on a little Laser.

Neil Hambly

Twitter: - Neil_Hambly

LinkedIn: Neil Hambly

Contact: http://dataidol.com/NeilHambly

Neil Hambly is a SQL Server consultant, founder and consultant at Datamovements, a Gold Microsoft Data Analytics Consulting company. Neil has 20+ years in a variety of SQL Server roles and is an MCT. He is a regular presenter (200+ events) at user groups, and PASS events, including PASS Summit and SQLSaturday, and many UK events (SQLBits, SQLRelay). Neil is the leader of PASS London (UK), a Professional Development VC, a Melissa Data MVP, and a SQL Cruise Technical Lead, who loves Guinness, whisky, and dancing.

n/a n/a

Allan Mitchell

Twitter: - @allanSQLIS

Contact: https://onlysearch.wordpress.com/

Allan Mitchell is a SQL Server MVP and runs elastio, a small consultancy helping customers to make informed decisions about their data storage and integration. His focus is on enterprise search as well as real-time data integration.

Pete Harris

Bob Duffy

Twitter: - @bob_duffy

LinkedIn: Bob Duffy

Contact: http://blogs.prodata.ie/author/bob.aspx

Bob Duffy is a SQL Server MVP from Dublin, Ireland who is MCA, MCM. and Analysis Services Maestro certified.

Bob works as a Database Architect at the Prodata SQL Centre of Excellence where he specializes in business intelligence and performance tuning.


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