Here is our schedule for the upcoming event. We've done our best to provide a good mix of topics and skill levels, we hope you'll find something of interest throughout the day. Our thanks to the speakers listed below for volunteering their time, we couldn't do it without them. If there are schedule changes we will make them here as they happen. We encourage you to check back a few days before the event just in case we have had to move one of your favorite sessions.

Note: Some speakers alternately upload their sessions to their own blog sites, which you can locate their site when you click on their session below.

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Submitted Sessions

Here is the list of sessions submitted so far. Our goal is to feature as many different speakers and topics as possible, but space limitations prevent us from accepting every session. This list is also a great way for those thinking about speaking to see what might be on the agenda and enter a session that doesn't collide with an existing one.

SQL Server Deep DiveDenis ReznikAdvanced
1, 2, 3, … 100. How to manage many SQL Servers the easy way?Pieter VanhoveIntermediate
A One Hour Data Analysts Toolkit: using R and PowerBIJen StirrupAdvanced
A real DBA don’t need a GUI -A Guided Tour of SQL Server Management StudioDavid PostlethwaiteBeginner
Advanced Data Visualization with SQL Server ReportTillmann Eitelberg Oliver EngelsIntermediate
Advanced IndexingHugo KornelisAdvanced
Advanced Reporting Techniques & Managing ReportsSubramani ParamasivamIntermediate
Agile BI : we have one hour to show you a sprintdavid joubertBeginner
Agile Datawarehousing: tips and tricks to deliver your BI solution using SCRUMFlorian EidenNon-Technical
Alarm for data governance! - Self Service BI is coming!Oliver Engels Tillmann EitelbergIntermediate
AlwaysOn for Multi-site & multi-subnetJohn MartinAdvanced
An introduction to Spatial DataJeffrey VerheulBeginner
Best Practices for Leveraging SQL Server in Windows Azure Virtual MachinesScott KleinAdvanced
Beware of the Dark Side - A Guided Tour of Oracle for the SQL DBADavid PostlethwaiteIntermediate
Big Data : Hive, Pig, Sqoop in the real worlddavid joubertIntermediate
Big Data Analytics with ExcelPeter MyersIntermediate
Blocked! - a look at isolation levelsEnrico van de LaarIntermediate
Building a BI Solution in the Cloud Stacia MisnerIntermediate
Building a Database Deployment PipelineGrant FritcheyIntermediate
Building abstract layers for data protection and business logicUwe RickenIntermediate
Building Perfect SQL Servers, Every TimeJoseph D'AntoniBeginner
Building Your Myth Busting Lab With Power BIJulie KoesmarnoBeginner
Bulk load: methods for better data warehouse load performanceDavid Peter HansenAdvanced
Change Data Monitoring for DW updatesBenjamin SigursteinssonIntermediate
Changing the numbers game with Spatial DataJeffrey VerheulIntermediate
Coding at the speed of the Entity FrameworkRobert HartskeerlAdvanced
Collecting and analyzing SQL Server performance data with DMOsIgnacio Salom RangelIntermediate
Connection - Session - RequestUwe RickenAdvanced
Data quality with DQS component in Integration ServicesAlexander KarlIntermediate
Database as a ServiceMarcel FerneeIntermediate
Database Replication - What, How and WhyWilliam DurkinBeginner
DAX from the field: Real World Case StudiesMarco RussoIntermediate
Deadlocks. Everything that developer needs to knowDenis ReznikIntermediate
Digging Into the .Net SqlClientMladen PrajdicIntermediate
DMV for administration of indexesUwe RickenAdvanced
DQS step-by-step with Domain Management, Knowledge Discovery and Matching PoliciesAlexander KarlIntermediate
Dynamic Partitioning CubesBrian BønkAdvanced
Effective Index Partitioning, Compression StrategyNeil HamblyIntermediate
Enter the Dragon: Running SQL 2014 on Windows Server CoreMark BroadbentIntermediate
Everything you always wanted to know about MERGE (but were afraid to ask)Hugo KornelisBeginner
Exam Prep for Microsoft Exam 70-463: The Data Warehousing One!Chris Testa-O'NeillBeginner
Extended Events-Not so tricky as you might think.Jonathan AllenBeginner
Extending SSIS with ScriptingJoost van RossumAdvanced
FILLFACTOR - Pro and ConUwe RickenAdvanced
From Impaired To Insightful Geospatial ReportingJulie KoesmarnoBeginner
Generate SSIS packages automatically with Biml and BimlScriptCathrine WilhelmsenBeginner
Get ready, here is the cloudRobert HartskeerlBeginner
Getting Started Reading Execution PlansGrant FritcheyIntermediate
Hadoop with Hive and Tez: change is comingJan Pieter PosthumaAdvanced
Handling data types in SQL Servertomaz kastrunIntermediate
HBase: a introductionJan Pieter PosthumaIntermediate
Headache guaranteed: Deadlocking in SQL Server!Klaus AschenbrennerIntermediate
How do you create nice/horrible package? - SSIS Development Best PracticesJoost van RossumIntermediate
How to Improve SQL Server Performance with IndexingRichard DouglasBeginner
Hybrid Cloud with SQL Server 2014Pieter VanhoveIntermediate
Implementing and Managing PowerBI for the Business.Chris Testa-O'NeillBeginner
Improve your Database Performance in Seven Simple StepsHugo KornelisBeginner
Improving Power Pivot Data Models for Power BIMarco RussoIntermediate
In memory technologiesPeter LarssonIntermediate
Index InternalsDenny CherryAdvanced
INSERT / UPDATE / DELETE - deep diveUwe RickenAdvanced
Integration Services (SSIS) for the DBADavid Peter HansenIntermediate
Interactive & Actionable Data Visualisation With Power ViewJulie KoesmarnoBeginner
Intorduction of Buffer Pool Extension (BPE) using PowerShellLaerte Junior Murilo MirandaBeginner
Intro to Big Data in AzureChris Testa-O'NeillBeginner
Introducing Power BIStacia MisnerBeginner
Introduction to SQL Server 2012 MDS and DQSPeter MyersIntermediate
Introduction to SQL Server Data MiningPeter MyersIntermediate
Introduction to Time Series ForecastingPeter MyersIntermediate
I've Got A SQL Database, Now What?Denny CherryBeginner
Joins in SQL Server - as easy as ABC!?Klaus AschenbrennerIntermediate
Language Translation using Bing Translator and SQL CLRSam LesterIntermediate
Latches, Spinlocks, and Lock Free Data StructuresKlaus AschenbrennerAdvanced
Let's cook 'best SQL Server DBA practices'Satya (SQLMaster) Shyam JayantyIntermediate
Let's learn Greek - HekatonKlaus AschenbrennerAdvanced
Load Testing With SQL Server ToolsNeil HamblyIntermediate
LogParser-quicker than SSIS, easier than BCPJonathan AllenBeginner
Lunch BreakSQLSaturday 336Non-Technical
Making customer segmentation using SQL Server SSAStomaz kastrunAdvanced
Mastering the Excel CUBE FunctionsPeter MyersIntermediate
MDS and DQS - Beyond the TLAs to Data QualityNeil HamblyBeginner
Memory Optimised Tables (XTP) - AdvancedTony RogersonAdvanced
Metadata Strategies to Automate your Data Warehouse (ETL) DevelopmentMarco SchreuderIntermediate
Microsoft Master Data Services - Used for more than just data managementKenneth NielsenAdvanced
Multidimensional vs Tabular - May the Best Model WinStacia MisnerIntermediate
My first data science experiment using Azure Machine LearningFlorian EidenIntermediate
Natural Born Killers, performance issues to avoidRichard DouglasIntermediate
No more waiting – an introduction to SQL Server wait statisticsEnrico van de LaarIntermediate
Normalization Beyond Third Normal FormHugo KornelisAdvanced
Now Where Does THAT Estimate Come From?Hugo KornelisAdvanced
Optimizing BI with SQL2014 In-Memory tablesRasmus ReinholdtIntermediate
Optimizing DAX QueriesMarco RussoAdvanced
Patterns & Practices for Scaling Windows Azure SQL DatabaseScott KleinIntermediate
Power BI in the Fast Lane--Visualizing Formula 1Joseph D'AntoniIntermediate
Power BI, zero to expertPeter ter BraakeIntermediate
Power Query in Modern Corporate BIMarco RussoIntermediate
Powerful T-SQL Improvements that Reduce Query ComplexityHugo KornelisIntermediate
Preparing a Tabular Data Model for Power View ReportingPeter MyersIntermediate
Pulling back the Wizard of Oz' green curtain: Using Power BI for Data Forensics in Little & Big DataJen StirrupAdvanced
Query Progress Tracking in SQL ServerMatan YungmanIntermediate
'R' Analysis with SQL Server 2014 DatabaseSubramani ParamasivamIntermediate
RaffleSQLSaturday 336Non-Technical
RegistrationsSQLSaturday 336Non-Technical
Replication Troubleshooting & MonitoringWilliam DurkinIntermediate
Reporting Services with Geospatial VisualizationAlexander KarlIntermediate
Restoring Databases with PowershellJohan BijnensBeginner
Rewrite Queries with SQL Server 2012Emanuele ZanchettinIntermediate
Rocking in a sysadmin free worldRobert HartskeerlIntermediate
Run your DBA morning checklist with policy based management while sipping coffeePieter VanhoveIntermediate
Securing SQL Server for PCI-DSS ComplianceJohn MartinAdvanced
Small Changes Can Make a World of DifferenceMatan YungmanIntermediate
Spatial Analysis with Microsoft BIPeter MyersIntermediate
Speeding up your ETL with CDCJeffrey VerheulBeginner
SQL Impossible: Restoring/Undeleting a table Mladen PrajdicAdvanced
SQL Injection and Other Forms of AttacksMladen PrajdicIntermediate
SQL Server 2012 Memory ManagementNeil HamblyIntermediate
SQL Server 2014 in-memory OLTP Deep DiveScott KleinAdvanced
SQL Server Consolidation - Resistance is FutileWilliam DurkinIntermediate
SQL Server Data platform upgrade Techniques, best practices & notes from the fieldSatya (SQLMaster) Shyam JayantyIntermediate
SQL Server Internals and ArchitectureKevin KlineIntermediate
SQL Server Upgrades and MigrationsJohn MartinAdvanced
SQL Server: Performance Tuning and TroubleshootingDenis ReznikIntermediate
SQL Server's In Memory Database ObjectsDenny CherryIntermediate
SSIS and HDInsight - Two worlds collide?Oliver Engels Tillmann EitelbergBeginner
SSIS internals and performanceDavid Peter HansenAdvanced
SSIS Package generation with BIMLSander van der hoeffBeginner
Storage For the DBADenny CherryIntermediate
Table Indexing for the .NET DeveloperDenny CherryIntermediate
Taming the Beast – How a SQL DBA can keep Kerberos under controlDavid PostlethwaiteAdvanced
Team Leadership FundamentalsKevin KlineBeginner
Ten Query Tuning Techniques Every SQL Programmer Should KnowKevin KlineBeginner
The Big Backup TheoryRichard DouglasIntermediate
The dangerous beauty of Bookmark LookupsKlaus AschenbrennerAdvanced
The Day After Tomorrow: Why you need to baselineRichard DouglasBeginner
Things You Can Find in the Plan CacheMatan YungmanAdvanced
Tool Time! Tillmann Eitelberg Oliver EngelsIntermediate
Top 10 Admininistrator Mistakes on SQL ServerKevin KlineBeginner
Top 5 SQL Server 2014 Hybrid FeaturesScott KleinIntermediate
Tracking Server Activity But Keeping High PerformanceJonathan AllenIntermediate
Troubleshooting TempDbKlaus AschenbrennerIntermediate
Understanding BI Security Best Practices Stacia MisnerIntermediate
Understanding IndexesHugo KornelisIntermediate
Understanding Query Modes in Tabular ModelJulie KoesmarnoIntermediate
Understanding SQL Server 2014's In-Memory OLTP Table TechnologyVictor IsakovIntermediate
Understanding the Full Query Life CycleMladen PrajdicIntermediate
Understanding the High-Availability Options in SQL Server 2014Victor IsakovIntermediate
UNIQUEIDENTIFIERs as Primary Keys in SQL ServerKlaus AschenbrennerIntermediate
Unlock the Power of Pivot TablesSander van der hoeffNon-Technical
Usage of R in SQL Server for better data understandingtomaz kastrunIntermediate
User-defined functions, or: How to kill performance in one easy stepHugo KornelisIntermediate
We have control! Resource Control in SQL ServerChris Testa-O'NeillIntermediate
Web Analytics with Microsoft BITillmann Eitelberg Oliver EngelsIntermediate
What Administrators Need to Know about Power BIPeter MyersIntermediate
Who Moved My Tuple--Columnstore Indexes in SQL Server 2014.Joseph D'AntoniIntermediate
Why Microsoft Azure SQL Database MattersScott KleinIntermediate
Writing your solutions using PowerShellLaerte JuniorBeginner
Your backups high and dry!Pieter VanhoveIntermediate

Suggested Sessions

Thinking about participating as a speaker but no ideas for the topic? Often our attendees will have an idea for you! Or, submit a suggestion of your own.

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