Call for Speakers - Closes 8/5/2014

Thank you for your interest in submitting to this event. We recommend that you submit at least two sessions to maximize your chances of making it on the final schedule, and that you review the list of sessions already submitted so that you do not overlap with another speaker. However, please follow these guidelines when submitting sessions:

  • Please limit the number of sessions you submit to four to help not overwhelm the organizers with too many choices. If you want them to know of any additional sessions, we recommend emailing the organizers to see if they would be interested in reviewing those first.
  • Please avoid submitting sessions to multiple events happening on the same day.
  • If your plans change, cancel promptly by changing your status to Not Attending, and then send an email to the event organizers at (where XXX is the event number of the SQLSaturday), so they are aware that you are no longer planning to present at their event.

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